Hunt, or be hunted - W.A.R. is a game of dark humor and mischievous choices... Blood-lust is rampant and thriving. Discover ways to deceive other players or aid them along their way. Bounty hunters are everywhere and murder can be punishable... How will you survive Without A Roof?
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May, 24th 2019

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Hvorfor tidlig adgang?

“Early access is a great platform for us (the devs) to connect and progress with our community and fans. The unique game style, game-play, and scale we would like to achieve with WAR will take time. It makes sense for us to allow others to access WAR while it is in development. We have closed alpha, and beta testing conducting as we progress.”

Hvor lang tid vil dette spil være i tidlig adgang?

“Bi-weekly or monthly updates are planned! We are anticipating for WAR to develop in Early Access into 2020 or further if needed.”

Hvorledes kommer den fulde version til at være anderledes end produktet i tidlig adgang?

“The full version of WAR will encompass a vast variety of roles, weapons, gags, and our large 10km² map. During early initial release we plan to limit the exploration area to the main city and its outskirts.

As early development progresses we will open up all aspects of our full map.
We plan regularly scheduled updates and posts to keep everyone up to date on the latest additions.

Procedurally generated cities, perfecting gun-play, fortifications, weapons, and the bounty system are just a few of the things already in the works for WAR!

In addition, we plan to add even more content based on the communities demand and preferences before releasing the final game.”

Hvad er den nuværende tilstand for versionen med tidlig adgang?

“Without A Roof is very stable and a thrill to play. We have implemented the majority of the content and features that reside in our initial scope and goals.

For Early Access, we are focused on having a fun, polished, and progressive game style that everyone can enjoy to their own preferences and likings.

We have our procedural generated cities, weapons, clothing, base building, animations, and gun-play already in. We will concentrate on tuning every piece of the puzzle.

Additional feedback from the players and community will be used to help us with the implementation of new features as well!”

Ændrer spillets pris sig under og efter tidlig adgang?

“At this time we believe the current price point will stay the same, with a possibility of a price increase upon full release.”

Hvordan har I tænkt jer at involvere fællesskabet i jeres udviklingsproces?

“Transparency and communication with the players and community is essential. We will have closed and open testing times as well as private invites for those that sign up to test our latest additions and features before rolling them out to the main branch. We'll be posting dev updates, news, change-logs, and asking for feedback on the Steam forums. Stay tuned and don't miss out!”
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Tilgængelig: May, 24th 2019


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22. marts

March 22nd, 2019 - 0.103 - Fixes, optimizations and feedback

Update / Patch 0.103 - March 22nd, 2019

This patch for W.A.R. includes many fixed and changes that we received in bug reports and discord! Thank you to those who have joined us in closed testing! :)

- ADDED - Item icon on the recycle. Showing Recyclable Items.
- ADDED - Torch is durable and will diminish over time.
- ADDED - Saw, Crowbar, and UpgradeTool can now be used as weapons (put one on your hotbar to bring it out and use it, right click any of the three tools to use them for building fortifications)
- ADDED - More Hints relating to Item Stacking. -- This is not new, but be aware using CTRL+RMB or CTRL+SHIFT+RMB will give you 1 of the item, or 25% of the stack, respectively.
- ADDED - Server will remove dropped items on the floor after 5 minutes.
- ADDED - isOnline indication has been added to dedicated server 'playerstats' commands
- ADDED - Player HP indication has been added to dedicated server 'playerstats' and 'players' commands
- ADDED - NightTimeMultiplyer value added to Serverconfig.ini - This is used to multiply time during the dark night hours (19:00-06:00) Use this to increase the speed of nighttime for your server/world.
- ADDED - ListServerPublicly value added to serverconfig.ini - Turn this off to suppress listing the server publicly with our GameOverlordDaemon service/servers. This transforms your server to be private and only connected to via I.P. by others.
- ADDED - 'say' command added to dedicated server for sending chat messages

- CHANGED - Forge, Large Storage Box, Small StorageBox, Builders Box, are now all craftable only.

