Genesis Alpha One unisce le meccaniche roguelike alla dettagliata costruzione di navicelle e all’azione rapida in prima persona, conferendoti il ruolo di pioniere interstellare.
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January 2019

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6 settembre

What we’re currently working on!

Greetings captains!

As announced last month, we’re currently working on several improvements to make Genesis: Alpha One the best it can be. We’re not only adding a lot of improvements that we were originally going to add post-launch but are also adding several requests from all of you. Today we would like to give you a taste of what exactly it is we’re working on!

Please bear in mind that the game is still in active development, and any features listed below are subject to change.

Improved Crew
You’ve asked for more control over your crew, and we’re very excited to confirm that we’ve added several new gameplay options for you to utilise your crew in brand new ways. One of your main requests was for the crew to defend themselves and take up arms if the need arises – so that’s what we’ve done! Your crew will now help you fight aliens if they get close, and their pistol will get upgraded as you upgrade your own.

We’ve also added crew commands, which allows you to give orders to your fellow clones. Whether you want them to focus on harvesting resources, defend themselves or run away if aliens get close, or just retreat to the ship for a quick extraction, you’ve now got full control. Furthermore your clones can help you with things aboard the U.S.S Genesis, like repairing energy nodes damaged by aliens – or by you.

Improved Alien Behaviour
We’ve made improvements to alien behaviour, which allows for greater diversity in enemy encounters. The aliens can now move individually as opposed to in a group, which allows certain aliens to potentially flank you and even sprint after you if needed. This should create more varied and unpredictable combat scenarios!

New Ammunition System
We’ve completely revamped the ammo system. Previously you were able to use resources to regain ammo at ammo stations throughout the ship. Now you will be able to get ammo from planets, from killing certain aliens equipped with firearms, or from the weapons rack. Each weapon type has its own ammo type, and should you run low on a certain type of ammo, you’ll have to produce more in the workshop module, after which you can restock from the weapons rack.

Improved Tutorials
Genesis: Alpha One has an extended tutorial meant to teach you the most important things to survive the Alpha One quadrant. We’re currently in the process of improving these tutorials even further, which includes adding a tutorial for the hyperjump, which is what allows you to get around and explore your very own randomly generated galaxy.

It’s important to us that you’re able to make the U.S.S Genesis your very own. You are the captain of the ship after all, and it’s all about your adventure through the stars. For this reason we’ve added a number of additional ways you can customise your experience to help make Genesis: Alpha One your very own.

You are now able to not only rename parts of the U.S.S Genesis to easily identify which parts of the ship might be under attack, but you can also rename the ship itself – as well as your crew members! If you’d like to add in your favourite sci-fi movie references, your friends and family, or whatever you want, you’ll be able to do it in Genesis: Alpha One!

We’ve also added in a toggle for damage numbers, if you’d like to take your immersion to the next level, as well as a number of smaller improvements like the ability to automatically hide parts of the interface.

We hope you’re as excited about these improvements as we are, and we want to thank you for your continued feedback and support, allowing us to make Genesis: Alpha One as good as it can be. As always, do let us know your thoughts in the comments below, over on the community hub, or chat with fellow captains on the Team17 Discord server right here

We’re super excited for all of you to get your hands on our playable preview version later this year ahead of the full launch of Genesis: Alpha One in January 2019.

For brief footage of some of these new additions, see here.
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8 agosto

Important update regarding Genesis: Alpha One

Greetings, captains!

We’re letting you know today that we’ve taken the decision to delay the release of Genesis: Alpha One to January 2019, to continue balancing, polishing and fine-tuning the game. We appreciate that many of you will be disappointed with this news, however we believe that this is the right decision and will ultimately deliver a better game into the hands of our players.

We’ve had a lot of feedback since we announced Genesis: Alpha One way back in February 2017 and there are several key aspects which we feel need more time to ensure that the game is as good as it can possibly be. We’ve outlined these below so please read on for more detail.

Pre-Launch Hands on
There’s also a silver lining we’re bringing you today. Moving the release date back means that we’re able to give you access to Genesis before the final launch. We’ll be sharing more details about this as soon as we can, and we’re excited to get all of you into the game to start sharing your interstellar adventures with us!

Good Things Take Time
First and foremost, Genesis: Alpha One has never looked better. The team at Radiation Blue have been working incredibly hard on polishing and balancing to get to a point where the game is ready to launch. However, Genesis: Alpha One is a very complex game with many key systems and features and the simple fact is that it’s taking longer to get ‘just right’ than we anticipated.

