Begynn et nytt liv i den fortryllende byen Portia! Gjenopprett din fars forfalne verksted til dets tidligere prakt, dyrk avlinger, al opp dyr, bli venn med byens sære innbyggere og avslør mysteriene dette sjarmerende post-apokalyptiske landet har glemt!
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Veldig positive (227) - 92% av de 227 brukeranmeldelsene fra de siste 30 dagene er positive.
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Veldig positive (5,535) - 92% av 5,535 brukeranmeldelser for dette spillet er positive.
23. jan., 2018

Logg inn for å legge til denne gjenstanden i ønskelisten din, følge eller markere som ikke interessant

Early Access-spill

Få umiddelbar tilgang og spill med en gang; bli involvert i spillet mens det utvikles.

Merk: Dette Early Access-spillet er ikke ferdig og vil muligens endres ytterligere. Hvis du ikke føler for å spille dette spillet slik det er akkurat nå, burde du vente for å se om spillet utvikles videre. Lær mer

Hva utviklerne har å si:

Hvorfor Early Access?

“Med et spill så omfattende som My Time at Portia, må vi sikre at all mekanikk balanseres riktig slik at spillerne får en utrolig ny opplevelse. Derfor er det viktig for oss med tilbakemelding fra spillerne i fasen Early Access, slik at vi kan skape noe virkelig spesielt.”

Hvor lenge antas det at dette spillet vil være i Early Access?

“Vi antar at spillet vil ha Early Access i omtrent 9 måneder. Dermed får vi tid til å ta hensyn til tilbakemeldinger fra spillerne og utvikle visjonen.”

Hvordan er det planlagt at fullversjonen vil være forskjellig fra Early Access-versjonen?

“"Den fullstendige versjonen av spillet vil ha med alle oppdateringer og funksjoner innført i Early Access. Når vi lanserer Early Access, vil alle sandkasseelementer vær helt iverksatt, med alle historier og sluttspill-innhold.
Skal legges til: • Nye områder
• Nye oppgaver og sideoppdrag
• Nytt historieinnhold
• Flere minispill
• Holde, ale opp og ri på dyr"”

Hva er nåværende tilstand på Early Access-versjonen?

“My Time at Portia er finpusset, og du kan straks spille gjennom 25 timers innhold, med masse å lage, mange historier, oppgaver og områder å utforske. Og du kan møte, hilse på og innlede forhold til andre portians. Spillet er stappfullt av altoppslukende innhold i sandkassesimuleringen, men vi vil legge til mer!”

Vil spillet være priset annerledes under og etter Early Access?

“Vi tenker å øke prisen etter Early Access. De som blir med tidlig, betaler mindre og kan være med på å utforme spillet!”

Hvordan planlegger dere å involvere samfunnet i utviklingsprosessen?

“Sammen med utgiveren, Team17, skal vi lese alle tilbakemeldingene fra spillsamfunnet My Time at Portia. Vi vil oppdatere spillet regelmessig med nye funksjoner, balanser og vrier, ut fra det vi hører fra dere.”
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21. september

Update 9.0 - Hotfix Patch

Hey Portians,

Since yesterday's update, we've been busy going through your feedback and bug/crash reports. Thanks to your feedback we’ve been able to put together a small patch that should fix most of the reported crashes.

The bugs related to the art assets will be fixed in upcoming patches. The reason for this being the update for art asset fixes will be a large file size to download.

Thanks again to those who took the time to make us aware of any bugs and crashes. Your actions have not only helped us fix any issues, but also helped your fellow Portians enjoy the game!

  • In this build, trees and brushes will not grow in the yard after the update.
  • Even after you expand the yard, the trees and brushes in yard will also be cut automatically.
  • Changed the placing orders of commissions. High level commission will display ahead of low-level commissions.
  • Fixed the bug that the demo save file can be read in the 9.0 build. So that players will not load it and crash the game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the animals in the stable to be stuck by characters.
  • Fixed a bug that where choosing the number of food in the feeding UI, it would reset the scroll bar.
  • Fixed the crash when players restart the timed out Cross Five.
  • Fixed the crash at the end of the horse racing game.
  • Fixed some potential crashes.
  • Improved the performance when riding the horse.
  • Fixed the crash that caused by pathfinding.
  • Fixed a crash that occured when players were killed by traps.
PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure you go to bed before 12am on the 28th of every month. Failure to do so will cause the game to crash. We aim to have a fix for this next week.
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20. september

Update 9.0 - Live Now!

