Art of War: Red Tides is a fair multiplayer strategy game that allows different teams on the same platform (e.g. smartphones, PC, etc.) to battle against each other. You will encounter players around the world!
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Release Date:
Dec 22, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Compared with the last Early Access, this time we have upgraded many features, including UI, unit balance, Commander Skills, etc. We still hope that community and players involve into game development to help us go further. We have had a specific plan for the release, and we are developing a game version for mobile devices. We won’t mark it as Full Version this time until players can battle against each on multiple platforms (e.g. PC, iOS, Android, etc.). Please notice that all your Open Beta progress this time will be saved.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Since we aim to make Art of War: Red Tides a multiplayer strategy game that allows different teams to battle against each other on multiple platforms, and all the players around the world can play the game on the same server, we won’t change the state until then.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Our dev team will continue to upgrade the game based on the plan. The biggest difference between the Early Access and the Full Version is that the latter covers more platforms, including PC, iOS, Android, etc. Also, the game balance of the Full Version can be compared to that of the eSports game.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current Early Access has been tested twice by a limited number of players. Compared with the last Open Beta, the stability and balance of the game have been improved a lot, and we have also optimized unit mechanism, A.I. and other aspects. We are sure that this time, player experience will be much better. On the other hand, however, we still need advice and opinions from community and players to make the game better.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“No. Art of War: Red Tides will adopt ‘free download + in-game purchase’ pattern. Even if the state is changed from Early Access to the Full Version, this pattern will not change, nor will the price of items in the store.
Besides, the in-game store will sell neither exclusive items that could influence the match, nor in-game currencies.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The optimization of a game always needs players’ participation and feedback. This is especially true for a multiplayer strategy game. We involved communities and players in two ways:
  • In the past half a year, our dev team improved the data-analyzing system which will automatically analyze player behavior to guarantee their basic game experience.
  • We will communicate with players actively. We will post on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to ask for players’ opinions and advice. We also plan to post helpful feedback in community and forums to ask for help.
We believe that these plans can make our game better.”
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August 14

Patch 0.7.27 Notes: Romance Day, New Skill Skin and More

Greeting Commanders,

The server maintenance will take about 3 hours and be held on:
05:00 August 14 PDT
12:00 August 14 GMT
20:00 August 14 GMT+8

1. Romance Day
Enjoy a romantic time with your love! Earn as much love letters as you can to unlock the new skill skin Blind with Love, exclusive avatars and more!

1) Event Period
August 14 after patch - August 30

2) Love Letters
  • Competing in Ranked and Quick Play have large chances to earn love letters.
  • Completing some daily events can earn a large amount of love letters.
  • Please note that players will not be rewarded with love letters in Versus A.I. and Custom Game modes, or when they pass the Rested period.The Cursed Planet is only available in 2v2 mode. Players are not allowed to use runes.

3) Romance Store
  • The Romance Store will be open during the event period, and players can exchange exclusive avatars, runes and other items with love letters in the Romance Store.
  • The Romance Store will be closed 1 week after the Romance Day event ends. Before its closing time, players can still exchange items with their remaining love letters.

2. New Commander Skill Skin: Blind with Love
Don’t miss the limited-time discount on the skill skin Blind with Love! Dress up your Mind Control and control your enemies with love!

1) Discount Period
August 14 after patch - August 30
After the discount expires, players then need to purchase the skin at the original price.

2) How to Acquire
Go to “ROMANCE DAY” > “Blind with Love” and exchange it with love letters or purchase it with eternium ingots.

3) How to Paint
The skill skin will be automatically painted upon purchasing.

3. Limited Edition Skins
Last Valentine’s Day, we released a series of limited edition unit skins. This Chinese Valentine’s Day, these skins are back as special offers!

1) Discount Period
August 14 after patch - August 30
After the discount expires, players then need to purchase the skin bundles at the original price.

2) Skin Bundle
  • Chinese Valentine Bundle: Arrow of Cupid for the Outrider, Heartseeker for the Shock Hierophant, and Sweetheart for the Copperhead Basilisk.
  • Terran Limited Edition Skins: Armor of Cupid for the Butcher, and Flame of Cupid for the Heavy Flamethrower.
  • Atlac Limited Edition Skins: Heartseeker for the Lightning, and Heartseeker for the Light Templar.
  • Yaoguai Limited Edition Skins: Sweetheart for the Kamikaze Beetle, and Sweetheart for the Devourer.

