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9 nov, 2016

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21 maj

The Reliable Krupp-38(D)

Discover all the advantages of its dependable gun, assault the flanks in time, teach "spotters" their place, and leave battles triumphantly with piles of credits using the new Tier V German tank Krupp-38(D).

Through May 31, you'll find two bundles in the Store: one with the new tank and the other its fully equipped version. Take this chance and test the Krupp-38(D) for yourself in battle!

What About Shooting and Riding?
The Krupp-38(D) is based on blueprint ideas of German engineers. It once seemed impossible to build this vehicle with the Hetzer's hull and a more powerful medium tank gun in steel, but now you can appreciate the realization of this idea in World of Tanks Blitz.

The gun of the Krupp-38(D) is already known to many of you thanks to the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G or the Pz.Kpfw. V/IV. This gun is one of the most accurate for Tier V. It aims really quickly, deals 160 HP of damage with an AP shell, and penetrates up to 110 mm of armor. Good gun stabilization and a quick turret make this tank a great tool for destroying the ELC AMXs and the Leopards. Coping with their armor for this gun is like multiplying two by two for a pupil. Your shells will also bring welcome damage to medium tanks. Heavy tanks will be more difficult to destroy, but flanking maneuvers and shooting at vulnerable sides and rear will help you resolve this issue.

The imposing single-shot damage delivers major blows to enemy tanks' hit points. But don't forget to take cover when necessary: the average rate of fire makes machine gunning impossible. If you have no way out, just go ahead disabling enemies and destroying them then and there. Good accuracy and stabilization will help you.

The quick turret will allow you to change your target easily and save you in a high maneuver battle since the chassis of this machine is relatively slow. If any agile tank invites you to "a spin dance", you'll hardly have time to point your protective front armor. However, the high turret traverse speed will let you take aim at the enemy and battle on equal terms, perhaps even sending the "dancer" to the Garage prematurely.

Although this tank is not brilliant at turning, it has absolutely no problems with dynamics. Having chosen your tactics at the beginning of battle, hurry up to take the most advantageous position on the map. It will take the Krupp-38(D) 5-6 seconds to increase its speed to 30 km/h, and if the road is straight and flat, it will do an even 40 km/h. You'll have enough time both to take a good position and to ride away in case of danger.

And What About Armor?
The front hull of the Krupp-38(D) has 80 mm of armor, which doesn't impress at first sight. But prudent engineers made the Hetzer’s hull armor sloped. That means an enemy shell has to pierce one and a half or even two times more than 80 mm. This is how the proprietary hull of a famous German tank destroyer can gift you a bunch of Damage Blocked ribbons.

Unfortunately, the Krupp-38(D) wasn't as lucky with turret armor. It's also 80 mm thick but without angles. The gun mantlet is unlikely to be of any interest for an enemy, which means the "cheeks" will take most damage. So don't forget to shift the turret slightly when reloading.

The small size will help save hit points. The Krupp-38(D) is one of the most compact medium tanks of this Tier: you'll be able to hide even in small shelters and it will be more difficult for the enemy to aim at you.

The Krupp-38(D) gives you everything one would expect from a German medium tank: decent damage dealt by a dependable gun, good dynamics, and strong frontal hull armor. Destroy enemy vehicles even from minimal cover or support allies' attacks by striking opponents on the move. And, of course, earn more credits and experience for every battle!
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3 maj

Triumphant Victory

A tank capable of breaching enemy defenses, attacking from the flanks, and inflicting a first strike always comes in handy in battles. With the fast, accurate, and quick-firing Т23Е3, you will always be the spearhead of your team!

The ability to control the course of battle is the key to victory. Find a perfect sniping position, provide cover for your allies, and crush careless enemy vehicles using the SU-122-44's powerful gun!

Be a solid shield for your team! Strong frontal armor and high durability enable the AT 15A to take effective action on the frontline by destroying enemy vehicles with an accurate, quick-firing gun!

Answers to the main questions about the Triumphant Victory in-game event are available in the game client and on our official website.
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Möt uppdatering 5.9

Installera bara uppdatering 5.10 och njut!

-Vinnare får välja! Slutför evenemanget Triumphant Victory så får du välja en Premiumvagn klass VII som belöning!
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Om detta spel

Spela det legendariska stridsvagnsspelet. Gör som fler än 100 miljoner spelare! Delta i lagstrider med 7 spelare på var sida, själv eller tillsammans med dina vänner. Forska och uppgradera dina vagnar, testa olika taktiker och vinn. Välj en vagn och rulla ut i strid!


  • En jättelik värld av stridsvagnar. Upplev när historiska stridsvagnar och fordon från andra världar möts på slagfältet. Spelet innehåller över 300 unika vagnar!
  • Dynamiska strider med 7 mot 7 spelare i flera olika stridstyper och över 23 olika kartor. Varje strid ger en oförutsägbar upplevelse där stridsresultatet helt beror på dig och ditt lag.
  • Ett välbeprövat utvecklingssystem. Utforska en bred uppsättning vagnar, från lätta vagnar i klass I till de största tunga stridsvagnarna i klass X. Byt kanon, installera utrustning, anlägg kamouflage och finjustera din vagn för att passa just din spelstil.
  • Spektakulär grafik som automatiskt anpassar sig till din enhet. Manuella inställningar låter dig hitta en balans mellan visuell kvalitet och hög FPS.
  • Lagspel. Skapa plutoner med dina vänner eller gå med i en klan för att samarbeta med likasinnade, delta i turneringar och vinna priser!

Spelet kräver minst 3 GB ledigt utrymme för installation och internetanslutning för spel.

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Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10 
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Minne: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 256 MB RAM
    • Lagring: 3 GB ledigt utrymme
    • Ytterligare anmärkningar: Storage: 3 GB available space

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