Death's Gambit is a challenging 2D action platformer with deep RPG elements. As an agent of Death bound to his service, unravel the mystery of Siradon and discover the true price of immortality.
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Aug 13, 2018

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November 9

Death's Gambit 1.1.01 - Refresh Hotfix

This is a minor hotfix patch to address a issues players reported to us after the 1.1 update. Thank you all for your continued support, and for helping us track these down.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused players with refresh rates above 60hz to experience various visual issues.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause a crash after leveling up.

Just a reminder that you can contact us at with any further issues or join our Discord for direct support.

- AdultDan

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October 24

Death's Gambit Patch 1.1

In Death's Gambit PC Patch 1.1 we're adding a number of quality of life improvements, balance adjustments, animation tweaks, and dozens of bug fixes based on your feedback and reports. Many of you have been waiting patiently for this, so we hope you're as excited as we are for the biggest Death's Gambit update yet.

We're working on bringing all these changes to PS4 soon, but didn't want to delay the patch on PC to wait for changes on PS4. For now, we hope you enjoy the changes, and continue to provide us with your suggestions and feedback.

For more direct access to the Death's Gambit team, please join our Discord at

Community Requests
  • D-Pad support for movement has been added. You can change to this in the keybinds option menu. Please note this will change the way your quick inventory is bound automatically.
  • Improved player hit reaction.
  • Removed the last two frames off the dodge roll animation. Dodging should now feel smoother and more responsive.
  • Holding the interact button will now skip long cutscenes like the horseback flashback sequence, and others.
  • Holding the interact button will cause you to respawn quickly after death.
  • The selection square when enchanting no longer moves back to slot 1 every time you enchant an item.
  • You can now reset your levels and talents twice per playthrough. This count resets on NG+.
  • Controls for climbing have changed to remove the need to hold down a button while climbing. Now, pressing up near a ladder will allow you to climb. You can revert to the older controls on the configuration screen.

Quality of Life
  • If you leave a save point without pressing the confirm button the game now asks you if you are sure you want to exit without leveling up.
  • Can no longer move mouse out of screen on computers with two screens if on fullscreen.
  • Can now map multiple buttons to use abilities 1 through ability 3.
  • Pressing escape will no longer quit you out of an options submenu completely.
  • Some flashback scenes are spaced out more evenly so you are not constantly getting scenes after dying.
  • Getting on ladders should feel easier.
  • Collision improvements for the tall creatures in Gaian's Cradle.
  • All options and configurations now save correctly through play sessions.
  • Jumping through platforms no longer eat up your jump button input when pressing jump quickly after landing on a platform.
  • You can now access the options from the main menu.
  • You can no longer pick up items if your inventory is full. The only exception are key items required to progress the main game.
  • There is now more information in the level up screen.

Animation Canceling
  • Attack animation recovery frames are now cancelable into dodge, block, and jump.
  • Basically, once the hitting portion of an attack has finished, you are now free to choose your next action without waiting for the rest of the weapon's recovery animation to play. This should make combat feel more fluid and responsive overall.
  • Removed the ability to cancel out of certain animations early.
  • Fixed an animation cancelling bug when changing between two different weapons.

NPC and Boss Behavior
  • Zuma will now react with new dialogue the first time you talk to him if you have killed him.
  • Can no longer interact with Zuma while meditating.
  • Vrael no longer rescues you from prison if you have previously killed him.
  • Changed the parameters that determine whether Vrael and Ione appear dead in the hallway before the final boss.
  • Changed the parameters that determine who appears dead or alive in the scene before the credits.
  • Fink now resets when you go to NG+. This means you can see him appear in Gaian's Cradle and other areas in NG+.
  • Nymeria will no longer mention Grimgaud when you rescue her if you have killed Grimgaud in his jail cell.
  • Fixed an issue where Ione can appear in the Dark Knight room even after she has been killed by the player.
  • Vrael health was too low in the Thalamus betrayal premonition. This has been fixed.
  • Ione health was too high in the Thalamus betrayal premonition. This has been fixed.
  • You will now get the Fink quiz scene if you have previously killed Fink.
  • Nymeria and Grimgaud now say something when attacked in their respective jail cells
  • Hitbox for Vrael improved.
  • The doppleganger in Ylnoth talks less now.
  • Forgotten Gaian no longer plays a specific cutscene after defeating Origa.
  • Soul of the Phoenix and Amulvaro now talk less during their respective boss encounters.

Sound Fixes
  • Sniper grab attack now has new sound effects.
  • Some sound effects would persist if you died during the Eldritch Council encounter. The more you would attempt the boss the more they would stack. This issue has been fixed
  • Voice overs in a cutscene stop playing if you press the interact button to move on to the next part of the cutscene. This used to not happen if a voice over was followed by a cutscene action.
  • Bysurge sound effects go away if you die to him. They will no longer continue playing after you respawn.
  • Many other minor sound effect fixes and adjustments.

