Insomnia est un RPG de science-fiction post-apocalyptique se déroulant sur une énorme station spatiale pleine de secrets d'une antique civilisation disparue. Développez votre perso, explorez des zones, interagissez avec des PNJs étranges, fabriquez votre équipement et assurez-vous de survivre.
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27 sept. 2018
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12 décembre

V1.4 has arrived + plans for the future

Hello everyone! Today is the day as we are releasing the next patch for INSOMNIA: The Ark. Previously, we’ve outlined a roadmap regarding the specific issues we’ve been working on. So let us go over some of the highlights below:
  • A key remapping option has been added to the Settings menu. Now it doesn’t matter if you are using QWERTY, AZERTY or a custom made keyboard scrapped from the computer terminal of a lost civilization — we’ve got you covered!

  • Endgame dialogue with Thel now allows you to get all of the possible story outcomes based on the decisions made throughout the game. Were you helpful enough to the ones in need? Or maybe you pursued your own goals all the way down to the end? Let’s find out!

  • Lack of option to talk to Riebel in order to complete the “Bane of Mills” quest has been fixed, which was an issue if you were skillful enough to progress with this quest using your hacking skills. Hold on Thyper, we are coming!

  • Inventory sorting now works as expected and previously equipped items no longer overlay other items. You can now get back to your regular scavenging activities. Just remember to keep your inner kleptomaniac in check or you may find yourself encumbered with heavy loot and your character will suffer from poor combat performance!

  • The volume level toggles for music and sound effects are sorted out in the Settings menu. Now you can have better control over what you want to hear while roaming Object 6 on your way to… what you’ve been doing lately anyway?

  • Numerous smaller bug fixes and improvements.
We are still battling our way through a bug with the “Collector” quest and some other settings-related issues, which is something to look forward to in v1.5. And since 2018 is almost over, you are probably wondering about our plans regarding INSOMNIA, aren’t you?

2019 and beyond

Obviously we will continue to collect the feedback you are providing via the Community Hub, comments and other means of communication in order to continue improving the game. At the same time, our priority for the near future is to update the version of the Unreal Engine 4 that INSOMNIA currently uses to the latest one. This should help resolve a few issues like missing textures for specific in-game models, localization-related glitches and generally make the game more stable.

We are researching the subject at the moment and doing all kinds of tests to get an idea of whether the engine update is worth pursuing, as well as what our team and you, our community, can expect from it. Anyway we’ve got plenty of good stuff planned for INSOMNIA in 2019, including content updates, so stay tuned!

P.S. we still have more news for you till the end of 2018, so no worries. See you next week insomniacs ;)
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6 décembre

Patch v1.4 news + things you might have missed while playing INSOMNIA

Hello everyone! First things first — we know you are waiting for the v1.4 patch to be released. The update is wrapping up nicely, with almost all of the planned fixes already in the game. As a reminder, this patch will finally introduce an option to remap keys and a slew of improvements.

However, continuous testing by the QA team revealed additional localization-related issues that could severely affect your enjoyment of the game. We were faced with the option of releasing the build and attempting to fix these issues afterwards or taking an extra week or so to iron them out. Keeping in mind our priority to release higher quality builds, we’ve decided that option 2 is a better choice, especially if we aim to satisfy the expectations of our community. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding!

And to keep things interesting, today we will cover a question that was brought up several times in the comments section and the Community Hub: is there a point to playing INSOMNIA more than once? The short answer is “yes”, and besides some obvious arguments like picking a different background for your character (which results in getting unique side quests) or dealing with quest scenarios one way or another, we’ve decided to show you yet another reason to do so.

Sons of Morakh Clan vs The House of Bea Kera

As we’ve mentioned before, Object 6 is home to quite a number of diverse factions. Two of these factions stand out from the rest due to the fanaticism of their members - Bea Kera and the Sons of Morakh.

