Unite, defend the Crucibles, fight and prevail. Trade your humanity for the power to master a savage world filled with danger and deadly beasts. Gather resources, craft weapons, traps and equipment. Outsmart and defeat the land’s wild guardians in a co-op open world of action and strategy.
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Mostly Positive (109) - 78% of the 109 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date:
May 17, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

TL;DR: Eden Rising is an open world co-op action game that blends tower defense and survival genres to create a unique multiplayer experience. Early Access will let us adjust to how you and your friends play together. We will be adding lots more content, biomes and new features, including an endless/challenge mode. We’ll work closely with the community on our Discord channel to make the game even better!

With co-op at the core of Eden Rising, community feedback is essential for developing and updating the game. We're far enough along that players can get an idea of where we're going, but still early enough that they can have a say in the future. Every group of friends will have their own mix of playstyles and roles, and Early Access gives us the chance to adjust based on the needs of those groups when adding features and content.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We have a lot more in store for Eden Rising, and we plan to continue to grow and update the game consistently over the coming months, aiming for release at the end of 2018.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Over time the world of Eden Rising will grow larger. We plan to add a breadth of new content to continue the story, which will double the existing content. We’ll also have many more monster varieties, more challenges, and plenty of awesome craftable weapons, armor, and traps.

In addition to content, we also plan to add big features such as Character Customization, Resource Cultivation, an Expanded Item Upgrade system, and an endless/challenge siege mode. Our goal parallel to this is to increase tribe size to a total of 16.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is stable and can support up to 8 players on a server. There are 30+ hours of content available to play right now, as well as the initial story elements. We have 4 diverse biomes and Crucibles to explore and defend, lots of resources to collect, and a variety of monsters to encounter and defeat. The game has several weapon families, each with their own animation move-sets and playstyle.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Yes, the game's price at for Early Access will be lower. The price will be revised as the game evolves and content is added.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We believe that transparency in the development process and open communication are crucial. We will have a public Discord channel to report issues and post feedback. We will also post continual updates and dev diaries for the Community throughout the course of the game's development.

Discord Server
Official Facebook Page
Official Twitter Page
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August 16

The Game Changer - Update Preview

Hi Wardens!

With our final round of 'groundwork' improvements and bug fixes (v0.2.3) due to hit steam next week (more details to come!), which will further improve combat, smooth out some important bugs and lay final groundwork for the next patch.

We thought now was the perfect time to share the goodies we have been working on behind the scenes for a future update. Eden is going to be getting some big improvements and we are excited to give the community a first look!

Creatures and Combat

The monsters found in Eden were never intended to be mindless hack-and-slash enemies. They are dangerous native creatures with their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s our goal to make monsters feel much more challenging, diverse and most of all, FUN to fight.

As such, all monsters in the game are getting a massive overhaul. More animations, more behaviors, and more abilities and attacks will make fighting creatures feel like a much more engaging and challenging experience both in and outside of sieges! Expect more dangerous rampaging attacks, flailing tentacles, deadly areas of effect, damage/weakness types, and windows of opportunity to jump in and take them down.

In conjunction with these changes the balance of enemies you’ll see in the game will have a complete overhaul, making progression feel smoother and more natural, as well as provide a greater diversity of monsters overall with different strengths and weaknesses to exploit and overcome.

In the next patch we'll be adding the first of several enemies that are so tough your blows will bounce off, inflicting very little damage. You'll be able to make use of a new system that will allow for directional attacks, meaning dodging behind a monster and jumping in for a back-stab attack to a vulnerable weak spot will yield effective results. As part of this feature we’ll also have a hard-lock system, so you can focus on a single target, maneuver around them and watch for a perfect opportunity to strike! No more accidentally overshooting or sliding past an enemy during a combo!

Massive Siege Overhaul

To coincide with the balance and behavior changes for monsters all the sieges in the game will be getting a full overhaul as well. In addition to a full balance pass there are several features and improvements that will totally change the way sieges work in the game.

Monster aggro has been given a fundamental change in sieges. Monsters will now pursue their path to the Crucible unless they are actively engaged in combat from the player or hit by a tower. This means monsters will no longer mob aggro the player if approached, they will only respond if directly attacked otherwise continuing their path towards the center of the camp. This change will make sieges feel much more like traditional tower defense and make tower placement and effective use much more important!

