WARSAW is a challenging WWII turn-based tactical rpg taking place in a war torn city and sporting beautiful hand painted graphics. Lead a small, dedicated outfit of civilians and soldiers with their unique skills in their fight to take back the city besieged by occupying forces.
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4. sep. 2019

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11. august

The coverage

(this is a still from the PAX East'19 WARSAW coverage reel we were showing at our booth)

The 7-part coverage of WARSAW’s Announcement comes to closing today. And what better way to round it up than with a handful of excerpts taken from various publications that covered the game’s announcement. Reading the past six parts you should have a pretty good idea of what we were going for. Now you can see how it worked out.

Tomorrow (or – depending on your time zone – still today) we will be starting a new 7-part piece. This one will focus on… Just check back here and see for yourself.

The order of the below excerpts is as they show in the google search. Some edits to the helpful google translate were in order to make things a bit more clear. And these are just a selected few of the stories than sprang after the GameSpot announcement.

(WARSAW) does show is the kind of horrors and heartbreaks associated with World War 2, and it doesn't shy away from emotional reveals.

The Warsaw announcement trailer will give you chills

I’m always telling you (bullying really) to watch the trailers I post, but you would be cheating yourself if you ignored the announcement trailer for WARSAW. It’s heavy, but it’s really effective. (…). Announced today, WARSAW is a tactical RPG set in 1944 as a group of people tries to oust the Nazis from their homeland of Poland.

(…) we do get to see a wonderful looking animation that was created by Human Ark and features a song by Polish singer Brodka. The trailer introduces the setting as the 28th day of the uprising and shows a battle breaking out as a female character runs through beaten down streets amongst gunfire.

We are waiting for participation in the events of 1944, in the legendary Warsaw Uprising. This is one of the most tragic pages of the history of World War II for Poland(…)

As commander of the guerrilla group, you have the task of liberating Warsaw from the Nazi occupiers.

Warsaw is an artfully designed role-playing game with an unusual theme: In Nazi-occupied Warsaw you fight as a Polish resistance for freedom.

WARSAW will immerse us in the context of the Second World War alongside a group of Polish resistance fighters (…)

(…) a city devastated by World War II and where real events of the conflict will be told in 1944, with the mechanics of RPG and strategy. It seems that he will want to tell a fairly adult and mature story about the drama of war

(…) a fascinating and heartbreaking Warsaw trailer, a new tactical role-playing game (…).Set during the famous Warsaw Uprising, the rebellion of the Polish people bloodily suppressed by the Nazis in 1944 which led to the complete destruction of the city(...)

(…) combines beautiful visuals with the ugliness of war. Set in the uprising of Poland in 1944, the game tells the story of love, loyalty, friendship and adversity as the protagonists try to conquer their country from the Nazis.

(…)the theme of Warsaw invasion by German troops in World War II

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10. august

The unveiling

When a major gaming website announces your game and for 24 hours it’s the only carrier of that information different things might happen.

For example quite a few of other media outlets from all over the world can republish that story. And if it’s helped by a proper media blast delivered by a specialized PR agency as well as your own channels it might turn out that when you type do a google search of your game you find there’s almost 300 mentions across more than 20 countries in the first 72 hours alone. Countries from Australia to Vietnam (sadly, nothing in Yemen and Zanzibar, and unless you tried Catalan – Xina also doesn’t count). All covering WARSAW.

I believe a certain admission is owed here. When we set out to make a game based around Warsaw Rising we knew that we can’t push that out to the front of the messaging. As mentioned before – Warsaw Rising isn’t a story many people are familiar with. And we never felt this should be something we constantly bring up.

The way we communicated WARSAW outside of Poland from the start was: “a tactical rpg set in WWII”.

We felt if the game has arresting visuals, compelling gameplay, engaging mechanics and an interesting tactical layer combined with historical setting – we will have gamers interest. And then – and only then do we uncover the facts. That the length of the Rising is actually the imposed time limit on the player. That all the characters are based on people or groups of people who actually took part in the Rising. That all the weapons you wield in game were used in the Rising. That uniforms and equipment were all consulted with a historian dealing with Warsaw Rising. That a dialogist made sure that the lines spoken during the battle by the combatants would be true to the era. That you move on a map based on the maps from Warsaw ’44. That the names of the streets are factual.

And we hoped that when WARSAW was being covered by whatever medium decided to run the story – once the genre, the visuals and all surface level qualities are mentioned – there will just be no way around mentioning what Warsaw Rising actually was.

Near total destruction of the city. Hundreds of thousands people killed. Even more relocated from the capital. Which until that point might not have featured in

Months later there’s more than 400 publications on WARSAW across major gaming media all around the world, and all of these mention Warsaw Rising. Sometimes in media that never touched upon that subject. All of these refer to the game first – as was intended. WARSAW is not a performance project but a game and needs to be one if it is to succeed commercially.

But at the same we’re extremely proud with what we achieved. In bringing a piece of Polish history to the forefront for hundreds of gaming media outlets.
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“New WW2 Strategy Game Offers A Harrowing Look At Poland's Ill-Fated 1944 Uprising”

“(…) in execution Warsaw manages to deliver its own experience entirely.”

“(…) Beautiful hand-painted artwork and turn-based combat (…)”

Om dette spillet

Use everything at your disposal to help a team of accidental heroes survive the onslaught in their home city and overcome tremendous odds stacked against them in this tactical rpg set on the streets of occupied Warsaw of 1944.


Enlist the help of men and women, soldiers and civilians, the young and the old and use their unique skills, expertise and abilities to challenge the enemy. Meet people from all walks of life united in their attempt to overthrow the German occupiers.


Create a mix of versatile skills that will allow you to flank your enemies, detonate obstacles, snipe stragglers and push or pull enemies into the area where your carefully planned attacks deal the most damage.
Make sure your Heroes are stacked with the right weapons salvaged, obtained from the enemy or air drops. Develop them using medal system to unlock a unique set of skills, and construct the best team of all the Heroes – both joining the forces and enlisted in the Hideout in exchange for the collected resources.


Make your way on the carefully reconstructed map of Warsaw of 1944, encountering both historical and random events that immerse you in the story of the city that valiantly stood up to the Nazi oppressor. Patrol the streets fulfilling the orders issued by HQ, discover facts about the past of your Heroes and decide when to fight, and when to withdraw.


Learn all the strengths and weaknesses of your assigned team. Find the best combination of personnel, weapons and skills to overcome more and more lethal enemies thrown to quell the uprising. Fight your way through infantry, specialized troops, heavily armed units, special ordnance and armored vehicles. Make your choices in the many story infused events and live with their results. And don’t let the ever increasing ferocity and intensity of forces thrown your way stop you from your one goal. Turning your Heroes into survivors. Not victims.


  • Turn-based tactical rpg with characters of varying classes, and with skill and resource management in immersive WWII setting
  • A deep tactical combat system with multitude of complementing skills, weapons and character abilities
  • Character stories and backgrounds delivered through gameplay as well as numerous historical and fictional events happening under specific game’s circumstances
  • Incredible replay value due to non-linear gameplay


    • Krever en 64-biters prosessor og operativsystem
    • OS: TBA
    • Krever en 64-biters prosessor og operativsystem
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