Unknightly is a medieval VR stealth game designed from the ground up for virtual reality. You play the role of a former member of the "Knight's Order". You have been banished from the kingdom never to return again, on the charge of "Unknightly" behavior.
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Release Date:
Nov 30, 2017

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Stealth games in general are a difficult genre to get right.
Add to that the fact that there are hardly any other stealth games for VR
and it becomes clear that there is no obvious recipe for "doing it right".
We understand and accept this fact and are willing to keep iterating together with the help of the community to the point we've delivered a product they are very satisfied with!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Although multiple variables are at play, we're confident we can get the full version released in just a few months!

Different community requests will affect development times accordingly.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Our current plans mainly including expanding on the existing content.
However, should the community drive us towards creating more game mechanics
or provide other game modes and experiences we gladly make adjustments.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“At its current state the Early Access version provides a few hours of playable content out of the box.
The game already has all of its core mechanics in place and contains a couple challenging and levels with more levels planned to be released throughout the early access stage.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We believe the price should reflect the amount of quality content available in the game, and as such it is possible that price will gradually rise as new content and features are introduced throughout the development cycle.
We encourage you to get the title now and enjoy all future content for free!”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“For maximum convenience we've chosen to focus the majority of our community engagement right here on our Steam community forum, where we'll be continuously interacting with players, announcing features & fixes and attending to all questions and discussions.

We'll also be posting updates on our different (social) media channels, be sure to check them out every once in a while!”
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Notice: Requires one of the following virtual reality headsets: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. See the VR Support section for more info.

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July 20

UNKNIGHTLY - "Major Update" #5 is Now Live

This update is perhaps our most significant one up until now.

The update contains an array of new mechanics that together add multiple layers of depth to the already existing game-play!
Hopefully you guys are excited for this one :)

So first off - we've updated our game-play trailer to reflect the new content, check it out here:

Let's quickly some of the significant features included in this update:

Major Features :
  • Bow & Arrow
    We've always been very inspired by the old "Thief" games.
    Ever since we launched this game we've wanted to add a bow and arrow as a main utility for the player to manipulate the world - and now we've finally done it !
    With this update we've made available to the player 3 different arrow types:
    • Lethal Arrow - Assassinate guards from a range.
      These arrows will not penetrate heavy armor and so as with the dagger player will be required to aim for a guard's head or neck.
    • Noise Arrow - On impact creates a noise for several seconds distracting guards and luring them towards it.
    • Water Arrow - An arrow that will allow the player to change the lighting conditions in the environment.

  • Ability to Manipulate All Lights and Snuff out Candles !
    Numerous times have people been asking for the ability to snuff out candles.
    We've replied that the challenge with achieving this goal is performance related.
    Without diving too deep into the technicalities of the matter we've made use of multiple optimizations techniques and are now able to support multiple "dynamic" lights in a scene (meaning they can be turned on / off).
    As a result we've made all lights in the game either completely or partially extinguishable depending on the type of light (candles can be completely snuffed out while braziers can be dimmed for a period of time).

  • Manual Save & Load System
    Allow the player to save and load the game at any time they wish from their Journal (in game menu).
    The player now has 3 slots which they can save to or load from at any time they require.
    This means you can now save just before you attempt something bold and restart at that very last location if things do not work out as you planned.
    No more checkpoints !

  • Loot !
    Loot has been requested since the early days and is finally starting to make its way into the game.
    With this update we've introduced loot as part of every level as well as hints (in the form of notes) lying around hinting at the location of that loot.
    Players who manage to collect all loot in a level will be awarded with a special achievement for their success.
    In future updates we will be taking a look at expanding what a player can do with the loot they collect (ideas suggested include : trophy wall, sell for gold etc.)

Minor Features :
  • Performance Optimization !
    This update has pushed us to invest a lot of time and effort into optimizing the game's performance in order to support all the features we were striving to add.
    This resulted in the game's overall performance improving quite significantly leading to a much smoother and more pleasant game-play experience.

  • Tutorial Way Point Markers
    Added a way point marker on screen to assist the new players with figuring out their next destination.

  • Official Support for Chinese (Simplified)
    We've translated every piece of text available in the game to Chinese (Simplified) using the help of a professional translator.

  • Guards Now Wear a Variety of Helmets !
    Every guard in game can now be assassinated, should the player wish to do so.
    Every Helmet has its own weak spot.

