This content requires the base application Visual Novel Maker on Steam in order to run.

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Feb 13, 2020

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This content requires the base application Visual Novel Maker on Steam in order to run.

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About This Content

Expand your vocabulary with and give your male Japanese characters even more voices to be heard with Japanese Anime Voices:Male Character Series Vol.4 from TK Projects!

Following the very popular Japanese Anime Voice series this pack will further expand your projects with more exciting and fun Japanese male anime-voices speaking very usable Japanese phrases!

Bring your anime characters to life with these common, everyday vocal phrases and emotions like Watch Out, Shyness, Praise, Anger, Discovery, Damage, and many, many more!


* 126 Japanese animation-like male voices (phrases)
* OGG, M4A formats included
* Male voices (in Japanese phrases) for Visual Novel Games, RPG and much more!
* English translation list included
* For use in Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice!


1 001_Start1.wav いっくよー Come on!
2 002_Start2.wav 勝負だ! Showdown!
3 003_Victory1.wav おいらのかーち I win
4 004_Victory2.wav またやろうね Let's do it again
5 005_Follow1.wav どうしよっか What should we do?
6 006_Follow2.wav まかせてー! Leave it to me!
7 007_Choice1.wav どうする? What are we gonna do?
8 008_Choice2.wav 早く決めてっ Make up your mind quick
9 009_Runaway1.wav じゃーねー See ya!
10 010_Runaway2.wav ばいばーい Bye!
11 011_Tool use1.wav アイテムだよ It's an item
12 012_Tool use2.wav おくすりだよ It's some medicine
13 013_Healthy turn1.wav おいらと遊ぼ Play with me
14 014_Healthy turn2.wav 元気いっぱーい I'm full of energy
15 015_Dying turn1.wav おなかすいた I'm starving
16 016_Dying turn2.wav ちからがでないよぉ I'm beat
17 017_Abnormal state turn1.wav くらくらするよぉ My head is spinning
18 018_Abnormal state turn2.wav ふらふらぁ I'm exhausted
19 019_Unable to fight1.wav もっと遊びたい、のに… I wanted to play some more...
20 020_Unable to fight2.wav はしゃぎすぎちゃっ、た… I got a little too carried away...
21 021_Damage1.wav あたっ Ouch
22 022_Damage2.wav んぎゃ Ow!
23 023_Damage3.wav いてっ Ouch
24 024_Damage4.wav おこるよっ You're making me mad
25 025_Damage5.wav あうっ Argh
26 026_Large damage1.wav うわあ~! Whoa!
27 027_Large damage2.wav ひどいよっ That's mean
28 028_Large damage3.wav いったー! Owww!
29 029_Large damage4.wav やめてよっ Stop it
30 030_Large damage5.wav ぎゃー! Ahhh!
31 031_No damage1.wav あれ? Huh?
32 032_No damage2.wav いたくないよ? It doesn't hurt...
33 033_Weak attack1.wav えい Smack
34 034_Weak attack2.wav ほい Whack
35 035_Weak attack3.wav とりゃ Take that
36 036_Weak attack4.wav それ There!
37 037_Weak attack5.wav やっ Yah
38 038_Medium attack1.wav くらえ Take this
39 039_Medium attack2.wav そりゃー! Take this!
40 040_Medium attack3.wav えーい! Smack!
41 041_Medium attack4.wav いたいぞー This will hurt
42 042_Medium attack5.wav とりゃー Take this!
43 043_Strong attack1.wav それえええ Here I go
44 044_Strong attack2.wav おいらのほんきっ I'm not fooling around
45 045_Strong attack3.wav ぜんりょくだよっ I'm coming at you!
46 046_Strong attack4.wav ちからいっぱいだ Maximum energy
47 047_Strong attack5.wav うりゃあああ Aarrgghh
