A brand new card game is coming! The game combines the gameplay of deck-building and Roguelike. With innovative time sequence battles, the battles are fast pace and incredibly exciting. In addition to the traditional Roguelike mode, you can challenge players from around the world.
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Summer, 2019

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RPG, Rougelike, Card, Strategy, Multiplayer, Deckbuilding, DBG
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Geplande releasedatum: Summer, 2019

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17 augustus

August 16th Demo Version Patch Notes

We are Leaf Boat Studio. This is the third update for Born of Fire. There is a lot of new content that has been added!

Patch notes:
+ New creatures: Scout and Dwarf Rifleman

+ New spells: Amnesia Spell, Armor Slam, Rend, Barbed Arrow, Nether Arrow, and Meditation.
+ Added 3 songs. You can listen to them on the main menu, deck page, and tower mode.
+ You can turn the music/sound on and off in the settings. The ability to adjust the volume will be added on later.

+ New Tower mode Bosses: Shaman, Dragon, and Chimera.

+ Added Shop to Tower mode.
+ Added lots of normal and elite squads.
+ Added more Tower mode events.
+ Added a sign-in system. Remind to sign-in daily.
+ Improved lots of special effects and sound effects.
+ Various minor adjustments and improvements.
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5 augustus

August 6th Demo Patch Notes


We are Leaf Boat Studio. Today is the second time we are updating the Born of Fire demo version. We have added and fixed a lot of things just like last week! In order to begin early access in early September, we will be making a lot of bigger changes and adding completely new features to the game starting from this week. Unfortunately, this means we won’t update the game next week. We want to apologize to everyone for the delay.

This week’s patch notes:
+ Supports Traditional Chinese
+ Added the epic creature: Ancient Guardian

+ Remade the hero deck interface.
+ The chest button on the main page will display a red dot when there is an unopened chest.
+ Can view the deck, discarded cards, exhausted and counter cards info during battle.
+ Tower mode added the harmless sheep:

+ Added settings button to tower mode battle.
+ Improved the process and presentation of the pray at the beginning of tower mode.
+ Display the changes of a hero after being upgraded.
+ Remade effects presentation of many creatures and spells.
+ Changed the pictures on some cards.
+ Added privilege effects to epic rank or higher creatures.
+ Fixed many errors and problems.
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Free trial version is available

The free trial version of Born of Fire is now available! The trial version includes a Roguelike tower mode and a real-time match mode. You can get cards and upgrade them. Build your deck for match mode and then battle players from around the world! Please smash that “Download Demo” button on the right to start playing!

Over dit spel

#Please join our Discord server "Born of Fire" to know more information.#


Born of Fire is a strategy card game that fuses the gameplay of Roguelike and deck-building games. The name is taken from an important part of the story in the game. Your hero will step into a divine world to challenge the legendary “Tower of Phoenix”. When you are defeated, you will be reborn in the Flame of Phoenix. Every time you lose, you will become ever more powerful until you are strong enough to defeat the Phoenix. When you reach the top of the tower, you will become the god of a new generation.

This game will throw out everything you have previously known about card games. Your hero won’t sit in the back to command but will be on the battlefield to fight alongside the other creatures. However, what won’t change is if your hero dies, you lose. So you can choose to place your hero on the front line to break the enemy’s ranks or you can put them in the back row to provide support. It all depends on your battle style and deck.

There are many heroes to choose from in the game. Your hero’s class will decide which spell cards you can use. For example, the Commander is excellent at defense and commanding the battlefield while the Mage is great with wide-ranged magic explosions. Besides spell cards, you still need to consider which creatures you will put in your deck. Every creature has a unique battle style.

The movement of heroes and creatures isn’t turn-based but is based on their “speed” to decide the order. Faster characters will have more chances to move. There are many methods to change the speed in battle. You can admire your opponent by casting “Frost Arrow“ to slow down the target or grant a friendly creature “haste”. The epic “Frozen“ or even “Freeze“ can stop a whole of your enemy’s creatures.

Sound cool, right? There are even cooler things waiting for you to discover. Now you can call up your friends and be “Born of Fire” together!

Game Features

● Your hero won’t sit on the sidelines, but will fight in the battle. However, you will lose if your hero dies.
● Innovative time sequence battles. Every hero and creature has a “Speed” stat. The faster the speed, the faster the movement rate.
● Design your battle formation. Remember to put your warriors in the front row and protect the back row with archers and mages.
● Make use of your hero’s rage spells and counter cards to surprise your opponent or save yourself in an emergency.
● The classic Tower mode has random enemies, tasks, and rewards.
● Summon powerful creatures to fight for you in the pub.
● You can battle players from around the world in Match mode to win victory chests.
● Continue to collect cards and upgrade their levels.
● You will get stronger every time you climb the tower.


● There are 2 classes currently: the skilled defensive Commander and the mighty Mage.
● There will be more classes added to the game in the future.
● Hundreds of spell cards, more than 35 special creatures and 6 powerful Bosses.
● We plan to continue to introduce new gameplay such as the Two-Headed Giant(2v2) and Ladder mode.


    • Besturingssysteem: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
    • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
    • Geheugen: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafische kaart: 256mb Video Memory, capable of OpenGL 2.0+ support
    • Netwerk: Breedband internetverbinding
    • Opslagruimte: 1 GB beschikbare ruimte
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