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This content requires the base game Uninitialized on Steam in order to play.

Buy Complete houses for 3D Visual Novel Maker

SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends November 2


About This Content

With this Complete houses DLC you will get complete houses with interior for your excellent artwork.


Brians House (Large house)
Suburb Neighborhood House (Large house)
Daytime street for Suburb Neighborhood House
Nighttime street for Suburb Neighborhood House
Vintage House (Large house)


18 Z Fix it tool kit
11 Z Household chores laundry
8 Couch potato
16 Z Household chores cleaning
15 Fg Photo studio Female
5 Fg Photo studio Male
11 FG Gamer


Girl on sofa_Carpet
Girl on sofa_Ceiling lamp
Girl on sofa_Floor lamp 1
Girl on sofa_Floor lamp 2
Girl on sofa_Floor lamp 3
Girl on sofa_Picture
Girl on sofa_Plant pot 1
Girl on sofa_Plant pot 2
Girl on sofa_Plant tropical
Girl on sofa_Pouf black
Girl on sofa_Pouf crema
Girl on sofa_Pouf purple
Girl on sofa_Pouf white
Girl on sofa_Sofa black
Girl on sofa_Sofa crema
Girl on sofa_Sofa purple
Girl on sofa_Sofa white
Girl on sofa_Stand round dispersive
Girl on sofa_Stand round porcelain
Girl on sofa_Stand round warm
Girl on sofa_Stand round white
Girl on sofa_Stand twisted dispersive
Girl on sofa_Stand twisted porcelain
Girl on sofa_Stand twisted warm
Girl on sofa_Stand twisted white
Girl on sofa_Table high marble
Girl on sofa_Table high metallic
Girl on sofa_Table high porc
Girl on sofa_Table high
Girl on sofa_Table low gray
Girl on sofa_Table low wood
Girl on sofa_Table low
Girl on sofa_Tree pot 1 metal
Girl on sofa_Tree pot 1 pink
Girl on sofa_Tree pot 1 warm
Girl on sofa_Tree pot 1 white
Girl on sofa_Tree pot metal
Girl on sofa_Tree pot pink
Girl on sofa_Tree pot warm
Girl on sofa_Tree pot white
Couch potato_Bowl of crisps
Couch potato_Cans
Couch potato_Coffee table
Couch potato_Console
Couch potato_Controller
Couch potato_Crisps on floor
Couch potato_Crisps on table
Couch potato_Cushion
Couch potato_Drinks can
Couch potato_DVDBox
Couch potato_Mobile phone
Couch potato_Pizza box
Couch potato_Pizza slices
Couch potato_Remote control
Couch potato_Rug
Couch potato_Sofa
Couch potato_Standard lamp
Couch potato_TV
Couch potato_TVTable
Couch potato_Wastebin
Barbeque_Arbour with barbeque
BBQ grill_Hibachi Grill
BBQ grill_Hibachi Grill Left
BBQ grill_Round Grill
BBQ grill_Round Grill Lid
BBQ grill_Round Grill no lid
Chores cleaning_Broom
Chores cleaning_Broom blue
Chores cleaning_Broom pink
Chores cleaning_Broom yellow
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bottle blue
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bottle green
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bottle pink
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bottle red
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bottle yellow
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bucket brick
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bucket orange
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bucket rose
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bucket turquoise
Chores cleaning_Cleaning Bucket violet
Chores cleaning_Hoover
Chores cleaning_Hoover blue
Chores cleaning_Hoover gold
Chores cleaning_Hoover green
Chores cleaning_Hoover red
Chores cleaning_Mop blue
Chores cleaning_Mop green
Chores cleaning_Mop purple
Chores cleaning_Mop red
Chores cleaning_Mop yellow
Chores cleaning_Rug coral
Chores cleaning_Rug green
Chores cleaning_Rug grey
Chores cleaning_Rug orange
Chores cleaning_Rug purple
Chores cleaning_Sponge blue
Chores cleaning_Sponge green
Chores cleaning_Sponge orange
Chores cleaning_Sponge pink
Chores cleaning_Sponge yellow
Chores laundry_Clothes Dryer
