Jump straight into managing your own planets as you guide a civilization through the ages. Build the ultimate empire in The Universim, a new breed of God Game in development by Crytivo.
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Aug 28, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We have poured so much time and passion into The Universim to get it to where it is now. With the incredible support of our community, we’ve built a game that we can be proud of. Now, at last, we believe we are ready to introduce the game to the Steam community.

From the deep simulation and living world systems to the engaging and varied civilization management gameplay, we have enormous ambitions and quality standards to live up to. As our development journey clearly shows, quality takes time, and it will still be a while longer before we’re ready to call the game truly finished. In the end, achieving our vision for the game and pleasing fans is all that matters.

By joining us here on Early Access, you can become a part of our amazing community who have offered invaluable feedback and support over the years. However, remember that the game still has a long way to go. You can expect bugs and missing features to pop up, and we’ll certainly be needing your feedback regarding new gameplay systems and balance.

We want your help to make The Universim as amazing as it can be, and that’s why we’re hitting Early Access.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Until we and the community are completely satisfied with the final product. We’re planning to be in ongoing development for as long as we need to. However, we expect The Universim to show its full potential within 12-18 months from now. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have a lot of fun in the game much sooner; we’re just making sure you understand what to expect.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The Universim will be far more polished closer to release, and the experience could change dramatically based on feedback. We will continue introducing new mechanics and developing new content as we go, working to incorporate all of the promised eras and features. However, you can also expect a few surprises along the way.

Also, one of the many things we love about our community is its diversity. It’s comprised of great people from all around the world who have come together to play our game. As a result, we tried to include as much language support as we can. There are a number of languages to choose from in the game already, but it often takes time to translate new features as they come out. We’ll be working hard to translate things as quickly as time permits. Additionally, if you come across a translation that isn’t quite right or should be phrased differently, please let us know.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“As mentioned, we have spent a huge amount of time developing an in-game planet generation/simulation engine by the name of Prometheus. We made it capable of generating procedural planets with dynamic living conditions and weather systems. It handles hundreds of real-time elements, such as AI, physics, seasonal changes, dynamic weather, natural disasters, and more.

Of course, there’s an actual game built around it, too! You will currently be able to guide your fledgling civilization of Nuggets through the Stone and Medieval Ages, up until the Modern Era. The game strikes a balance between civilization management (with your divine intervention) and automation (letting Nuggets do their thing). However, it’s a bit unlikely Nuggets will get very far without at least some intervention and leadership.

You also have access to a collection of godly abilities that are incredibly powerful. So powerful, in fact, that we feel a little irresponsible giving them to you. However, whether they’re used for good or evil is entirely up to you. We will be improving this system over time, but there’s enough here for you to get a good feel for it.

There’s plenty more in the game for you to discover that we don’t want to spoil, and we have so much planned for the future. Give it a go and let us know what you think.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“This is still up for debate, as we want to ensure that the product’s final pricing will be fair based on the functionality of the finished game. As we add and improve features, the pricing could change when the final game goes gold.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Even though Crytivo is a new name on the market, we are already known as a responsive and supportive developer. The Universim is our baby, and its success is incredibly important to us. Without the love and feedback from our community, this is something we would not be able to achieve. We will do our best to communicate with you on Steam and on our Discord server to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible. We want to be an indie studio you can rely on. We’re all about fun and innovation, and we want you to be a part of it.”
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June 30

Extraterrestrial Update Is Now Live

Greetings, Creators!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the summer weather. Take in a good five minutes of sunlight before you shut your curtains for the remainder of the season and jump into the latest update of The Universim!

If you’ve been enjoying the game so far and want to spread the love like a warm breeze, leave us a review on Steam. Our devs receive a candy pizza for every positive review that comes in.

The Universim is currently being featured in the Steam Summer Sale with a 20% discount! If you or someone you know hasn’t picked the game up yet, it’s a great time to hop aboard.

Alien Visits
As Nuggets edge ever closer to the stars, extraterrestrial civilizations have begun to take notice. Be prepared for unexpected visitors, as well as whatever phenomena these events may bring. This is only the first contact, however, so expect to see more in future updates.

Nug-made Disasters
Nuggets have never been very competent at anything, and now it’s going to come with a cost. If uneducated Nuggets are assigned to a position beyond their capabilities, there may be unpleasant consequences. We’re talking fires, explosions, and chemical disasters.

Modern Bunker
An improvement to Bunkers that adds a new layer of comfort and protection. It’s a great place to take shelter from a disaster, or to Nugflix and chill.

Carbon Factory
A whole load of fancy tech stuff takes place behind these doors. Nuggets (well, mostly machines) are hard at work molding components and materials required to take the next step into space.