The balance adjustment is based on tremendous match-up data. We’ve also analyzed the overall improvement according to players’ feedback. Balance adjustment is a long-term process, and sufficient amount of time is needed to make sure every adjustment is effective and reasonable. So please be patient and stay with us, our goal is to provide players with diverse strategies and better game experience.

1) Terran
Dragon Breath
Population increased from 2 to 3, research cost increased from 500 to 600, armor reduced from 8 to 5, and Fire Ball’s attack range reduced from 14 to 12.

Armor increased from 7 to 8, and attack range increased to 12. Added a new ability “Hardened Armor”, which grants the Marauder 10 melee damage reduction.

Attack damage increased from 25 to 30.

Heavy Tank
Upgrade Adjustment
Lv1: Armor increased to 45 when in Bastion Mode.
Lv2: No change.
Lv3: No change.

2) Atlac
Population increased from 2 to 3, cost increased from 800 to 1000, research cost increased from 400 to 600, and transformation cost increased from 200 to 300.

Sumeru Shark
HP increased from 80 to 120.

Shock Hierophant
Attack damage increased from 20 to 25.

Shield increased from 50 to 100, and attack damage reduced from 80 to 70.

HP increased from 70 to 100.

3) Yaoguai
Population increased from 3 to 4, cost increased from 2200 to 2300, research cost increased from 2200 to 2300, and armor increased from 4 to 6.

Swift Pangolin
HP increased from 120 to 130, and the cooldown of the Digestive Acid increased from 1s to 1.2s. Added a new ability “Armour”, which grants the Swift Pangolin 4 melee damage reduction.
Upgrade Adjustment
Lv1: HP+5%. Melee damage reduction increased to 8.
Lv2: HP+10%. Digestive Acid deals 15 damage to up to 3 enemies.
Lv3: HP+15%. Digestive Acid deals 250% damage to biological units.

Razorclaw Pangolin
Added a new ability “Armour”, which grants the Razorclaw Pangolin 4 melee damage reduction.

Raging Minotaur
Armor increased from 5 to 7, and HP increased from 300 to 320.

Sapphire Spider
Armor increased from 5 to 6.
Upgrade Adjustment
Lv1: No change.
Lv2: Gains 40 melee damage reduction for 10s after being activated.
Lv3: No change.

Copperhead Basilisk
Cost reduced from 900 to 800, research cost reduced from 450 to 400, and HP increased from 35 to 45.

1. Optimized the unit description of the Javelin Deer and the Lightning Ray. Clarified in the unit description that the Bloodfeather turns to a ground-to-ground unit after landing.
2. Preserved the leaderboards of previous seasons.

1. Fixed the bug that the Staff Slave’s ranged damage reduction worked on monkey warriors’ (turned by commander skill Polymorph) melee attacks.
2. Fixed the incorrect look of the Garuda.
3. Fixed the incorrect look of the Bone Dragon’s skin Yinglong.
4. Fixed the bug that the flame and fire balls left by the Dragon Breath damaged air enemies. Now they only inflict damage on ground enemies.
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July 25

Patch 0.7.26 Notes: New Arena Mode, New Units and More

Greeting Commanders,

The server maintenance will take about 3 hours and be held on:
00:50 July 26 PDT
07:50 July 26 GMT
15:50 July 26 GMT+8

1. New 2v2 Arena Mode: Cursed Planet
Push yourself to survive on and dominate this cursed planet!

1) Opening Time
July 26 after patch - 09:00 September 27 GMT

2) Rules
  • The Cursed Planet is only available in 2v2 mode. Players are not allowed to use runes.
  • Each team can only ban 1 commander skill and 1 unit respectively.
  • In the Cursed Planet, all units are affected by the battlefield since spawned: maximum HP is reduced by 10%, armor is reduced by 2, and cloaked units are visible to non-detectors.
  • Each turret of both sides will generate a healing field, which grants allies within 6% HP regeneration per second and prevent their maximum HP and armor from being affected by the battlefield. Note that units in the healing field of the opposite side will not get such buff.
  • If one team loses any turret, this team's next wave of troops will get infuriated: attack speed is increased by 50%, attack damage is increased by 15, and the effects last until these troops are killed.
  • In the final stage, all turrets, if there is any, will start to move and fight, and continue to generate healing field.

