FIRST STRIKE is a fast paced real time strategy game where you play one of the twelve biggest nuclear superpowers of the world – from known superpowers like the USA to an upstart hellraiser like North Korea – and try to be the last one remaining when the whole world blows to smithereens.
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31. mai 2017

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7. juni

Celebrating the AIRHEART physical release - First Strike: Final Hour gets a 60% discount!

It's something we always dreamed of, and today it will happen: our first physical release! Airheart, our game where you hunt for fish above the clouds, will get a disc version for PlayStation 4, published by Limited Run Games. Make sure to check out the LRG store today to order your copy, it's limited to 1500 prints!

We're extremely happy, and to celebrate the occasion we discounted the Steam versions of First Strike: Final Hour for 60% and Cloud Chasers for 40%.

As for the Airheart disc release: every copy comes with a poster and a reversible cover (as well as a special LRG skin for an airplane), and there's also a bundle where you get the original Airheart soundtrack. We love the music that Michel Barengo (also composer of the First Strike soundtrack) creates, so we'd go for that version ;).

As for the future of First Strike --> subscribe to our First Strike mailing list and you'll be among the first to know what's up. We'll have some news very soon! We know you can't wait - and it's the same for us! :steamhappy:

Your Blindflug Studios Team
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18. april

5 Years Blindflug Studios!

Yesterday we were able to celebrate 5 years of Blindflug Studios! First Strike was with us right from the beginning - first on the iPad, then for iPhone & Android, and finally also for PC & Mac.

We want to celebrate our 5 years with our players, so we made a sale for all our Steam games for the next couple days; all our games are reduced to up to 50%!
If you look closely at the picture, maybe you'll see some hints to our games! :D

You can find the bundle with all our games here (off 50%): Flying Blind Bundle

Make sure to subscribe to the First Strike mailing list on the First Strike homepage to hear what we have in store for you very soon!

If you want to keep up with all the news we'll have;

Here are some impressions from our team over the last 5 years, thanks for being part of our journey and we're looking forward to bring awesome new games to you in the future!

The initial First Strike team from 2014:

Winning game of the year at the Best of Swiss Apps awards:

Winning the Indie Prize:

Our (very improvized!) GDC booth back in 2014

First Strike: Final Hour Launch in 2017:

Winning the GDC Pitch with our awesome secret project in 2019:

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Om dette spillet

Welcome commander, you are now in power of one of the biggest nuclear superpowers of the world. So choose your steps carefully, it’s a small path between war and peace.

First Strike is a fast paced real time strategy game which makes dropping the big one as easy as ABC. But be sure to take the right measures to guarantee your people’s safety.

Pick one of the big nuclear players – from known superpowers like the USA to an upstart hellraiser like North Korea – and plan your strategy wisely: Expand to other countries, build bombs or debuild in order to restructure your arsenal. Or use research to gain access to new nuclear technology, better recon intel, automated self-defense-sequences and many more.

Whether you’re a bloodthirsty warmonger or a tree-hugging hippie – it’s time to put your cards on the table. First Strike shows you how little it takes to heat things up. You control the destiny of the precious and vulnerable rock floating through space, the rock we call mothership Earth.

 So, will you be the one remaining when the whole world blows to smithereens?

  • Millions of commanders are already playing First Strike all over the world. Now, with First Strike: Final Hour, the acclaimed strategy title finally arrives on PC with all-new features and a beautiful HD rework!

  • Twelve Playable Nuclear superpowers - You decide which real world superpower you play, from the USA to Russia, China or North Korea
  • Devastating Superweapons - Build twelve technologically advanced rockets, from Tridents to the TSAR, unique to each Alliance
  • Build Rockets and Missiles, conquer territories and research new devastating nuclear technologies.
  • Control the world - shoot and defend against nuclear rockets on a 3D globe.
  • Exclusive new Non-Attack-Pact system - Search for Pact partners and team up against enemies
  • High resolution texture rework - Brand new reworks including night lights, bump maps, HD options and star constellations just for PC
  • Fast paced strategy gameplay - Each round of first strike takes between half and hour and an hour to complete.

First Strike was finalist and winner of numerous game awards worldwide, including

*Winner "Most Innovative Game" - BAE Awards*
*Winner "Game of the Year" - BOSA Awards*
*Winner "Newcomer of the Year" - SwissICT Awards*
*Winner "Best Mobile Game" - Indie Prize Amsterdam*

*Finalist “Best Strategy Game” - BAE Awards*
*Finalist "Best Hardcore Game" - Game Connection USA Awards*
*Finalist "Most Innovative Game" - Game Connection USA Awards*
*Finalist "Best Upcoming Game" - IMGA Awards*
*Finalist "Most Meaningful Play" - IMGA Awards*
*Finalist "Best International Game" - Ludicious Game Festival*
*Finalist "Best Swiss Game" - SGDA Awards*
*Finalist “Master of the Year” - BOSA Awards*


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP SP2+
    • Prosessor: 2GHz Dual Core (SSE2 instruction set support)
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: nVidia® 8800 GT / AMD® 4670 or faster
    • Lagring: 1 GB tilgjengelig plass
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8+
    • Prosessor: 2GHz Dual Core (SSE2 instruction set support)
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: nVidia® 8800 GT / AMD® 4670 or faster
    • Lagring: 1 GB tilgjengelig plass





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