Brace yourself for a brand new action-packed Open World. Explore a huge world to gather materials for gear and defenses. Use everything at your disposal to defend your bases and defeat hordes of hostile monsters. Play solo or up to 8-player online!
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May 17, 2019

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May 18

Free-to-Play vs. Ascendant Edition!

Hi Wardens,

We’d like to address the concerns players have about the free-to-play (F2P) version and the Ascendant Edition.

The F2P version is not a demo. While certain parts of the game are limited, this version does not have restrictions regarding your unlocks/gear, your character’s abilities, etc. As we do not offer microtransactions, we do restrict certain content behind the Ascendant Edition.

However, the F2P version is FULLY COMPATIBLE with the Ascendant Edition. If you join an Ascendant Edition server, you have access to that content.

This is also a way for you to experience the co-op of Eden Rising! Our main motivation with the F2P and Ascendant Editions is to build community. If you only want to play with friends and not public servers, only one friend needs to buy the Ascendant Edition for you all to have the content!

We know this is a new kind of business model. The Ascendant Edition is sort of like buying an expansion for a game, plus a few extra perks.

We’re happy to chat with anyone who has questions or would like to discuss with us. :)

- The Eden Rising team

Edited to add our Edition comparison chart. Click for a larger image:

Official Facebook Page
Official Twitter Page
Youtube Channel
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May 17

Eden Rising LAUNCH DAY!

Hi Wardens!

Eden Rising is NOW LAUNCHED! Woooooo!

We now have a free-to-play version with no microtransactions, the Explorer Edition, and the Ascendant Edition for $24.99 US! You can also pick up the new and improved Crystal Weapons Pack as DLC for $6.99 US!

From the Eden Rising team, thank you to all of our Early Access supporters! Your input and energy has been invaluable on the journey to make Eden Rising the best it can be!

Stay tuned in the future for updates, but for now, please join us in celebrating the launch!

Patch notes below. :)

- The Eden Rising team


  • Created a free to play version! Welcome new players! :)
  • Created the Ascendant Edition! Welcome players old and new!
  • Created new DLC: the Crystal Weapons Pack!
  • Created new Steam achievements.
  • Updated the starting questline for all new characters: New quests, new cutscenes, new rewards!
  • Updated the Chimera Prime and Irradiated Chimera Prime -- new attacks, new animations, new VFX.
  • Added a warning for new players when accessing the Browse Worlds list for the first time.
  • Added spawn protection when logging into a world; moving or attacking will disperse the protection.
  • Players joining a server that has reached the Valley Crucible will now teleport to be near the host and skip the tutorial.
  • Added two combat glove forge trees and improved the Repair Glove. Equip one for even more variety in your combat styles!
  • Re-added the improved Symbiote Rod as a reward for a new arena.
  • Updated server browser and added filters to search.
  • Added the ability to specify the server language (does not affect in-game localization).
  • Full weapon balance pass, including significant improvements to ranged weapons (see below).
  • Balance pass on blueprints, including a significant reduction in costs for top-tier defenses.
  • Increased the duration time on special attacks for melee weapons.
  • Reduced size of damage and critical hit numbers, so fighting groups is not overwhelming.
  • Converted the Power-saving Ballista to the Rad Ballista.
  • Added Turret++ factories and bulb gardens for the final siege.
  • Polish pass on the final boss' abilities and updated VFX.
  • Balance pass on monster populations in the Fungal Preserve and Shattered Causeway.
  • Improved the razorgnat zone in the Fungal Preserve and updated their VFX for clarity.
  • Added new telesite towers to the Fungal Preserve cave.
  • Adjusted Fungal Preserve cave monster population.
  • Updated the lair VFX.
  • Improved blending between monster animations.
  • Polish sound pass for monsters, weapons, UI, etc.
  • Added a cone to the minimap to show which way the camera is facing.
  • Polish pass on the ground textures.
  • Optimization pass on vegetation.
  • Updated the Main Menu to show available DLC if players don't own it.
  • Updated the game logo and game icon.

