This content requires the base game Dominion on Steam in order to play.

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Oct 4, 2021

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Notice: Notice: Dominion - Hinterlands is no longer available on the Steam store.

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This content requires the base game Dominion on Steam in order to play.



“Gardens can be a hard strategy to pull off in some games; Hinterlands is the soil in which that strategy can grow.”
I Slay The Dragon

“Different roads to victory. I’m still discovering new things.”
What's Eric Playing?

About This Content

Hinterlands is sixth expansion to Dominion. It adds twenty-six new Kingdom cards to Dominion, including twenty Actions, three Treasures, three Victory cards, and three Reactions. The central theme is cards that do something immediately when you buy them or gain them.

The world is big and your kingdom small. Small when compared to the world, that is; it’s moderate-sized when compared to other kingdoms. But in a big world like this one – big when compared to smaller worlds anyway, if such things exist; it’s moderate-sized when compared to worlds of roughly the same size, and a little small when compared to worlds just a little larger – well, to make a long story short – short when compared to longer stories anyway – it is time to stretch your borders. You’ve heard of far-off places – exotic countries, where they have pancakes but not waffles, where the people wear the wrong number of shirts, and don’t even have a word for the look two people give each other when they each hope that the other will do something that they both want done but which neither of them wants to do. It is to these lands that you now turn your gaze.

Hinterlands strikes a balance between engine, big money, and alternative VP strategies. Overall, Hinterlands pushes away from lean deck strategies by offering players ways to effectively navigate bulkier decks. Sifting and Silver gaining are main themes here, while trashers are more limited than in other sets. In keeping a balance, it is the sole expansion to offer multiple Victory, Reaction and Treasure cards.

We hope you enjoy this expanding world of Dominion!


Hinterlands offers many engine building cards.

  • Scheme - Topdecks an action
  • Highway - Discount that can lead to megaturns
  • Crossroads - Cheap Action provider
  • Border Village - Gainer and a village cantrip
  • Haggler - Gives a pseudo +Buy to gain a cheaper card
  • Inn - A village that benefits from a large discard pile

Big money
Big money is also a viable strategy in this set.

  • Jack of All Trades - Gains Silver and can trash Estates or Curses
  • Embassy - A sifter with lots of card draw
  • Oracle - A sifting Attack

Two main cards in this set give rushing a head start.

  • Silk Road - VP that combos with itself and only gets better with other cheap VP cards
  • Ill-Gotten Gains - A gainer that, while not technically an attack, curses opponents

Silver can seem like just a stepping stone to Gold in other expansions. In Hinterlands, the value of Silver can be quite high in some decks.

  • Jack of All Trades - Relatively inexpensive Silver gainer
  • Trader - A trasher and reaction that gains Silver either way its used
  • Silk Road - A way to gain VP without escalating to Gold.

Themed Content

  • 9 effects when gained/bought: Noble Brigand, Nomad Camp, Cache, Embassy, Ill-Gotten Gains, Inn, Mandarin, Border Village, Farmland
  • 4 other interactions with gain/buy: Duchess, Fool's Gold, Trader, Haggler
  • 7 Victory/Treasure/Reactions: Fool's Gold, Tunnel, Silk Road, Trader, Cache, Ill-Gotten Gains, Farmland
  • 4 interactions with Victory cards: Crossroads, Duchess, Fool's Gold, Silk Road
  • 8 Filtering cards: Oasis, Oracle, Jack of All Trades, Cartographer, Embassy, Inn, Margrave, Stables

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Storage: 200 MB available space

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