Hey there Portians!

Update 9.0 is here, bringing with it new content, bug fixes and more!

The first thing you should notice with the new build is our work on optimization. All players should see an improvement in their frame rate and how the game runs on their system.

This is great because it means you'll get an even smoother experience when playing the new content we’ve added!

The reason you’ve been waiting slightly longer for this update is because we’ve been working on a lot of new content to bring to Portia:
  • A brand-new area to explore, including new buildings.
  • New story missions
  • New side missions
  • New monsters
  • New dungeons
  • New characters
  • New items/weapons
  • A Martial Arts Tournament
  • Updates to existing events such as Land Run and the Day of Memories Festival.
  • Even more activities!

The Portia Land Run

As many of you know, the Portia Land Run occurs every autumn in Portia following its addition in the previous update. Following its release, we felt that the Land Run had its limitations due to the player only being available to race against the clock, rather than other NPCs. But not anymore! We’ve added in racing against three other NPCs to make the event a lot more competitive. The original time attack race mode is still playable for Portians whose goal is purely to get the best time.

During the multi-character race, racers will be able to use items to increase their speed and add to stamina. May the best Portian win!

Day of Memories Tweak

If you’ve already tried the Day of Memories Festival, then you’ll remember that the event asked the player to go around the city of Portia collecting Ghost Badges. This time, we’ve added in a few more interesting gameplay mechanics.
  • New Ghost Badges will appear in the city every 30 seconds, they’ll be marked on the map for the player and NPCs to see!

  • We have added ‘ghosts’ to the game, they’ll appear randomly to scare folks, if you don’t dodge them, you’ll be stunned for a bit. Spooky!

  • Everyone will be armed with the Scare Soaker, a gun that can stun people for 3 seconds! You can use it, but so can NPCs. This should make things a little more interesting!

We know we’re a little late with this build and we’re sorry to have kept you waiting, but it’s here, and we hope you enjoy it!

There’s a lot more content we haven’t spoken about for you to discover in this update and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Be sure to let us know what you think of the new content and tweaks here on the Steam forum. If you encounter a bug, please send us an email, or leave us a post on the ‘Report a Problem’ sub-forum. Happy gaming everyone!