As a result of these aggro changes this means that monsters can spawn in greater numbers, and aesthetically in more randomized formations, rather than the single file lines that you currently see! Towers will play a bigger, more active role in your defense, with several new towers in development to add to your arsenal!

Upgrades Galore!

The way you gain tech in the game is also being changed, adding a system of purchasing the tech you and your tribe want, there will also be a system for upgrading your Crucible to grant the tribe various bonuses during sieges.

There is a wide variety of weapons in Eden, and even more coming. To give players a better understanding of their options and the strengths and weaknesses of each we are adding a weapon tree UI that will demonstrate the different branching paths each weapon can take.

User Interface Overhaul

In addition to new UI interfaces for new features, the main UI will be having a full overhaul in a slick and clean to use style!

New Starting Area

To top off all these massive changes to the game Eden will be getting an all new starting experience, complete with its own Crucible challenges and island to explore. Combined with the recently implemented opening cinematic, the new player experience is intended to give players a better introduction to the world, their goals and the flow of combat and sieges before venturing out into the open world.


This is only a high level of the changes that are currently being worked on, the full patch notes will be posted closer to the date of release. We are confident that what is coming for Eden is a total game changer and will really address all the concerns and feedback we have received so far!

Because this major update makes such significant changes to the core of the game, expect that servers will need to be reset to enjoy them. While we understand that it might be frustrating, this is Early Access and we promise the new experience of Eden will be even better, and very different! We will of course give notice to the community before these changes are intended to go live.

We hope you are excited about what’s around the corner for Eden, the feedback and support we have received has been invaluable in helping move forward and make Eden Rising the best it can be.
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August 1

Big Impact Update (v0.2.2) is LIVE!

As promised, the first major combat update is here!

This new patch is focused on our big steps to improving the look and feel of combat. You'll now feel a big improvement in the impacts of your weapons on monsters, and dodging will now feel more reactive and not keep you locked you into attacks as it used to. Today's improvements will pave the way towards more improvements in the very near future.

There's of course a lot more in today's patch which you can check out in full below. Your feedback is important, so please make sure to drop us a message on the official Discord or the Steam forums and tell us what you think!

Full patch notes below:

• Weapon hits on monster feedback have been greatly improved.
  • Improved visual effects for all melee weapon types.
  • Improved timings and impacts.

• Player attacks will hit all monsters more reliably on all types of terrain.
• Player character will no longer get ’caught’ on collision while running.
• The player camera has been moved back and centered.
  • Large tree objects will now fade out to prevent awkward camera clipping.
  • Swapping to a ranged weapon will revert the camera to an over the shoulder view.

• Dodge windows while executing attacks have been tweaked to feel better, allowing more reactive dodging to avoid enemy attacks.
• Failed dodge attempts due to lack of stamina now have an appropriate visual effect and audio.
• Fixed animation popping while dodging.

• Eden Rising has a brand new opening cutscene! Find out how you came to be on Eden!

• Monster hit collisions have been updated to encompass all parts of the monster more accurately.
• Monsters will no longer snap to idle in the middle of an attack.
• Monsters will now play their warning visual effects and animations correctly before triggering the attack.
• Nametag heights for monsters have been repositioned to be more easily visible.

• Entrance to the Fungal Preserve from The Valley has been adjusted to be more obvious and clear.
• Fungal Preserve starting area has been adjusted to include a new vista and clearer pathways.
• Fixed some faulty collision in the Searing Coast that allowed players to go out of bounds.
• Smoothed out the entrance to the Valley.

• Mitigation damage formulas have updated behavior.
• Auto-turret now autofires continually instead of in short bursts with a recharge.
• Withering Turret cooldown time has been adjusted.
• World mini-siege activation radius have been adjusted to better encompass the intended area.
• Siege result screen will now show full score calculation.
• Build points in the Valley and Sulfur pits have been updated to provide new bonus effects.
• Turrets & Pillars will now regenerate mana consistently after it is consumed.

• You can now read the latest patch notes when you launch the game.
• Consumables can now be used from the inventory.
• Items now have tags to indicate their intended use, as well as strengths and weaknesses.
• Pressing ESC during the Crafting or Consumable Pop Up Screens (Progress Bars) will return you to the menu.
• You can now drag onto your character model to equip it.
• Server admins are now able to recover items from offline players.

