Dive into a world of epic adventure! Create your perfect hero thanks to a uniquely customizable class system. Collect, craft, and customize your gear. Go it alone or group up to challenge dungeons, raids, dynamic open-world content, and your fellow players.
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Oct 24, 2013

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April 25

Mounts! LIVE: Planar Plucker, PRIME: Aurora & More!

The Planar Plucker was built from scavenged bits of Crucia's defeated army; our take on beating swords to ploughshares! This brand new mount model is ready to help you harvest plants and wood without dismounting!

RIFT Live store update!

If you do any harvesting at all, you know the drill; run to a node, dismount, harvest, remount, run to the next node. Hop off, dig, hop on, run, hop off, dig, hop on... it is time-wasting, achy-breaky work! Stoop no more!

Ride high and reap well with the brand new Planar Plucker! This beauty comes with a lifetime warranty. You'll never have to take it in for servicing, and thanks to Crucia's stunning no-waste fuel cells, the Plucker is entirely energy efficient!  By the way, no need to mention to her that we made off with the tech. That might not end well.

These are rare and highly sought-after mounts, and like the Greenata, is available for direct sale on the store! They go on sale April 25th, for a limited time. The Planar Plucker is available only on RIFT Live; Prime folks don't even know who Crucia IS yet. They'll find out soon enough...

We're also bringing back the White Squirrel Mount for direct sale! As much as we all love squirrels, they have not managed the leap to Prime yet, so they will be offered on our Live service only!

Many of you have asked for combat pet skins to come back, and in honor of Defiance 2050's Beta weekends, we're bringing back the Hellbug combat pet skin bundles! A different hellbug skin for Druids, Necromancers, Rogues and Warriors! Snap them up fast! Available on the RIFT store on our Live service only!

RIFT Prime Store update!

We have some lovely new offerings for citizens of Vigil! On April 25th, you'll be able to collect lovely new-to-you mounts, companion pets and costumes! All are available for credits on the RIFT in-game store.


Aurora, regal and stunning in every shofting shades of blue, will increase your speed by 60%, and will scale up if you acquire faster mounts over time. Aurora was first made available on Live through the Carnival of the Ascended, and she has now made her way to Vigil!

We know many of you have enjoyed your Armored White Tiger, but who doesn't love to switch things up now and then? Let's take a ride on the dark side with the Armored Black Tiger. It's ebon hues are perfect for formal occasions or for sneaking up on your enemies at night. He offers 60% speed boost, or will match the level of your fastest mount.


It's raining cats and dogs - here, take one of each!

Corpus Kitty - everyone's favorite undead cat. Clearly she wasn't ready to leave this plane after her seven lives were used up! A perfect companion for practitioners of dark arts, or those who just want something a little less ordinary.

Kirby - you've seen him lounging magnificently on our livestreams, and now you can help Kirby get the exercise he so desperately needs!


A change of costume may make all the difference. Don the Centurion's Bundle or Sanctuary Guard's Bundle and shine in any circumstance! Completely stain-proof, these outfits will not be ruined after a long night's hunting foray or drunken adventure through the dankest dungeons!
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April 10

DEV NOTE: The Path Ahead - Spring Edition!

Ascended, we are so happy to have you with us, on Live and Prime. It’s been a busy year and we want to share what’s coming next! Grab a mug of ale or a cup of coffee and settle in...


There are a lot of causes for lag, most of which occur in the wild spaces between your system and hours.  So let’s talk about a type of lag we can address internally in our services: Ability Lag. We’ve made a number of adjustments to load-heavy abilities on some classes, and load distribution on our servers, with more to come--we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in reports of Ability Lag. This doesn’t mean that we’re done yet, or that it doesn’t still occur; we continue to watch and review, and will take more action over time as we identify culprits.


Balance is a common and repeated request, and one we take seriously. We know that souls and challenges evolve over time, along with the game. Again, we plan slow and careful adjustments over time, rather than massive, sweeping changes. You can expect more of these to come throughout the evolution of RIFT on both Live and Prime services. Here are the tweaks we are making this patch on both Live and Prime services, focused heavily on Warriors, who really needed the love... GROUP HUG! (read on below for more Warrior adjustments on Prime only)
  • Warrior – Void Knight: The cooldown for Tempest has been removed. Damage has been slightly reduced but threat has been increased.
  • Warrior – Void Knight: Increased the threat gain on the following abilities: Ragestorm, Unstable Reaction, and Discharge.
  • Warrior – Paladin: The cooldown for Sweeping Strike has been removed. Damage has been slightly reduced but threat has been increased.
  • Warrior – Paladin: Increased the threat gain on the following abilities: Light’s Vengeance, Light’s Reprisal, and Vengeful Decree.
  • Rogue – Riftstalker: The cooldown for Rift Disturbance has been removed. Damage has been slightly reduced but threat has been increased.
  • Mage – Frostkeeper: The threat generated from Earthen Rapport has been reduced.
  • Mage – Frostkeeper: Players and pets can now only have 1 stack of a Frostkeeper barrier on them at a time.

General Content:

On the general content front, Lantern Hook has received some attention. Pyromaster Cortinald will no longer be able to ignore taunts, while Tarthak the Immolator’s health will scale more appropriately.


PVP Bolstering Adjustment

In PvP, we’re introducing an adjustment for bolstering at lower levels (10-50), wherein they use the same bolstering effect as level 50+ Warfronts. We ask that you please post feedback of any bugs you may encounter with this change. Here is the official feedback thread - we really appreciate your input AFTER the patch goes live, of course!


Guild Creation:

Creating a Guild through the game UI will now cost one platinum, to match the purchase rate of a Guild Creation Scroll.


Summer is Coming!