- FIXED - Player Stats update by server on re-connect
- FIXED - Small storage box cannot be placed on table
- FIXED - Bedroll cannot be placed on table
- FIXED - Unable to place bedroll on other build objects
- FIXED - Swapping Items from Slot to slot between any section of inventory
- FIXED - Right Click Mouse Stack Splitting whole stacks, would exceed stack size, and also duplicate - ne0n, WaveShredder
- FIXED - CTRL+SHIFT right click duping items.
- FIXED - Right Click Dragging items, and closing inventory would keep the item on the cursor.
- FIXED - Spoon World Model size Revised
- FIXED - Player Stats continue to diminish over time, when offline, or disconnected from server.
- FIXED - Player Movement controls still active while in bedroll menu.
- FIXED - Builders Box Displays Nicknames now instead of SteamID's
- FIXED - Removed LOD Process from low vert meshs (Mailbox, OrangeCountyCondo)
- FIXED - Optimized Rain for at least the forth time, revising rain particles for performance
- FIXED - Tree size within city limits was increased to match terrain (007, and Dexmes)
- FIXED - Auto Add steam ID When hosting local game - This allows the local host to use admin commands
- FIXED - Looking at Bedset's action text displayed incorrectly - reported by ne0n

- OPEN - SmallStorageBox place-able on walls in mid area - We have reworked a couple of things with the build system and this may have resolved its self. I cannot re-create now, but did see it in ne0n's video.
- OPEN - WallTorch floating toward player while building - same as above... please tell me if this continues, it may.
- OPEN - Swinging the torch without interacting with another object may result in multiple Audio queues - WaveShredder
- OPEN - While mining rocks with your fists, you may accidentally be given wood. - I am aware of this and need to tweak a value a bit more.
- OPEN - Inventory Menu, Character Camera showing other remote players - I’ve confirmed this twice. It will be resolved.
- OPEN - Cursor Icon for Herbal Flush Texture Glitch - this will be resolved
- OPEN - Large storage Box place-able into walls.

- REPORTED - "My character has 83 health, trying to use a med kit doesn’t work from out of inventory. I had to put it on hot-bar and hit hot-bar button to use it..."
- RESULT - Closed. Reasoning: Discussing with the team, the option to use items in your inventory was removed from the game long ago, under the impression and understanding that items must be placed in your hot-bar in order to use them. - This is due in part to design, and function. However we do not foresee us changing the way items are used. This would also hinder our ability later on to continue with custom animations for items, like the med kit which has been discussed. Same as the ability currently to "SelfMedicate" using the Right Mouse Button with "Heroin" in your hot bar. These items are going to be actually "Used" and in order to maintain this operation and function the hotbar is where items will be "Used". A future option we may do for the med-kit in this case would be to bring it out in your hands so you can visually see your player wrap themselves up to heal! As for now you can just put it your hot bar, press that number and it will be used.

- REPORT - "apple cider gives +200 thirst, isn’t that a bit to much" - ne0n
- RESULT - Closed. Reasoning: Discussing with the team, far too many times do we hear the hardship of finding drinkable foods or water. Since the thirst is currently out of a 500 maximum, we do not believe this should be lowered. As it will increase the consistent usage of drinkable items, which can become annoying to a user. With the addition of more drinks and items in general the values for things like this may always change while in development.

- REPORT - "money isn't to be found anywhere?"
- RESULT - Closed. Reasoning: I was able to find money in tons of different storage objects, vehicles, dumpsters, so im not quite sure, maybe this was a one off error? Or maybe the server was having an issue at the time?.. Please let me know if you still have the issue, but i was unable to re-create

- REPORT - "-night time is to long, daytime to short (my opinion)" - ne0n
- RESULT - Closed. NightTimeMultiplyer added to Serverconfig.ini, -- Days are set default to 60 minutes, this leaves 30 minutes of day and 30 of night, by setting the NightTimeMultiplyer Value to a value less then 1 you can speed up time. (NightLengthInMinutes * NightTimeMultipler = LengthOfNight) e.g (30 * 0.1) = 3 (Night would be 3 minutes long)
- NOTE - The perception of time passing, is different for each man on earth - Zack :)

- REPORT - "-add notifications on the gui as where you can see your hydration and others, like small icons, green color is good, yellow color you need to start thinking about having a drink or eat and red means you're about to die? (just an idea)"
- RESULT - This is Still Open... the team cannot decide, it has come down to re-enabling the indicators that we have, and allowing it as an option to show/hide the indicators on the hud. The team is split between having on-screen indicators, or having a clean HUD with no congestion, which is what we have tried to keep. We believe this will become a UI option in the options menu sometime soon.