• Bomb scarabs will no longer instantly disappear on death.
• Null Batons will now display their upgrade icon correctly.
• Discovered tech will no longer display in the Resource Owned Menu (~).
• Fixed a bug where gloves and armor could not be unequipped.
• Crafting will now take into account resource consumption when checking for free inventory slots.
• Fixed a bug where the player would play a damage taken audio without actually being hit.
• Gloves now properly consume mana when used on a valid target.
• Visual effects will now play correctly when using a dye on the hotbar.
• Fungal Preserve center outpost has been adjusted to prevent wild monsters aggroing while a mini siege is in progress.
• Fixed an issue that caused items like consumables and traps to continue to be displayed in the hotbar slots after the player dies.
• Monsters no longer display the ‘armored’ icon when their damage reduction is not in effect.
• Fixed some sulfur volumes in the Shattered Causeway.
• Fixed an animation loop issue with ranged weapon idles.
• Swapping weapons while sprinting will no longer cause the wrong animation to play.
• Swapping weapons will now reset the special attack UI correctly.
• Jump sound effects will now always play.
• Multiple stuck issues fixes in the terrain all across Eden.

Official Facebook Page
Official Twitter Page
Youtube Channel
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“I’m quite impressed with Eden Rising as an Early Access title. Too often these games just feel half-baked when they hit steam. Instead, Nvizzio’s open world tower defense is a delight, polished, and feels really engaging.”

“It's got a gorgeous science-fantasy art style, is being developed by industry vets who've worked on games like The Secret World and Age of Conan, and has some intriguing ideas about how to revive a genre that's long been cold.”

“The team at Nvizzio Creations is hoping to have Eden Rising out of early access by the end of 2018. If it uses that time well, putting polish on this game and smoothing out all its edges, this really will be my favorite game all year.”
Sprites and Dice

About This Game

Unite with your friends in an action packed multiplayer co-op game like no other! Enter the luxurious and savage world of Eden, littered with strange ruins and home to wild creatures. The war between these two forces has been dormant for millennia. Until now. Your arrival has awakened the violent feud between the creatures and the ancient machines, the Crucibles.

Bound to the mysterious Crucibles -- the only sanctuaries in this alien wilderness – you must defend them from waves of vicious attacks. But this doesn’t come without its rewards: in exchange, the Crucibles have promised to make you the new gods of this world, if you survive. Trade your humanity for power, seize the ancient technology, and master this alien world!

● Open world, co-op that blends tower defense action with open world survival.
● Explore a rich, open world full of exotic flora and fauna.
● Survive an alien planet filled with danger around every turn
● Defend the crucibles in action packed tower defense gameplay
● Craft a variety of unique weapons and armor, traps and defenses to defend your base
● 8-player co-op (16-player at full launch); create your own server for your friends or join an open one
● Customize your server difficulty for tribes of any size and control the challenge

Unite as a tribe of nomads. It’s dangerous to go alone, so team up to explore a vast alien realm abundant in both intrigue and danger. Share resources, coordinate strategies, and choose your role in the tribe. Ingenuity and teamwork will be key to giving you an advantage over powerful foes and overcoming the challenges ahead in a unique co-op experience.

Venture into a vibrant, untamed world. Discovery, exploration, and danger awaits in Eden -- an alien landscape littered with ancient ruins, jutting peaks, and strange flora. Each biome is laden with environmental hazards and precious materials, but also home to deadly creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Get equipped with the right tools for the job. The world of Eden is full of useful materials waiting to be discovered. Use them to create unique weapons and armor to aid you in taming the land. Take advantage of a variety of combat styles, weapons, and gear to overcome your enemies.

Make a stand against hordes of hostile creatures. Upgrading the Crucible gives you more power, but be wary – you must lower the shields, leaving your base open to attack! Protect it with a wide variety of crafted traps and defenses, prepare for the onslaught, and call your tribe to arms. Fend off waves of vicious creatures in unique siege events and defend your Crucible!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel 2.3 Ghz Core i5 or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 or AMD equivalent
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel 3.6 Ghz Core i7 7700 or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD equivalent
    • Storage: 5 GB available space

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