Battle other 2D stickman online while jumping around like a lunatic and getting blown up into smithereens. With 70 weapons, Boring Man is the most chaotic and hilarious 2D online shooter on the internet. Customize game modes with highly flexible options and crazy mutators!
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Apr 4, 2014

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February 20

Dev Log 2/20/19: Leveling up, beta release date and more..

Hello! Yes, another dev log so soon, I'm just catching up on some things I've been meaning to share but haven't had the time until now.

Today I'd like to share how leveling up and game progress will work. In the original game, you would earn XP from killing enemies and would level up to unlock a random weapon you didn't own.

The rewrite will be featuring this again, but with some changes to keep things under control. I think unlocking new weapons in the middle of a match was a big draw for the game and I would like to recapture that magic.

So, once again, killing enemies will grant you XP, up until you reach level 100. Once you are level 100 or more, XP from kills will be disabled and there will only be time-based ways to earn XP so you can focus on playing the game instead of trying to find weird shit to do to grind. There will also be a couple restrictions made so grinding isn't super easy, but not too many because I think it's kind of fun to use mutators and stuff to make your own XP grind set up.

Anyways, the only way to earn XP post-level 100 is by completing matches, but I will be finding other ways that are time-based. When you complete a match, your XP gain will be a certain percentage of how much you need to level up. So you don't really need to worry about being too high of a level to earn level ups at a steady pace. The longer the match goes on, the larger this percantage becomes. It maxes out after about 30 minutes of game time.

Like I mentioned waayyyy before I started development on the rewrite, your current save file will not transfer to the rewrite, so you will need to start over. Or do you? I am also introducing a new feature for "veteran" players. The game will take a look at your profile and determine when you first started playing. If you started playing before a certain time, then you will unlock the ability to unlock all the weapons from the start and skip straight to level 100. You choose to do this yourself anytime you want, so if you want to start over from level 1 you're welcome to.

Why is leveling up so important when there are a finite amount of weapons to unlock? Well I'm glad you asked, today I'd like to introduce the thing I've been working pretty hard on...

Weapon skins! Some of you guessed it already, but I'm excited to share this none the less.

Weapon skins are new items that make your guns look different, but have no stat altering effects, they are merely for show. After you reach level 100, every time you level up you have a 20% chance to unlock a random weapon skin that you don't own yet. Gold tickets are making a return as well, you can still find a golden ticket instead of a random golden weapon and use the ticket on a weapon of your choice.

Weapon skins have different qualities, and the better weapon skin quality the cooler it looks! For example, common quality weapon skins are just boring solid colors and patterns, while more rare skins have a more exciting look and can even feature special effects and changes to the weapon's sound effects, look or even special death animations for enemy players!

So, how many weapon skins will there be? 10? 15? 30?

How about..

1,706! 1,706 weapon skins are currently in the game right now. Wowzers! How can little old me make so many gosh darn weapon skins?

The weapon skin system features a colorized pattern system, similar to how the ship customization works in Tunnel Divers. I can draw up to 3 different patterns on a weapon, and give them any color I want.

Additionally, I can assign them special effects and make them glow different colors too. I can also completely change the look of the weapon to an entirely different sprite.

Basically, when I make a weapon skin, I can assign its properties to EVERY weapon in the game. So when I want to make a white and green striped skin, this skin can be applied to every weapon in the game in only a couple of lines of code. This makes adding a bunch of new skins really easy.

I have generated 1,706 weapon skins myself, but for the rest of the skins that are added I want the community to make. Theres a little weapon skin creator in the game any player can access, every player is welcome to use it but for right now the only way to share your is to generate a JSON string on your clipboard.

I won't be taking weapon skins from players at this time, but thats because I want it to be done through Steam Workshop. It's not implemented yet, but the community could vote up their favorite weapon skins and I can add the top most Workshop submissions to the game. When a set of weapon skins are added, the author is granted credit for every one of them and the player will be able to click their name on the weapon skin selection menu and visit their Workshop page.

So with that exciting new feature finally out in the open, I'd also like to introduce the new DLC for the game, two new DLCs in fact! You have already probably guessed they are weapon skins. I have made their Steam store pages visible today and you're welcome to check them out below:

Each DLC will give you the entire weapon skin set for $2 each. So if you buy the Platinum weapon skins, you will automatically unlock the skin for every weapon in the game (and every weapon added in the future). Even if you're not level 100 yet, you will still be able to equip them. I may add more DLC skins in the future.

These weapon skins are only available through the DLC, you won't be able to randomly unlock them. Even owning the Tunnel Divers DLC will get you a special weapon skin! For the love of God please give me money.

As a side note, B-Man will NEVER feature loot boxes. When you purchase a weapon skin DLC, you will get what you are shown. All other weapon skins must be randomly unlocked by leveling up and cannot be paid for.