48 048_Recover1.wav ひと休み! Take a break!
49 049_Recover2.wav だいじょうぶ? Are you alright?
50 050_Recover3.wav おてつだい! Let me help!
51 051_Ok1.wav はーい Alright
52 052_Ok2.wav うん uh huh
53 053_Ok3.wav おっけー Okay
54 054_Deny1.wav やだー No
55 055_Deny2.wav めんどーい I don't wanna
56 056_Deny3.wav うーうーん uh uh
57 057_Aha1.wav おー Yeah
58 058_Aha2.wav へー Oh
59 059_Aha3.wav そうなの Is that so
60 060_Reply1.wav なにー What is it?
61 061_Reply2.wav よんだー? Did you call me?
62 062_Reply3.wav あそぼー Let's play
63 063_Discover1.wav なんだろ I wonder...
64 064_Discover2.wav おー? Hmm?
65 065_Discover3.wav はっけーん! I've found it!
66 066_Thinking1.wav うーん Hmm...
67 067_Thinking2.wav わかんない! I don't know!
68 068_Thinking3.wav んー? Hmm?
69 069_Thinking4.wav ええーっとぉ? Let's see...
70 070_Suspicious1.wav じろ~ Stare71 071_Suspicious2.wav むぅー Well...
72 072_Joy1.wav やったー! Yes!
73 073_Joy2.wav わーい! Yay!
74 074_Joy3.wav うわぁ~! Wow!
75 075_Anger1.wav ぶー Harumph!
76 076_Anger2.wav ふーんだ Grrr
77 077_Feel down1.wav あーあ Oh, man...
78 078_Feel down2.wav つまんない This sucks
79 079_Shyness1.wav んぎゃー! Eeek!
80 080_Shyness2.wav はずかしいよぉ This is embarrassing!
81 081_Satisfaction1.wav たのしーい! This is fun!
82 082_Satisfaction2.wav うわーい! Yeah!
83 083_Shy1.wav そーかな You think?
84 084_Shy2.wav えへへへぇ~ Hehe
85 085_Surprise1.wav わっ Whoa!
86 086_Surprise2.wav びっくりした! Oh, shoot!
87 087_Laugh1.wav あははっ Ha ha ha
88 088_Laugh2.wav えへへっ He he he
89 089_Bitter smile1.wav あっははは… Ha ha ha…
90 090_Bitter smile2.wav はは、は Ha ha…
91 091_Grin1.wav ふぅん Oh?
92 092_Grin2.wav そうなんだぁ Really?
93 093_Weep1.wav うえええ Boo hoo
94 094_Weep2.wav びえええん Wah wah
95 095_Thank you1.wav ありがとー! Thank you!
96 096_Thank you2.wav うれしい! I'm so happy!
97 097_Praise1.wav よしよし It's okay
98 098_Praise2.wav すごーい! Awesome!
99 099_Apologize1.wav ごめんね Sorry
100 100_Apologize2.wav ごめんなさーい I'm sorry
101 101_Amazed1.wav はぁ Ugh
102 102_Amazed2.wav ふぅ Phew
103 103_Abuse1.wav もー! Hey!
104 104_Abuse2.wav だめだよー! That's terrible!
105 105_Request1.wav おーねーがーいー Pretty please!
106 106_Request2.wav おねがーい! Please!
107 107_Hello1.wav こんちは! Hi!
108 108_Hello2.wav やぁー! Hey!
109 109_Call1.wav ねぇねぇ Hey
110 110_Call2.wav あのね Listen
111 111_Call strongly1.wav まってー! Wait up!
112 112_Call strongly2.wav おーい! Hey!
113 113_Watch out1.wav っ!!! -!!
114 114_Watch out2.wav あぶないっ Look out!
115 115_Hold1.wav よっ Umph
116 116_Hold2.wav せーのっ Here we go
117 117_Hand over1.wav はい Here
118 118_Hand over2.wav あげるね For you
119 119_Get shocked1.wav えっ What?
120 ショック2 120_Get shocked2.wav うそだよね…? This can't be true...
121 121_Good bye1.wav さよなら Good bye
122 122_Good bye2.wav またねー! See ya later!
123 123_growth_Enhanced1.wav がおー! Roar!
124 124_growth_Enhanced2.wav 元気になったよ! I'm feeling much better!
125 125_growth_Level up1.wav もっと遊べるね I can play more
126 126_growth_Level up2.wav 元気いっぱいだー I'm feeling fantastic!

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • Additional Notes: System supporting VN Maker
    • Additional Notes: System supporting VN Maker
* Starting February 15, 2024, the Steam Client will no longer support 32-bit games or macOS 10.14 or lower.
    • Additional Notes: System supporting VN Maker

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