Help stranded Squishies find their way back home in a fantastic miniature 3D universe. Safely push and pull them around perilous mazes, or create new levels by using a powerful in-game editor - entirely made for your VR headset.
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Huomautus: Vaatii yhden seuraavista virtuaalitodellisuuslaseista: HTC Vive tai Oculus Rift. Löydät VR-tukisivuilta lisätietoja.

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“Anyone who likes puzzle games, physics games, platforming and manipulating 3D environments will love Squishies.”
8/10 – SquareXO

“A nice mixture of classic platforming and puzzles set in an interesting VR world.”
8.3/10 – 4Players

“Squishies is a wonderful puzzle game that convinces with imaginative levels & mechanics, colorful visuals & a wonderful use of VR as a medium.”
8/10 – PSNow


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We're celebrating our Steam launch - buy now and save 15% off the regular price!

Dear Valve Index Players,
Valve Index is supported, but only experimental. It is not fully tested yet and there are no tooltips for the Index Controllers yet, so you'll have to figure out the controls yourself (which should be very easy - our test subjects had no issues with it at all).
Please provide feedback if you notice anything wrong. THANKS!

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Get lost in the Squishy-verse!

  • Squishies is a head-scratching, single player, puzzle focused VR platformer where you guide courageously cute creatures through a series of increasingly hazardous, challenging mazes.
  • You push and pull the Squishies from one side of the maze to the other to get them through the end-gates, all while earning medals, gathering crystals, climbing slopes, and avoiding pitfalls.
  • Explore a huge universe, across 100 levels in five different worlds.
  • Level Editor - Squishies really comes into its own with its innovative, fully featured community creation tools. The same tools that we have used to build the game have been made available to everyone, enabling you to create levels of your own. These levels can then be shared with your friends and the rest of the world!
  • Solve puzzles and save Squishies or be creative and build your own levels - then share them with the community!

Squishies are in Need of a Hero!

A long time ago aliens invaded the Squishy-verse after discovering that it harbours a huge number of crystals which can be used as energy sources. Now long gone they have left the Squishies stranded all over the five worlds of their universe.

Fortunately the aliens left behind one of their crystal collectors. That makes it possible for you to slip into the role of one brave Squishy which is able to operate the Alien Fish. Save your friends by finally rolling them home!


    • Vaatii 64-bittisen prosessorin ja käyttöjärjestelmän
    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Windows 7 SP1 or later
    • Prosessori: i5 4590 equivalent or better
    • Grafiikka: Nvidia GTX 970 or better
    • Tallennus: 1 GB kiintolevytilaa
    • Lisätietoja: Standing / Seated / Room Scale
    • Vaatii 64-bittisen prosessorin ja käyttöjärjestelmän

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