Again the N.W.C. team would like to send out a special thank you to ne0n, WaveShredder, 007. Thanks Guys :)

Join us in Discord to chat with us or provide feedback -

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15. marts

March 15th, 2019 - 0.102 - Closed testing additions, updates, and fixes!


Closed Testing Update 0.102!

- ADDED - Renaming Bedrolls.
- ADDED - You can now eat peppermint leaves
- ADDED - UI Exit buttons to all menus, making it easier for the user.
- ADDED - Wall torch to craftable items.
- ADDED - Dedicated server Messages while server admin commands.
- ADDED - Mushrooms Spawning as a gatherable Resource

click to enlarge...

- FIXED - Forge to Forge Inventory move operations did not work - Reported by ne0n
- FIXED - And Updated News block on main menu.
- FIXED - Updated Inventory UI Slots, Increased Quantity size, Removed item names (Names are in description now when selecting an item) (Cleaner look)
- FIXED - Build objects showed Owners SteamID Instead of nick name.
- FIXED - Torch Crafting Requirements were incorrect
- FIXED - FOV while aiming resulted in repositioning skycam
- FIXED - Crowbar and upgrade tool not working (this was broken from previous update) - Reported by ne0n
- FIXED - Using Emotes while in inventory makes UI disappear
- FIXED - Builders box unable to place on terrain
- FIXED - Null Reference errors while looking at specific objects.
- FIXED - Issues relating to Heroin or Syringe weapons, locally getting stuck
- FIXED - Intermittent Inventory Disappearing when viewing storage objects
- FIXED - Disclaimer coming up when it shouldn’t
- FIXED - Weed and Blowdart Gun World Model Falling through city and world objects - Revised & Increased Model and Collider Sizes
- FIXED - Unable to Loot Hemp/Weed Plants, Moved Hemp/Weed plants to world resource system. This is an optimization as well.
- FIXED - Glass added to recyclables in recycler
- FIXED - Hotbar duplication bug while scrolling and using weapons
- FIXED - M24 Reload Sound
- FIXED - Fall Damage over Client/Dedicated Server
- FIXED - Over righting Item slots by right clicking - Reported By Tryhard60
- FIXED - Right Click Moving items in forge or storage and moving the entire stack left phantom items remaining, but still unable to dupe - reported by ne0n
- FIXED - Chat Scroll to bottom fixed
- FIXED - Revised LargeStorageBox Requirements
- FIXED - Dropping clothing items from Equipment Bar would result in duplication - Reported By Ne0n
- FIXED - Looking at elevator buttons shows the wrong action text - Reported by ne0n
- FIXED - Dedicated Server errors pertaining to time
- FIXED - CPULock Shader resulted in off red/green colors.
- FIXED - Unable to set CPULock Password in Client/Server setting.
- FIXED - Constant Errors when microphone not detected - We are working on voice chat i promise!
- FIXED - Tree Particle systems while gathering

- UPDATED - Build items, including Storage boxes item descriptions and information.
- UPDATED - Shelter NPC Animations
- UPDATED - Glass Bottle Model Updated
- UPDATED - Crafting Information and UI text
- UPDATED - Recycler Information and UI text

- KNOWN BUG - Crafting menu scroll wheel does not work. - We are working to revise this.
- KNOWN BUG - Item Duping while world pickup. Due to lag constraints we require people to test with this. I have implemented a AntiDupe call when checking object ID's and ensuring only single calls are made per ID
- KNOWN BUG - Blue Screen Error and crash when camera is out of bounds, Especially while building. We have implemented a fix for this and have tried to recreate the event in question. If any one else gets this bug please report it after this update, with your output.log if you can. This will remain an open issue for a little bit until we know it is hammered out.
- KNOWN BUG - Errors will occur while in the elevator and doing weapon operations and possibly lots of other things... i will be working to correct this soon.

