An MMORPG run by live staff called Tomb Masters who are constantly evolving the world, elevating the story and personalizing your adventure.
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About This Game

Eternal Tombs is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for PC only that is run by live staff who we call Tomb Masters. Tomb Masters shape the player experience by running events and changing the world, giving players a unique experience as they adventure alongside thousands of other players. In addition to the unique Tomb Master system, Eternal Tombs is a fully-featured MMORPG with an open and persistent world where players will make their mark on the world by running their own shop, unlocking new areas to explore, killing thousands of different monster types, defending castles from sieges, conducting war operations, crafting unique items, engaging in ranked opt-in PvP, or raiding deep inside dungeons.

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Eternal Tombs is a unique and fast-paced Action Combat MMORPG.

Magical items including gear, potions, components and more can be used and encompass a full magic system. However, summoning magic from within yourself is evil and cannot be done. That being said, each class has many abilities learned over time and uses the natural world around them to perform their standard abilities.

  • Chloromancer - Keepers of Nature, they use trees, plants, fungus and natural components to summon abilities and attack enemies. Whether it's poisonous spores harvested from mushrooms or bringing forth a regrowth tree that heals, Chloromancers use the forest to attack enemies and fortify their allies.
  • Warlord - Masters of War, the Warlord uses training and components to unleash heavy attacks, charges, shield abilities to unleash havoc upon those who seek to destroy them.
  • Manipulator - Mystery and confusion envelop the Manipulator. Mesmerizing creatures, sneaking and attacking enemies in the shadow, lifetapping, traps and theft are the ways of those who fall into the snare of the Manipulator.
  • Bonestitcher - Morticians at heart, Bonestitchers harvest body parts, blood and fluids from enemies to heal their friends, rot away the flesh of their enemies in disease and gut them alive.
  • Ranger - Speed, agility and skills with the bow are the trademarks of the Ranger. They can track special enemies, skin corpses, set traps, buff friends, and use precision strikes with their archery skills to kill.
  • Bombardier - Explosives and chemistry are the primary skills of the Bombardier. They unleash devastating attacks and debuffs upon their foes with their expertise in these elements.

Tomb Masters are live staff members who will help shape your experiences with dynamic and unique events. They build out events in real-time and help shape solo, group, guild and server play.

Some Example Events:
  • Opening Up Secret Areas
  • Spawning Treasure
  • Changing the Environment
  • Spawning Special Mobs
  • Triggering Pre-Built Events
  • Raid Encounters
  • Traps
  • & many more

Watch Our Full Tomb Master Demo Video

The Triune created the beautiful lands of Mithir and all that is within them. The Triune's desire to create life was fulfilled on the day he brought people into the world. Naturally, he provided to them blessings beyond measure and they longed for nothing. The most prosperous life possible was the common standard and no man suffered for the Triune watched over them and kept them close. It was the most fulfilled existence one could imagine.

However, deep within the hearts of men, they desire evil and power above all else and the darkness inside of them would soon make itself known....

The young man Dragnorox was the essence of all things wrong within the souls of the people. Caught up only in his lusts for abilities beyond the natural, he spent his days languishing to uncover the darkness and the unknown. He soon discovered mysterious powers through the exploration of his soul and the evil brewing within his own heart. Through his research, he gave himself up to the dark in exchange for unnatural abilities. His body, twisted and warped by these pursuits was the cost for these newfound powers. Over many decades he toiled to master the art of what was now called magic and the price extracted was far more than most could ever bear.

Being now the essence of evil, Dragnorox plotted to spread his disease to the world and enslave all. Cloaked in the mask of prosperity and flourishing, magic was introduced to the people. A wonderful and delightful set of new powers that gave the people the ability to do things they'd never done before like heal the sick or bring forth bounties of food whenever they wished. The Triune, grieved by their lack of understanding and his knowledge of their true inner beings, fiercely fought against the use of magic and pleaded with his creations to cease from partaking in such practices. He knew the price of such things and that his people clearly did not.

But again, the hearts of men rule their actions.

Man years passed by and magic had slowly taken its toll. It's true nature revealed itself only ever so slightly at first, but with time it had produced a great erosion within the people both on the inside and the outside. Before magic, what would have been thought of as ghastly horror was now commonplace and accepted. Magic had warped both body and mind as people had their physical bodies were twisted and even further warped offspring were created naturally and unnaturally through magic. The thoughts and actions of the people were now focused on death, destruction, greed, and power while some of them were physically turned into beasts and nightmarish creatures roaming the land seeking to further their powers.

The people had forgotten the Triune and the blessings of old......But he did not forget them.

The Triune seeking desperately to heal the land of magic kept small bands of followers to rid the world of the evil that besieges it. This group of followers grows every day and is preparing for the great war. Join the fight against evil, send the darkness to its eternal tomb and join the War against Dragnorox!

In Eternal Tombs your ability to further customize your character, craft, gain skills, understand lore, explore magic, learn about enemy weaknesses and much much more is based on your academic and artisanal studies. Dive deep into the underworld of research in the land of Mithir. Find tomes, explore ancient libraries, do deep research on past mysteries, gain skills from trainers, quest for hidden secrets and more to unlock tons of different professions, skills and abilities.

Want to become an expert in hunting the undead? Gain the salt throwing ability by studying about the different types of minerals that adhere to and scorch undead skin. Or learn to boil their blood by slicing into their innards with a specially crafted coating on your blade.

