"The Eastern Sacrifice" is an idle management game. Traverse a dark, mystical cultivation world, defeat heresies, collect resources, and build your dedicated sect. Attain abundant offerings, seize powers, become the supreme Fate, and plunge heretics into chaos.
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About This Game


Transcending the realm of cultivation, becoming a deity of a sect, the nascent consciousness realizes that the once grand sect is now left with just a single person. Due to a long lack of incense offerings, the once mighty deity has weakened to the most feeble Unknown [Terror]. No matter, since the crossing was successful, let's start with this sole remaining disciple, growing stronger, and recreating the glory that once was.

Do not ascend! Do not ascend! Do not ascend! This is a chaotic, dark, and corrupt world of cultivation. All cultivators ardently worship the great beings with authority: the Fates. The Fates spread their might, bring down miracles, exert great power, garnering many believers, amassing vast power from incense offerings. They build sects for the Fates, restore temples, propagate doctrines, hold ceremonies, all in hope of receiving blessings to breakthrough realms and ultimately ascend. However, beneath the Fates, there exist many mighty beings, known as Unknowns: false gods, evil spirits, malicious thoughts… Starting from the weakest Unknown [Terror], you will gradually strengthen your sect, recruit your disciples, bring down your miracles, collect your offerings, and become the greatest being in this world of cultivation.

1.Unique Role-play Perspective

Unlike conventional experiences, you will transcend into the world of cultivation in the game, growing from the lowest Unknown to an indescribable Fate, experiencing the collision of traditional cultivation culture and Lovecraftian culture. You will bring down your miracles, altering the story's development, descend upon your disciples to face battles directly, or accept offerings from disciples to exterminate heresies. The game will integrate traditional cultivation culture and Lovecraftian culture as much as possible, from [Innate] and [Qi Refining] to [Fusion] and [Mahayana], from [Terror] to [Fate], creating a unique cultural experience.

2.Seize Authority to Evolve Your Divine Skills

The game features a distinctive authority system. In this world, different deities control different authorities. Different authorities have different powers, such as the authority [Greed] could cause an extra attack at the cost of reduced accuracy, while authority [Endurance] could increase damage when attacked. You will capture their authority, then evolve the skills possessed by your sect through it. According to less authoritative and incomplete speculation, the game will allow the evolution of thousands of different skill effects based on built-in skills.

3.Fun and Engaging Battle Gameplay

The game features a lightweight turn-based combat system, with a rich skill design and in-depth combat mechanics. Plan the best offensive strategy based on the enemy attributes and order of actions to ultimately win. A myriad of monster types and rich skill combinations can provide an exhilarating battle experience in your spare time. Of course, it is highly recommended that these humble disciples fight for themselves, while the formidable beings only need to bring down miracles when they offer themselves in sacrifice. The game supports automatic fighting, simple intervention, and full control of battles.

4.Diverse Sect Management

Explore the unknown in this dangerous and corrupt world of cultivation, collect resources, expand territory, produce and construct, recruit disciples, and create a sect that belongs to you. In the sect, you can also refine pills, forge weapons, cultivate and dig, strengthen and refine, and nurture magical tools. Combined with idle gameplay, it offers the charm of deep resource development without losing the comfort of leisure.

5.Disciple Cultivation

In the game, you can recruit numerous disciples (followers), who will fervently believe in you, expecting you to bring down miracles. Different disciples have different characteristics, such as [Innate Holy Body], [Innate Dao Body], [Upper Body Defect], etc. Different characteristics will determine the divine skills, magical tools, and damage means that the disciples can use. They will always faithfully explore the unknown, fight against heretics, absorb spiritual energy everywhere to strengthen themselves, and spread your doctrine, all to please you. You give premonitions, bestow miracles, confer blessings, grant might, enabling them to grow in this dark and rotten cultivation world until they ascend, becoming your most satisfying offering.

6.Tales of the Strange and Encounters

In the game, there are always many strange tales circulating. Disciples exploring unknown territories will also often encounter mysterious incidents. You can, through the authority you master, alter the development of these strange tales or incidents, allowing the original ending to be overturned due to your existence and gaze, or simply observe everything that happens in the [Jade Universe] with contempt.

System Requirements

    • OS *: Windows 7 64位或以上
    • Processor: Intel Core i3或以上
    • Graphics: Intel Grahics Series
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 1920*1080或同比例分辨率
    • OS *: Windows 7 64位或以上
    • Processor: Intel Core i5或以上
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT520或以上
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 1920*1080或同比例分辨率
* Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

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