Black Powder is a team-based, realistic, competitive multiplayer first-person shooter for PC set in the Wild West. Featuring an unique game mode, prepare to a new way of fighting. Change the battlefield with a detailed level interaction, master a wide variety of deadly weapons and go smash some skulls!
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TBA 2018

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Available: TBA 2018


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October 25


Win a copy of the western first-person shooter Black Powder and a poster!

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The Contest lasts from 25th October to 20th November.
Steam CD-Keys and the poster will be distributed to the winners randomly. Steam CD-Keys will be sent out once the Videogame is released. The winners will be contacted by us privately.

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August 14

Under the blazing heat of the sun - Nevada, 1859

A quiet village amidst the Great Basin under the blazing heat of the sun, tormented by the bellowing desert sand,
in which the citizens have devoted themselves to their monotonous daily routines.

Very rarely will something exciting happen, a drunken brawl near the saloon, a cattle theft or simply a loud argument...

However, the citizens placid life is about to abruptly end...

After Jessie and his friends picked up the trail of the nefarious gang of murderers that killed his grandparents, like a bloodhound, his nose led him to this small village. "It's going to happen here," Jessie thought, "I'm going to slaughter them like they did with my grandparents. No mercy! These rats derserve nothing!"

After Jessie's men quietly scouted the town, they were certain that their targets would be an easy kill.

Cocked and loaded, the dynamite is handed out and the hunt begins. Not a single one of these pigs will live to see the sun rise.

The attack begins. Strong willed in their hearts, the men carry out their mission, no matter the cost, even if they have to burn down the city!

Do the citizens suspect the soon to be inferno of lead, blood and rubble?

Will the gang of murderers flee or even kill their hunters?

Find out soon! Fire at will! The hunt begins!

The village is situated along a trade route. The primary foundations for the city were a few houses, the Sheriff's office, a Pony Express Station, an Inn and, of course, a Saloon. Over time, the little settlement expanded. Warehouses and homes were built as the population count rose. Nowadays, you will find a forge, 2 stores, a telegraph station, a bank, a micro brewery, a hotel, a gravedigger, a doctor and various warehouses/sheds of different sizes.The stagecoach stops every 2 days to pick up passengers.

All houses of the map are completely accessible on all levels; from the basement to the top floor. The roofs can also be accessed in parts. The interiors are all individually designed, with multiple rooms, etc. All doors, gates and hinged fences can be opened/closed or destroyed, just like the windows panes that are also available!

Each house has its very own function which also depends on the equipment and location. For example: the gravedigger runs his sad business on the main road and behind the house has his workshop to ensure the supply of coffins. The inventory is usable (for example the weapons) and destructible (for example chairs, bottles and tables). It is also possible to set fire to the houses and destroy them so as to render unusable for the enemy and to make use of the resulting smoke, as cover.

This is what can happen within each house!

Many animals such as cows, cats, dogs, snakes, goats, etc... are on the map and with their interactive reactions, which the player should never underestimate the danger of. If a horse runs, a dog barks or chickens peck about, it could easily reveal the players location!

Random events that can surprise and confuse the player also exist! They can be dangerous and could give a skilled enemy to bring you to the after life!

Visit our platforms, we are looking forward to see you there!

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“[...]the game looks more realistic than real life.”

“Black Powder whets any FPS lover's appetite in an old school Far West scenario! (Original translated from Italian)”

“Black Powder: Online Western is about to compete with Wild West Online (Original translated from German)”

About This Game


A team-based, realistic, multiplayer first-person shooter for PC set in the Wild West.

  • Brand new game mode – each match has its own story, told by the real time events that happen and by victories and defeats of both teams but be careful, you have only a single life for match.
  • Organize together with your team – distribute the weapons wisely, it’s better to be ready for every situation.
  • Weapon handling – master your favorite weapon and fight by keeping in mind its pros and cons.
  • Hardcore damage – try not to get shot, every hit will affect you in a different manner…but it’s not like a bullet in the right place can heal venereal diseases!
  • Detailed environment – every single building has detailed interiors.
  • New level of interacion with game world – It doesn’t matter if you just want to open a door or set the whole town ablaze, make the environment the biggest weapon in your hands!
  • High detailed world – thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 pushed to its finest, be ready to fight in a wide variety of seasons and atmospheric conditions. Remember, the weather can be your first ally, or your deadly enemy! (But you can still win and get a bad cold)
  • Show your skills – make your enemies aware of your sharpshooter ability by showing the most exquisite, hard earned, weapon skins you own.

Scenario Game Mode:
features a one life only, objective based game mode in a multitude of scenarios including shootouts, robberies and rescue missions. It is a dynamically changing set of scenarios that individually feature the best of classic game modes such as deathmatch, search and destroy and ambush, combining them into a standalone mode with constantly changing challenges.
Matches, with an overall time up to 30 mins, are divided into several rounds which are chronologically built upon previous conditions (victories, defeats..), and form a storyline as a whole.

every gun in Black Powder shoots its own bullet - implemented with real life data for mass, speed and penetration values. Depending on surface density, angle and thickness projectiles can penetrate objects... but also ricochet off the walls and slaughter your teammates!
The game takes weapons' dimensions into account so that they realistically collide with the game world. Better said, if you have a long rifle it will be very hard to fight in tight spaces, such as house interiors, where pistols will outdo any other weapon when it comes to handling. But this comes at a price: small arms typically mean that accuracy and range will also be reduced.
Also, don't forget that black powder generates plenty of smoke and sparkles, it's better not to spray bullets in tight spaces, unless you want both to cover your face in smoke and give away your position.
Last but not least, show off your hard earned prestige with high value, detailed weapons skins.

Interact with the game world:

  • Fully dynamic fire propragation, turn the tide of the match by torching strategic points, go scorched earth, burn everything! Unless it's a saloon, or a church. In that case, you've gotta use more petrol.
  • No ammo? No problem! Well, what do we have here? You're a trigger happy one, aren't you? Oh well, either take weapons and ammo from the dead bodies, they won't need it anymore, or show around that you've got a pair, grab the first object you find and introduce it to some unwilling cowboys' skulls!

Stunning worlds:
there are maps as huge as the drought in the desert or smaller than the space you are able to walk while on your feet after you went for some (more) whiskey. Maps also differ in daytime, season, and weather. Mommy says you'd better bring your mantel.

Mod and clan support:
Powered by Unreal Engine 4 we're able to provide advanced access to modding tools that will allow you to create levels, weapons, game modes or anything else you can think of!

  • Mod Support: It's always been a priority for us - we've been developing modifications ourselves for years and it gave us the needed experience for developing Black Powder!
  • Get the bells ringing, gather up some friends in your clan (you midgets don't get around in gangs anymore, don't you?) so that you can go slaughter some godless bastards and score on the ladies together. Or perhaps you'd rather group up and go slaughter some friends who grouped up to slaughter you and score on your ladies?

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Nudity or Sexual Content, Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 64 Bit, Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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