New Wonders

Leaning Tower - A familiar tower is now available to be discovered and built. It’s a little askew, but that makes it unique.

Desert Rose - Welcome to the world’s most luxurious resort. Made from the finest materials, complete with 24-carat gold inlay on the walls. No expense was spared in its construction.

New stuff:

UFO with 3 different actions (destroy buildings, kidnap Nuggets, kidnap animals).
Uneducated Nugget Disasters (They can start a plague, cause an explosion, fire).
Modern Bunker.
Leaning Tower.
Desert Rose.
Eye of the World.

Carbon Factory.
Medieval and Modern Hats and Masks are added

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: Fire causes Nugget AI to break.
Fixed: NRE when opening a trading panel after loading a save.
Fixed: Big meteor hitting the water would stay on top of water for a short time
Fixed: Opening the quick access menu for creator power did not blur the background for better visibility
Fixed: The game would not correctly load the save file after trading menu was initialized causing the save file being corrupted
Fixed: Sometimes space boxes would be duplicated and spawned one on top of another one.
Fixed: Creator powers were being casted twice on a target therefore reducing the amount of CP drastically.
Fixed: Creator power icons duplication in the quick access menu
Fixed: An issue when a nugget dies in the water, previously he would still float on the water
Fixed: Shock and Awe status would cause nuggets to get stuck and stand still
Fixed: Decals were being reset to be “On” every single time the game was reloaded. All the save settings are now being saved correctly.
Fixed: Previously nuggets would not die from fire and other destructive powers while being inside the building that received the damage
Fixed: Incorrect label for the steel factory perk

General balance changes / Improvements:

Reworked Picking system
Adjusted How fire shock radius is calculated in order to prevent nuggets that are far away to run away from a fire
The size of the bunker panel was increased
Initial bunker capacity was increased from 20 -> 32 spots
The total number of spots for the bunker was changed from 32 -> 64
The number of slots in a row was changed from 6 to 8
Steel and plastic resources size was enlarged by 50% for better visibility
The rest of the resources received 20%, 25% and 40% increase in size
Adjusted Steel Factory perk on the research graph to be unlocked before Modern Refineries
Modern Refineries now require Steel to be built instead of metal
The lifetime of the building that is on fire was increased by 100% in order to allow firefighters to get on time and stop the fire.
Uneducated nuggets working in Carbon, Chemical, Plastic factories as well as Farm, Hospital, Rehabilitation Center and University can cause a Plague now.
Uneducated Nuggets working in Cement, Clone Center, Eatery, Electronic Components Factory, Engineers Hut, Fiber Factory, Gas Plant, Glass Factory, Oil Tower, Police Station, Steel Factories and Refineries can start a fire
Uneducated Nuggets working in Fuel Factory can cause an Explosion.
Majority of the buildings received an education requirement. Certain buildings that were built in a stone age got those requirements removed.


Leaning Tower implementation.
Bunker modern era upgrade.
Desert Rose model implementation.
Eye Of The World model implementation.
All resource models were updated regarding size, some of them got additional texture upgrade.
Carbon Factory was implemented.

UI Design:

Construction menu update added cloud renders for: modern bunker, leaning tower, Desert Rose and Eye Of the World.
Added puzzle elements for: Leaning Tower, Desert Rose and Eye Of The World.
Added construction menu icon for Desert Rose.

Before you go!

Beyond leaving a review on Steam, we would also like to work with those of you who possess a keen eye for art.

Wanna Win Crytivo T-Shirt?

We want to update our screenshots section on Steam, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to see what kind of beautiful civilizations you’ve been nurturing! If you’d like to participate, send us your stunning screenshots in resolution 3840x2160 (4k) here: https://discord.gg/yAcQGgM. The best ones will become official screenshots on the Steam page, and the creators will receive one of fifteen limited edition PAX T-shirts.

Winners will be announced via Twitter and/or Facebook (make sure to follow us to see the results).

Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts down below! Have fun with the update, everyone!

Thank you all for your love and support!
The Crytivo Crew

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June 4

Cheeseball Patch V0.0.34 is now LIVE!

Greetings, Creators!

We hope you’ve all been having a grand ol’ time this past month. Are you rested up enough to try out some new content? Of course you are! As you may remember, some of our coding ninjas were down for the count in the days leading up to the previous patch, due to unexpected illnesses (well, aren’t all illnesses unexpected?). However, we’ve been working on some nifty performance improvements and slapped some new content into the mix for the latest update. A lot of backend work was performed, so you may not see the majority of these additions at first glance (but you will notice the extra polish).

