Factorio is a game about building and creating automated factories to produce items of increasing complexity, within an infinite 2D world. Use your imagination to design your factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures, and finally protect it from the creatures who don't really like you.
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виключно схвальні (500) - 97% з 500 рецензій за останні 30 дн. є позитивними.
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виключно схвальні (38,648) - 98% з 38,648 рецензій на цю гру є позитивними.
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25 лют 2016

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Гра з дочасним доступом

Отримайте доступ і відразу почніть грати, беручи участь у процесі розробки.

Увага: ця гра з дочасним доступом не дороблена, і надалі може як істотно змінюватися, так і ні. Якщо вам не дуже кортить зіграти в цю гру в її поточному стані, то радше зачекайте, доки гра не прийме більш завершений вигляд. Докладніше

Що бажають сказати розробники:

Чому дочасний доступ?

“We have been working on Factorio for over 5 years. The game is very stable and is highly optimised for prolonged gameplay and creating huge factories. We have sold over 110,000 copies on our website, and we feel now is the right time to release to a wider audience.”

Як довго гра буде у дочасному доступі?

“Our plans for release come as part of an ongoing process, and we are constantly adding new features and content. When we feel the game is complete we will release the full version, and our current estimate is that this will take 8-12 months.”

Чим повна версія гри буде відрізнятися від версії для дочасного доступу?

“In the full version we hope to have a polished GUI, a multiplayer matching server, integration of mods for players and servers, and a number of other finishing touches and additions to the core gameplay.”

Який поточний стан версії для дочасного доступу?

“The game has a very strong content base, rich with interesting mechanics and features. Many players report they are still having fun on their maps even after hundreds of hours of gameplay, alongside multiplayer support, and a dedicated modding community.”

Чи буде відрізнятися ціна гри протягом дочасного доступу та після його завершення?

“No, the price now is the final price.”

Як ви плануєте залучати спільноту до розробки гри?

“The community is a vital part of our development process. We announce any planned features far in advance so we have time to read peoples' opinions and comments, and for us to discuss the different points of view players may have. Community suggested ideas are commonly brought up in team discussions, and we value highly the input each individual player can have.”
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14 червня

Friday Facts #299 - Everything is more complex than expected

You might have noticed that a lot of rail related stuff was broken during these past releases, and now it is working more or less fine again. The story behind is is not so trivial.

Rail signal logic
The rail signal logic for automated trains is quite straightforward:

As a train moves forward, it tries to reserve signals in front of it. If it can reserve a signal, the whole block guarded by the signal gets reserved for the train. If the train can't reserve the signal, as the block is reserved or occupied by different train(s), it stops in front of the signal and waits. Once the train passes a signal and enters a new block, it removes the reservation on the signal and block it had reserved. Once it exits the block, the block can be reserved and entered by other trains.

This looks nice and simple, nothing fundamentally wrong could happen with this logic right? Especially since we have it there for almost five years and it all just works right?

If the answer to this was "Yes", it would be quite a stupid buildup, so the answer is "No" :).

The counter example

So in this example, the train is approaching from the right. The problem is, that it reserves the block number 2 twice since there is a special rule, that a train can enter a reserved or occupied block as long as it is reserved by itself.

Since the train reserved the block 2 twice but removed both of the block reservations by entering it, the second reservation, which the train still counts on, isn't applied on the block 2, and the block is basically open for any other train to enter. This can lead to collisions and surprisingly also desyncs since we don't save block reservations, but deduce them from signal reservations while the game is being loaded.

The solution
Once the problem was identified, the solution was quite straightforward. I added support for block to be reserved multiple times, removing the reservation decreases the counter, and the block is freed only if all the reservations are removed.

But the real bugs and problems started after, because we now need to be extra sure that the block is reserved exactly the same amount of times as it is unreserved. The logic around this was far from rigid before as it just wasn't needed. Quite a few strict checks were added all over the place, to make sure that an internally incompatible state doesn't appear, since we don't really want to have to fix these "this block is closed forever" bugs where it would be close to impossible figure out how the game got into that state.

P.S. Since we can now use train stops as waypoints, not only blocks, but rail signals can be reserved more than once as well, as a train can plan path in a circle and reserve the same signal twice along the path.

The effect
You can see how the internal changes of rails bumped our crash report counts, but it will hopefully go back to normal soon.

