This is an isolated town, a town of memories that have been forgotten by its people. However, this small town has not been quiet and peaceful since the murders began... Time passes by, where are the sinful spirits going? Are my memories reality, or just a dream?
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18. feb. 2012

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“There's no absolute right or wrong in Notch. Every character brings us an unforgettable and unconditional love.”

“Everyone in the story has a dual nature. Everyone has a dark side that was characterized vividly.”

“This story left a different 'Notch' in my heart that I will never forget.”

Om dette spil

Are my memories reality, or just a dream?

This is an isolated town, a town of memories that have been forgotten by the people.
However, this small town has not been quiet and peaceful since the murders began.
Old memories have been awoken by the tragedy that began this summer,
People are being forced to face the difference between illusion and reality.
These people sometimes escape their daily lives in dreams of the ruin and rebirth,
Only to awaken from dreams to their beloved is gone forever.

Alpha Episode

No matter what the world changes into...
No matter what our lives become of...
I am by your side, and rise to the bloodbath.
Time passes by,
Where are the sinful spirits going?
Whose life are they calling for?

Omega Episode

What is goodness? What is evil?
What is love? What is hatred?
You, have already become a shadow in my dream upon the uncovered reality.
After suffering while searching for you,
I understand how important you are to me.
If I could hold your hand again, I would never let you go despite anything that happens.
My dream is as real as a deep decayed abyss.
The flower blossomed by evil is called redemption.

Game Features

  • Play through 10+ hours of story with multiple branching routes and 14 unique endings.
  • Over 50 songs created by the most talented composers and musical organizations.
  • A vibrant world brought to life by the artwork of talented artists.

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