Balance Changes
  • Ranged archers will not agro if you are behind them.
  • Improved hitbox for tome lighting 1 orb ability.
  • Red matter during the Amulvaro Heroic boss fight now lasts 4 seconds instead of 1 second before fading away.
  • Red matter and dark matter during the Amulvaro Heroic boss fight deals less damage.
  • Tundra Lord Kaern floats a bit lower during his final phase.
  • Ability cooldowns will now go off during the damaging portion of an attack.
  • Ability cooldowns will no longer trigger if knocked back after starting an ability animation.
  • Shade Knights are now stunned when blocked.
  • Soul of the Phoenix now drops Phoenix down the first time she is defeated.
  • Getting hit while climbing a ladder now makes you fall off. Also fixes a few other bugs related to being hit while climbing a ladder.
  • You can now go past shields during Sky Crash, Heroic Lunge, and two Tome Dark Orb abilities.
  • Decreased HP of Bysurge Heroic by 20% and Bysurge Normal by 10%.
  • Decreased HP of Eldritch Casters in Eldritch Council Heroic 15%.
  • Decreased HP of Red Crystals in Eldritch Council Heroic 20%.
  • Decreased HP of Eldritch Inquisitor in Eldritch Council Heroic 20%.
  • Decreased HP of Red slimes in Eldritch Council Heroic 15%.
  • Decreased HP of Amulvaro Heroic Jellyfish by 15%.
  • Decreased damage taken when getting hit by Amulvaro Heroic jellyfish by 15%.
  • Decreased HP of Dark Knight Normal by 10%.
  • Increased time for darkness to coalesce for Dark Knight Normal by 25%.
  • Decreased damage dealt by Dark Knight Normal attacks by 15%.
  • Decreased the health of dark orbs on the dark phase for Heroic Endless by 20%.
  • Decreased the health of Endless Heroic Phase 5 by 20%.
  • Decreased damage dealt by the Giant Golem's light blade by roughly 25%.
  • Increased XP received by most Heroic Bosses.
  • Rebalanced Scaling for Heroic Boss HP and Damage for NG+ to be more forgiving. Owlking heroic, Tundra Lord Heroic, Forgotten Gaian Heroic, Soul of the Pheonix Heroic, Origa Heroic, all remain unchanged.
  • You can no longer shoot at Origa at the edge of your screen if she is grappled on to a obelisk. She will shoot back.
  • Bulwark no longer takes damage from damage over time effects during his ghost phase.
  • Camera during the Bysurge bossfight improved.
  • Light of the Gray Wanderer no longer stops working when you change room after equipping. This aura now illuminates areas better.
  • Thalamus red laser beams no longer slow you down, they only deal damage.
  • Thalamus spawns that create the red lasers have had their health reduced by 17%.
  • Some abilities deal less damage during the Thalamus fight.
  • Mythril Greaves have been reworked and are now working correctly.
  • Phoenix feather healing effectiveness now scales with your vitality stat.
  • You can no longer block Bysurge's ground lightning and not take any damage.
  • Adjustments to Amulvaro Heroic meteor summons.
  • Shaman enemies now stop attacking you when you are far away.
  • Added Moisture...

