Aloft is a co-op sandbox survival game set in a world filled with floating islands. Amidst the hurricane, build a home, weave sails, harness the winds, and transform any island into a skyship to explore the clouds. Find lost knowledge to cure fungal corruption and restore the world’s ecosystem.
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Planned Release Date: 2024

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About This Game

Aloft is a feel-good, cozy survival game set in the clouds, where you can transform any island into a flying ship and explore the infinite skies. Navigate the world, discover new islands, gather resources, build your dream home, and take care of your animals, alone or with up to 8 friends.

Amongst the calmness and the cozy, you will face challenges and danger as rampant fungi corruption devours all life in this world. It’s up to you to find lost knowledge, brew powerful antidotes, enrich the biodiversity of the islands, and restore balance to this unique airborne ecosystem.

The infinite skies above the sea of clouds are your home now, and you must learn to weather the ever-changing environment. In Aloft, wind and weather are everything and everywhere!

  • Feel good survival: The world of Aloft is one of beauty and plenty, but for the unwary, the fool, or the adventurer can pose many threats. Choose the path you want to walk. The calm one to enjoy the scenery or the turbulent one to challenge yourself. In Aloft, death is but an opportunity for growth.
  • Open world hurricane: Everything revolves around the eternal storm, borne upon its mighty gales. The sea of clouds and its islands are free to explore however you like. Discover unique environments and fantastical creatures, always under the watchful eye of the storm.
  • Clouds & Weather: Fly into storms to increase your windmill power, fill your water reservoirs, and even use lightning to forge powerful tools! Clouds and weather events can bring resources and riches but are also full of dangers, natural or otherwise…
  • Discover ancient ruins: The ruins of your ancestors were torn from the planet’s crust. In them, you will discover strange technologies and artifacts that could lead you to salvation or your doom.

With proper technologies, the hurricane’s powerful winds can be harnessed to move mountains, power a complex network of automated machines, and travel across the sky.

  • Sail the winds with your home: Take control of any purified island. With sails and a rudder, transform your home into a mighty skyship that will glide you towards new exciting adventures!
  • In-depth sky sailing experience: Strategically choose the material and shape of your sails to maximize wind intake and the speed of your island. Careful coordination is key to speed through the skies without breaking anything!
  • Wind-based automation: Install windmills and a network of cables and pulleys to automate your machines and production! Fly into jetstreams to supercharge your crafting power and sailing speed with powerful gales, but be careful not to tear your sails apart!
  • Crops and animals: Seeds and crops are scattered across the islands, waiting to be found. Plant them in your garden to grow delicious produce and cook up tasty recipes. Care for your animals to benefit from rare resources and earn the companionship of new friends!

Aloft is unlike any other survival game: Each floating island is its own living ecosystem, vulnerable to unsustainable gathering behavior and the dreaded fungi corruption. You must be careful to maintain and improve the natural balance of each island, lest the corruption take hold and spawn another bastion of fungi monsters.

  • Grimy fungi corruption: The fungi corruption has ravaged the lands and skies surrounding the hurricane. This all-encompassing threat consumes plants, animals, and humans. Battle through the mushroom creatures and remove the corrupted nodes to restore balance to the ecosystem once more.
  • Homebrewed antidotes: A sharp blade alone will not be sufficient to purify corrupted islands. Uncover ancient knowledge and mysterious ingredients to brew powerful oils and antidotes. Use your concoctions to upgrade weapons, cure animals, and restore islands to their former natural glory.
  • Vibrant interlaced ecosystem: The resilience of healthy islands is directly tied to the biodiversity and the amount of flora and fauna living on them. Purifying islands is only the first step to get rid of the corruption, so it will be vital to nurture and care for nature and the environment to allow it to protect itself.

Enjoy Aloft alone or with friends! Set up a dedicated server or invite up to 7 other players to join your game. Bring your home island with you to any game you’re joining and easily create content with the photo mode. Whatever you’re doing, you will be joining Aloft’s vibrant community!

  • Solo or Co-op, your choice: Aloft can be played solo or in cooperative multiplayer. Combat too challenging? Invite a friend to help you out! Build your dream house together with a partner, or join an open world to share tips and tricks with other players in the clouds. No matter what, you get to play Aloft your way.
  • Show off your home island: When you join another game, you not only bring your character, but your whole home island as well! Improve it with a friend, or create a village of like-minded travelers and work on massive community projects together. Welcome visitors into your home and show off your impeccable taste in interior design.
  • Tailor-make your dream island, and share it!: With the in-game island creator, you can design new islands to populate your worlds! Whether you want something small and nimble or large with lots of farmable land you can make it if you can dream it! To have more island variety in your games, you can import community-made islands, and they’ll automatically appear in your worlds.
  • Creative features: Creativity is at the heart of Aloft, and we want everyone to be able to create whatever they want. Use the creative mode to build without constraints. Then, take gorgeous screenshots of your creations with the photo mode, which can be easily shared with the community and your friends.

Embrace the challenges, restore balance, craft the island of your dreams, and express your creativity in the limitless skies of Aloft.

See you in the clouds!

Join the Aloft community on Discord for announcements, development updates, behind-the-scenes content, and more!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 10+, 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel 2 cores / 4 threads @ 2.5Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Require a dedicated graphic card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 3 GB available space

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