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Management, Simulation, Strategy, Building
Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
Action, Strategy, RPG, Hack and Slash
OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos
Adventure, Anime, Visual Novel, Female Protagonist
Out of Space
Strategy, Indie, Casual, Co-op
Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!
Simulation, Indie, Sexual Content, Nudity
Broken Lines
Strategy, Tactical, Turn-Based, World War II
Expansion - Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance
Strategy, Simulation, World War II, Alternate History
Maiden and Spell
Action, Indie, Bullet Hell, Anime
RimWorld - Royalty
Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Death and Taxes
Simulation, Strategy, Indie, Casual
Tank Mechanic Simulator
Simulation, Adventure, Casual, Indie
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