A Nepenthe egy kézzel rajzolt RPG, amely apa-viccekből és egzisztenciális rettegésből áll. Állítsa be Carithia furcsa világában, olyan titokzatos kopasz hölgyként játszik, aki elveszítette emlékezetét. Igen, ezt jól olvastad.
Minden értékelés:
Pozitív (18) - E játék 18 felhasználói értékeléséből 100% pozitív.
Megjelenés dátuma:
2018. máj. 17.

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november 13.

I want you to punch me in the face

...Um, not literally. That wouldn't be nice.
Metaphorically though, I want you to hurt me. Not that way either. Wow, this really isn't coming out well... What I'm trying to get across is that I need your help: I want to become a better artist, and to become a better artist I need to know what I'm not good at. And then become good at it. And then master it and sit in a cave for fifteen years until I have reached inner peace—or get hungry, whichever comes first. Anyway, in order to learn what things I'm not good at, I need you to tell me what those things are. So here's the deal: You give me the most honest critique you can, and be brutally honest in what I could do to improve. Don't hold back. In return,





A cookie. Yes. This is a great privilege. Treasure it, for cookies are delicious and warm the soul. Seriously though, I could use some critique. So if you have any issues, ideas, or suggestions as to how I could make Nepenthe better, please tell me! You can contact me through literally any method that causes the message to reach my eyeballs (although Discord or email is preferred). A great cookie awaits you.
From your friendly neighborhood game developer,

PS: while we're on the subject of being punched in the face, here's a great song I found about that very topic that I can't stop listening to (TW for bullying): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK7y3gVad98
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október 11.

Something Big Is Coming (and it ain't yo momma)

If you've been following me on Discord, you already know about this, but for those of you who don't: There's something coming.
What is that something?
Well, you'll know soon enough.

How soon exactly is still up in the air, since I don't know myself, honestly.
If you want to know more you can follow me on Discord, or just wait and see...
You'll like it, I can tell you that much :)
Form your very excited friendly-neighborhood-game-developer,

PS: I just want to say thank you again for all the lovely responses and reviews I've received from you guys. It really means a lot to me :3
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“There is charm packed into every nook and cranny... The game’s ‘self-aware’ style of humour when observing interactables is wickedly funny in places, and your perseverance in exploring every detail of the environment does not go unrewarded. Yitz, clearly, is a connoisseur of RPGs and knows how to squeeze humour from basic gameplay elements.”
Letter grade: A – The Zerathulu View

“Nepenthe, on top of having a charming look reminiscent of all of the made-up video games I’d scribble in the margins of my homework at school when I was a kid, offers moral choice with its combat, letting players work toward saving the monsters and troublemakers that mean to thump them on the head. You know, if you want to.”
"I can’t pass that up, personally" – indie Games+

“It's a gorgeous game...a fun, complicated RPG that has brilliant moments backed up by unique art and music.”
8/10 – DigitalChumps

A játékról

You wake up with no memory. Your day is starting off great!

Nepenthe is a hand-drawn RPG with a terrible sense of humor. Set in the strange world of Carithia, you play as a mysterious bald dude who lost his memory. Yes, you read that right. Meet some very polite monsters, and battle both them and your sense of self-dignity in epic bullet-hell fight scenes.

Definitely not a potato in a trench coat

Sporting a childish hand-drawn art style, Nepenthe is sure to either make you love it at first glance, or throw your computer away. The developer of Nepenthe takes no responsibility for such actions, and recommends drinking chamomile tea. “It’s really soothing,” he says. “You should really try it one day,” he says. “What was I talking about?” He asks. There is an awkward pause.

designed for non-psychopaths, mostly

With three different endings, and countless side-quests, Nepenthe is designed for ultimate replayability. This can get quite annoying if you need to share a computer with someone else. Trust me. Almost every monster can be spared, for added challenge and less violence. They can also be killed - don’t worry, you psychopaths! If you enjoy dad-jokes or Chinese water torture, Nepenthe is for you.

Nepenthe is designed for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

  • Explore two modes: "Adventure" or "Story," to find the play-style that best suits you.
  • "Adventure" mode is a bullet-hell extravaganza, with ever increasing difficulty as the game progresses.
  • "Story" mode's battles are easy one-click things, designed for those who just want the story, not the gameplay.
  • Enjoy stunning hand-drawn art along the way

Join us, as we stare into the Orb together.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Op. rendszer: anything made in the last decade
    • Processzor: one that works
    • Memória: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafika: a toaster - you really shouldn't have trouble
    • Hangkártya: yes.
    • Egyéb megjegyzések: make sure your computer is on
    • Op. rendszer: anything made in the last decade
    • Processzor: one that works
    • Memória: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafika: a toaster - you really shouldn't have trouble
    • Hangkártya: one that makes sound
    • Egyéb megjegyzések: make sure your computer is on
    • Op. rendszer: anything made in the last decade
    • Processzor: one that works
    • Memória: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafika: a toaster - you really shouldn't have trouble
    • Hangkártya: yes.
    • Egyéb megjegyzések: make sure your computer is on


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