Set in a forgotten video game world, Village Monsters lets you escape to carefree village of friendly monsters. Make monstrous friends, pursue interesting hobbies, and explore strange lands.
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Oct 2018

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Available: October 2018


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July 11

Building a Village, 07/11/2018 – Invading Privacy

Hello Villagers!

Welcome to another (slightly late) weekly developer diary of Village Monsters!

Another productive week is under the belt and we’ve had so many of those in a row that our stomach is full to bursting. I let that analogy get away from me, so let’s cover our losses and proceed with the update!

New New You

If it feels like I’m making changes to the player sprite each week then that’s because I am.

After some feedback on my previous update I’ve made some changes to the head and eyes. I’m slowly inching toward a final sprite ‘template’ which’ll allow me to create even more variations (so you can pick your gender, skin color, hair, etc.)

Villager Journals

You like invading people’s privacy, right? Of course! We all do. That’s why I’m giving each villager a journal for you to secretly read when they’re not looking.

Some journals may be very well hidden, or in rooms that you won’t have access to right away. Be ever vigilant, you nosy parkers!

Movement Changes

I’ve made the following changes to movement. Overall the goal was to make things feel better – in this case “better” means easier and more precise.

  • Default movement is now faster
  • Sprint is now a toggle (will be an option in final version)
  • When using gamepad, tilting the stick partway will result in walking
  • Tilting all the way transitions to run automatically
  • You can walk via the keyboard by holding Control

Helpful Helper Icons

I spent a lot of time coming up with little icons for each interaction. Unfortunately for me, I later realized I hated them all and they weren’t very helpful.

They’ve been replaced by much more helpful button icons which tell you what you need to press. The helper text remains unchanged.
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July 2

Building a Village, 07/01/2018 – Fishtincts

Hello Villagers!

Welcome to another weekly developer diary of Village Monsters. It’s been a productive week over here at Village Monsters HQ. Maybe it’s because my area has escaped the heat that as seemingly conquered the rest of the world. Maybe it’s because my new developer pipeline is really starting to shine.

Maybe I just had a lot more Red Bull than usual. I don’t rightly know, but I’m sure I shouldn’t question it. Let’s take a peek!

The Old Man and the Sea

Ask any master fisherman what his greatest tool is and he won’t talk to you about lures, hooks, or rods. No. He’ll instead talk about that nearly indescribable fisher instinct, or fishtincts as they’re called by the masters.

These fishstincts are now finally represented in the game. A special icon is displayed and a distinct noise is played when it’s time to snag that tasty fish, and you’ll somehow intrinsically know whether your timing was too late, too early, or if the line broke.

History Books

The Historical Society has been renamed the Library, though it’s more than just a semantics change. You’ll have to see for yourself the next time you visit.


Quick – what’s the village currency called? You don’t know, do you? Of course not! I barely do and I created the damn things.

Well it doesn’t matter now as they’ve been replaced by silver coins known as Skull Silvers, more commonly referred to as skulliver or even just skullies.

You can earn skulliver by pursuing hobbies, helping villagers or working part time, and they’re used to pay for everything from your mortgage to a hot drink in Overflow.

How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Making friends with your (monstrous) neighbors has long been an important feature of Village Monsters, and this week was the first time in awhile that I tweaked how it works.

You can now gain “Bonus Friendship” for actively maintaining your relationship with a villager by talking with them every day. Think of it like a combo streak: the more days in a row you talk to them the faster your friendships grows.

The catch is that this bonus resets if you break the streak. You’re allowed to miss a day or two – I get it, we’re all busy – but after that your streak is reset. You’ll never lose friendships, but don’t let that keep you from being a good friend, human!

Begone, Bugs!

  • Fixed an issue where a villager’s intro dialogue wasn’t triggering correctly
  • Time now pauses while the main menu (or your journal) are open
  • Fixed some goofy problems when sprites changed states
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About This Game

Village Monsters is an relaxing village life sim set in the world of a forgotten video game. You play as the sole human living in a quiet, cozy, and carefree village - that's ruled by monsters.

Don't worry, they're harmless. Mostly.

Befriend Charming Monsters

  • Meet dozens of whimsical monsters, each with their own personalities, interests, and daily routines.
  • Unravel unique personal stories by getting to know each villager, solving their problems, and growing your friendships.
  • Find and rescue monsters lost in the world and convince them to live in the village.

Relaxing Gameplay

  • Pursue laidback hobbies like treasure hunting, creature collecting, gardening, and fishing.
  • Personalize your very own homestead with furniture, decorations, and meaningful upgrades.
  • Engage with interesting daily activities such as village events, seasonal holidays, part time work, and much more.
  • Complete a massive journal that tracks your collectibles, secrets, and triumphs.

Living World

  • Explore a dynamic world that changes and grows with each passing day.
  • Leave your mark by charting new areas, unlocking hidden paths, and bringing your discoveries back to the village.
  • Discover and solve mysteries as you learn the lore of the world and the culture of monsters.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7 or Higher
    • Processor: Not too big
    • Graphics: Basically anything
    • Sound Card: What?
    • OS: Basically anything
    • Processor: Not too big
    • Sound Card: What?
    • OS: Ubuntu 14 or Higher
    • Processor: Not too big
    • Graphics: Basically anything
    • Sound Card: Huh?
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