Weapon skin usage is totally free, you won't need to own any DLC to unlock weapon skins. So you can not spend a single dime on this game and still have a chance to sport yourself a super rare weapon skin to show off!

B-Man will also not be implemented into the Steam Inventory. Weapon skin unlocks will be handled by my cloud saving. This will allow me to release the game on different platforms, and not just Steam. Also the Steam Marketplace is sketchy as fuck and I don't want B-Man to mix with the wrong people.

The purpose of the weapon skins is to increase the replayability of the game. While I would like to use them to generate income, this is the main reason why I added them. I'm not sure how long it'd take to unlock every skin in the game or if it's even possible, but I think I like it like that. Maybe it doesn't take as long as you think.

So, all thats exciting but I do have some sad news. I have decided to cut two weapons from the game, the Old Pistol and the Old Shotgun.

These weapons were mostly jokes and I think most players can agree they're mostly useless. They're also not very good for the weapon skin system, however I'm not deleting them entirely, they will be "retired" as super rare weapon skins, also known as "Artifacts".

Artifacts are extremely rare weapon skins that are unique to the weapon they're assigned to. For example, the Old Pistol is a Pistol skin that changes the sound effects and even brings back the death animation you get when you killed someone with an Old weapon. The Old shotgun is for the Pump Action.

Artifacts will usually have a unique effect for them that make them stand out from other skins just like this. So, the plan is to have at least 1 Artifact skin for every weapon in the game. I can't promise I will achieve that goal but I'm gonna try. There are about 5 Artifacts in the game so far.

So, my apologies if you were a big Old weapon fan, but they just weren't a good fit anymore as fully featured weapons. There is 1 more weapon I might cut from the game but I'd like to avoid it if possible.

So, when can you play the beta? I am thinking March 8th, since thats when I have a long weekend and can work on making sure the game has basic functionality when problems arise.

The beta will be available to players who own ANY of my DLC. This includes, Premium, the new weapon skin DLCs and even the Tunnel Divers DLC. All of it will grant you access to the beta on March 8th, instantly. It will only be available on Steam for now, when the rewrite takes over the current version then it will continue to be F2P as always. The new DLC will be available for purchase on March 8th as well and you will be able to use the skins immediately.

That's all I have today! Thanks for reading. -S
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February 15

Dev Log 2/15/19: Dual-wielding

Happy Friday! Today I'd like to share the finer details of how dual-wielding in the rewrite works.

Dual-wielding is something I've wanted in B-Man in a very long time but couldn't write a system well enough to implement. This time I have, and it's in full swing.

Dual-wielding allows the player to carry and use a one-handed gun in each hand. The design is based on Halo 2, a game a lot of people (or at least old people like me) think of when you think of dual-wielding in video games.

There are some up sides and down sides to dual-wielding, and I can happily break it down for you.

So! When you want to dual-wield, the most obvious way to get started would be from the loadout menu. Select two dual-wieldable weapons, and then click the checkbox to indicate you'd like to spawn dual-wielding them. The checkbox will not appear if the two weapons you select aren't compatible for dual-wielding. You will also be able to indicate dual-wielding when creating saved loadouts.

You can pick up a weapon to dual-wield out on the field as well. Simply walk over the weapon you want to pick up normally, but instead of tapping E to pick up the weapon (or whatever key binding you have), you hold E for a short while instead and you'll pick the weapon up off the ground and into your "off hand" slot. When dropping weapons, you will always drop your off hand weapon first.

When I say your "off hand slot", I am referring to the weapon your character considers your less dominant weapon, which is the one you would pick up off the ground. The secondary weapon slot on the loadout menu will also always be considered your off hand when enabled for dual-wielding.

You are able to tell if the weapon you are holding and the weapon on the ground are compatible for dual-wielding when you get the dual-wield text prompt while standing over the weapon as seen here:

So, you're packing a cannon in each hand, this is great, but whats the downside?

When you are dual-wielding, both weapons will take an accuracy penalty. In the GIF below, I am dual-wielding two Sawn-Off shotguns. I am using the Infinite Ammo mutator to help demonstrate.

Notice how this penalty effects where your character shoots the weapon, but not the cone spread of the shotgun. This is to simulate how the character is having a hard time pointing the shotguns perfectly since he is holding two of them, and not necessarily an accuracy problem with the gun itself. This penalty is the same across all weapons.

Both weapons will also take a 50% reload speed penalty. The reload speed for the Sawn Off while dual wielding and not is compared in the GIF below.

While the spin reload animation is cool looking (and keeps it easy for me on reload animations), it's much slower then if you had both hands readily available.

Carrying an off hand weapon isn't very convenient either. When you change weapons or throw a grenade, you will drop your off hand weapon to do so. See below.

