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Get ready for demonic aliens, cyber-mechanical vehicles, and interplanetary chainsaw warfare! Doomtrooper is a digital adaptation of the physical card game by the same name. Play Warrior cards to form your squad and earn victory points by eliminating the enemy's forces. Now in Early Access!
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3. Aug. 2020

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Early Access-Spiel

Erhalten Sie sofortigen Zugang und bringen Sie sich in die Entwicklung ein.

Hinweis: Dieses Early Access-Spiel ist noch nicht fertig und könnte sich in Zukunft verändern. Wenn Ihnen das Spiel im aktuellen Zustand nicht gefällt, sollten Sie abwarten und sehen, ob sich das Spiel weiterentwickelt. Mehr erfahren

Was die Entwickler zu sagen haben:

Wozu Early Access?

“Doomtrooper is a Collectible Card Game thas has been beloved by millions all over the world! Since our Kickstarter in 2017 we've worked very hard to bring this game to the digital era with the help of our community! Moving to Early Access represents a big milestone where we can begin to add more testers to help make this game the best it can be!

We develop this game with a very community-oriented focus and Early Access is the perfect next step for us to increase our community size and invite more player feedback on balance, features, modes as we finish building this game together!”

Wie lange wird dieses Spiel ungefähr den Early Access-Status haben?

“Less than 6 months, but we will update the community regularly on the progress!”

Wie soll sich die Vollversion von der Early Access-Version unterscheiden?

“Full version will be when players are allowed to purchase and build their own card collections. During Early Access we will have ways to play with a limited set or purchase the complete testing set to help us balance the game. The final states of Early Access will allow you access your entire collection of purchased/earned cards before we finalize the rules and stats and move to full release.”

Was ist der derzeitige Stand der Early Access-Version?

“The game has all main features implemented, including a tutorial, single-player practice mode, multiplayer ranked match, daily/weekly missions and tons of rewards to earn while you play!

Throughout early access, we will be adding the remaining cards, more content, and improvements to the tutorial, user onboarding and generally all aspects of the platform as we see spots to improve. We will also be adding more cosmetic rewards and unlocking Lore and Mission cards to collect.”

Wird dieses Spiel während und nach Early Access unterschiedlich viel kosten?

“The game will still be free to play, but we will be selling different bundles of packs at full release.”

Wie werden Sie versuchen die Community in den Entwicklungsprozess miteinzubeziehen?

“We have a great community as it is on Discord and social media but want to bring the steam community on board as well!

We will be posting regular updates to the Steam page and using Steam as our primary method of onboarding new players.

We do weekly updates where many of the additions and changes come DIRECTLY from the community so we encourage players to be as involved as they feel comfortable and interact directly with the dev team on Discord to make sure their voices are heard.

Users may join our Discord at https://discord.gg/secretcowlevel where we offer daily updates, support and the ability to interact with the devs in real time.”

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Über dieses Spiel

Form your squad by playing Warrior cards, equip them with powerful Attachments, defeat the opponent's Warriors to earn Victory points and win the match! In order to play cards, you'll need to spend Destiny Points, the "currency" used in Doomtrooper. Defeating an enemy Warrior or attacking the opponent directly will earn your choice between Destiny Points or Victory Points. First player to earn 20 Victory Points wins!

  • Gameplay based on the 90's Doomtrooper CCG, but re-imagined with a modern flair. Relive your nostalgia for a classic card game!
  • Choose from 7 different factions when constructing your deck, each with their own unique cards and playstyle.
  • Complete Daily Missions to earn yourself some coins to spend on packs, avatars, card backs and more!
  • Try and hold your own in Ranked mode! Work your way up through the ranks to unlock special avatars, titles, and other rewards.
  • Challenge a random player in casual Versus mode, or use our Discord features to send a match invite to your friends.
  • Play the Single-player Story Modes to unlock special rewards and learn more about the Mutant Chronicles universe.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Setzt 64-Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus
    • Betriebssystem: Windows 7 32-bit
    • Prozessor: 1.5Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Open GL 3.1+ Compliant
    • Netzwerk: Breitband-Internetverbindung
    • Speicherplatz: 1 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
    • Setzt 64-Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus
    • Betriebssystem: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Prozessor: 2.0Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5 or higher
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafik: NVIDIA Geforce 600 series with 2GB memory or higher
    • Netzwerk: Breitband-Internetverbindung
    • Speicherplatz: 1 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
    • Setzt 64-Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus
    • Betriebssystem: Mac OSX 10.9+
    • Prozessor: 2 Ghz
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Open GL 3.1+ Compliant
    • Netzwerk: Breitband-Internetverbindung
    • Speicherplatz: 1 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
    • Setzt 64-Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus
    • Setzt 64-Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus
    • Prozessor: 1.5Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Open GL 3.1+ Compliant
    • Netzwerk: Breitband-Internetverbindung
    • Speicherplatz: 1 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
    • Setzt 64-Bit-Prozessor und -Betriebssystem voraus

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