  • Journal (In Game Menu) Interaction
    Hide hands when interacting with the journal (so they do not obscure the text)

Hope you all like this update - we're really excited for your thoughts and feedback !

As always withing a few days we will be posting a thread where we can discuss together the plans for the upcoming major update !

Looking forward to engaging with you guys <3
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May 21

UNKNIGHTLY - "Major Update" #4

Hello everyone!

We know it's been a long wait but we've finally released Unknightly's 4th Major Update!

Before we continue we would like to take a moment to apologize to our community for having this update take so long to release.
The main reason for the delay was that we've run into some significant technical issues while upgrading our game engine as well as with the implementation of some new plugins (Google Resonance, and more as described below).
Technicalities aside, we feel confident to say we can now continue developing and releasing updates at the pace you guys have come to expect and appreciate from us.
It is our intention to release a significant major or minor update every few weeks as well as get to the creation of new levels in the very near future.
Thank you guys so much for your patience and support, it's not taken for granted.

That aside, let's dive into some of the features included in this latest update.

Major Features :
  • In Game Menu !
    We're finally introducing a proper menu system into the game - and dare I say we're quite proud of it.
    From day one we knew we did not want the standard menu screens and laser pointers you can find in so many VR games.
    We generally try to put a lot of though and effort behind designing game elements which will blend naturally into the game play experience and keep our players immersed and engaged at all times.
    So our answer to this problem was to let the players carry a small journal that attaches to their belt.
    The player can then pickup this journal, open it, use their free hand to turn pages and use the attached quill pen to change their settings.
    You need to experience it to see what it's all about - we feel it's pretty awesome, hopefully you guys do so as well :)
    Also inside the menu inside the menu we've included some new features.
    Here's some of the more significant ones:
    • Rotation Settings
      Snap & Smooth turn, both with their respective sensitivity settings.
    • Level Management
      Restart from Checkpoint, Reset Level, Exit to Main Menu and alike.
    • Graphics & Audio Settings
      Super sampling, brightness, background music & ambient sounds volume are now all configurable though the menu - so feel free to can customize them to your liking.
    • More...
  • Difficulty Settings !
    The game now supports two difficulty settings: Normal & Hard !
    Hard is what was available so far, while Normal is a new and more "casual" difficulty setting meant to be played by the average VR player.
    Make no mistake - Normal is not going to be a walk in the park at all and most players will definitely find it quite challenging and fun.
    We put in a lot of though and effort into making the Normal difficulty strike a good balance of being both challenging and casual at the same time.
    This was done mostly by making the AI more forgiving to minor mistakes made by the player - but go too far and you' probably won't get away with it.
    It's worth pointing out that we did not go down the easy route with a simple x0.5 factor or anything like that but instead we choose to more manually craft and intervene where we felt was appropriate.
    PS: Normal is the default setting, so experience players should remember to turn it up to Hard if they feel like they want the classic hard core experience.

  • Dramatically improved 3D Audio Precision! *
    Sound is a critical component of any game.
    This is especially through for a VR stealth game where proper sound spatialization and directivity supply the player with a lot of information just from hearing, on top of the huge benefit in terms of immersion.
    It's for these reasons we've decided to invested significant effort in taking a major step forward in terms of the game's audio quality.
    Anyone launching the game will undoubtedly notice a significant and very welcome improvement from previous versions.
    Having said that, there's so much more benefit left to extract from the audio technology we've implemented - we've only just scratched the surface and will continue to iterate on this front in upcoming updates.
    Here's a link to the technology behind what we've been using to implement realistic 3D audio into the game: https://developers.google.com/resonance-audio/
Note: Achievement were not added to this update even though they were initially planned to, due to the simple fact that we were unsatisfied with how they turned out at this stage of the game.
Simply put - we've decided to post-pone this feature a little longer and revisit it once we've added loot and perhaps also stealth score as metrics of a player's performance.

