Create your own voxel world!Collaborate with your friends in your own level!Battle over destructible terrain!
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2020년 4월 14일

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게임 정보

Create your own voxel world!
Collaborate with your friends in your own level!
Battle over destructible terrain!

The game was never inspired by the very famous digging game. Instead, some inspiration came from Warroid for MSX (1986).

The game has the following features:

  • Massively Multiplayer Online Game (1000 players per server)
  • Players can create various terrain structures.
  • Players can fight against other players or bots.
  • Players can create private levels where they can invite their friends to build structures together or battle against each other.
  • All terrains and structures are stored on the server.
  • The client streams the voxel data from the server.
  • Players can run their own servers on their PCs. These servers can be accessed by anyone on the Internet.

The planned features include:

  • Additional character classes
  • Co-op boss fight
  • Player-to-player trading
  • more items

About Dedicated Server

  • In the single-player mode(virtual server), you can only edit, save, and load voxel worlds.
  • In the online mode(public server or private server), all game features are available.
  • Public servers are provided and maintained by the developer. They are located in Japan, East US, West US, and West Europe regions, and will be available for at least one year from the release date. After one year, the public servers may be shut down depending on the developer's financial situation. Even if the unfortunate event occurs, you can still continue to build your world in private servers.
  • Private servers are available with the initial release and can be used anytime without any time limit.

About Game Updates

  • This game is being developed and maintained by a single person.
    The developer considers this game a lifelong project and plans to provide updates for many years to come. However, depending on the developer's financial situation, this might not be feasible.
  • Some features are not fully implemented yet, so please review currently available features before making the purchase decision.

Refund Policy

  • We adhere by Steam's refund policy.
  • As mentioned above, some features are not fully implemented. Please review currently available features before buying this game.

시스템 요구 사항

    • 64비트 프로세서와 운영 체제가 필요합니다
    • 운영 체제: Windows 10 1903
    • 프로세서: intel i5 4300u
    • 메모리: 4 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: intel HD Graphics 4600
    • DirectX: 버전 11
    • 네트워크: 초고속 인터넷 연결
    • 저장공간: 2 GB 사용 가능 공간
    • 64비트 프로세서와 운영 체제가 필요합니다
    • 운영 체제: Windows 10 1909
    • 프로세서: intel i7 7700
    • 메모리: 8 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: nvidia GTX 960
    • DirectX: 버전 11
    • 네트워크: 초고속 인터넷 연결
    • 저장공간: 2 GB 사용 가능 공간

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