Enter the magical world of Tangledeep, a beautifully polished dungeon crawler inspired by classic 16-bit RPGs! Colorful characters, a unique job system, tons of skills, items, and diverse environments with deep, turn-based roguelike gameplay. A different adventure every time you play!
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1 Şub 2018

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1 Mayıs

Patch 1.25 is Now Available, including Savage World!

Hello adventurers! Welcome to Tangledeep v1.25, featuring a wide variety of game improvements, fixes, balance adjustments, player-requested features, and a new difficulty mode!

Also, if you missed the previous update, the first expansion - Legend of Shara - is now available. Be sure to check it out, as it brings a whole lot more content, story, and gameplay to the base game!


Switch Updates

We have been working on regular patches for the Nintendo Switch version of Tangledeep, and the process of porting Legend of Shara is going well.

Spanish Localization

This is also coming along, with the first pass of translation complete! We expect to have a beta this month for sure.

The ultimate challenge for those who have defeated even New Game+! As with NG+, this restarts the game world while keeping all of your progress. The entire game will be much harder in a variety of ways, in exchange for even greater treasure-finding prospects and the ability to upgrade equipment to ++++ in the Dreamcaster. If you can defeat this mode, you’ll have supreme bragging rights! Here is a list of key changes in Savage World:

  • Bonus CT gain from all sources reduced by 33%
  • Using any item from your inventory, unless it *grants* CT, now reduces your CT to 0
  • Parrying now blocks 66% of damage (instead of 100%)
  • Base powerup drop rate reduced to 25% of normal game; healing reduced 50%
  • Monsters recover from non-damaging statuses twice as quickly
  • Monsters gain additional stats, damage, defense, and aggro range
  • Certain easily-dodged monster abilities like Panthox’s Claw Rake and Electric Jelly’s Lightning Circle now have more challenging targeting patterns
  • Monster skill cooldowns reduced by 25%
  • Monster density and respawn rate increased
  • Boss fights now have extra enemies
  • Items can be upgraded a 4th time in the Dreamcaster (++++)
  • Loot quality improved throughout the game
  • Items can now spawn with up to +++ already added
  • Double legendary and Orb of Reverie drop rate compared to NG+
  • You can learn an additional ultimate Weapon Mastery

  • Non-summoned player-faction monsters should no longer combine with each other (could lead to wacky scaling)
  • Godspeed Strike no longer gives you a free turn automatically, instead granting +25 CT on use.
  • Daggers now grant +35 CT on crit (down from 50). They are just a little too strong in giving the player multiple turns.
  • In New Game+ (and beyond), the hidden dream boss encounter is now much harder
  • In New Game+ (and beyond), loot rank has been nudged up.
  • In New Game+ (and beyond), champions now have a chance to drop Rose Petals in addition to their other loot
  • In New Game+ (and beyond), shops now carry more stuff
  • (Legend of Shara) The “Armor Training” relic mod should no longer show up on armor (as it could potentially show up on medium/light armor, where it did nothing).

  • Job change scroll should no longer use stairs if you use it on top of stairs
  • Fixed Godspeed Strike display bug
  • (Legend of Shara) Hotfix for Wanderer’s Journey related bug introduced in 1.25b
  • Fixed issues with hero starting in the wrong position on certain maps (like the 2nd boss fight)
  • Sword Dancer’s gold emblem (allowing for skill parrying) should now work as intended, giving you 33% of your normal Parry chance (instead of the unintended 100% of your normal Parry)
  • Also fixed bug where abilities used on ANY character had a 3x multiplier on parry chance…
  • Fixed wonkiness allowing you to sometimes learn multiple armor masteries (quest flag was being reset)
  • Fixed bug with Ice Daggers sometimes not dealing triggering its effect correctly
  • It should no longer ever be possible to Fast Travel from within an Item Dream (caused some further bad behavior)
  • Hopefully fixed bug where the black fade behind the end cutscene and credits sometimes didn’t work
  • Fixed some bad save file issues
  • (Legend of Shara) ‘Factory Free-for-All’ should now properly give you 10 Camouflage Perfumes at the start
  • (Legend of Shara) Attempted fixes for Mirai campaign data leaking into Shara data somehow
  • (Legend of Shara) Fixed hang in post-final boss cutscene
  • (Legend of Shara) Calligrapher ground buffs (shadow, lightning, water) should now spawn on monsters, as intended
  • (Legend of Shara) Fixed possible bug in Shara’s second boss fight

  • A new challenge has been added: “Savage World”, unlocked after completing New Game+!
  • (Legend of Shara) After completing Shara’s story in any save slot, Mirai will now be able to do a Shara cosplay.

  • Save file size optimizations, particularly for Legend of Shara players with many relics
  • Game now saves an additional layer of backup history to help with future file corruption issues

  • Doubled the size of the combat log in the Journal
  • There are now 15 save slots available
  • New features for the searchbar! See below:
  • Searching ‘trash’ will allow you to view only items marked as trash
  • You can now add “or” to your searches, for example ‘sword or axe’, to get items that match at least one of those terms. You can even use multiple OR terms, for example: ‘relic or legendary or trash’
  • You can now search by rank by typing: rank:x, where x is the desired rank. Typing rankbelow:x will search for anything below that rank, while rankabove:x will search for that rank and higher.
  • The same works for rarity, for example: rarity:common, raritybelow:ancient, etc.
  • Negative searches can now be performed with !, for example !quiver would return anything *not* a quiver
  • Also, searches for ‘quiver’, ‘shield’, and ‘book’ should now work properly to search for those offhand types
  • There is now a tutorial that pops up the first time you use the searchbar (after you close the UI you were using, of course) explaining these features

  • A new option has been added when launching the game allowing you to play without a launcher.
  • Fabled Tamer no longer requires a **Wild Untamed** Eidolon (too random!), just a regular one.
  • Attempted fix for merchant/gold achievement
  • (Legend of Shara) Fixed the “Fabled Tamer” achievement.