Well, you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs... but overall the trend continues toward stability.

As always, let us know what you think on our forum.
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13 червня

Version 0.17.49 released

  • Fixed sprite batching issue when drawing many inserters with circuit connectors. more
  • Fixed construction robot working shadow. more
  • Fixed using repeat_count in RotatedAnimation definition would cause crash. more
  • Fixed rail signal consistency in case of reserved signal being invalidated by building a rail that puts both sides into same block.
  • Fixed rail crash related to marking reserved signal for deconstruction.
  • Fixed that programmatically set locale for autoplace controls didn't work. more
  • Fixed that scrollpane consumed the mouse wheel events even when not activated, which blocked the other (parent) scrollpane. more
  • Fixed that re-pathing in chain signal sequence didn't respect the need for green exit when the re-pathing was based on manual change of target station. more
  • Fixed that changing state of rail signal by circuit network didn't properly update state of parent circuit signals. more
  • Fixed that rail signal disabled by circuit network didn't prevent train passing by it if it guards a block that is already reserved/occupied by the same train. more
  • Limited of usage of tab/shift-tab to move between textboxes as other objects didn't support it and it seems like it isn't worth to try to support it for everything. (https://forums.factorio.com/69656) more
  • Reduced the UPS impact of a large number of biters trying to pathfind. more
  • Fixed that tabbing could move to invisible or disabled widgets.

You can get experimental releases by selecting the 'experimental' beta branch under Factorio's properties in Steam.
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Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies. In the beginning you will find yourself chopping trees, mining ores and crafting mechanical arms and transport belts by hand, but in short time you can become an industrial powerhouse, with huge solar fields, oil refining and cracking, manufacture and deployment of construction and logistic robots, all for your resource needs. However this heavy exploitation of the planet's resources does not sit nicely with the locals, so you will have to be prepared to defend yourself and your machine empire.

Join forces with other players in cooperative Multiplayer, create huge factories, collaborate and delegate tasks between you and your friends. Add mods to increase your enjoyment, from small tweak and helper mods to complete game overhauls, Factorio's ground-up Modding support has allowed content creators from around the world to design interesting and innovative features. While the core gameplay is in the form of the freeplay scenario, there are a range of interesting challenges in the form of Scenarios. If you don't find any maps or scenarios you enjoy, you can create your own with the in-game Map Editor, place down entities, enemies, and terrain in any way you like, and even add your own custom script to make for interesting gameplay.

Discount Disclaimer: We don't have any plans to take part in a sale or to reduce the price for the foreseeable future.

What people say about Factorio

  • No other game in the history of gaming handles the logistics side of management simulator so perfectly. - Reddit
  • I see conveyor belts when I close my eyes. I may have been binging Factorio lately. - Notch, Mojang
  • Factorio is a super duper awesome game where we use conveyor belts to shoot aliens. - Zisteau, Youtube

Системні вимоги

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • ОС: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (64 Bit)
    • Процесор: Dual core 3Ghz+
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 4 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: 512MB Video Memory
    • Місце на диску: 1 GB доступного місця
    • Додаткові примітки: Low sprite resolution and Low VRAM usage.
    • ОС: Windows 10, 8, 7 (64 Bit)
    • Процесор: Quad core 3Ghz+
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 8 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: 2GB Video memory
    • Місце на диску: 1 GB доступного місця
    • ОС: macOS High Sierra, Sierra, OSX El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks
    • Процесор: Dual core 3Ghz+
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 4 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: 512MB Video Memory
    • Місце на диску: 1 GB доступного місця
    • Додаткові примітки: Low sprite resolution and Low VRAM usage
    • ОС: macOS High Sierra, Sierra, OSX El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks
    • Процесор: Quad core 3GHz+
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 8 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: 2GB Video memory
    • Місце на диску: 1 GB доступного місця
    • ОС: Linux (tarball installation)
    • Процесор: Dual core 3Ghz+
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 4 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: 512MB Video Memory
    • Місце на диску: 1 GB доступного місця
    • Додаткові примітки: Low sprite resolution and Low VRAM usage
    • ОС: Linux (tarball installation)
    • Процесор: Quad core 3GHz+
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 8 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: 2GB Video memory
    • Місце на диску: 1 GB доступного місця

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