ValiDate is a romantic visual novel about 13 adults in Jercy City navigating new relationships and the harsh realities that come alongside them.
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28. sep. 2022

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“ValiDate not only successfully delivers on living up to the dev team’s goal to enrich the gaming space with racially diverse stories, it has me excited for more games to follow its example.”

Om dette spillet

ValiDate is a visual novel about thirteen struggling singles navigating through soul-sucking 9-to-5s, quarter-life crises, and the harsh truths millennials learn as soon as they hit their 20’s.

Set in the Jercy City area, our cast of lovers trudge through the dregs of capitalism - a journey, a transition - a rite-of-passage that leads into uncertain mid-adulthood. In one side but not yet out on the other, 13 playable characters find romance amongst cosplay, trash mixtapes, and even poetry straight from the soul.

With over 30 routes to choose from and hours of content, the lives of these singles are in your good (or bad!) decision-making hands.

  • 4 playable characters with 30+ routes (the remaining 9 playable characters will be in future volumes).
  • The ability to choose horrible decisions and see the entertaining fallout.
  • #OwnVoices narrative writing by an all people of color team.
  • A beautiful array of artists of color's work to give each character their own individual feeling.
  • Flawed characters undergoing narrative arcs handled with empathy and self-indulgence.
  • Achievements for every single ending.

Beskrivelse av voksent innhold

Utviklerne beskriver innholdet slik:

This game contains mentions and references to drugs, alcohol, sexual assault, cheating, abuse and other harsh themes. Viewer discretion is advised.


SteamOS + Linux
    • Krever en 64-biters prosessor og operativsystem
    • OS: Windows 10+
    • Prosessor: 2GHz Dual Core
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: DirectX 11 compatible GPU
    • Lagring: 2 GB tilgjengelig plass
    • Krever en 64-biters prosessor og operativsystem
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6+
    • Prosessor: 2.0 Ghz1
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
    • Lagring: 2 GB tilgjengelig plass
      • OS: Ubuntu or anything that works
      • Prosessor: Anything from the past 5 years
      • Minne: 4 GB RAM
      • Lagring: 2 GB tilgjengelig plass

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