Get wasted or get wasted trying in WASTED, a roguelike post-apocalyptic pub crawler. Fight tooth and nail, bullets and baseball bats in search of Booze, gain strange mutational Hangovers, and explore the Coolers in search of powerful weapons, armor, and a nice stiff drink to top it all off.
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Release Date:
Jun 7, 2016

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July 18

WASTED Build 1000

Howdy, Wasters! Mr. Podunkian back again after probably not enough time for you guys to miss me for another small update to the game!

Hoo-boy, we're finally at build 1000 (!), and while I was trying to save such a momentous build number for something really, really cool, well, these little bugs decided to rain on my parade. There's always build 2000 to look forward to, right...?

As I mentioned before, it's mostly little bugfixes in this one, but build 1000 also includes the new Mods menu, which displays a list of any mods that've successfully been loaded with the game. Mod authors can also now include a file named mod_info.cfg with their mods that can include some information about their hard work, which'll affect how the mod is displayed in the mod menu. This file can be filled with text describing the changes to the game their mods make, or even instructions or special gameplay mechanics that're specific to their mods. I'm hoping to parlay the work I've put into this into full Steam Workshop integration, but that'll have to wait for a future update.

The format of mod_info.cfg should be as follows:
Displayed mod name Displayed author's name A description of the mod and all of its changes spanning as many lines or pages of text as the mod author sees fit.

Most of the included example mods also have a mod_info.cfg file included in case you need some examples!

In addition to bugfixes, the update exposes a few more aspects of the game to the modding API, which should hopefully allow our intrepid mod authors to change the game up in ways that weren't possible before including the creation of new equipment mods! I'll be working in the future to open more of this stuff up now that I've reaccustomed myself to the codebase.

Thanks again for all of your support and patience -- the discussion boards have been monumentally helpful in finding and fixing these issues. By that same token, please let me know if you encounter any issues and I'll get to squashing those darned bugs posthaste!

Beyond bug-fixes, I'll be working in the upcoming months to try to come up with some new content for the game -- nothing major, but hopefully enough to give old players of the game a reason to take another trip to the Western Wastes!

Hasta la vista, behbeh.

- Arthur "Mr. Podunkian" Lee

Changelog for build 1000:
  • Added an in-game Mods menu that displays a list of all mods that're currently enabled!
  • Fixed an issue where player inputs were getting eaten up if they'd interacted with a UI element. Thanks to Ratha Wynter for helping me track this one down!
  • Sternly reminded the S.O.B. Purifier on the title screen that the big red light's supposed to come out of it eyes, not floating around nebulously around the back of its head. Guess someone wasn't too happy about having an entire game mode dedicated to getting rid of him.
  • Added a stack limit to the Chowitzer and Rotaway items. Sorry to all of you weirdos running around with dozens of pills and pizza sandwiches in your pockets.
  • Corrected some data entry errors (read: typoes) with the Alienator weapon that allowed it to somehow fire while it was already firing. Double firing. Oh my god. It's a double firing gun. All the way. Dude. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. (Are double rainbow jokes still cool?)
  • Corrected an issue with certain enemy attacks (such as the Tank boss's lasers and rockets) that would cause them to secretly double fire the first time they're used. Double fire. Whoaaa. All the way... Duuuuude. (Thanks to king bore haha for help finding this one!)
  • Modding API: Added a Register() function to EquipmentModification.
  • Modding API: Exposed ArmorModification and EquipmentModification to the API.
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July 9

Relaxed Mode/S.O.B. Purifier Disable! (Build 995) (Update: Hotfix Build 997)

W...Wasters?! Mr. Podunkian here, blowing the dust off this thing for a totally unexpected update.

First things first, how are you? Good? Good.

Now, I know it's been a hot minute since I've updated WASTED, but after some light prodding from some of our community members (notably from king bore haha, creator of the extremely excellent WASTED: Binge Edition, and Big Boon, of the WASTED Wikia), I decided to jump back in with a few light changes to warm up.

One of the biggest reasons I was resisting putting together a new update for the game was that newer versions of the Unity engine straight-up broke the rendering for the game. The first person weapon models, which were already dependent on very intricate rendering tricks to get looking right, were showing up completely see through and many of the game elements were showing weird SSAO artifacts.

Still, I persisted and after a few days of work, I managed to get things looking normal (or at least, normal-ish) under the new Unity engine!

As such, I'm expecting some things to break slightly, and others to break in horrifying ways. I'll be monitoring the discussion boards ravenously to try to catch any major issues as they arise. Additionally, because many of the game's shaders ended up having to be swapped out, modified, or replaced, you may notice some slight visual differences between previous builds and the new one.

This update also includes a feature I'm finally giving in to. Players who start a new game will now be presented the option to play the original game or to play a new "Relaxed Mode" which disables the entire S.O.B. Purifier mechanic. Previous versions of the game included a mod file that did the same thing, but browsing through recent Steam reviews, it was clear people hadn't figured out how to enable it, so I've decided to include it as an ingame option. Playing the game on Relaxed Mode won't have any effect on your ability to unlock achievements (besides the ones that involve the Purifier in some way), but once Relaxed Mode has been engaged, you won't be able to re-enable the S.O.B. Purifier without starting a new game.