  • Minor text fixes
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4 Nisan

Tangledeep: Legend of Shara is Now Available!

Hello adventurers! I'm excited to announce that the first full-length expansion to Tangledeep is now available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Welcome to Tangledeep: Legend of Shara!


Inspired by some of my favorite classic PC expansion packs, this new DLC adds to the game in just about every way imaginable. Whether you're a hardcore player with hundreds of hours in the game, or you've only dipped your toes into the world of Tangledeep, there's something for everyone.

Here are just SOME of the major features:

  • An all-new story mode featuring the enigmatic Shara, with her own unique gameplay and boss encounters!
  • Play as a Calligrapher - the game's 13th job - with its powerful dual wielding and elemental scrolls!
  • Meet the Mysterious Wanderer and venture through Wanderer's Journeys, randomly-generated adventures from 12 to 50 floors long!
  • Fight and capture dozens of new monsters throughout the world!
  • Start your adventure in Riverstone Waterway, an alternate early-game area with a bit more challenge but higher rewards!
  • Discover powerful Relics, randomly-generated legendary items that can contain almost any combination of effects and powers!
  • Reach a new max experience level (20), with even more powerful monsters to face...
  • The full DLC soundtrack is included with 8 new music tracks, too!

Also, don't forget to visit our super friendly Discord server where you can ask questions, share strategies, and show off your character. You can even ask the beta team for tips about the expansion.

We hope you enjoy Legend of Shara!

p.s. If you own Tangledeep for Nintendo Switch, this expansion is headed there as well. We don't have an exact timetable yet, but it's in the works.

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“Few games are as vibrant as this one, and that joy it exudes makes the deep combat and vast progression systems so much more fun to explore and master.”
Gold Plated games

“Tangledeep is like the platonic ideal of RPGs: it has everything you want in a dungeon crawling roguelike without all the mess of outdated graphics or frustrating UI. The gem evokes memories of 16-bit Super Nintendo RPGs from back in the day. Do yourself a favor, grab Tangledeep before it gets more popular, and just try it for a couple twenty hours. Did I mention there’s great replay value?”
OP Noobs

“Tangledeep feels like a solid follow-up to games like Dungeonmans. Great music and atmosphere, straightforward gameplay. Accessible and fun!”
90% – DLH

Bu Oyun Hakkında

Tangledeep combines the 16-bit graphics and polish of classic SNES-era RPGs with elements from roguelikes and dungeon crawlers to create a magical experience for players of all skill levels. Trapped in underground villages with no memory of the world at the surface, you must survive an ever-changing labyrinth to discover what lies above. Experience rich, tactical, turn-based gameplay as you explore a sprawling dungeon that’s different each time you play. Tangledeep features a customizable job system and hundreds of collectible items that allow you to approach each playthrough in a totally new way!

The Setting

For hundreds of years, people have lived in the safety of underground settlements and villages – where the only route to the surface is “Tangledeep,” a mysterious and ever-changing labyrinth. With memories of the surface world long forgotten, you set out for the labyrinth to discover what lies above. With each floor – full of magical beasts, ancient automatons, bizarre environments and hybrid biomes – the mystery grows ever deeper…

Key Features

  • Experience finely-tuned, procedurally-generated and handcrafted gameplay as you fight challenging monsters, complete quests, and collect rare items.
  • Master deep, tactical turn-based combat across 12 unique jobs with over 100 skills.
  • Choose between three game modes – including Adventure Mode, which removes the pain of permadeath.
  • Capture nearly any monster in the game and raise them in the Monster Corral as a pet, or breed them with other monsters!
  • Make your experience easier, harder, or just plain wackier with over 10 included Game Modifiers
  • Share some of your progress between characters by using the banking system and planting magic trees
  • Explore ITEM DREAMS, randomized mini-dungeons where anything goes, and power up your gear!
  • Take in the scenery – comprised of beautiful 16-bit graphics and carefully handcrafted maps!
  • Relax to a beautiful soundtrack inspired by the most legendary RPGs of the SNES era, composed by award-winning composer Andrew Aversa – joined by Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana), Grant Kirkhope (GoldenEye 007, Civilization: Beyond Earth), and Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid 3, Bayonetta)
  • Participate in daily / weekly challenge runs and compare to your friends with Leaderboard support!
  • Full support for Steam cloud saves, trading cards, and crafting with lovely badges, emoticons and profile backgrounds
  • Steam Workshop: Create and download player mods with new monsters, items, spritesheets, areas, and more!

Multiple Platforms and Control Methods

  • Runs on PC, Mac, and Linux!
  • Play with virtually any controller, and remap any control, binding, or shortcut
  • Old-school keyboard-only support (numpad movement) as well as WASD preset bindings available
  • Full mouse support - can even be played with ONLY the mouse!

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only
    • İşlemci: SSE2 instruction set support
    • Bellek: 2 GB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: Graphics supporting DX10 or higher
    • DirectX: Sürüm 9.0
    • Depolama: 1 GB kullanılabilir alan
    • İşletim Sistemi: Mac OSX 10.11+
    • İşlemci: SSE2 instruction set support
    • Bellek: 2 GB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: Graphics supporting DX10 or higher
    • Depolama: 1 GB kullanılabilir alan
    • İşletim Sistemi: Ubuntu 12.04+ / Steam OS+
    • İşlemci: SSE2 instruction set support
    • Bellek: 2 GB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: Graphics supporting DX9 or DX11 with 9.3 capabilities
    • Depolama: 1 GB kullanılabilir alan

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