A colorful and whimsical minigolf-inspired game set in outer space, featuring tons of unique content, game modes, challenges, a diverse cast of characters, and special abilities to create amazing shots!
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17 okt 2018

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25 juli

Update 1.1.3 Changelog

- Added more SA-TA's to Galaxy Crossed levels that were overlooked, and fixed some of her dialogue
- Added missing apostrophes (would you believe me that this was a game maker issue and not a grammatical one)
- NERFED DARK EFFECTS -- no more dynamic lighting in favor of not murdering computers, new effect is just a dark vignette on the screen
- fixed broken collision on cardboard floors
- fixed a bunch of grammatical errors
- edges of grass alts and slopes fixed
- wrote a failsafe code to make sure characters are unlocked with their respective achievements (and should retroactively work for those who are missing characters)
- Added subtitles for Purceus, Malloc, ToeJam, and Earl (Remedy and Frallan dont have voices, so, uh...)
- fixed orb indicator appears over dialogue boxes
- fixed Stumps and Dead Trees appear below adjacent fences
- In rare instances, the orb can get stuck in a pseudo-falling state and ignore pitfalls while the orb's image displaces itself. I THINK I know the problem and MAY have fixed it, but this bug is impossible to replicate so I dunno if it's actually been fixed.
- Fixed some music desyncing?
- Level Fixes:
  • X1-5: Fixed a misaligned booster pad
  • X1-3: Added more yellow pistons because half the level was skippable
  • X3-1: Fixed the tile the black goal is on so it doesn't trap the orb
  • X4-1: Added tiles to prevent the orb from softlocking, also added a little more to hint at how to get the Sun Seal
  • X4-2: Gave a facelift to the level to make it more interesting (and less infuriating)
  • XC-2: Added more padding to that area so you have more control orb doesn't consistently fall off
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17 juli

Galaxy Crossed is Here!!!

Wonder Wickets: Galaxy Crossed is now LIVE! This is a FREE expansion to the core game, you don't have to do anything extra to acquire this update, just launch Wonder Wickets and have a blast with the new content!

(if you're currently in the Nebula beta branch, make sure to opt out of the beta (Library > Wonder Wickets > Properties > Betas) to get the new updates, which includes Online updates and fixes as well)

Happy space golfing, wicketeers!
~Rightstick Studios.
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“(...) those looking for a far out take on the time-tested sport will find a lot to like here”
8.0/10 – Gamers Heroes

“(...) anyone with an appreciation for tight game design and superb aesthetics is liable to fall in love with it.”
8.0/10 – Cubed3

Steam Workshop

Use the in-game level editor to create and share your own unique levels amongst the Steam Community! Browse the Steam Workshop to download and try out other users' creative and exciting levels.

Over dit spel

Deep in the heart of the cosmos, champions from every corner of the galaxy gather... for a game of minigolf! Eons ago, it was but a simple sport of stick and rock played in a backwater asteroid belt, but as the years went by, the game was squished, squashed, stretched, squeezed, and set on fire until it became the game known across the galaxy as... Wonder Wickets! Some play for leisure and others play for honor, but most just play as an excuse to travel the stars! What sort of wacky competitors will you meet?

  • Treacherous obstacles, troublesome foes, and special powers breathe new life into a simple game!
  • Local and Online Multiplayer lets you challenge another friend In 1 on 1 matches!
  • An adorable art style that’ll melt your heart!
  • 18 unique playable characters, with alternate and unlockable costumes!
  • Featuring guest characters such as Commander Malloc from "Aliens Go Home Run", Remedy and Frallan from Ludosity's "Princess Remedy" series, and even ToeJam and Earl from the titular games dating back to the 1990's!
  • Over 60 Star Orbs skins!
  • A HUGE level editor so you can make your own Wonder Wickets courses!

    Soar through the cosmos in Wonder League or Galaxy Crossed modes, and explore several distinct planets, each with their own courses and challenges. As you play, you'll discover special courses in the Challengoid Belt to push your skills to the limit! There are also hidden prizes for the more seasoned players to earn by mastering these single-player modes!

    Play two-player Local Versus with a friend on the same computer, or over the internet via Online Versus! Play together in one of the 4 different versus modes! You can even throw in subscribed levels from the Steam Workshop!

    Versus modes include:
    • Wonder Versus: Race to the Black Goal to sink your ball first... but not before collecting enough points!
    • Stardust Machine: Collect as much stardust as you can and deposit it into Stardust Machines!
    • Cosmic Conquest: Use your Star Orb to conquer a solar system! Seize control of the most worlds to win!
    • Battle Splatter: It’s time to paint the town red (and blue)! Cover the course with your color to claim territory!

    Use the Level Builder to make your own courses with all of the same tiles, foes, backgrounds, weather effects, switches, music, and game modes present in Challengoid and Versus levels! Upload your level to the Steam Workshop for others to play. Player-made levels can even be used in Versus mode!

    • Discord Rich Presence: Share your current activity and stats with others on Discord!
    • PNG Level Export: Export your custom level as a .png file to share with your friends!


    • Besturingssysteem: Windows 7, 8
    • Processor: Single-Core 2.4 Ghz
    • Geheugen: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafische kaart: 512 MB
    • DirectX: Versie 9.0
    • Opslagruimte: 600 MB beschikbare ruimte
    • Aanvullende opmerkingen: Integrated graphics chips are not fully supported and may cause performance issues.
    • Besturingssysteem: Windows 10
    • Processor: Dual-Core 3.0 Ghz+
    • Geheugen: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafische kaart: 1 GB Discrete GPU
    • DirectX: Versie 10
    • Netwerk: Breedband internetverbinding
    • Opslagruimte: 1 GB beschikbare ruimte
    • Aanvullende opmerkingen: Integrated graphics chips are not fully supported and may cause performance issues.


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