The Guild 3 is a fascinating trade and life simulation that takes place during the late Middle Ages. Step into the shoes of a citizen, acquire businesses and mansions, produce goods and trade them, start intrigues in politics and society, love, hate, bribe, fight and live through good and bad times!
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Sep 26, 2017

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“The Guild is an established brand with a loyal userbase that has been waiting for many years for this sequel. As we're nearing completion and balancing/polishing the game, we want to have feedback from as many fans as possible, to be sure the finished version will meet everyone’s expectations, and that we'll be able to incorporate as many of our fans suggestions as possible, before the official release.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We haven’t set a fixed end date as this depends heavily on you, but we assume a duration of at least 4-6 months.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The only differences will be those made due to feedback from the fans, and of course final fixes. We also plan to add more languages and scenario maps.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

UPDATE June 2018:
The Guild 3 got an additional development studio: Purple Lamp Studios.

We will continue to improve the game and its performance. Multiplayer and other features, like societies and the sovereign, will be implemented during the coming months. The Guild 3 will continue to stay in Early Access until all features have been implemented and we - and you! - are happy with it.

Early Access is fully playable but in need of balancing and (performance) optimization. Participants can expect minor and few major bugs, that we will fix during Early Access. At beginning of Early Access, the game will be playable in English and German only - more languages (e.g. French, Spanish and more) will be added by the end of the Early Access period –voice output will follow at release.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Yes, the Early Access version will cost less than the full version, so Early Access players will get a great incentive to join early and shape up the game together with us.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We will interact with the community regularly on the steam community page of the game - please note, that all Early Access related threads will be deleted at the end of the Early Access phase.
And we've setup a redmine bugtracker for bugreports. Redmine is free, easy to use and no registration is required:

Additionally to that, we use the following Discord server during the Early Access, where you can give us feedback as well (we will read everything, although this will not be a 24/7support service:”
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August 29

Patch notes for version EA 0.5.5 – August 29, 2018

Steam build number: 559840

New features
- With EA 0.5.5 we changed the HUD almost completely. We hope that you find the new arrangement of the HUD elements more comfortable.
- We've moved the portrait of your avatar - it lead to irritations, because the position of the portrait was similar to where the currently selected character is displayed in other games. In the upper left corner you now find all functionalities which relate directly to your dynasty. Many of you assumed that the XP bar showed the experience of your avatar, but instead the XP bar shows the experience of your entire dynasty. To make its meaning more obvious we placed the crest of the dynasty, the XP bar, your dynasty's title in roman numbers and your money in the top-left corner. Additionally you have access to the skill book, the diary and the statistics. You can open your family tree by clicking on your family's crest.
- Selected objects (characters, buildings) are displayed at the bottom left from now on. When you select a character, you will see his/her current activity near the the portrait. Next to that, you will also find all the available actions for the selected object.
- Several of you asked if we could change the selection system so that there mustn't always be a selected object, and we changed that with this patch. If you from now on left-click somewhere in the world, you will release your current selection. In order to make it comfortable for you to access your avatar at any time you can simply click your avatar’s portrait - or simply press the "C" key, like before. A white outline shows you if the character is selected.
- With this version we introduce a brand new character inspection window. You can access it via the "i" button next to the selected character and via the “i” key on your keyboard (if the selected object is a building, then the "i" key and button open the production or trade menu). In the inspection window you can see the equipment, attributes and other details at a glance. We will add more values in the future. And we will implement that you first need to spy on someone before you are able to see what is inside their inventory. We hope that you like the new and well-arranged character inspection window.
- In the upper center of the HUD you find all options which are related to your opponents and/or with the city: Questbook, Book of Dynasties, Book of Societies and City Records.
- We have changed the time display and the display of the game speed in the upper right, so that it needs less space. When you pause the game the display blinks in red. You can find the name of the scenario map on which you are playing by opening the area map.
- The size of the button that opens the "erect building" menu has been reduced and moved to the bottom right, next to the compass.
- When you use actions with a cooldown you can now see the remaining time until you can use the action again.
- The scenario map "Vienna and Presporok" has been optimized regarding performance. The map itself will be re-worked in a later patch.