Besides that, there are plenty of other bug-fixes, big and small, including a major fix to the level generator that will (hopefully??) fix the long-standing "doorway to nowhere" bug that I've been flagged hundreds of times on... Please, PLEASE, let that be fixed...

Lastly, thanks everyone for your support over the years! This update truly would not have happened without the support of the community, and I'm deeply moved by the feedback I continue to get on the game. I hope, in the coming months, to be able to pay you all back with some new features I've been tossing around in my head, but as with all things WASTED, this could just be the booze talking!


- Arthur "Mr. Podunkian" Lee

Changelog for build 995:
  • Upgraded the game to the latest version of the Unity engine, in addition to updating the pathfinding backend.
  • Migrated some post processing effects to Unity's new post process stack, which means some visuals may not match previous versions of the game. The upshot of this is that anti-aliasing should actually work now!
  • Fixed an issue with level generation that sometimes allowed doors that weren't physically close to one another to be connected, causing the infamous "doorway to nowhere" bug and breaking the space time continuum.
  • Vulture Val now sells Cassettes in New Game+ if you've unlocked the Jukebox in a previous playthrough. Wherehouse, eat your heart out!
  • Fixed an issue where knockback wasn't properly being reduced by 5% per level of HIT due to some misplaced parenthesis in the algorithm.
  • Added an ingame option to toggle the S.O.B. Purifier timer. Another option to disable the S.O.B. Purifier's positional display on the minimap will be added in a future version for those of you who really, really want to play the hardest version of this game possible.
  • The player's first person weapon now visually tracks ahead rather than behind. You probably won't notice this, so I don't know why I changed it!
  • Fixed a null reference error that was caused by the second boss's rockets, causing them to deal no damage.
  • Armor damage reduction can no longer be negative, granting a damage increase rather than reducing the amount of damage received.
  • Touched up the background art on the loading screen, so you have something nicer to look at while the game loads... and loads... and loads...

Update (build 997):

There was an issue where the game would lose cursor lock after alt-tabbing away from the game that's caused by an issue with the Unity Engine. The only known workaround for this issue is to allow the game to run in the background, but changing that is something I think would annoy a lot of players, so what I've done is allowed the game to run in the background, but implemented logic on the scripting end to pause game logic and to mute audio when the game is not focused (effectively pausing the game when it's not in focus). I'll undo this hack once Unity fixes it on the engine side.

Beside that, there's a fix for a weird particle "swirl" I noticed with thrown Ger-nades.
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“So adorable, I could just shoot you in the bad place”
Game Informer

“It has that roguelike and dungeon-crawling charm that I'm quite fond of”

“So drunk with humor that it's impossible not to enjoy”
Den of Geek

About This Game

Kill, drink, and kill some more in WASTED, a roguelike post-apocalyptic pub crawler set in a lawless wasteland that lives and dies by the rules “Get wasted, or get wasted trying.”

When a thermonuclear blitzkrieg deprives America of its greatest minds, the very hardiest specimens of humanity cling on to life. From the ashes of old America, a new world emerges, and an ersatz, post-apocalyptic, stillborn 80’s continues indefinitely, populated entirely by the toughest, meanest, and outright dumbest of God’s creations, the Wasters.

Live the life of a Waster, fighting tooth and nail, bullets and baseball bats over the most precious of unnatural resources, a liquid from beneath the sands that fuels all of un-civilization: Booze. Gain strange mutational Hangovers and explore the Coolers, mysterious underground bunkers, in search of powerful weapons, impressive armor, and a nice stiff drink to top it all off. Who knows, maybe you'll uncover some old world secrets while you're at it.

Or don't, because death comes quick in the Western Wastes, and what's yours today just might be picked off your pile of guts tomorrow.


Get Wasted...
Customize your character through the S.H.O.T.S. system by drinking irradiated bottles of Booze. Gain powerful Hangovers and mutate yourself with a myriad of permanent abilities. Bolster your strengths by wearing gnarly, 80's inspired clothing, and arm yourself with an impressive array of things to beat, shoot, disintegrate, or explode your enemies with!

...Or Get Wasted Trying
Explore giant, procedurally generated Coolers in search of loot, but beware vicious raiders, disgusting mutants, and a plethora of deadly traps that'll stop at nothing to turn you into a messy pile of guts. Make your way to the bottom-most level of the Cooler in any way you choose: sneaking your way past your foes, obliterating them with brute force, or maybe even fooling them into fighting one another. Scrounge up ammo and items from your surroundings and loot the bodies of dead enemies for their stuff. Just take care not to overextend yourself - when your character dies, they're gone for good.

Carve Out Your Own Little Slice Of The Wastes
Build up your persistent player home and keep it stocked with weapons and supplies to keep you alive and ticking. Carve out your own little slice of the wastes by fitting your house with amenities like workbenches, kitchens, and gardens and decorate it with junk you find through your travels. Should the wastelands relieve you of your livelihood, your stuff will live on for the next Waster who stumbles upon your home.

Leave Your Mark
The choices you make and the way you act will have profound effects on the future of the Western Wastes. Visit the various locales of the Western Wastes of California, trade sheets of TP for valuable supplies, and help other Wasters out by taking on their requests. Make friends with the wasteland's, um, more "interesting" personalities, and you'll be rewarded with unique goods and services. Who knows, you might even end up altering the future of the wastelands forever!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated graphics card with 512MB VRAM and Shader model 3.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

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