Your daily dose of air combat. Super easy to pick up, minimum requirements and vibrant visuals. Select your aircraft and jump into action!
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18. juni 2019

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Hvorfor tidlig tilgang?

“To get early feedback and refine the gameplay, add more enemy types and variety to the campaign, add more player aircrafts.”

Hvor lenge antas det at dette spillet vil være i tidlig tilgang?

“About 6 months.”

Hvordan er det planlagt at fullversjonen skal være forskjellig fra versjonen i tidlig tilgang?

“The plan is to add more player aircrafts and focus on the campaign: add more enemy types and more variety to the missions.”

Hva er nåværende tilstand for versjonen i tidlig tilgang?

“The core gameplay is pretty much complete, each day the campaign is randomized and you can have fun competing on the leaderboards. Its only a bit thin on content: 3 player aircrafts + 4 enemy types.”

Vil spillet være priset annerledes under og etter tidlig tilgang?

“It is possible the price will increase a bit when leaving Early Access.”

Hvordan planlegger dere å involvere samfunnet i utviklingsprosessen?

“By reading your feedback here on the steam forums, I'm always checking them out. Player feedback is essential to make a well balanced game and to know whether to shift priorities or not, I will try to do my best to incorporate it within the game vision.”
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31. juli

v0.75 and v0.76

  • Added simple aircraft customization.
  • Added basic tutorials.
  • 'Falcon-C' is the new 'Falcon'
  • 'Falcon-M' is now the 'Hawk'
  • Tweaking and polishing
  • Better timing for tutorial pop-ups.
  • Weapon overheating mechanic.
  • Auto-Turret buffed and added to the 'Hawk'.
  • Added wider FOV option.
The big change, aircraft customization
I know, not a lot of options so far but I think this is the right direction: not many aircrafts but each with distinct mobility and customization options in the form of skins and weapons.

At the moment the 'Falcon' focuses on guns, the 'Hawk' on missiles/rockets and the upcoming one, the 'Eagle', will probably have all kinds of weapons. But I think it would be also nice to give some guns to the 'Hawk' and some missiles to the 'Falcon' via achievements.

I hope that will be a welcome change. Please, let me know what you think!

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27. juli

v0.75 Preview

Wanted to release this today but I need a few more days so here's a little sneak peek:

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Om dette spillet


  • Easy to pick up. All you need is the mouse or a single stick with two buttons.
  • Daily mini-campaign. Each day missions are a bit different than the last.
  • Multiple aircrafts to unlock.
  • Arcade action. Score as much as you can, compete on the leaderboards.
  • Quick to get into action. No deep story or cutscenes to suffer through, just dogfights.
  • Quick installation. Minimum requirements but vibrant visuals.


The game works well with the mouse. XBox controllers are supported out of the box. Other controllers are supported using Steam Input, check out 👉 this guide for more info and if you wish to rebind the controls (there is NO rebinding in game).


As you can probably tell from this and my previous game, Furious Angels, I like flying things. I also like to make arcade-like games that are easy to pick up and gets you right into action with just a few keystrokes.

It is also hard to find a flight sim where dogfights are as fun as watching a Su-35 doing a cobra or watching the movie Stealth.

And that is what I'm trying to do with AFTERBURN: super quick arcade air combat. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


    • OS: Windows 7 SP1+
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: Intel® HD Graphics
    • DirectX: Versjon 10
    • Lagring: 100 MB tilgjengelig plass





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