Chores laundry_Clothes Dryer no cloth
Chores laundry_Clothing Basket
Chores laundry_Clothing Basket no cloth
Chores laundry_Detergant
Chores laundry_Iron
Chores laundry_Iron Charging
Chores laundry_Ironing Board Full
Chores laundry_Ironing Board show cloth
Chores laundry_Ironing Board show garment
Chores laundry_Washing Machine
Chores laundry_Washing Machine no cloth
Everyday gadgets_Alarm Clock
Everyday gadgets_Batteries Pack
Everyday gadgets_Digital Camera
Everyday gadgets_Digital Thermometer
Everyday gadgets_E-Cigarette
Everyday gadgets_E-Cigarette Battery
Everyday gadgets_E-Reader
Everyday gadgets_Flashlight
Everyday gadgets_Headphones
Everyday gadgets_Keyring
Everyday gadgets_Lighter
Everyday gadgets_Memory Card
Everyday gadgets_Pen Drive
Everyday gadgets_Remote Control
Everyday gadgets_Smart Phone
Everyday tools_axe
Everyday tools_chisel
Everyday tools_cutter
Everyday tools_duct tape
Everyday tools_file
Everyday tools_glue
Everyday tools_hammer claw
Everyday tools_hammer crosspeen
Everyday tools_mallet
Everyday tools_pliers fine
Everyday tools_pliers heavy
Everyday tools_ruler centimeters
Everyday tools_sandpaper roll
Everyday tools_saw angle block
Everyday tools_saw bow
Everyday tools_saw coping
Everyday tools_saw crossccut
Everyday tools_saw dovetail
Everyday tools_screwdriver cross
Everyday tools_screwdriver electrical
Everyday tools_screwdriver flat
Everyday tools_sledgehammer
Everyday tools_spirit level
Everyday tools_toolbox
Fix it tool_Drill
Fix it tool_Hammer
Fix it tool_Ladder
Fix it tool_Saw
Fix it tool_Screw Driver
Fix it tool_Spanner
Fix it tool_Spatula
Fix it tool_Tool Box Full
Fix it tool_Tool Case
Useful smart_Baseball Bat
Useful smart_Blush Box
Useful smart_Broom
Useful smart_Cell Phone
Useful smart_Cigarett
Useful smart_Coffee Mug
Useful smart_Coffee Pot
Useful smart_Cotton Bud
Useful smart_Dish Sponge
Useful smart_Floor Scrubber
Useful smart_Fly Swatter
Useful smart_Garbage Can
Useful smart_Hula Hoop
Useful smart_Laundry Basket
Useful smart_Pan
Useful smart_Plate
Useful smart_Sandwich
Useful smart_Soccer Ball
Useful smart_Soda Pop Bottle
Useful smart_Spatula
Useful smart_Spray Bottle
Useful smart_Tennis Ball
Useful smart_Tennis Racket
Useful smart_Toilet Brush
Useful smart_Toothbrush
Useful smart_Vacuum
Useful smart_Volley Ball
Useful smart_Watering Can
Useful smart_Wine Glass
Everyday cash_banknote 5
Everyday cash_banknote 10
Everyday cash_banknote 20
Everyday cash_banknote 50
Everyday cash_banknote 100
Everyday cash_banknote folded 5
Everyday cash_banknote folded 10
Everyday cash_banknote folded 20
Everyday cash_banknote folded 50
Everyday cash_banknote folded 100
Everyday cash_banknotes strap 5
Everyday cash_banknotes strap 10
Everyday cash_banknotes strap 20
Everyday cash_banknotes strap 50
Everyday cash_banknotes strap 100
Everyday cash_coins
Everyday cash_credit card blue
Everyday cash_credit card gold
Everyday cash_fifty cents
Everyday cash_five cents
Everyday cash_one cent
Everyday cash_ten cents
Everyday cash_twenty-five cents
Everyday fruits_apple green
Everyday fruits_apple red
Everyday fruits_apricot
Everyday fruits_avocado
Everyday fruits_banana
Everyday fruits_bananas
Everyday fruits_clementine
Everyday fruits_fruit bowl
Everyday fruits_grapefruit
Everyday fruits_kiwi
Everyday fruits_lemon
Everyday fruits_melon
Everyday fruits_orange
Everyday fruits_peach
Everyday fruits_pear
Everyday fruits_plum
Everyday fruits_strawberry
Everyday fruits_tray deep
Everyday fruits_tray small
Everyday fruits_tray wide
Everyday toiletries_aerosol
Everyday toiletries_after shave box
Everyday toiletries_after shave
Everyday toiletries_comb 1
Everyday toiletries_cream
Everyday toiletries_dropper bottle
Everyday toiletries_hairbrush
Everyday toiletries_liquid soap