Change List

The full change list can be found below:
  • Added the new story quest 'Finding the All Source.'
  • Added a new storyline for Emily.
  • Added new shop in south station where players can exchange their products into gols.
  • Players can now assign commissions to the civil corps. They'll help you collect items from monsters.
  • Added search function for material sources.
  • Added two new outfits.
  • Added new, advanced weapons.
  • Added four new hairstyles.
  • Added a new workshop appearance.
  • Added more furnitures in exchange store.
  • Added cornball and apple tree.
  • Added feather duster, so that players can pet multiple animals at the same time.
  • Added floor cleaner, so that players can dismiss all the floorings and furnitures in a certain area.
  • Added guide for revise and ride hunting.
  • Added a function that enables NPCs to ask for a date.
  • The indoor area of Happy Appartments is now open!
  • Several NPCs now have their own facial expressions.
  • Added name-change item for pets.
  • Added feedback voices after petting animals.
  • The picture in the album can be replaced.
  • Added sound effect for petting chicks and ducks.
  • Added maps for several houses.
  • Added maps for dungeons.
  • Added photo shoot event when riding a hot air balloon during a date.
  • Added more sound effects.
  • Added new in-game activity - Martial Arts Tournament.This occurs on the 12th and 13th of Feburary.
  • Added new in-game activity - Snowball fight. This occurs on the 12th and 13th of April.
  • Added new reaction when monsters get hit.
  • Added new influence mechanic for the social network, it will effect a products' selling price in Yeye's shop, as well as the commissions' reward to the civil corps.
  • Your spouse, who can help you with farming, can now also help you pet animals.
  • Added new commissions that require more items to complete. Added new types of commissions that can increase the favor points.
  • When Higgins get his daily commission, his workshop reputation point increases.
  • Added button "play again" in several mini-games (playing dart, roping, and shooting balloons).
  • Added three new dungeons with monsters inside.
  • Added elite monsters: Flurpee, Balloon Urchin; Monsters in The Somber Marsh: Glorycroc, Piggyback Frog
  • Adjusted the appearance inside the AG construction company, news press, Happy Appartment,
  • Gale's house, Alice's house and Arlo's house.
  • You can now interact with NPCs while you're walking.
  • Added three new NPCs and fighting postures.
  • Added background music and sound effect for several cutscenes.
  • Added sound of footsteps in dungeons.
  • Adjusted the UI when holding items, and added items' name in the UI.
  • Added settings for saturation.
  • The system will now automatically take a screenshot during cutscenes. If players skip the cutscene, then they will not be shown in the screenshot. If players didn't skip the cutscene, then players will be shown in the screenshot.
  • Fishing can increase the experience point.
  • Added button "play again" after fishing.
  • Added new wallpapers and floorings.
  • Added more items for players to inspect.
  • Changed the rule of "Attempt to find item" in Day of Memories.
  • Added Scraps related achievements and the achievements when taking adventures in the haunted cave, attempting to find items in the Day of Memories, fishing contest, and lighting the fireworks.
  • Adjusted the reward UI interface. It will display items' name.
  • Added a switch for turning on/off the snow & rain effect.
  • If your relationship with NPC has reached friend or above, then this NPC's location will show up on the map.
  • Added extra icon animation in the portrait in the social page when the relationship with NPC has reached lover.
  • The factory will now return all the materials when crafting is canceled.
  • Optimized the running of the game.
  • Adjusted the price of several products.
  • Adjusted the recipe of crafting.Decreased the required items.
  • Adjusted the unlock requirement for "Well-rounded Workshop" and "Science Power".
  • Increased the money Gust will send to playsers after marrying him.
  • Adjusted the lasting time of several comsumptions.
  • Optimized the behavior of NPCs. They're less easy to be interrupted now.
  • Optimized the position when interacting with NPCs.
  • Changed the birthday of Gust from Feburary 12th to Feburary 11th.
  • You'll get a storage which stores all the additional items when you have a full inventory.
  • Optimized the attacking experience of all the weapons.
  • Adjusted the appearance of mission letters in the mailbox.
  • Optimized the UI of factory.
  • Mission related items cannot be sold and are undeletable
  • Deleted the unnecessary conversation while sending gift in the Day of Bright Sun.
  • Adjusted the priority of overhead NPC chat.
  • Adjusted the stamina display bar. The remaining stamina will not be displayed when players have 100% stamina.
  • Fixed the bug where players would still get a mission reminder over Dr. Xu's head, even when there are no missions for him.
  • Fixed the display timing error in UI when taking missions about photo-taking.
  • Fixed the bug that there're two Alices in the cutscene of Alice getting married.
  • Fixed the bug that the holiday background music woudn't stop when leaving out of the holiday area.
  • Fixed the error in the conversation with QQ, Pinky, and Scraps while in the holidays or birthday.
  • Fixed the conversation error while sending a sweetheart cake to a partner.
  • Fixed the bug that made NPCs not go to have a hot-pot when re-loading a save during the Winter Solstice.
  • Fixed the bug that caused NPCs to shake when riding the hot balloon.
  • Fixed the bug where the date and play event cannot be triggered while having the buff that alters health.
  • Fixed the bug that caused horses to follow players into the sparring when the players had multiple horses following them.
  • Fixed the bug that the sound effect of swinging will keep playing if players don't do anything in that mini-game.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the monsters' name in the album collection refers to the wrong monsters.
  • Fixed the bug wjere horses will block the way when the players had multiple horses following them.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the relic scanner to scan multiple times when the items overlap each other.
  • Adjusted the lengh of the conversation when getting married.
  • Fixed the issue when players got favor points from multiple NPCs at the same time that caused sound effects to be too loud.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the game to not play the animation of lying on the floor before bed time after continuous fishing.
  • Fixed the bug where entering the fishing competition will not cost the player any gols.
  • Fixed the bug that players cannot load the game if they died while fishing.
  • Fixed the spotlight in the abandoned ruins.
  • Fixed the crack in the top of the abandoned ruins.Players will need to reset their ruins instance for this to take effect.
  • Fixed several scripts errors.
  • Fixed the error in conversation after unlocking all the diagrams.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the attribute of furnitures to change if the game was reloaded.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the camera to stop working if players triggered the jealousy event during the dating mini-games.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the game to freeze when players trigger the jealousy system after the dating mini-games.
  • Fixed the bug where animals could not be placed on floorings.
  • Fixed the bug that the guidance page cannot be closed by using the controller.
  • Fixed the bug that caused characters to disappear.
  • Fixed split 0 item bug.
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*PLEASE NOTE* Game saves from the My Time at Portia Demo ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the full version of the game.