Originally rolling, climbing ladders and even double jumps would force you to drop the off hand weapon, but I figured that was all too much so it's just throwing grenades and changing weapons.

I can always remove penalties or introduce new ones, but we won't know how overpowered or underpowered dual-wielding will be until we test. Right now before releasing the beta, all of this is just throwing a handful of spaghetti straight at the wall.

"Ahh ammo management is gonna be a nightmare!" You might say as a potential dual-wielding user. But it's a lot more flexible then you think. For example, when you dual-wield two of the same weapon, the ammo pool will stack and each weapon hand will use each others ammo.

In the GIF below, I pick up the second Sawn-Off to dual wield it with another. The current ammo pool for each shotgun combines, and the player is able to seamlessly use both ammo pools while dual-wielding, making ammo management a non-issue.

Additionally, when you drop your off hand weapon, it will automatically give your main hand weapon as much ammo as it can, so you don't need to worry about losing ammo when you want to get rid of your off hand or do it by accident.

Again, these ammo management comforts only work when dual-wielding two of the same weapon, obviously combining the Revolver ammo pool with the Sawn-off wouldn't make much sense.

As development goes along, I will always listen to feedback and look for what makes dual-wielding frustrating or under powered due to inconvenience. I would like to see dual-wielding to be used in load outs, but also as an improvisational thing during combat.

And of course, you can turn off dual-wielding on your server via a mutator. There is also an extra mutator setting for it that will let you dual-wield more weapons, but not all of them. Anyone order a quadbarrel?


For a while I was concerned the best thing to do was to remove them from the game..

But it turns out I don't have to. While I had to refactor a lot of code, I managed to find a way to fix this awkward situation, and I would like to re-introduce these two weapons today.

First, the dual weapons have been renamed to "Compact Pistol" and "Compact Uzi" but they still have the same sounds and similar design.

To make them good weapons in a dual-wielding Boring Man universe, these weapons have the special ability to be stored like a secondary weapon. You can also throw grenades with them without dropping your off hand. Demonstrated below.

Please note though, they will still suffer from the reload and accuracy penalties.

Compact weapons are also organic, individual weapons. They can be used by themselves, and their benefits can be used by any other dual-wieldable weapons, so if you're dual-wielding a Revolver and a Compact Pistol, you can still put both of them away without dropping the off hand weapon. It doesn't matter what hand the compact weapon is equipped with, it will still let you put them away.

That's great! But in the original game, you always spawned with two pistols or two SMGs, not one. And to make these weapons individual weapons, I had to cut some of their stats in half.

To circumvent this nerf, an additional bonus to compact weapons is another unique ability which will allow you to spawn with 2 of them when they are a part of your loadout. This will allow you to equip 2 compact weapon and an additional weapons of your choice, just like in the original game.

By default, you will always spawn with two Compact Pistols/Uzis, but if you enable dual-wielding on your loadout, it will switch back to just providing 1 compact weapon so it can be paired with another weapon of your choice.

So, with all that flexibility introduced, the dual weapons have been rescued from the cutting room floor. I'm pretty proud of this system, I think its simple and easy to understand at face value, but I still wanted to go into detail with it.

That's all I have for today, thanks for reading. If you want to follow development, follow me on Twitter here. I also make bad tweets.

Edit: In the future, I would also like to make holding down Q (Change Weapon) to make you equip your holstered weapon as a dual-wield weapon.
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“That was a ton of fun!”

“The only thing we’re not sure about is the title, Boring Man is a lot of things, but it’s definitely not boring!”

About This Game

Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat is the greatest 2D shooter you've never heard of. From a selection of 70 weapons, battle and destroy your enemies using a variety of guns, parkour abilities, dynamite, swords, and so much more.

Boring Man features a wide selection of game modes, and a even more vast collection of mutators that turns your vanilla game mode into a chaotic madhouse.

  • With 70 weapons to choose from, Boring Man offers a huge range of load out customization that can fit nearly every play style.

  • 7 different game modes! Get in touch with your competitive side with classic Capture the Flag, or survive with your friends in the Zombrains game mode.

  • Host your own server for your friends and explore the many mutators in the game, such as the Low Gravity mutator or the Rocket Madness mutator that changes every projectile into a deadly explosive rocket!

  • Traverse the difficult climb maps that will leave you crying!

  • Make your own maps with the BoringEditor map tool!

  • Want even more? Get the Boring Man Premium! edition and have extra customization features for your stick figure soldier, such as hats and colored bullets.

    In Boring Man, it's everything but boring.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

Boring Man contains depictions of violence and "pixel blood". The characters in Boring Man can die in a variety of gruesome ways, but the pixel art keeps it silly.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: ~2.0GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 75 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Portforwarding experience required to host your own server.

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