Everyday toiletries_mouthwash
Everyday toiletries_pill bottle
Everyday toiletries_pill capsule
Everyday toiletries_pill capsule2
Everyday toiletries_pill round
Everyday toiletries_pills blister1
Everyday toiletries_pills blister2
Everyday toiletries_pills blister3
Everyday toiletries_plaster box
Everyday toiletries_plaster long
Everyday toiletries_plaster round
Everyday toiletries_plaster square
Everyday toiletries_razor
Everyday toiletries_shampoo
Everyday toiletries_shaving brush
Everyday toiletries_shaving foam
Everyday toiletries_skin toner
Everyday toiletries_soap box
Everyday toiletries_soap oval
Everyday toiletries_soap square
Everyday toiletries_swab jar
Everyday toiletries_toothbrushe vibro
Everyday toiletries_toothbrushe
Everyday toiletries_toothpasta box
Everyday toiletries_toothpaste
Arbour rose_Back bushes
Arbour rose_Base
Arbour rose_Bench black
Arbour rose_Bench green
Arbour rose_Climbing rose pink
Arbour rose_Climbing rose yellow
Arbour rose_Frame black
Arbour rose_Frame green
Arbour rose_Outer base
Arbour rose_Planters black
Arbour rose_Planters green
19 Garden features
10 Garder arches
Interior furniture 01_Bed 01
Interior furniture 01_Bed 02
Interior furniture 01_Bed bench 01
Interior furniture 01_Bed set 01
Interior furniture 01_Bed set 02
Interior furniture 01_Bed stand 01
Interior furniture 01_Bed stand 02
Interior furniture 01_Bed stand set 01
Interior furniture 01_Bed stand set 02
Interior furniture 01_Carpet 01
Interior furniture 01_Carpet 02
Interior furniture 01_Chair 01
Interior furniture 01_Chair 02
Interior furniture 01_Chair cushion
Interior furniture 01_Chair lamp 02
Interior furniture 01_Coffee table set
Interior furniture 01_Coffee table
Interior furniture 01_Cushion 03 f
Interior furniture 01_Cushion 03
Interior furniture 01_Cushion 04a
Interior furniture 01_Cushion 04b
Interior furniture 01_Lamp 01
Interior furniture 01_Lamp 02
Interior furniture 01_Lamp 03
Interior furniture 01_Leather chair
Interior furniture 01_Pillow 01b
Interior furniture 01_Pillow 01d
Interior furniture 01_Pillows 02h
Interior furniture 01_Small table
Interior furniture 01_Sofa 01
Interior furniture 01_Sofa 02
Interior furniture 01_Sofa set 01
Interior furniture 01_Sofa set 02
Interior furniture 01_Table 01
Interior furniture 01_Table chair set 01
Interior furniture 01_Table chair set 02
Interior furniture 02_Bed 01
Interior furniture 02_Bed 02
Interior furniture 02_Bed bench 02
Interior furniture 02_Bed bench
Interior furniture 02_Bed pillow 01a
Interior furniture 02_Bed pillow 01c
Interior furniture 02_Bed pillow 01d
Interior furniture 02_Bed pillow 02b
Interior furniture 02_Bed pillow 02c
Interior furniture 02_Bed pillow long
Interior furniture 02_Bed set 01
Interior furniture 02_Bed set 02
Interior furniture 02_Bed stand 01
Interior furniture 02_Bed stand 02
Interior furniture 02_Bed stand set 1
Interior furniture 02_Bed stand set 2
Interior furniture 02_Carpet 01
Interior furniture 02_Carpet 02
Interior furniture 02_Chair 01
Interior furniture 02_Chair 02
Interior furniture 02_Chair cushion
Interior furniture 02_Chair set 01
Interior furniture 02_Chair set 02
Interior furniture 02_Coffee table set
Interior furniture 02_Coffee table
Interior furniture 02_Flower pot 01
Interior furniture 02_Flower pot 02
Interior furniture 02_Keyboard
Interior furniture 02_Lamp 01
Interior furniture 02_Lamp 02
Interior furniture 02_Monitor
Interior furniture 02_Mouse
Interior furniture 02_PC chair
Interior furniture 02_PC table set
Interior furniture 02_PC table
Interior furniture 02_PC
Interior furniture 02_Printer
Interior furniture 02_Small table 01
Interior furniture 02_Small table 02
Interior furniture 02_Sofa 01
Interior furniture 02_Sofa cushion 01
Interior furniture 02_Sofa cushion 02