Want to study the darkened elements of magic to embed into your armor? Acquire multiple magical studies tomes to dive deep into the secrets of magic and use its benefits in ways that don't harm your soul.

Become an expert Armorsmith by studying under a master Metalforger to acquire skills and abilities to forge only the best quality protection.

Throughout the world, you must explore, fight, harvest, and research to become the type of player you want to further attune your character. There are a vast number of professions, skills, abilities and more to study and acquire.

In the ongoing War against Dragnorox, players will be able to partake in Warfare Operations and PvP based Warfare.

Warfare Operations - PvE operations that allow a group of players to jump into instanced events and fight intense waves of enemy mobs attacking you as you try to discover secrets and progress through the operation. As you make your way through an operation you will uncover ancient mysteries, find incredible treasure and obtain further access into the world of Mithir.

PvP Warfare - Allows you to earn rewards and also progress the server forward in the War either for or against Dragnorox. Each server will have different Warfare based rewards, missions and accomplishments.

Crafting - Eternal Tombs' crafting system is a deep attribute based system that allows for many areas of customization. Harvested resources within the world contain certain properties and attributes. By combining, mixing and forging crafting components with these various stats, you will be able to create various types of weapons, armor, attachments, and much more.

Harvesting - Whether it's skinning creatures, harvesting their organs, mining for ore, foraging or digging for treasure, there are many ways to collect the many different components and resources you'll need to craft, trade, and sell your wares.

Research - Dive deep into the underworld of research in the land of Mithir. Exploring many libraries. Many dark creatures and magical abilities to explore and component. Be an expert on magical attachments and imbueing them with properties that allow you to use their power. Your research provides valuable insight into creating magical items and components to embed within armor and systems.

Warfare - The world is fighting against Dragnorox. Engage in Warfare Operations and level up alongside your friends to earn titles, obtain better siege weaponry, and more.

Exploration and Discovery - Eternal Tombs contains no in-game map. This allows for a deeper sense of immersion, exploration, and mystery. In addition to this, there are secret areas to unlock and uncover throughout the world and all sorts of enemies and resources are obtained through these ways.

Events - Whether it's Wox's Sweets Emporium or a troll invasion, Eternal Tombs is heavily focused on events and creating a constantly changing and dynamic world.

Questing - With both a main questline and many side quests, Eternal Tombs is heavily focused on telling you the story of Dragnorox, Mithir and how you can play a small role in the War against Dragnorox.

PVP - Starting at level 30, choose your loyalties and engage in open world opt-in and opt-out PvP. Earn titles, rankings and in-game rewards for killing those who engage in factioned combat.

Mounts - Store up your platinum to obtain a mount within Mithir. Mounts play an important role in travel as they give you an incredible speed boost to help you as you explore the world.

Pets - Pets play a critical role in helping you adventure in the world of Mithir. They always have your back and protect you at the expense of their own lives.

Epic Gear - Begin the epic quests to obtain gear that ensures you are the most powerful adventurer in Mithir. Weapons and Armor both have epic questlines that allow you to build your character to be the most powerful.

Factions - Deep within Mithir there are various warring factions that sympathize with Dragnorox or not on various levels. Make sure you are earning the proper faction to travel to areas unexplored or to protect yourself from powerful enemies.

Danger - Mithir is a dangerous world. Experience penalties for death are high, there is no Level scaling and corpse runs are necessary. Be careful where you go.

Solo & Group Gameplay - Whether you want to gain some exp by solo'ing out in the open lands or grouping up in a Dungeon, Eternal Tombs allows for each type of gameplay to progress forward. However, the greatest treasures are certainly obtained with more people.

A Modern MMO with Classic Elements - Eternal Tombs is a modern action combat MMORPG. However, we value the classic elements of the genre and will ensure that players experience a deep sense of exploration, danger and difficult progression. Thus leading to a far greater rewarding experience and game.

Eternal Tombs has a vast end-game. 20+ raids are planned for launch as well as unlockable areas, dynamic Tomb Master raids and much more. Raids will combine both open-world concepts and instanced events.

Many MMO's are not optimized and prepared to support large raid parties or end-game play on launch. Having undergone it's first round of raid testing optimization tests and end-game proof of concept, Eternal Tombs plans to deliver one of the strongest end-games ever on launch. (Clarification: "on launch", we're not beating current WoW on our launch, but we will have much more end-game on our launch than WoW on it's launch)

Watch Our First Raid Optimization Test

Eternal Tombs will launch with around 30 zones with different biomes, dungeons, secrets, unlockable zones, hidden passages, traps, treasure and more. Our passion is to introduce a truly dangerous world where exploration and traveling can be difficult but highly rewarding.

We're incredibly passionate about getting rid of all microtransactions and earning gear outside of games. Eternal Tombs is a buy to play, single box price game with an optional subscription model for those who want to grow their account with more characters.

Our Statement on Microtransactions: Eternal Tombs is also a microtransaction-free game. All gear, experience, cosmetics and gameplay items are earned through in-game efforts and solely through those means giving players a true sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Monetization comes through purchase of game, optional subscriptions and future expansion packs upon release.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-4770K@3.5GHz or Ryzen 5 1500X@3.5GHz
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 2060 RTX or AMD Radeon RX 5700
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 200 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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