We’ve started work on Summerfest 2018, and hope to talk about it on this week’s Livestream! We think you'll love the theme for this year, so tune in and have a look-see! Yes, this WILL be on Live and Prime!


Specific only to Live: NA/EU
Level Boosting potions have been examined, tested and reformulated so that they will award the proper amount of experience for the applicable level.

In the Bastion of Steel Raid, we’ve taken a wrench to Vindicator MK1’s Burning Ground ability, so that it can no longer affect players outside of the instance. It’s an edge case, but an annoying one!


Greenscale can hardly wait to taste you... (credit: RIFT Pictures)
Specific to Prime: Vigil
Progression is at the top of many current discussions across our many communication channels, and as the Vigil server population slowly matures (hey, not everyone is max level yet!), it’s time to plot a course for the next month!

Heads up – Greenscale is coming soon! Everyone’s favorite voracious chomper, the first Dragon to be encountered on Telara will show up in late April. Will It be wholesale slaughter, or will your guild persevere?

Meanwhile, the path to Greenscale is already opening, with the release of the Life Saga and Death Saga, just in time for the Month 2 Vigil Challenge! These will automatically unlock at 9:00 AM PDT, April 11<sup>th</sup>!

Runic Descent looks so peaceful at sunset... (credit: RIFT Pictures)

Not enough content for ya? No problem - we’re also unlocking:
  • Expert Deepstrike Mines
  • Expert Runic Descent
  • Expert Abyssal Precipice
  • Expert Charmer’s Caldera!

Speaking of the Caldera, we’ve smacked around the bosses for ya in Standard mode:
Smouldaron: Deals a bit less damage

Cyclorax: Deals slightly less damage

Ryka Dharvos: Deals moderately less damage

Caelia the Stormtouched: Deals less damage

Darkening Deeps Expert is coming around the bend, expected to open next week or slightly later!

Blighted Antechamber is anticipated in the upcoming weeks as well. In both cases, we’re making sure the QA folks get a good look at them before being released to the wilds of Vigil!


PVP Warfront: Port Scion returns to the PvP Warfront list, as part of our 2nd Monthly Prime: Vigil Challenge!  We’re looking forward to feedback on this zone; in the past it’s been love it or hate it, with very little in between.

Port Scion from Stonefield... so lovely and inviting!  (credit: RIFT Pictures)

Prime-only balance updates focus largely on adjusting the Warrior, who needed the most help in this brave new world. As with balance adjustments on Live servers, we will watch, measure and gather both data and personal feedback, continuing to adjust over time as needed:
  • Mage – Frostkeeper: Healing procced by Earthen Barrier has been reduced. Boop!
  • Warrior – Paladin: Fixed an issue where when using Shield of the Hero, auto-attacks would do zero damage. Bing!
  • Warrior – Champion: Slightly increased damage of Mighty Blow. Bam!
  • Warrior – Champion: Moderately increased the damage of Titan’s Strike. Pow!
  • Warrior – Champion: Greatly increased the damage of Bladefury. BOOM!
  • Warrior – Paragon: Increased the damage of Shifting Blades. Yeah!
  • Warrior – Paragon: Greatly increased the damage of Way of the Wind. Whoa!
  • Warrior – Paragon: Slightly increased the damage of Deadly Parity. Take that!
So hug a Warrior today... unless you're in PvP, in which case, smack 'em hard, then run away fast!

Prime PVP
PvP Queues taking forever? Level 50 Warfront Balance? We hear you like it when folks die. Message received!

Both damage (increased) and healing (lowered) have been adjusted pretty heavily.  Please continue to post feedback and we'll continue to tune toward fun.  Thank you!

What’s NEXT for Prime?
Plenty! Now that we’ve been at this for a month, we’re getting a clearer picture of where the path leads. River of Souls is next up for scrutiny, Combat Balance continues, Dungeon Balance is under further review.

The first slivers glimmer on the horizon and are expected later this month - you can soon experience Gilded Prophecy and Drowned Halls again, for the first time!

We’re working on UI to support 20-player LFR.

Summerfest will come to Prime this year in addition to Live servers, marking the first full-on festival to run on Vigil!

And this just in… the team is starting internal testing on post-Greenscale world events! We can’t spill ALL the beans, or there will be nothing left to talk about, but hey, drop us some questions for the Livestream on Friday!


~The RIFT Team
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What is RIFT Prime?

RIFT Prime is a progression server, meaning that the server begins with content and level caps restricted to that of the original RIFT launch, then gradually unlocks additional content and expands the level cap over time. This allows RIFT Prime players to experience each set of content from RIFT's history in sequence.

Have a question about RIFT Prime? Click here to check out our RIFT Prime FAQ.

About This Game

TWO WAYS TO PLAY - Choose your ideal RIFT experience

Download RIFT and enter the vast, magical world of Telara. Experience an unprecedented class system, massive dynamic battles, and player housing like you’ve never seen before.


Create a character and class to fit the way you play. Start by choosing from six races and dozens of unique Souls, each with hundreds of traits and abilities. Mix and match on the fly and re-specialize anytime you like.


Telara is a living, dynamic world where chaos can erupt at any moment. Whether you’re battling planar invasions or ancient titans alongside scores of your fellow Ascended, the next adventure is always near!


In the deep, dark places of Telara, foul creatures breed, scheme, and hoard the treasures of ages. Gather your friends and delve into dozens of dungeons and raids for groups of 2, 5, 10, and 20 players.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce FX 5900, ATI/AMD Radeon X300, Intel GMA X4500 or better.
    • DirectX®: 9.0c, June 2010 update
    • Hard Drive: 15.0 GB available
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compliant card
    • Other: Broadband internet connection (DSL, cable modem or other high speed connection)
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