Interior furniture 02_Sofa cushion 03
Interior furniture 02_Sofa set 01
Interior furniture 02_Telephone
Interior furniture 02_Wine tray
Everyday books_Bookmark 1
Everyday books_Bookmark 2
Everyday books_Books 1
Everyday books_Books 2
Everyday books_Books 3
Everyday books_Books 4
Everyday books_Hardback closed
Everyday books_Hardback open 1
Everyday books_Hardback open 2
Everyday books_Large book open
Everyday books_Large book rounded
Everyday books_Large book
Everyday books_Large books 1
Everyday books_Large books 2
Everyday books_Leaflet closed
Everyday books_Leaflet open
Everyday books_Magazine folded
Everyday books_Magazine open
Everyday books_Magazine square
Everyday books_Magazine stapled
Everyday books_Magazines
Everyday books_Magnifying glass
Everyday books_Newspaper folded
Everyday books_Phone book open
Everyday books_Phone book
Everyday junk_Aerial
Everyday junk_Basin
Everyday junk_Bike wheel
Everyday junk_Bottle base
Everyday junk_Bottle neck
Everyday junk_Bottle plastic
Everyday junk_Bottle top
Everyday junk_Brick 1
Everyday junk_Brick 2
Everyday junk_Brick half
Everyday junk_Bucket
Everyday junk_Cable
Everyday junk_Calor gas
Everyday junk_Carton box
Everyday junk_Carton flat
Everyday junk_Crate plastic
Everyday junk_Crate wood
Everyday junk_Dumpster
Everyday junk_Mesh flat
Everyday junk_Mesh roll
Everyday junk_Metal casing
Everyday junk_Metal corrugated
Everyday junk_Metal sheet
Everyday junk_Mirror
Everyday junk_Oil drum
Everyday junk_Paint can
Everyday junk_Pallet
Everyday junk_Plant pot
Everyday junk_Pot
Everyday junk_Shopping basket
Everyday junk_Tin box
Everyday junk_Tin can 1
Everyday junk_Tin can 2
Everyday junk_Toilet seat
Everyday junk_Trash bag 1
Everyday junk_Trash bag 2
Everyday junk_Trash can
Everyday junk_Window
Everyday junk_Wood post
Everyday junk_Wood sheet
Interior furniture 03_Bed 01
Interior furniture 03_Bed Lamp 01
Interior furniture 03_Bed photo deco
Interior furniture 03_Bed pillow 01
Interior furniture 03_Bed pillow 02
Interior furniture 03_Bed pillow 03
Interior furniture 03_Bed pillow 04
Interior furniture 03_Bed set 01
Interior furniture 03_Bed table 01
Interior furniture 03_Bed table set 01
Interior furniture 03_Box
Interior furniture 03_Branch deco
Interior furniture 03_Carpet 01
Interior furniture 03_Carpet 02
Interior furniture 03_Coffee table 01
Interior furniture 03_Coffee table 02
Interior furniture 03_Coffee table set 01
Interior furniture 03_Coffee table set 02
Interior furniture 03_Dinning chair
Interior furniture 03_Dinning table set
Interior furniture 03_Dinning table
Interior furniture 03_Flower pot
Interior furniture 03_Small table 01
Interior furniture 03_Small table 02
Interior furniture 03_Sofa 01
Interior furniture 03_Sofa 02a
Interior furniture 03_Sofa 02b
Interior furniture 03_Sofa 02c
Interior furniture 03_Sofa chair
Interior furniture 03_Sofa cushion 01
Interior furniture 03_Sofa cushion 02
Interior furniture 03_Sofa lamp 03
Interior furniture 03_Sofa lamp large
Interior furniture 03_Sofa lamp
Interior furniture 03_Sofa set 01
Interior furniture 03_Sofa set 02
Interior furniture 03_Sofa stool
Interior furniture 03_Vanity chair
Interior furniture 03_Vanity lamp
Interior furniture 03_Vanity small table set
Interior furniture 03_Vanity small table
Interior furniture 03_Victorian couch
Interior furniture 03_Wood tray set 02
Jacuzzi time_Hot tub 1
Jacuzzi time_Hot tub 2
Jacuzzi time_Hot tub 3
Everyday candy_Ball
Everyday candy_Banana
Everyday candy_Bean
Everyday candy_Cane
Everyday candy_Drop
Everyday candy_Fruit chew
Everyday candy_Jar set
Everyday candy_Lollipop flat
Everyday candy_Lollipop heart
Everyday candy_Lollipop large
Everyday candy_Lollipop rainbow
Everyday candy_Lollipop round
Everyday candy_Mixture round
Everyday candy_Mixture square