  • Fixed the all weapons in the polarity and conversion rod trees to correctly use their 4 step combo.
  • Conversion rod heavy attacks now correctly build the special meter.
  • Healing from the Parasite Glaive's life steal now provides a consistent value across all upgrades.
  • The Gauss Slinger's special shot is now available on a correctly reduced cooldown.
  • Normalized all DoT damage so that it is consistent and is no longer multiplied or mitigated based on the direction of its initial application. DoTs will also no longer be multiplied by withering turrets or similar effects.
  • Base Damage done by most DoTs has been increased.
  • Bleed effects from the Razor Glaive and Razor Bident can now stack.
  • Bleed effects from the Saw Glaive and Saw Bident can now stack.
  • Bone Hammer now completely penetrates armor, but no longer applies armor break.
  • Chitin Hammer now correctly increases the aggro generated by the wielder.
  • The Chitin Hammer now applies the Cripple effect (damage debuff) with its heavy attack, base damage has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Null stack weakness now only applies to null weapons, and null weapons no longer count as electric.
  • Damage debuffs have been unified under the cripple status effect, these effects no longer stack but applying a new status will refresh the duration of the most potent of these debuffs.
  • Weapons in the Bone Bombard tree now completely penetrate armor.
  • Normalized the Damage on Polarity Weapons.
  • Improved the Damage over Time applied from the alternate phase of the Gemini Batons, Phase switching out of the alternate phase will also leave a short additional Damage over Time effect.
  • Combo steps 1 - 4 with all Glaive weapons now increase the special meter by a slightly lower amount, combo step 5 increases the special meter by a slightly higher amount.
  • A larger proportion of the damage dealt by the Strombringer Bident is assigned to its Chain Lightning effect.
  • Alkali and Corrosive monsters now correctly have fire resistances as indicated by their bestiary entries.
  • Increased the multiplier for successful backstabs for all weapons in the Claw Bident branch.
  • Adjusted the base damage of the weapons in the Claw Bident branch to better suit their purpose.
  • Increased the damage multiplier on the Polarity Bident's discharge.
  • Increased the critical damage done by hitting weakspots with weapons in the Chitin Slinger tree and adjusted the base damage of these weapons.
  • Added Radiation buff stacks to the standard attacks of weapons in the Gamma Slinger tree.
  • Increased the damage of all Bombard weapons to be more competitive against Slinger weapons.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by un-aimed blast shots on all Slingers so that precision shots are more optimal.
  • Weapons in the Bone Bombard tree take longer to charge their shots but deal significantly higher damage.
  • Fragmentation Bombard has a larger blast radius.
  • Special shot from the Quake Bombard has a more powerful stun effect.
  • Napalm Bombard now correctly deals fire splash damage and applies burning through the special attack.
  • Increased the strength of the fire vulnerability debuff applied by Firefeeder weapons.
  • Circuit charger can now hit an additional target with chain lightning.
  • Infectious Slinger special attack now reliably behaves as described.
  • Cloudkill Bombard and Glaive special attacks now behave as described.
  • Static Storm special attack now behaves as described.
  • Increased the Damage over Time dealt by Corrosion and Radiation.
  • Reduced the base damage of corrosive and radiation weapons.
  • Added additional damage alongside corrosion stacks to the Corrosive Cloud applied by Cloudkill weapons.
  • Slightly increased the rate of radiation application from the Radstrike Glaive.
  • Increased the rate of corrosion application from the Acidburst Glaive.
  • Increased the corrosion applied by the Corrosive Glaive's special attack.
  • Significantly increased the Damage over Time caused by Burning.
  • Reduced the damage done by the Blazestorm Hammer's Fire Spiral, but the attack now causes targets to burn.
  • Slightly reduced the base damage on Fire and Electrical weapons.
  • Burning status from Pyro Slinger, Infernal Slinger, Napalm Bombard, Blazestorm Hammer, and Igniter turrets is now able to stack.