Minor Features
Many minor features have made it into this update. We'll try to name a few important ones:
  • Player's Movement Speed Now Affects Visibility
    Previously the player's movement speed was not accounted for while calculating his visibility (yellow indicator).
    Now that visibility accounts for this factor, a player's movement speed can both work with or against him!
    By standing still or moving very slowly the player is reducing how visible he is to guards, so if he happen to find yourself in a pickle with no dark corners to hide in, he should try to crouch and remain as still a you can to hopefully escape detection.
    Remember it also works the other way around - sprinting though a dimly lit area is now very likely to get you detected.
  • AI Suspicion from Touch Builds Up Instead of Instant Detection
    Anyone who got instantly detected by a guard while trying to pick-pocket their keys knows what I'm talking about :)
    Thankfully this now no longer happens
    As the player you have much more slack when bumping into guards or picking their pockets.
    When you frisk a guard he slowly builds up suspicion. Though if you are not quick and careful enough you will still get detected.

  • Significantly Increased Stamina
    Stamina was added as a resource a while ago and we're received a lot of request to increase the amount of stamina the player had to work with.
    That's exactly what we did by giving the player more than double that of the existing stamina amount.

  • Item Noise Predictability
    Picking up and throwing items to distract guards is an important mechanic in game.
    Unfortunately item noise sometimes behaved quite unpredictably.
    We've finally managed to fix it so that items are now much more functional and pleasant to use.

  • Save Player's Last Checkpoint On Game Restart
    Previously restarting the game or level would wipe the player's checkpoint data forcing them to start that level all over again.
    We now save the player's last checkpoint so that once you restart the game and reenter that last level you are respawned on that last checkpoint.
    Going forward it is our intention to replace the checkpoint system with a manual save / load system that would allow player's to freely save and reload multiple saved games at any time.

  • ~100 New Guard Voice Lines
    Evolving guard dialog is always on our radar and has great implications in game.
    We've added close to a hundred new guard voice lines which help communicate to the player what the AI's currently thinking.
    We've also included voice lines where one AI reacts to what another AI has said which creates some very entertaining and sometimes funny moments.

  • Bug Fixes
    Many bug fixes have gone into this patch especially related to the tutorial.
    Special thanks to our beloved community member Jaknet for having brought many of these to our attention.
    Just to name a quick few:
    - Fixed: Tutorial instruction text would sometimes get inverted on one of the controllers.
    - Fixed: Player always start the Tutorial level facing the cell's wall.
    - Fixed: Player could not complete tutorial if he skipped tasks even if he managed to reach the end of the tutorial level.
    - Fixed: Issues with the guards "Look At" functionality which is a significant queue to the player that he's being watched by the AI.
    - More...

As always withing a few days we will be posting a thread where we can discuss together the plans for the upcoming major update !

Looking forward to engaging with you guys <3
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About This Game

Unknightly Public Beta

Unknightly is currently in its Public Beta stage.
We want to be very clear and transparent with our community on what to expect from the current version regarding to the game's current state and implications of deciding to support us at this point in the development process.
So please, before reading on, please consider taking a moment to go through our "Launch Announcement".

We thank you sincerely you for supporting us at this stage and being willing to take part in the vibrant community
that helps shape Unknightly and build it into one of the finest stealth games VR has ever seen.

Short Background Story

Unknightly is a medieval VR stealth game designed from the ground up for virtual reality.
You play the role of a former member of the "Knight's Order."
You have been betrayed and thrown into prison by someone very close to you... But who?
Hungry for revenge and fortune you seek to uncover the identity of those who double-crossed you,
gain insight into their motives, and eventually set the record straight.

VR: Stealth First

This is first and foremost a stealth game, so there's almost always multiple ways to solve every challenge.
Using combat to eliminate guards is viable but not mandatory, and might not always be possible!
Instead, you are encouraged to think through different situations and find ways to get around unnoticed,
steal valuable items, and get out without being caught!

Stealth and Cunning?

  • Move around you will have to sneak past guards and climb walls.
  • Walk around in shadows and avoid areas with a lot of light to stay invisible even when walking close to guards.
  • Be careful not to make loud noises to avoid making guards suspicious.
  • Throw objects around to distract guards and create a window of opportunity for you to execute your plans!
  • And more...

The Experience & Choice

  • Choice in how you approach each and every level. There is always more than one path to the objective.
  • Scout through technically challenging and visually compelling environments in search of valuable objects.
  • Feel the tension creep up on you as you realize that every mistake could be fatal.


Unknightly uses the Unreal® Engine. Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere.
Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 – 2017, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.

If we have accidentally left anything out please feel free to contact us on any of our channels and we will happily comply.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel i5-6500 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Vega 56 or greater
    • DirectX: Version 11

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