The game has come a long way since we first debuted a trailer and gave players hands on in 2017. Now we find ourselves looking at what’s been achieved and thinking we can still do more to bring this from a great experience to a truly breath-taking one. As a result, we have identified more features that we want included along with further updates on existing items in game.

These additions will take the game to the next level which is exactly where it deserves to be and we are certain that you, the players, will love what we have in store.

A lot of these features were planned for post launch, but after careful consideration we have decided that we want these available to you from day one. This will require more time and so that is why we have made this tough decision.

To give you a flavour, here are a few of the things the teams are working on and what you can expect in the final game:

Extended Crew Features
You’ve asked for more options in the ways you can interact with your crew, and we’re very excited to confirm that we’re working on this. As captains, you will have more options on how you interact with and deploy your crew, giving you more gameplay options and greater tactical depth whilst you carry out your mission.

Improved Alien behaviours
Adding in different behaviours and characteristics for aliens in the game. Creating more challenges both on planets and with ship infestations requiring a more in-depth tactical approach.

Enhanced Tutorial
There’s a lot to learn with Genesis, and we would not want to send you to quadrant Alpha One without any training!

A whole bunch more!
From ship customisations through to things to discover on Planets there are a raft of other features that we will be including.

Once again, we do apologize for the delay, and hope you’ll appreciate the improved gameplay experience along with the chance to get your hands-on Genesis: Alpha One before launch in January 2019.
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Informazioni sul gioco

In un prossimo futuro stremato dalle guerre, dai regimi corrotti e dall'inquinamento devastante, le corporazioni più influenti hanno creato il programma Genesis, in un ultimo e disperato tentativo di salvare l’umanità.
In qualità di capitano di una nave stellare Genesis, viaggerai nello spazio inesplorato per compiere la missione finale. Costruisci e gestisci un vascello spaziale, coltiva le risorse, occupati delle terrificanti invasioni aliene, clona le creature ed esplora un vasto universo generato casualmente.

Il tuo scopo è trovare una nuova casa per il DNA umano e salvare le specie dall’estinzione.


In Genesis Alpha One, ogni spedizione inizia in una gigantesca galassia casuale colma di avventure e pericoli. Scopri nuovi pianeti, supera i campi di asteroidi e sopravvivi agli incontri ostili che si presenteranno durante l’esplorazione dell'infinita vastità dello spazio.
La morte è definitiva, quindi la vita di ciascun membro dell’equipaggio è importante. Per questo motivo, bisogna ponderare ogni decisione con attenzione.


Iniziando da un piccolo vascello, dovrai costruire e gestire un’arca intergalattica combinando dozzine di moduli della navicella spaziale migliorabili, tra cui gli alloggi dell’equipaggio, le officine, gli hangar, i laboratori di clonazione e le serre.
Usando un intuitivo menu di costruzione, potrai assemblare i pezzi della tua navicella per adattarla al tuo stile di gioco. Metti a punto il tuo vascello ed esplora la tua creazione in prima persona.


Le invasioni aliene dilagano velocemente, infestando la navicella e l’equipaggio. È fondamentale annientarle prima che possano travolgerti e distruggere la tua navicella!
È possibile effettuare ricerche su un arsenale di armi e difese, che ti aiuterà a combattere la minaccia aliena. Usa Torrette, Campi di forza, Spade laser, Carabine, Fucili, Lanciagranate, Lanciarazzi, Lanciafiamme o armi aliene per devastare le forme di vita ostili.


Con la crescita della tua navicella, dovrai incrementare anche il tuo equipaggio. Se userai la rivoluzionaria tecnologia di clonazione, il tuo equipaggio aumenterà di numero, soddisfacendo i bisogni della navicella.
Preleva campioni di DNA dagli alieni che incontrerai nella galassia e crea degli ibridi con i membri del tuo equipaggio, in modo da dare all’umanità la possibilità di prosperare con abilità che superano qualsiasi immaginazione.


Vagare per l’immensità dell'universo non sarebbe possibile senza raccogliere risorse. Elementi come Ferro, Rame, Uranio e Plutonio devono essere estratti dai pianeti e raffinati a bordo della tua navicella. Verranno poi utilizzati per costruire nuovi moduli, armi, cloni e utensili.

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