  • Swapping to an empty weapon slot will no longer lock character movement.
  • Fixed equipment unlock notifications so they don't spam on login.
  • Weapons, gloves, and turrets should now correctly trigger death effects on monsters based on damage type.
  • Fixed the polarity bident discharge attack.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could bypass inventory restrictions by using the quick transfer method if using a keyboard.
  • Fixed a lair being unable to trigger at the Searing Coast.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the Bone Bombard would reduce stamina to zero.
  • Enveration Pillar variants should now behave as described.
  • Fixed an issue where a freeze would sometimes occur if joining a world from your own world.
  • Fixed an issue where a large portion of the deep water in the Searing Coast would not trigger a death state when the player fell in.
  • Fixed the camera rotating wildly when using lock-on on enemies in very close melee range.
  • Fixed the looping animation on ranged weapons when viewing other players.
  • Updated the lore biome locations.
  • Monster kills should now correctly increase the timer at outpost sieges.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could interact with traps after detonation to redeploy them indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where using a hammer special on a downed Gorgon would cancel the attack opportunity.
  • Ranged weapons (and the added gloves) should properly deal damage to the back of armored enemies.
  • New lore and bestiary entries should properly indicate they're new.
  • Consuming items while wearing the Bone Cuirass or its upgrades should no longer result in the player being stuck for a second.
  • Critical multiplier values on equipment should display correctly in tooltips.
  • Tooltip comparison values should display correctly when a piece of equipment lowers a stat.
  • The proximity corrosion cylinder now correctly applies corrosion to all types of Gorgons.
  • Music and background sounds should now consistently play in Ultima Thule.
  • Updated the lair siege UI for clarity.
  • Scarab Trap pulses now hit monsters not within the initial aggro radius.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of defenses or consumable displayed on the HUD will not properly decrease if the player's inventory contains more than 10 units of that defense or consumable.
  • The message concerning the siege's difficulty vs. the number of players displayed before starting a siege should not give the proper message.
  • It is now possible to dodge while in build mode.
  • Sprinting and strafing while hard locked now plays the proper character animation.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the dodge button and the switch to build mode button at the exact same time creates a state where the defense preview is displayed while the weapon mode is still enabled.
  • The map now properly displays the telesites and Crucible where you can respawn in the Shattered Causeway.
  • Monsters' knockbacks now push the player in the correct direction.
  • Fixed the healing pillar's animations.
  • The charging bar now hides if the activation time of an ability is small.
  • Cave gorgon's roar now plays at the correct time.
  • Fixed an issue where the controller buttons wouldn't be properly recognized if the controller was used during loading.
  • Fixed the mouse button used to place a waypoint on the map.
  • The Thulian Oracle's animations play properly after using his fire attack.
  • Pressing the back button in the options menu while in-game no longer performs a dodge with the character.
  • Mortar turrets don't go invisible when switching from idle to attack mode.
  • Finale ambush barriers now have sounds when destroyed.
  • The dark green indicator on the health bar no longer gets stuck when the player is hit.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing specific keys together at a certain time caused the Main Menu to disappear or bundle with other menus.
  • Fixed an issue where secondary weapon icons would show other players' weapon.
  • The Manticore's flurry attack should now correctly hit the player if the player moves into range after the attack starts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Manticore would sometimes momentarily freeze on aggro.
  • Pressing A-D correctly switches view when dying out of sieges in multiplayer.
  • Player can no longer jump over the Living Wall leading to the Fungal Preserve.
  • VFX displayed on the ground no longer display over the character if she steps on it.
  • Scarab Traps and Gorgon Subjugators can no longer be damaged by monsters before detonating.
  • The host can no longer kick themselves out of their own World.
  • Fixed an issue where if two players place a defense at the exact same time while the power left will only allow one more defense, one of the players would enter a broken state.
  • Fixed an issue where players could aggro siege monsters and jump out of reach causing the monsters to go back to where their original position instead of finding the next waypoint on their pathing.
  • Fixed an issue where the stamina bar would deplete if the player held shift and quickly tapped a movement key.
  • Siege monsters should not bounce or clip over the edges of a lane while progressing towards the Crucible.
  • Fixed an issue where the Start Siege UI would clip with other UI elements.
  • Roaming monsters should now correctly gain aggro on defense items placed far away from them.
  • The player can no longer jump on activated or de-activated turrets.
  • The background properly loads after unlocking the next tier of a Crucible.
  • Removed z-fighting from low-lying sulfur areas.
  • Fixed an issue where the forge button had to be clicked twice to forge equipment.
  • The Eden and Ascendant Armors now display the correct stats in the results panel of the Forge Equipment screen.
  • Players can no longer activate a different Crucible while a ready check is in progress. They can, however, still teleport between Crucibles during that time.
  • Fixed various stuck bugs.

Official Facebook Page
Official Twitter Page
Youtube Channel
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“I’m quite impressed with Eden Rising as an Early Access title. Too often these games just feel half-baked when they hit steam. Instead, Nvizzio’s open world tower defense is a delight, polished, and feels really engaging.”

“It's got a gorgeous science-fantasy art style, is being developed by industry vets who've worked on games like The Secret World and Age of Conan, and has some intriguing ideas about how to revive a genre that's long been cold.”

“The team at Nvizzio Creations is hoping to have Eden Rising out of early access by the end of 2018. If it uses that time well, putting polish on this game and smoothing out all its edges, this really will be my favorite game all year.”
Sprites and Dice

About This Game

Eden Rising has two Editions:
  • The Explorer Edition, which is free-to-play and no microtransactions. The Explorer Edition lets you access 3 huge areas, the Explorer sieges, and an extended questline, as well as the usual gameplay. Explorer Edition players will also be able to enjoy Ascendant Edition features if they join an Ascendant Edition server.
  • The Ascendant Edition, which is the entire game. This unlocks all areas, sieges, armor dyes, gear unlocks, and more.

    Both versions are fully compatible! Players will be able to join up with friends no matter which version of the game they have.

    Eden Rising is a brand new action-packed Open World game! Explore the vast world of Eden and defend your bases from hordes of alien monsters. Make use of everything you collect to craft powerful defenses, upgrade your weapons, and unlock challenges.

  • Explore a vast open world and uncover the secrets of Eden!
  • Craft awesome weapons, armor, and defenses!
  • Defend your bases!
  • Play solo or up to 8 player online co-op!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel 2.3 Ghz Core i5 or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 or AMD equivalent
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel 3.6 Ghz Core i7 7700 or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD equivalent
    • Storage: 5 GB available space

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