IMPORTANT: The game is shaping up enormously well, and we’re on track for full release in around 8 to 14 months (quality takes time!). With the majority of gameplay in place, we only have some larger systems left to implement, alongside a major polishing pass, before we officially go gold. As a result, we’ve been doing some major planning internally to construct a development schedule that will maximize efficiency. Monthly updates take up quite a bit of time to get everything through QA and constantly work towards a stable public release, which sadly slows us down (but we always loved doing it anyway, to get feedback on new features directly from all of you).

To ensure we’re firing on all cylinders to get the final bit of content finished, we’re going to be moving to a bimonthly patch schedule (every two months), or perhaps a bit longer depending on the state of the game. In particular, the last push towards launch may require more than two months to get everything ready and do a final quality pass. However, this does mean you’ll be seeing far bigger systems making their way into The Universim in future updates!

Exciting times, friends! It’s been a massive undertaking, and we are so close to achieving our vision for the game. Just wait until you see where we’re going. We think you’ll be gobsmacked!

Now, let’s get down to the good stuff:

Trading with Exile Villages

Those annoying little upstarts may finally offer something useful! This is the initial release of what will become a very complex system, currently allowing you to trade resources with Exile Villages. It will be expanded upon in future releases, so drop us any suggestions on what you’d like to see added!

Automized Stone Refinery

Machines will take over all of the stone crunching to free up time for Nuggets to procrastinate with greater intensity.

Automated Wood Refinery.

Tell Nuggets to keep limbs away from the saw blade at all times. It does not discriminate between a log or a living being, especially if the living being possesses the intellect of a log.

Modern Airport.

Just a little higher and we’ll have reached the stars! Introducing the Modern Airport, complete with procedurally-generated airline branding on the planes. This building will be expanded later on to allow you to create trade routes with Exile Villages across the globe (and perhaps beyond).

Modern Age Vehicles.

You’ve seen a robot turn into a car, now see Nuggets turn into adorable little trucks. Your citizens will move around with far greater speed, thanks to the modern combustion engine. We’re currently working on a major road network system that will certainly require as much positive energy as you can muster.

Modern Age Haircuts

Style continues to evolve alongside your Nuggets! You’ll see more colors than ever before, and even a few hairstyles that positively scream, “I want to talk to your manager!” Try to avoid these individuals.


A new celestial body has appeared in the sky! Where did it come from? What does it smell like? Is it made of cheese? You’ll have to find out in future updates.

New stuff:

  • Trading with Exiles.
  • Modern Stone Refinery.
  • Modern Wood Refinery.
  • Airport (v1)( no major functionality yet).
  • Trucks (v1) (faster Nugget movement).
  • Camera Shake Option (Settings).
  • Modern Haircuts.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: modern scaffolds not appearing after load.
  • Fixed: Season change power has no effect on believers.
  • Fixed: Nuggets take forever to clear construction sites.
  • Fixed: UI scale issue for certain display sizes
  • Fixed: Tall buildings had inaccurate hit boxes
  • Fixed: Resources were not removed from settlement and instead were subtracted from exile villages
  • Fixed: When family was created, male and female nuggets properties were swapped in some cases.
  • Fixed: Alarm on weather tower that was going off randomly
  • Fixed: Orbit camera was getting stuck if Steam Overlay was opened / closed.
  • Fixed: Game settings were not saved properly and in some cases were applied incorrectly leading to UI disappearance or scale issues.
  • Fixed: Stars could be clicked through UI panels
  • Fixed: Unassigned nuggets from modern eatery would become invisible
  • Fixed: Tooltip for leader election would stay on the screen forever if the “Fly to” button was clicked
  • Fixed: Crime tooltip displayed the text from a school tooltip
  • Fixed: Multiple nuggets could have received the same request to clear an item, which would slow down the nuggets performance overall, since 1 nugget would be clearing the spot and other would wait for that spot to be cleared
  • Fixed: Protector dome was disappearing if you were looking at it from inside out
  • Fixed: Creator power action cost was doubled if the action was applied to nugget
  • Fixed: Save / Load issue that was caused due to some systems reading the save file in incorrect order.

General balance changes / Improvements:

  • Extended modern scaffolds for “huge” buildings.
  • New particle effect for “Repair all” & “Creator Points” falling objects box items
  • Reworked picking up objects system in order to improve overall performance and to work with a feature content.
  • Cement Factory perk was moved before Glass factory perk in order to improve the overall experience traversing the research tree
  • Mating female / male threshold was improved. This change should improve the overall ratio between male and female nuggets and keep balancing the ratio when nuggets dying due to unintended events such as tornado, fire etc.
  • UI scale default settings were tuned for all OS in order to improve the UI ratio between different elements
  • Rebalanced animal reproduction system & spawn system. Previously a lot of animals could have been spawned in the same location with a fast reproduction rate. Spawn locations, max number of animals of each type that can exist at the same time as well as the reproduction rate was tweaked to resolve those issues.
  • Exile event timer was changed from 1 hour to 30 minutes
  • Exile village attack change was increased from 40 percent to 55 percent
  • Exile Village Steal Chance was decreased from 50 percent to 45 percent
  • Exile Village Priests Chance was decreased from 60 percent to 45 percent
  • Exile Village Orator Chance was decreased from 60 percent to 45 percent
  • Creator mode is back online :)