Everyday candy_Ring
Everyday candy_Rope
Everyday candy_Scoop free
Everyday candy_Scoop
Everyday candy_Square double
Everyday candy_Stick
Everyday candy_Twist
Everyday candy_Winegum oval
Everyday candy_Winegum round
FG gamer bundle_Bean bag chair
FG gamer bundle_Bed
FG gamer bundle_Box console
FG gamer bundle_Bunny 2
FG gamer bundle_Bunny
FG gamer bundle_Console
FG gamer bundle_Controler 1
FG gamer bundle_Controler 2
FG gamer bundle_Desk
FG gamer bundle_Dot
FG gamer bundle_Dresser 2
FG gamer bundle_Dresser
FG gamer bundle_Figure
FG gamer bundle_Gaming chair
FG gamer bundle_Headphone holder
FG gamer bundle_Keyboard
FG gamer bundle_Lampshade
FG gamer bundle_Long lampshade
FG gamer bundle_Man
FG gamer bundle_Mirror table
FG gamer bundle_Monitor
FG gamer bundle_Mouse
FG gamer bundle_Painter manga figure
FG gamer bundle_PC
FG gamer bundle_Robot
FG gamer bundle_Saucer
FG gamer bundle_Side table
FG gamer bundle_Small divider
FG gamer bundle_Small table
FG gamer bundle_Sofa
FG gamer bundle_Speaker
FG gamer bundle_Standing dresser
FG gamer bundle_Trash can
FG gamer bundle_Tripod
FG gamer bundle_TV Lampshade
FG gamer bundle_TV Table
FG gamer bundle_TV
FG gamer bundle_Wall tapestry
FG photo studio_Camera body
FG photo studio_Camera
FG photo studio_Lens bag
FG photo studio_Lens with cap
FG photo studio_Lens
FG photo studio_Main screen
FG photo studio_Rear screen left
FG photo studio_Rear screen right
FG photo studio_Replacement
FG photo studio_Room
FG photo studio_Short spot light 01
FG photo studio_Tall spot light 01
FG photo studio_Tripod free
FG photo studio_Tripod
FG photo studio_Upper light rig
Snuggle up bundle_Bear 01
Snuggle up bundle_Bear 02
Snuggle up bundle_Bear 03
Snuggle up bundle_Bear 04
Snuggle up bundle_Bear 05
Snuggle up bundle_Bear 06
Snuggle up bundle_Bear 07
Snuggle up bundle_Bear 08
Snuggle up bundle_Bear def
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 01
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 02
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 03
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 04
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 05
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 06
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 07
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 08
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 09
Snuggle up bundle_Kawaii bear 10
Beauty routine_Hair brush blue
Beauty routine_Hair brush pink
Beauty routine_Hair brush red
Beauty routine_Hair dryer grey
Beauty routine_Hair dryer pink
Beauty routine_Hair dryer red
Beauty routine_Lotion
Beauty routine_Roll on
Beauty routine_Scales blue
Beauty routine_Scales green
Beauty routine_Scales red
Beauty routine_Shaver blue
Beauty routine_Shaver grey
Beauty routine_Shaver pink
Beauty routine_Tooth brush blue hide pasta
Beauty routine_Tooth brush blue
Beauty routine_Tooth brush pink hide pasta
Beauty routine_Tooth brush pink
Beauty routine_Tooth brush red hide pasta
Beauty routine_Tooth brush red
Messy laundry_Basket empty green
Messy laundry_Basket empty purple
Messy laundry_Basket empty red
Messy laundry_Basket empty yellow
Messy laundry_Basket full green
Messy laundry_Basket full purple
Messy laundry_Basket full red
Messy laundry_Basket full yellow
Messy laundry_Blouse chair
Messy laundry_Blouse flat 1
Messy laundry_Blouse flat 2
Messy laundry_Blouse heap 1
Messy laundry_Blouse heap 2
Messy laundry_Blouse table
Messy laundry_Dress chair
Messy laundry_Dress flat 1
Messy laundry_Dress flat 2
Messy laundry_Dress heap 1
Messy laundry_Dress heap 2
Messy laundry_Dress table
Messy laundry_Hoodie chair
Messy laundry_Hoodie flat 1
Messy laundry_Hoodie flat 2
Messy laundry_Hoodie heap 1
Messy laundry_Hoodie heap 2
Messy laundry_Hoodie table
