Every night, a mysterious piano melody echoed from the top of the Shadowy Mountain...
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About This Game

Embark on a thrilling odyssey in the fantastical world of Shaola, where men, dwarves, elves, orcs, and mythical beings co-exist.

Become a legendary investigator – the kind of hero whispered about in taverns! Unravel a haunting mystery that's plagued the land for years: the haunting melody of a lone piano echoing from the peak of Shadowy Mountain.

Dive into epic, turn-based battles that harken back to the golden age of RPGs. Assemble your party, strategize your attacks, and vanquish the forces of corruption that threaten Shaola. Explore a vast and vibrant world brimming with secrets to uncover. Every hidden nook and cranny could hold the key to solving the princess's fate!

For half a decade, the world held its breath under the moon’s watchful gaze. Every midnight, a haunting piano melody would drift down from the lofty heights of Shadowy Mountain. Its notes wove through the air, sometimes a tempest, other times a whisper, stirring thoughts and dreams in those who listened.

Five years—through storms and starlit nights—the melody persisted. Brave fighters, heroes, and even the darkest villains dared to ascend the treacherous slopes, seeking the source of this ethereal music. Yet, none reached the summit. The mountain kept its secret, shrouded in mist and mystery.

Rumors swirled like leaves caught in a gale. Was it a ghostly lament? Or perhaps an ancient curse? Some whispered of a haunted house perched atop the peak, where lost souls danced to the piano’s melancholy tune.

But truth remained veiled in shadows.

Then, one fateful day, the melody ceased. Silence settled over the mountain, leaving only the wind’s mournful sigh. Curious souls raced upward, their breaths visible in the frosty air. What awaited them at the pinnacle? Not a grand castle or a spectral ballroom, but a humble cottage—a solitary sentinel against the cold wilderness.

And within? Empty. No pianist, no specter, only echoes of forgotten music.

In the Zenman Empire’s heart, danger prowled like a hungry beast. Bandit factions pillaged, murdered, and defied all authority. Emperor Louis II vowed to end their reign of terror. His royal forces clashed with the marauders, while the four noble families of Zalumi lent their strength.

Yet, in Zenman’s southeastern reaches, a different power stirred—the Luxia. Led by a formidable Dwarven warlord, they carved their own path. The bandits, desperate for survival, pledged allegiance to this underground empire.

As war raged, Zenman’s fate hung in balance. The emperor faced an unthinkable choice: deliver his sister to the Dwarven boss for peace. A human princess wed to an aging Dwarven criminal lord—an arrangement that sparked outrage, defiance, and clandestine schemes.

Some cried betrayal, refusing to accept the union. Others clung to the chaos, fearing peace’s arrival. The bandits, now under the Dwarven banner, reveled in lawlessness. Shadows moved behind the scenes, plotting the princess’s demise. For if she fell, the marriage would crumble, and war would rage anew.

But the Dwarven boss was no ordinary foe. Whispers named him “the Seven Dwarfs,” a paradoxical enigma. Was he one man or many? Assassination seemed impossible; his power transcended mortal bounds.

And so, the dirty political game unfolded—a web of intrigue where life and death danced. The princess’s survival held the empire’s destiny, and Ice, the mysterious investigator, stood at the center. His nerves, once steel, now trembled. For this time, his opponent surpassed all—a shadowy emperor, a nameless legend, and the keeper of secrets.

If Ice failed, then perhaps no one could succeed.

Dive into a Heart-Pounding Mystery with Classic RPG Thrills!

Unravel a twisting narrative filled with secrets and surprises in this captivating RPG adventure! Explore a world brimming with classic fantasy elements, from majestic kingdoms to hidden paths veiled by overgrown bushes.

No time-wasting frustration here! Our intuitive controls and turn-based combat with visible enemies make for a smooth and engaging experience. Plus, say goodbye to tedious random encounters that drag you down.

Assemble your dream party and conquer fearsome foes in strategic turn-based battles. Customize your journey with unique level-up rewards and forge your legend across breathtaking landscapes.

Encounter legendary creatures like Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, and more as you venture through fantastical lands. Immerse yourself in a world brought to life by hauntingly beautiful piano soundtracks that complements every epic moment.

So, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable RPG adventure?

System Requirements

    • OS *: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Storage: 505 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: 2 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
* Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

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