  • Airport Building.
  • Airplanes with different skins.
  • Crater has updated visuals and 3 more variations are added.
  • Moon!
  • Legendary Buildings - Pisa tower.
  • Vehicles for Nuggets with a set of different skins.
  • UFOs!
  • Modern Stone Refinery.
  • Modern Wood Refinery.

UI Design:

  • Fixed position of Construction menu cloud.
  • MainUI bottom indicators - updated visuals.
  • Added pisa tower puzzles.
  • Modern stone and wood refineries construction menu renders.

As always, our biggest and most heartfelt thanks to all of you! We are so excited to be pushing towards full release and can’t wait to be able to hand it over to you with a beaming smile. If you’re enjoying the game on Steam so far, leave us a review to let us know your thoughts! We only feed our developers after every dozen or so positive reviews we receive.

Also, we’re planning to have a live stream this month! Have some questions you need answered? Wanna tell our developers about a long-lost treasure you discovered off the coast of Africa? Keep an eye out for the date! In the meantime, join our Discord server and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more tasty morsels.

The Crytivo Crew
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About This Game


Jump straight into managing your own planets as you guide a civilization through the ages. Build the ultimate empire in The Universim, a new breed of God Game in development by Crytivo.

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Your time is coming. Guide a fledgling civilization through the obstacles of life. From humble beginnings, watch as they evolve and advance throughout the ages under your wing. Influence their decisions and punish the unfaithful with a wide range of godly abilities. Interact with objects, create disasters, and launch clueless creatures into orbit. This is your world, and nothing can stop you from having fun.

Our goal is to bring back the features you know and love from classic god games and spice them up with fresh ideas, a modern physics engine, and stylized visuals developed by a few of our very own industry heroes.


Meet the Nuggets, a fragile and whacky species that relies on your leadership to build, research, and advance. Help them, and they will soon begin writing their own history in the stars. Every Nugget is a unique individual with a distinct set of characteristics. Just like any other living creature, Nuggets must have access to a few vital resources in order to survive. This includes water to drink, food to eat, and recreational activities to increase their happiness and quality of life. Recreational activities may include blowing stuff up. You’ve been warned.

As you spend time with the Nuggets, you will begin to notice that they behave like natural, living beings. They have their own thoughts and needs, as well as the ability to act in dynamic and interesting ways.

While the beginning of the game will require more management to ensure the survival of your civilization, Nuggets will slowly evolve and learn how to handle more tasks on their own, resulting in you being able to switch over to a more macro-level role and tackle even greater challenges.


Planets in The Universim aren’t just made up of a bunch of neatly-arranged objects; everything is linked together and plays a unique role in each planet’s ecosystem. Every tree your civilization cuts down, every resource they mine and every animal they hunt will affect the world they’re living in. A lack of trees and high levels of pollution will raise the global temperature over time, while reckless hunting or fishing might cause the extinction of some species. It’s your mission to manage how the Nuggets collect and utilize resources. What mark will you leave on the ecosystems that existed millions of years before your arrival? Will you use every available resource and expand at an unprecedented pace, or will you methodically create a more sustainable way of life for your civilization?


In The Universim, nature is just as wonderful and unpredictable as ever. Every planet comes with a few surprises that are sure to challenge your civilization. From tornadoes that consume everything in their path, to thunderous earthquakes that threaten to split your civilization in two. If you treat nature poorly, it might just show you how brutal and unforgiving it can be. Each planet you encounter will have a unique underbelly. Some planets are tranquil and filled to the brim with resources, while others are barren and dangerous. Be careful out there!

Something as simple as the cycle between night and day can play an important role. Wild animal attacks are more common at night, as are frequent temperature drops. Daytime offers a little more safety from the harshness of the world. With the inclusion of a full, four-season cycle, a planet’s biomes can change drastically, making it extremely difficult for Nuggets to survive brutal winters without proper preparation ahead of time.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Higher
    • Processor: 2.6 Ghz - 4 Cores Mid Range CPU or Higher
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 780 | RX 290 or Higher
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Duh!
    • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Higher
    • Processor: 3.0 Ghz - 8 Cores or Higher
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 1050 Ti | RX390 or Higher
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Duh!
    • OS: TBA
    • OS: TBA
    • OS: TBA
    • OS: TBA

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