Broken Arrow is a large-scale real-time modern warfare tactics game. A unique army building system and deep units customization tools allow for endless replayability. With 200+ realistic military units and technologies, each battle is more immersive than ever before.
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출시 예정일: 2024년

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Broken Arrow is a large-scale real-time modern warfare tactics game. The base game features both the American and Russian factions, each containing 4 unique sub-factions like the marines, armored, airborne, and more.

Broken Arrow brings the genre to a whole new level by combining the complexity of a joint-forces wargame with the typical real-time tactics action-packed gameplay.


Deploy to the battlefield via land, sea and air. Use paratroopers and helicopters to rapidly seize key locations, reinforce them with heavy tanks and break enemy counter attacks with artillery and tactical missile strikes.

Infiltrate special forces behind enemy lines to disrupt enemy logistics and provide laser designation for your planes. Use the terrain to your advantage to ambush, out flank and outsmart your enemy.


Land with your amphibious troops in large industrial harbors, airdrop troops and vehicles to seize airports and air bases, fight in the middle of a large refinery or in entire cities filled with large apartment blocks, malls and high risers.

Broken Arrow’s large battlefields are based on actual places to reinforce their realism.


The game features over 300 units and each of them can be customized in multiple ways, resulting in more than 1500 combinations.

Modern vehicles and aircraft are generally compatible with different weapons and armor packages; Broken Arrow features a detailed customisation system that allows you to modify the specific components of your units.

  • Customize your helicopters and aircraft by choosing which rockets, bombs or missiles they carry, add fuel tanks, designation pods, countermeasures, etc.
  • Add armor or active protection systems to your tanks and upgrade their weapons and sensors.
  • You can choose the type of ammunition your artillery uses between high explosives, sub-munitions, smoke, incendiary, thermobaric, laser guided, and more.


Part of the battle is won by planning well: create the combination of units and weapons corresponding to your playstyle to surprise and defeat your enemy.
The quantity of possibilities is enormous and this results in each battle being different from the previous one.

Broken Arrow features a wide range of units, that are split into six categories:

  • RECON UNITS: vehicles and drones and sniper teams specialized in the task of spotting and marking the enemy position.
  • INFANTRY: armed with rifles, machine guns, rocket and grenade launchers as well as anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, infantry can garrison buildings to gain stealth and protection.
  • FIGHTING VEHICLES: includes tanks, ATGM carriers and fire support vehicles.
  • SUPPORT: includes artillery and anti-aircraft vehicles that provide long range support on the battlefield as well as trucks carrying ammunition, repairs and medical supplies.
  • HELICOPTERS: are great for hit and run tactics using a large variety of rockets, guns and missiles. They can also transport infantry and lift vehicles and supplies across the battlefield.
  • AIRPLANES: Control them on the battlefield to intercept enemy aircrafts or support your troops on the ground with bombs, rockets and cruise missiles. Cargo planes can also airdrop infantry, vehicles and supplies.


The scenario editor used to create the missions of the campaign will be available to the community to create their own scenarios and share them on Steam workshop.

It includes a visual scripting tool allowing you to create complete scenarios with cutscenes and dialogue without ever writing a single line of code.

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시스템 요구 사항

    • 64비트 프로세서와 운영 체제가 필요합니다
    • 운영 체제: Windows 10 64bits
    • 프로세서: Quad core compatible 64bits
    • 메모리: 8 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: GTX 1050 3GB / RX 560
    • 저장공간: 60 GB 사용 가능 공간
    • 64비트 프로세서와 운영 체제가 필요합니다
    • 운영 체제: Windows 10 64bits
    • 프로세서: Quad+ core compatible 64 bits
    • 메모리: 16 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: GTX 2080 8GB / RX 6800 XT
    • 저장공간: 60 GB 사용 가능 공간

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