3) Rewards
  • 3 consecutive victories reward a small supply drop, and 5 consecutive victories reward a large one. Players can acquire one of the following items from a supply drop: runes (Mind Control-Range, Lightning Tower-Duration, Full Alert-Cost or Giant Catapult-Repair), the exclusive avatar Medal of Honor, or the skin Felfire Crow for the Firecrow.
  • Players can also exchange the above items with arena coins in the Arena Store.
  • Opening a certain amount of victories in the Cursed Planet can unlock the achievement “Planet Intruder” and some rewards. Three-star Planet Intruder grants its exclusive avatar.
  • Opening a certain amount of large supply drops in the Cursed Planet can unlock the achievement “Planet Colonizer” and some rewards. Three-star Planet Colonizer grants its exclusive avatar.

2. New Units: The Aggressive Strikers
1) Dragon Breath
Compared with those units under the same type, the Dragon Breath has higher HP and attack, but also higher research cost. Once activated, his flame can damage more enemies.
  • Unit Info: Ground Biological, Anti-Ground, Active, AoE
  • Unit Ability:Combustion Improver, Flame Burst, Fire Ball

2) Blademaster
As an advanced unit among the blade slave type, the Blademaster costs higher than the other 3 blade slaves. Permanently cloaked, Blademasters charge toward enemies and deal large damage to them.
  • Unit Info: Ground Biological, Anti-Ground, Cloaked, Active, AoE
  • Unit Ability:Blade Tempest, Wide Slash, Blade Dash

3) Garuda
The Garuda is an advanced unit of Yaoguai. It can only move on the ground and attack ground units at first. But after activating its active ability, it will ascend to the air and inflict area damage at the same time. Then it becomes an air-to-air unit and each of its attacks can damage multiple units at a time.
  • Unit Info: Ground Biological, Anti-Ground, Active
  • Unit Ability:Ordeal, Ascend to the Sky, Skyshatter

4) From July 26 to August 09, themed bundles that respectively contains 1 new unit, some coins boosts and rune dust will be at 25% discount. Don’t miss out the limited time sale!

3. Honor System
Honor either teammates or opponents to make more friends!

1) Rules
  • The Honor system is available in Quick Play, Ranked and Arena. Versus A.I. and Custom Game modes are excluded.
  • After the game ends, in the overview screen, players can honor more than 1 teammate and opponent, but cannot honor themselves.
  • Times being honored can be found in the Player Information screen.

2) Achievement
  • Great Teammate: honored by teammates 50/100/200 times
  • Honorable Opponent: honored by opponents 50/100/200 times
  • Achieving three-star of both can unlock the relevant avatars.

1. Removed the Waves Cleared and K/D on the top of the battle screen.
2. Optimized the scrolling notification in the battle screen.
3. Added stats icons and the tech point icon to the unit production box in the battle screen.
4. Added “More Gems”, the guide on how to acquire gems in GUIDES.
5. Optimized the tabs and race trait description in ARMY SETUP.

1. Fixed the bug that after equipping the rune Ability Cooldown Reduction, Javelin Deer could not move while activated.
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About This Game

Game mechanics:
It is as simple as follows
  • Set troop: select a race, choose ten units under this race to set up your troop and then join the battle.
  • Send troop: you have 12 seconds to prepare during each wave, and you need to observe the battle, speculate enemy’s intention and then send appropriate types and number of units to the battlefield.
  • Destroy enemy turrets and base: continually overwhelm each enemy, unleash Commander Skills, cooperate with your teammates, pull down their three turrets one by one, and destroy their base.
Simple as the battle is, you will still experience various strategies and tactics in each battle.

Game features:
  • Emphasize teamwork in confronting the enemy
  • Support over 300 units that can fight smart in the fiery battle at the same time
  • Command concisely, play smart, and operate conveniently on different devices
  • With over 120 kinds of units in three races, the game emphasizes Strategic Thinking, the core element reflected in the classic strategy games. It is easy to learn but hard to master.

Art of War: Red Tides will adopt “free download + in-game purchase” pattern, and the in-game store will sell neither exclusive items that could influence the match, nor in-game currencies.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to:
The developer of the map Desert Strike of StarCraft 2. Without the enlightenment of the Desert Strike, Art of War: Red Tides could never be possible.

The test this time will have no wipe of progress. We will continue to optimize the units balance and other features, so you may find a lot of adjustments in a period. But never ever hesitate to share your opinions and advice with us, as you can help us make the game better.

Look forward to your advice and opinions.
Let’s start our journey, commanders!

System Requirements

    • OS: windowsXP SP3/win7/win8/win10
    • Processor: Duel Core 2.3 GHz or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GT220, 9500GT, HD4650 or greater
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: windowsXP SP3/win7/win8/win10
    • Processor: Quad Core 2.3 GHz or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 or greater
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space

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