- UPCOMING - We talked about having the crowbar and the upgrade tool as take out weapons, for ease of use. and this is coming, but we did not have time or see it relevant to holding up this update. It should be in the next.

Below is a small list of the bugs that have been reported to the team, but we are unable to recreate.
We believe some of these bugs, and some of the duplication bugs that have been reported to us were in part due to an error. Possibly on the dedicated server side that clients may not have been able to see. When a error occurs, depending on the severity, it can throw some things out and cause other cascading errors. I believe that these bugs will become less frequent, If not already completed.
Please understand, This does not mean these bugs do not exist. It means they don’t seem to happen under perfect circumstances... I will continue to monitor these bugs.


- OPEN - Unable To Unstack Saw.
- OPEN - Reports of UI Glitching when in inventory of a vehicle. - Reported By WaveShredder
- OPEN - After Crafting Paper/Cardboard, unable to access forge - Reported By ne0n
- OPEN - When Crafting paper/Cardboard character hand animations erratic - Reported by ne0n
- OPEN - Unable to remove items from fireplace or forge. - Reported by ne0n
- OPEN - Cant remove clothing item from inventory, dropping them results in duplication - Reported by ne0n
- OPEN - Renaming a sleeping bag more then once may not update name. (this only happened once to me)
- OPEN - Character Hands and items disappear
- OPEN - Pressing enter, bringing up the chat box, clicking else where (un focus chat) and pressing enter, chat box remains... only goes away with escape... - I tested this multiple times and i cannot recreate this. Please note that the chat box is currently on a timer to stay on your screen after requesting it, or when a message comes in.
- OPEN - Taking items out of chem lab, but the icon stays in chem lab. This could have been done with the Right click error i found. Should be fixed.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us and provided feedback during these stages! Your help is immeasurable!

Join us in Discord to chat with us or provide feedback -
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Hunt or be hunted. Blood-lust is rampant on the island. Discover ways to deceive other players or aid them along their way. Bounty hunters are everywhere, murder is punishable, and suicide may be encouraged. There is no honor amongst crackheads.

  • Procedurally generated towns and city layouts
  • Fortification building with upgrades
  • Intense bounty hunting or fugitive lifestyles
  • Player choice and roleplay
  • Variety of equipment, armour, and clothing
  • Player controlled traps and trick variety
  • Individual server save system built in - No ghosting. Private Hives.
  • Large scale, choice driven survival (225km world)


Murder can be punishable by endless variations of torture death on the island...

Attack others with drugs and traps; force addictions on other islanders.
Steal resources and paraphernalia; or lend them a friendly hand.


Every realm is different. Rewards are plentiful for bounty hunters abroad...
Drones can also assist while hunting down murderers.

Everyone has an addiction to something...right?
In cities with endless possibilities. Strive to stay clean of substances, or use them at will to reap the short term benefits.


Secure your loot.

Stash drugs and cures.
Gang up with friends; form a posse.

In WAR, building locations and objects are all random.
Adding a new level of unknown to every situation and server.
What exists in one, may not exist in another.

Plans for Early Access

  • City and Environmental Graphical Improvements
  • Expansions to major cities / small towns
  • World AI
  • Advanced Drones and Tools
  • Trader AI Back Bones
  • Additional Equipment
  • Additional Clothing
  • Additional Weapons
  • Optimizations for all PCs
  • Server Modding / Server Host Tools

W.A.R. will NOT contain micro-transactions, locked crates or pay-to-win items.

Beskrivelse af voksenindhold

Udviklerne beskriver indholdet således:

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: General Mature Content


    • Styresystem: Windows 7 SP1 (64bit)
    • Processor: i3 Quad Core 2.4GHz or better
    • Hukommelse: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafik: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD R9 Series (Any 2+ GB VRAM)
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Diskplads: 15 GB tilgængelig plads
    • Yderligere bemærkninger: Requirements always subject to change*
    • Styresystem: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD FX 8300 or better
    • Hukommelse: 12 GB RAM
    • Grafik: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 / AMD Radeon RX480 with (4+ GB VRAM)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Diskplads: 15 GB tilgængelig plads
    • Yderligere bemærkninger: Requirements always subject to change*
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