Messy laundry_Jeans chair
Messy laundry_Jeans flat 1
Messy laundry_Jeans flat 2
Messy laundry_Jeans heap 1
Messy laundry_Jeans heap 2
Messy laundry_Jeans table
Messy laundry_Laundry messy heap 1
Messy laundry_Laundry messy heap 2
Messy laundry_Laundry messy heap 3
Messy laundry_Leggins chair
Messy laundry_Leggins flat 1
Messy laundry_Leggins flat 2
Messy laundry_Leggins heap 1
Messy laundry_Leggins heap 2
Messy laundry_Leggins table
Messy laundry_Longshirt chair
Messy laundry_Longshirt flat 1
Messy laundry_Longshirt flat 2
Messy laundry_Longshirt heap 1
Messy laundry_Longshirt heap 2
Messy laundry_Longshirt table
Messy laundry_Pullover chair
Messy laundry_Pullover flat 1
Messy laundry_Pullover flat 2
Messy laundry_Pullover heap 1
Messy laundry_Pullover heap 2
Messy laundry_Pullover table
Messy laundry_Shirt chair
Messy laundry_Shirt flat 1
Messy laundry_Shirt flat 2
Messy laundry_Shirt heap 1
Messy laundry_Shirt heap 2
Messy laundry_Shirt table
Messy laundry_Shorts chair
Messy laundry_Shorts flat 1
Messy laundry_Shorts flat 2
Messy laundry_Shorts heap 1
Messy laundry_Shorts heap 2
Messy laundry_Shorts table
Messy laundry_Skirt chair
Messy laundry_Skirt flat 1
Messy laundry_Skirt flat 2
Messy laundry_Skirt heap 1
Messy laundry_Skirt heap 2
Messy laundry_Skirt table
Messy laundry_Sock L chair
Messy laundry_Sock L flat 1
Messy laundry_Sock L flat 2
Messy laundry_Sock L heap 1
Messy laundry_Sock L heap 2
Messy laundry_Sock L table
Messy laundry_Sock R chair
Messy laundry_Sock R flat 1
Messy laundry_Sock R flat 2
Messy laundry_Sock R heap 1
Messy laundry_Sock R heap 2
Messy laundry_Sock R table
Messy laundry_Stocking chair L
Messy laundry_Stocking chair R
Messy laundry_Stocking L flat 1
Messy laundry_Stocking L flat 2
Messy laundry_Stocking L heap 1
Messy laundry_Stocking L heap 2
Messy laundry_Stocking L table
Messy laundry_Stocking R flat 1
Messy laundry_Stocking R flat 2
Messy laundry_Stocking R heap 1
Messy laundry_Stocking R heap 2
Messy laundry_Stocking R table
Messy laundry_Sweatpants chair
Messy laundry_Sweatpants flat 1
Messy laundry_Sweatpants flat 2
Messy laundry_Sweatpants heap 1
Messy laundry_Sweatpants heap 2
Messy laundry_Sweatpants table
Messy laundry_T-Shirt chair
Messy laundry_T-Shirt flat 1
Messy laundry_T-Shirt flat 2
Messy laundry_T-Shirt heap 1
Messy laundry_T-Shirt heap 2
Messy laundry_T-Shirt table
Messy laundry_Tanktop chair
Messy laundry_Tanktop flat 1
Messy laundry_Tanktop flat 2
Messy laundry_Tanktop heap 1
Messy laundry_Tanktop heap 2
Messy laundry_Tanktop table
Messy laundry_Turtleneck chair
Messy laundry_Turtleneck flat 1
Messy laundry_Turtleneck flat 2
Messy laundry_Turtleneck heap 1
Messy laundry_Turtleneck heap 2
Messy laundry_Turtleneck table
Messy laundry_Undies bra chair
Messy laundry_Undies bra flat 1
Messy laundry_Undies bra flat 2
Messy laundry_Undies bra heap 1
Messy laundry_Undies bra heap 2
Messy laundry_Undies bra table
Messy laundry_Undies pantie chair
Messy laundry_Undies pantie flat 1
Messy laundry_Undies pantie flat 2
Messy laundry_Undies pantie heap 1
Messy laundry_Undies pantie heap 2
Messy laundry_Undies pantie table

All content of this DLC will be available directly from the game, in the main menu with scenes and in menu where you are making settings of the character.

Please note that content of this DLC will be updating. After buying the DLC you will get all updates for free.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or later (64-BIT Required!!!) It is not working on 32-BIT systems!
    • Processor: Intel 2 GHz processor like i5 or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible video card with at least 4GB VRAM like GTX 970
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
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