Abyss Crew is a cooperative submarine game set in a steampunk universe. An underwater cooperative roguelike that allows 1 to 4 players to assume the roles of the Pilot, the Sonar Operator, the Gunner, and the Engineer.
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June 17

Draw results

-- Greetings, crewmembers,

As promised, we made a draw among the survey participants.
And we have the pleasure to announce that Pablo L. has won a key of the game!
In any case, thank you to all who have participated to the survey, it is really helping us ;)
If you missed it, you can still answer there:
(EN) https://forms.gle/4ee8k5RYk11xdPSj8
(FR) https://forms.gle/SuwcqCv2MQjGURjW7
More information about the development of the game soon!

Captain Pol, out --
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June 3

[Devlog #3] The Gunner Front Weapon

For the front weapon of the gunner, we wanted to get a quick and versatile weapon, in opposition to the torpedoes, harder to handle but stronger.

In this scope, we designed “the harpoon”, a weapon did not need to be loaded manually, had a limited range, made some damage, and was recovered after each shot.

We had difficulties to find a proper balance between making it truly useful and encouraging players to use torpedoes. We tried many damage, speed and range parameters, but we were never satisfied.

The harpoon was then transformed into what has been named the “flechettes”. It was a sort of miniature torpedoes: flechettes made low damages and were automatically reloaded with infinite ammo. The range was widened, while its maximum angle was reduced so that the weapon was not overpowered… It didn’t really work as we planed: unlimited ammo made it too easy for the gunner to use many flechettes instead of carefully loading and firing a limited reserve of torpedoes. We increased the number of flechettes required to destroy an enemy or a obstacle, but it lead players to spam it, which is not what was intended!

We then got back to the initial idea, a weapon which reels back after each shot, has a short range and do little damage. It proved to be a good complement to torpedoes: it can be easily fired at any time, but torpedoes are much more efficient.

But we realized that players used it for everything, including to destroy rocks and other obstacles: it didn’t fit with the lore of the game (destroying a piece of rock with a harpoon?). And the amount of damage was hard to define: too high, and the torpedoes were not useful anymore; too low, and people spammed it to destroy a single enemy or obstacles…

So we decided to transform the harpoon in an “attractor”: it could attract crystals, scraps and other metallic obstacle towards the submarine. It gave something to do for the gunner outside combat, and it fitted better with the lore.

However, a last problem appeared: in some occasions, the submarine could become stuck if the gunner attracted an obstacle too close to the submarine!

We then added the “repulsor” mode for the front weapon, which works similarly as the attractor but in the other direction, so that the gunner always have an option to repel any obstacle and avoid the submarine to be stuck. And to switch from the attractor mode to repulsor mode, the gunner simply has to double press the front weapon selection key (“W” by default)!
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About This Game

Abyss Crew is a cooperative submarine game set in a steampunk universe.

An underwater cooperative roguelike that allows 1 to 4 players to take on the roles of the Pilot, the Sonar Operator, the Gunner, and the Engineer, on a local or online network. Stay sharp, keep a level head, coordinate with your crewmates, and make life-saving decisions in the dark depths of an unforgiving ocean...

Can your crew survive the Abyss?


Abyss Crew is an asymmetrical co-op game where each player has a specific role to fill on the submarine:

The pilot operates multiple engines, navigates hazards, takes evasive maneuvers and helps the Gunner line up torpedo firing vectors. Visibility is limited and danger is everywhere, but listen carefully to your Sonar Operator and you’ll keep everyone in one piece!

The Sonar Operator is the submarine’s eyes and ears in the treacherous darkness of the Abyss. Monitor the surrounding environment for threats, mark points of interest and set waypoints for the Pilot to pursue! During battle, the Sonar Operator can reveal the weaknesses and track the movement of hostiles, providing critical information to the Gunner.

The Gunner uses a fearsome array of torpedoes, mines, and flechettes to defend the submarine from numerous undersea threats such as pirate vessels and aggressive sea creatures. He can also illuminate the surrounding area with flares, operate the sub’s drill and orichalcum extractor and clear debris such as rocks and barricades. Or launch harpoons at a stray kraken…

The Engineer processes the valuable orichalcum crystals the crew has harvested. This extraordinary material can be used to repair damaged sub compartments, install and upgrade various modules or craft more powerful torpedoes. Just remember to stockpile enough refined crystals to turn a profit!

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • Additional Notes: no

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