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Life of a farmer is filled with stench, filth and hard work. Kashmir is an old bachelor, farmer and an alcoholic.... Help him survive as long as possible in the middle of east-european nowhere. Your life rhythm will be determined by seasons.
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注: この早期アクセスゲームは不完全であり、これから変わることも、変わらないこともありえます。現時点でこのゲームをプレイしても満足に遊べない場合は、 ゲームの開発が更に進捗するまで待ってみる必要があるかもしれません。 詳細はこちら



“Imagine that you wake up alone in the middle of nowhere. It is shortly after World War II when we introduce Kasimir - a young man struggling to survive in this cruel world. Since his parents death he has lived all by himself in a small village. As seasons go by in this postwar reality, we intend to give you a taste of these times, these people. It is up to you what happens next... but we also want you to tell us what should and should not be possible to happen.

Early Access gives our players the chance to contribute to development and also gives us the opportunity to discover different game ideas in a vibrant community. Farmers Life is primarily a sandbox game, so it's hard to tell when the game will end. We want to find out how you play this game and use it to give everyone a better experience. We decided to launch in Early Access to maintain our close relationship with the community as we continue to implement more and more features by tinkering with the mechanics.”


“We estimate it will take around 6 to 12 months for all the features and content we want in the final game to be completed. We want to stay flexible and will only be able to move to the full version when we feel the game is really ready. However, the game in its current state already offers tons of features and a long playing time.”


“We plan at least to:
Add even more tasks and mini-games
Improve interactions with Kasimir’s neighbours
Develop a simple building system and let players customize the things you build
Increase the variety of buildings, crops and animals (both wild and domesticated)
Balance the difficulties to ensure the best player experience
Add new locations to the game world for you to explore
Additional performance optimizations
Let Kasimir find the special one and marry her
A few extra surprises and the implementation of player feedback”


“The game is now fully playable, with all key features implemented, major bugs fixed and performance improved - we've already "tested" the game with the free Prologue and Demo.”


“Farmer`s Life is still in active development so naturally it is a bit cheaper and as such, the Early Access edition is specifically for people who want to join us at the beginning of this journey. The full version will come at a higher price as the scope and complexity of the game continues to grow.”


“From the beginning of work on the project, our community supports us with great feedback! We've built a healthy Discord community where our members can share their ideas, report bugs and just be part of the game.
We conduct internal and external surveys to ask players what features they want to implement next. We can't wait to hear community feedback!”
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A simulator so realistic it stinks of gunk...

Life of a farmer is filled with stench, filth and hard work. Kashmir is an old bachelor, farmer and an alcoholic.... Help him survive as long as possible in the middle of east-european nowhere. Your life rhythm will be determined by seasons, wildlife will threaten your life and the land will be hard to work with. Your fate is in your hands!

Explore, take care of your farm and manage your resources wisely. Your animals require patient care. Thanks to it the chickens will lay more eggs and cow will give more milk. Well-kept animals work more efficiently.
Mind the seasons! Prepare for constantly changing weather conditions and hard winters. A good farmer is a prepared farmer. Learn new ways of survival. Sow, feed, harvest, slaughter.

Your farm is surrounded by impenetrable forests, home of countless dangerous animals. Uninvited guests will frequently disrupt your work, so remember to be prepared for unexpected encounters.
Loneliness is hard to bear? Not necessarily. Few neighbors ma become more of a problem than wild animals living in the woods nearby.

Incentive! Your day begins with sunrise. After all, there is a lot of work waiting for you ... or another heavy party with your neighbors.
An exemplary farmer starts his day by grooming the animals. The better you take care of them, the better results you will achieve. The yield will be more abundant, the flock will have more meat and the chickens will lay more eggs.
After a busy day, you deserve a reward, right? Neighbors will be happy to invite you to one. However, be careful that they do not turn out to be another problem that needs to be dealt with.
At Farmer's Life, you will have to master the art of compromise and making decisions that determine your fate. It's time to make your farmer's dreams come true!

Farmer's Life is the first simulator to show the real, sometimes dark, rural life. You will lead the life of Kazimierz - bachelor and alcoholic. Help him become an exemplary farmer, start a family, take care of the farm or watch him roll to the very bottom. In addition, don't forget that life in the countryside has its own rules. Your daily rhythm and work are determined by many factors - such as weather conditions, seasons and the resources you manage.
Sow, look after the flock and protect the farm from uninvited guests. Learn from your mistakes and monitor your progress as each day on the farm may be your last.



Alcohol addiction


    • OS: Windows 7
    • プロセッサー: Intel Core i5
    • メモリー: 8 GB RAM
    • グラフィック: NVidia GeForce GTX 750
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • サウンドカード: DirectX compatible
    • OS: Windows 10
    • プロセッサー: Intel Core i7
    • メモリー: 8 GB RAM
    • グラフィック: NVidia GeForce GTX 1050
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • サウンドカード: DirectX compatible

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