Please start a New Game and remove any previous saves.

Om dette spillet

Begynn et nytt liv i den fortryllende byen Portia! Gjenopprett din fars forfalne verksted til dets tidligere prakt, dyrk avlinger, al opp dyr, bli venn med byens sære innbyggere og avslør mysteriene dette sjarmerende post-apokalyptiske landet har glemt!

Bevæpnet med din fars verkstedshåndbok og gamle arbeidsbenk må du samle og utvinne råvarer og utføre dyktig arbeid for å bli det beste verkstedet i hele Portia. Forbered deg … men det blir ikke lett!

Inspirert av det magiske Studio Ghibli kaster My Time at Portia deg ut i en verden full av uforglemmelige undre. Hvordan vil du bruke din tid i Portia?

Byen Portia er full av unike karakterer du kan bli kjent med. De vil gå på skolen, arbeide, trene og ha det gøy. Spilleren kan også oppleve de unike historiene fra livene deres. Spilleren kan få forhold til andre byfolk, det være seg om de ser etter vennskap, kjærlighetsforhold eller ekteskap.

Hver spiller kan sette sine egne spor i Portia og begynne livet i en varm, gjestfri liten by full av opplevelser.


BYGG DITT EGET VERKSTED: Gjør din fars forfalne verksted til det beste i Portia! Samle ressurser og smi deg inn i lokalsamfunnets hjerter gjennom ditt daglige arbeid og oppdrag fra landsbybeboerne.

DRIV DIN EGEN GÅRD: Dyrk fram egne avlinger, al opp dyr og gjør den tomme skogen rundt hjemmet ditt om til en eiendommelig liten gård! Gårdsdriften i My Time at Portia er innovativ slik at du kan bruke plantekasser og halvautomatiske vanningssystemer.

BLI KREATIV: Gjør huset ditt til et hjem! Legg på din personlige touch med spennende møbler, dekorasjoner og oppussing!

BLI MED I LOKALSAMFUNNET: Bli en del av Portias unike lokalsamfunn! Full av levende og uforglemmelige ansikter som alle har spennende livshistorier, energiske personligheter og særegen oppførsel. Ta deg tid til å bli kjent med alle – hvem vet, kanskje ligger det romantikk i luften?

UTFORSK OG KJEMP: Gå dypt ned i Portias gamle ruiner og fangekjellere. Utvinn råmaterialer og oppdag det som lurer under det tilsynelatende fredelige området. Det er farlig å være uforberedt … pass på at du er utstyrt til å møte fryktelige monstre og dødelige sjefer som står mellom deg og Portias hemmeligheter.

FÅ FLERE FERDIGHETER: Gi figuren din flere ferdigheter til hjelp i eventyrene, på ekte rollespillvis!

OG SÅ RESTEN: Portia er berikende og livlig, stappfull av aktiviteter å glede seg over! Hvordan vil du bruke tiden din? Lyst til å prøve matlaging? Du kan utfordre de nye vennene dine til stein-saks-papir, eller hva med litt boksing for de mer vågale? Du kan velge og vrake! Du kan også være med på minispill, ridning og festivaler. Eller kanskje vil du slappe av og bare fiske en ettermiddag? Det er opp til deg hvordan du vil bruke din tid i Portia!

Mens spillet er i fasen med tidlig tilgang, vil vi legge til masse mer innhold i regelmessige oppdateringer:

• Nye historieoppdrag, inkludert historien Livet i et ekteskap!
• Nye steder, inkludert ruiner, fangehull og butikker!
• Nye gjenstander, inkludert våpen
• Nye bygninger
• Nye funksjoner, som hold, al opp og ri på dyr, fotomodus og bursdagsselskaper
• Nye minispill og pubspill!
• Nye årstidsarrangementer!


    • Krever en 64-biters prosessor og operativsystem
    • OS: Windows 7+ / 8.1 / 10 64 bit
    • Prosessor: Intel i3 Processor
    • Minne: 6 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: ATI 5770, Nvidia GeForce GTX 460
    • DirectX: Versjon 10
    • Lagring: 5 GB tilgjengelig plass
    • Krever en 64-biters prosessor og operativsystem
    • OS: Windows 10 64 bit
    • Prosessor: Intel i7 Processor
    • Minne: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: Nvidia GeForce GTX960+
    • DirectX: Versjon 11
    • Lagring: 10 GB tilgjengelig plass

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