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the green orb spell that pulls you in during the Eldritch Council encounter would sometimes disappear if created close to the player.
  • Fixed the death counter not working properly when fighting Origa, Cusith, and some Heroic Bosses.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some boss journals to not appear in the boss journal page after picking them up.
  • Fixed a parry bug that prevented parries against Mimics, Soul of the Pheonix, Amulvaro, and Fink.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the level title UI to appear over the inventory instead of the other way around.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause custom keybinds to be reset when closing the game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused The Soul of the Phoenix phase marker from displaying properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players could receive double the amount of shards for killing Cusith if you kill him right after you die.
  • Fixed a hitbox issue with the Dark Knight.
  • Fixed a bug where certain ability effects were not triggering when abilities were hitting Ione, Soul of the Phoenix, and the Lizard Spearmen.
  • Origa heroic will no longer float in the air if she explodes the obelisk she has grappled to.
  • Fixed an issue that caused camera jitter.
  • Ranged attacks no longer freeze your character and enemy. This would sometimes lead to some inputs being eaten.
  • The teal orbs that slowly fall down during the Eldritch Council heroic encounter will no longer create explosions every frame if created inside a wall.
  • Red bullets during the Eldritch Council fight now correctly deal damage to the player.
  • Fixed an issue where you would pick up a Panacea after dying to Eldritch Council.
  • Golden Gaian in the flashback cutscene has art improvements.
  • Fixed a few Voice Over lines with the Soul of the Phoenix that were not properly displaying the correct subtitles.
  • Fixed an issue with player art not correctly animating while blocking on a jump through platform.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to use abilities on gamepad if you do not have a shield equipped.
  • Fixed some sound effects that were still playing even if the game was muted.
  • Fixed a very rare crash related to the tome weapon.
  • Fixed a crash where you could select NG+11 in the NG+ screen. This would crash the game.
  • Fixed a crash where you could attempt to buy abilities from a merchant even though you have already bought all abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where If your shield gets broken while blocking and you try to throw an item immediately after, it would repeat the shield stun animation.
  • Fixed a few issues where you wouldn't be able to use certain abilities on ability slot 2 and ability slot 3.
  • Fixed an issue where opening menu while reading shield causes player movement to be disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where Shield Reaper's Maw displayed the incorrect strength requirement.
  • Fixed shade knights respawning when you re-enter a room.
  • Longsword ability heroic lunge now correctly resets its cooldown if you kill an enemy with it.
  • Fixed a bug where the church barrel would drop more than one suicide blade item.
  • Fixed a bug where the church prison cell was drawn at the incorrect depth.
  • Mousing over a NPC menu button no longer overwrites your input if on gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would display the wrong cape behind your character.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Soul of the Phoenix to close the back door twice.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused players to get stuck in the ceiling when crushed by blocks in Caer Siorai.
  • It is much harder to get stuck inside walls after being knocked back.
  • Fixed a bug with Amulvaro heroic's green buff. It now correctly increases your damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the game softlocked if you dodge rolled into a destroyed acolyte save point and attempted to interact with it before your dodge roll animation ended.
  • Fixed an issue where getting hit by a saw blade while shield broken would make you get stuck in place.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the cape from appearing while on horseback.
  • Enchanting equipped items to +10 now gives you the correct achievement.
  • Shade Knights are less likely to materialize inside walls.
  • Fixed an issue where dying while saving could lead to a corrupted save slot.
  • Fixed a few memory leak issues that could lead to a corrupted save slot.
  • Dying inside the church cell now leaves your phoenix feather outside the cell.
  • Drake Knights no longer drop certain items twice.
  • Light of the Phoenix resets the timer if you cast it while the effect is still active.
  • Death no longer takes a long time to pick up your soul in large rooms.
  • Some background art will now parallax correctly when close to edges of rooms
  • Spear roll attack hitbox is no longer hilariously large.
  • Turtle shield no longer plays the Vados shield animation when attempting to move on gamepad.
  • Theurgist Aura no longer stops working after changing rooms.
  • You will no longer see some floating swords on top of Cusith when he is defeated.
  • No longer have to kill all heroic bosses on same save file to obtain Chosen of Death achievement.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get infinite immortalite from talking to Zuma on top of the ice giant.
  • Throwing an an Abyssal Eye off screen no longer leaves you stuck until you quit the main game.
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About This Game

The promise of immortality lies at the heart of Siradon. As Death's right hand, challenge the undying guardians of the realm and endure the eternal struggle to purge their souls. But what reward awaits a faithful servant of Death?

Death's Gambit is a hardcore 2D action platformer with rich RPG elements. Master the precise combat, utilizing a wide variety of weapons and abilities to confront the horrors that lurk deep within Siradon. Explore a mysterious and unforgiving world to uncover the true price of immortality. Embrace the challenge of being an agent of Death.

  • Expansive World - Travel across the beautifully rendered Obsidian Vale, Witch Woods, Sanguine City, and more. Meet quirky characters from all walks of life, and uncover their narrative threads and secrets.
  • Character Classes - Choose from seven playable classes, level up, pick your favorite talents from the skill tree, adapt your strategies, and improve your chances of survival.
  • Incredible Bosses - Hunt towering monsters and other creatures of legend. Each boss is a test of skill, requiring unique strategies to defeat.
  • Non-Linear Exploration - Explore levels and bosses in a non-linear order, discover side areas with more secrets to unravel and enemies to purge.
  • Character Customization - Outfit your character with over 10 weapon types including bows, scythes, longswords, halberds and more. Harness 30 weapon abilities and spells to create your own build.
  • Heroic Mode - Defeated bosses experience a second wind in an exponentially harder heroic mode accessible immediately after defeating them. Give yourself an all new challenge and master their new abilities.
  • Evocative Score - Experience an intricately crafted score composed by Kyle Hnedak, that sets the tone for Death's Gambit's world with over 2 hours of evocative music.
  • New Game Plus - Complete Death's Gambit to unlock New Game+ in brackets of three to set your own difficulty, and endure the struggle all over again.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 32bit
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ 2.9GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT/ AMD Radeon HD 6450
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound card
    • OS: Windows 7 (32bit) or Higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT520 / AMD Radeon HD 6670 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound card

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