Let the Heist shenanigans begin! Slip on your shades, get your stealth on and get ready to sneak your way past your friends. Use the environment and cheeky dodges to complete daring heists and surprise other players in the online multiplayer competitive game.
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19 Apr 2023

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Tentang Game Ini

Park city has gotten too rich, and the treasures lying around are just too much to ignore. The mafia has other ideas: getting stealthy and stealling the world’s largest Golden acorn would be a real coup! But who are the best thieves in the city?

So begin the Mafia Pigs challenges: test your wits against your friends and other players online to pull off the most daring heists!

But be careful. The city guards REALLY don’t want you grabbing the golden acorn, and they’ll knock you out if they spot you! Stay hidden, avoid their vision cones and get to the prize!

Tired of getting one-shotted in the latest extraction shooter? In Mafia Pigs, use your brains and skill to trick your opponents and grab the prize - no killing allowed. KO’s put you down for a while, but you can always come back and snatch glory at the end!

Use the environment, stealth and tricks on others to gain an advantage. Each match is for up to 6 players and randomizes the goals on the map.

Find all the keys and grab loot along the way to boost your score. Use ridiculous powerups to beat your friends.

With so many thieves and grifters invading their territory, the city guards are on red alert (when not sleeping off a big lunch, that is). Try to sneak around unnoticed, but see where you can slow down your opponents by arousing suspicion, sounding alarms, and setting traps.

No players or guards can be killed permanently … the mafia doesn’t want anyone to get seriously hurt. Just a little roughing up and a few knockouts here and there are fair game!

Play with up to 6-players in cooperative online multiplayer for Mac and PC. Create your own lobbies with friends or play in public lobbies.

Play single-player tutorial missions to learn the ropes and uncover some of the secrets of the Mafia Pigs world.

Find us at the following locations on social media:

Deskripsi Konten Dewasa

Pengembang mendeskripsikan konten ini sebagai berikut:

The game is set in a Mafia world and makes allusions to underworld businesses and behaviors: prohibited substances, alcohol, extortion, violence, threats and non-explicit sexual themes. Language used includes light profanity. Cartoon violence is included but is designed not to be graphic. (these is some blood and pain depicted but it is muted.

The game is game does not include death (NPCs and player characters can only ever be stunned). There is no explicit nudity (pixelation is used in cases where it would occur).

Persyaratan Sistem

SteamOS + Linux
    • Prosesor 64-bit dan OS diperlukan
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Prosesor: 2-core, 2 GHz
    • Memori: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafis: GPU with 1.5 Gb of Memory
    • Jaringan: Koneksi Internet Broadband
    • Prosesor 64-bit dan OS diperlukan
    • OS: MacOS 12 Monterey
    • Prosesor: 2-core, 2 GHz
    • Memori: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafis: Integrated Intel GPU
    • Jaringan: Koneksi Internet Broadband
    • Penyimpanan: 1100 MB ruang tersedia
      • OS: Linux or SteamOS
      • Prosesor: 2-core, 2 GHz
      • Memori: 2 GB RAM
      • Penyimpanan: 1100 MB ruang tersedia

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