New features (under the hood)
You will benefit from the following features in patches to come, because they allow us to implement actions, artefacts and so on more efficiently.
- We are now able to implement status effects, both temporary and permanent. Status effects are affecting the status of a character, e.g. a disease changes the character status from "healthy" to "ill", with a wide range of attribute modifiers.
- The new system allows us to create effects with duration related impact. For example, we can have "healing over time" for potions and "damage over time" for poisons.
- We are now able to trigger effects in multiple ways. For example, a disease can have different temporary effects or a poison can permanently reduce the character’s movement speed.
- With the new activity and effects system we can now define critical successes and critical failures for actions. Meaning, that some actions may have grand successes or dramatic failures in the future - depending on your character's skills, on the skills of the target and other circumstances :)

Bug fixes
- Fixed a crash when an AI dynasty tried to compliment a citizen.
- Fixed a crash when you clicked on the dead leader of another dynasty in the Book of Dynasties.
- It was possible that the game crashed when you clicked with the right mouse button in the main menu.
- From now on, tooltips should only be displayed when they are supposed to be displayed.
- Ships and horse carts will change their direction more smoothly now.
- The confirm button is always displayed from now on when you build a new building, except if there's no name in the input box.
- Fixed a bug where on some maps certain businesses could not be built, even though all the requirements were met. This fix only works on new games, if you have a savegame with this issue it will still persist.
- Fixed an issue on the Magdeburg map where Characters would have issues entering the mine and the grove north of the city.
- The purchasing habits of citizens has been adjusted. From now on you should find more resources in the market and the price evolution for items should be improved.

- The following buildings have been optimised and were given 3 additional LOD-levels.
- port
- marketplace

Known issues
- Some of the building portraits do not yet fit properly into the new selected building portrait display.
- Character models in the inspection window do not get updated when they change clothes.
- Character portraits sometimes need a few seconds before the portrait of the character appears after a game has been loaded
- When you keep a building which is under construction selected until it is finished, its action bar is not present until you select another building and then the new building again.

Important information
If you are experiencing difficulties with loading and saving the game, you may attempt to delete all files from the folder “Games” in the installation directory of The Guild 3.
It is quite possible that some problems that you have in your game are caused by missing or corrupted files. In this case, the following can help: right-click on "The Guild 3" in your Steam library, then Properties - LOCAL FILES - VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES...

What we are planning for the next patch
- We will improve the process of erecting new buildings, incl. the search for a building plot.
- We will implement a new AI master system for automating your workers and transporters in your businesses.
- We will continue our efforts to optimize the current AI in order to reduce the possibility that AI characters got stuck in endless loops.

A short outlook...
Our designers will start to repair and finalize actions and artefacts as well as implement new ones.


We value your feedback!
If you have the time, we would appreciate it if you could fill out a short survey regarding the changes we made in patch EA 0.5.5: Google Form
Please note: we do not collect any personal information other than your feedback - you will remain completely anonymous. This survey end the day we release the patch EA 0.5.6 .
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August 9

Patch notes for version EA 0.5.4 – August 9, 2018

Steam build number: 311261

New features
- As announced, we have taken a look at the issues behind poor performance and inefficient memory usage when loading and playing savegames. We have now improved memory usage patterns which should result in shorter loading times and better performance in general (in particular when playing for extended periods of time and after loading savegames) in EA 0.5.4.
- To further improve performance, we have now implemented that only characters which are currently in the field of view of the camera are animated and not as before, every character on the map.
- Up until now, the amount of available products in the market hardly had an impact on price development. This has now been changed, so you should check more frequently if prices have shifted and if you need to optimise your supply chains. As part of these changes we have extracted many economy-related parameters from the code so that we can iterate more quickly in the future when it comes to the in-game economy.
- The re-work of the visualisation of selected characters is completed as of EA 0.5.4. You will now see a small bluish circle around all your characters. The circle of your dynasty leader will be gold-coloured. When you select one of your characters, the white circle will be highlighted more visibly. It should therefore now be easier to identify and select your own characters, especially within larger crowds.
- Character portraits which are displayed above buildings now display the profession and dynasty affiliation of a character. This should make it easier to select the correct character.
- The colour of the clothing in character portraits now also correctly reflects the dynasty colours. In order to reinforce this effect, we have replaced the blurry dynasty coat of arms in the background with the dynasty’s colour. Furthermore, we have adjusted the angle and distance from which character portraits are taken.
- When losing a game, it is no longer necessary to quit the entire game in order to begin a new one. Instead, you can now load a savegame or simply return to the main menu.
- Several maps have been re-worked in order to improve, performance as well as economy, available space for new buildings and arrangement of city districts. The following maps have been revised so far:
- Magdeburg
- Augsburg
- Visby
- Paris