First, a bit of history. The Sons of Morakh — one of the oldest clans set on forging its path since the days of the Exodus. The "Morakh's Almanac" (a sacred book full of clan legends) says that it all started with the rebels of Taloy city, who illegally entered the territory of Object 6. Morakh was a leader that united them and merged the desperate masses into a militant community.

The former citizens of Taloy were slowly, but surely gaining in strength and numbers. Soon, they were able to hold their own against competing factions and multiply their wealth. "The Sons of Morakh" was an appropriate name chosen by Borka - Morakh’s offspring and successor.

By the time of Zers Morakh, the next leader in line, the clan began to stagnate after being the de-facto leaders of sector D for hundreds of years. A young criminal gang of religious fanatics called The House of Bea Kera has grown in numbers and started spreading its influences, slowly driving the Sons of Morakh out of business.

As a part of the Ordinate faction you, citizen KZ0012, have your own aspirations to follow and goals to achieve. It’s up to you to decide what faction you want to side with. Whether it is Morakhs or Bea Kera fanatics, you will get a different story path and quests to experience.

For instance, if you decide to stick with Sons of Morakh, one of the tasks you will have to carry out in order to prove your loyalty is to literally destroy an underground illegal drug manufacturing facility, where Bea Kera uses the labour of brainwashed religious fanatics:

The place is a dump - the main lamps are no longer functional, leaving only the orange emergency light to bleed through the wire beams. The only well-lit rooms are the ones where drugs are made. Ventilation systems are barely functional, so the air feels thick and hot. And the only way to get an opportunity to pay a visit to this dark place is to make a choice that will make Bea Kera your sworn enemy. On the other hand, you can work for them and witness a whole different story in the process...

Let us know which faction you’ve picked during your playthrough in the comments below. See you next week!
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À propos de ce jeu

Vous vous réveillez sur Object 6, une station spatiale rétro-futuriste partie pour un voyage de 400 ans à la recherche d'un nouveau foyer. Affligé d'un trouble psychologique rare, vous devrez révéler les macabres secrets et vérités derrière le voyage de l'humanité vers la fantômatique Evacuation Point.

L'exploration peut rapporter gros, mais elle est aussi périlleuse

Cherchez de précieuses ressources et technologies aux abords d'Object 6. Faites attention car le monde nuancé d'INSOMNIA peut dissimuler des quêtes inattendues proposées par des personnages fourbes, ainsi que des ennemis sauvages et des dangers mortels. Faim, soif, fatigue et des environnements hostiles seront vos compagnons tout au long de l'aventure.

Une aventure personnalisée

Oubliez les classes de personnages et les progressions répétitives, car un système flexible de talents combiné à une large variété d'objet et de pièces d'équipement fabricables offriront une expérience de jeu unique à tous les joueurs.

Vos choix comptent

INSOMNIA offre une aventure complexe et non-linéaire avec 'des points de non-retour'. Explorez un système avec des personnages et des factions aux relations compliquées et faites des choix qui affecteront l'univers du jeu. Chaque problème majeur peut être résolu au moyen de diverses méthodes (parfois totalement inattendues).

Des combats stratégiques en temps réel

INSOMNIA propose divers éléments de combat rapproché et à distance, et des éléments de décor destructibles. Choisissez votre équipement intelligemment car chaque type d'arme et d'armure offre ses avantages et ses inconvénients stratégiques.

Un univers riche

Découvrez l'intense trame du jeu grâce à des visuels rétro-futuristes noirs avec des éléments de dieselpunk. Contemplez des paysages ravagés par l'homme accompagnés par une bande-son de jazz noir qui reflète parfaitement une civilisation moribonde.

Configuration requise

    Minimale :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
    • Processeur : 2.5 GHz CPU, 4 cores
    • Mémoire vive : 8 GB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : Geforce 760, AMD Radeon R7 360
    • DirectX : Version 10
    • Espace disque : 12 GB d'espace disque disponible

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