Bug fixes
- Employees who are being controlled by the master AI will now immediately resume their activity after a savegame is loaded.
- Transporters will now resume their previously defined trade routes after a savegame is loaded.
- AI-controlled dynasties previously only reproduced if a marriage partner was already defined at the start of a scenario. Dynasties without marriage partners did not work towards achieving marriages, therefore leading to their eventual extinction. We have now implemented changes which will result in the AI socially interacting with other characters (paying compliments, entering relationships, marrying). The AI is currently not yet acting towards greater strategic plans when doing so, but this fix is merely the first improvement and we aim to continually improve this behaviour with upcoming updates.
- Characters should no longer get “stuck” as often when attempting to interrupt another character. The causes of this bug were particular distances and angles between the two characters.
- Abilities which interrupted the activity of NPCs will no longer interrupt their other routines. NPCs that just loiter around should therefore appear less frequently.
- The building menu of level 2 and 3 businesses should now open with a double-click on the building, as is already the case with level 1 businesses.
- Deceased characters will now no longer appear in residential buildings.
- Characters watching juggling performances will now no longer stand inside each other.
- The shadow calculation was improved so that shadows shouldn’t be cut off very close to the camera anymore.
- The white outline of selected characters should now also include their backpacks.
- Several texts were corrected, e.g. for henchmen, innkeepers, and news concerning the hospital and far distance travel.

- The following buildings have been optimised and were given 3 additional LOD-levels.
- alchemist levels 1 - 3
- barracks levels 1 - 3
- warehouse
- Additionally the roof colour of all residential buildings without thatched roofs has been changed, thus making them easier to distinguish.

Known issues
- Certain barrels are currently missing textures.
- There are some errors in the behaviour of AI-dynasties which can lead to AI characters not finishing certain actions under specific conditions. We will continuing working to fix that system.
- In very rare cases you may get a crash related to missing items in a save game. We already found the issue and will fix it.

Important information
If you are experiencing difficulties with loading and saving the game, you may attempt to delete all files from the folder “Games” in the installation directory of The Guild 3.
It is quite possible that some problems that you have in your game are caused by missing or corrupted files. In this case, the following can help: right-click on "The Guild 3" in your Steam library, then Properties - LOCAL FILES - REVIEW FILES TO ERROR

What we are planning for the next patch
- A re-work of the HUD, making it easier to understand, navigate and find information.
- Based on community feedback, we want to change the rules according to which the player avatar is selected.
- We will complete the refactoring of the skills system in order to allow our designers to begin repairing, improving and iterating on character skills.

A short outlook...
We will shift our main focus to character skills and improve the construction of buildings.


We value your feedback!
If you have the time, we would appreciate it if you could fill out a short survey regarding the changes we made in patch EA 0.5.4: Google Form
Please note: we do not collect any personal information other than your feedback - you will remain completely anonymous. This survey will end on August 22nd 2018.
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About This Game

We find ourselves in middle Europe of the year 1400. The dark middle ages, once dominated through nobles and clergy, ends and a new era begins: the age of the free cities of trading and of the free mind!
In The Guild 3 you create a family dynasty which can last for centuries. While the world around you and your dynasty rearrange itself again and again - all non-player figures make their own decisions - you have to prove your skills in handicrafts and trading, at social occasion and finally in politics and in malicious intrigues.
The Guild 3 is a unique mixture of economic simulation, strategy game, historical life simulation and role playing game in real time 3D, with atmospheric voice recording and medieval soundtrack.

The game is currently in Early Access and therefore in development. It will be regularly updated, so if you are looking for information regarding the current state please check-out the game's community hub and latest patch notes.

Upon release of the game you will be able to experience ...
  • ... historical medieval cities and their surroundings located in central and northern Europe. Every city fully supports all 4 seasons and a day/night cycle.
  • ... the challenges of forming, maintaining and developing a family that becomes stronger with every generation ... or if done badly vanish.
  • ... a fight for power that requires you to excel in economics, politics and diplomacy.
  • ... a multiplayer mode that will challenge your friendships and tests your backstabbing abilities. (Not yet available in the EA version)
  • ... a new player in the game for power - Guilds! Join one of the famous guilds (e.g. the Alchemists Guild), support your fellows and get supported, get access to special powers of your guild and try to mold your city and whole scenario map according to your guilds philosophy!

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2 GB Direct3D 11 capable video card (GeForce GTX 470 or Radeon HD 5850)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound card
    • Additional Notes: These are preliminary system specs that can and will change!
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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