Community Announcements - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that your game progress in Dungeon of the Endless will be reset on Monday (October 27th), with the official release. Make sure you finish your current games as you will have to say goodbye to your user profile which includes: spaceships & heroes you have unlocked, besides your game stats in the journal.

Have a nice weekend!
~The Amplidudes
Community Announcements - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hey guys,

To celebrate the release of Dungeon of the Endless next week (October 27th), we are releasing the game soundtrack for free on FlyByNo's Bandcamp page. You may also name your price and support the artist, who also worked on the soundtrack of Endless Legend and Endless Space!

The full soundtrack includes these original songs:
  • Dungeon of the Endless (Main Title)
  • Skulk Around
  • Wrecking Bad
  • Ground Mist
  • An Outmoded Voice
  • The Wild Underground Plains
  • Celluloid
  • Crystal Quest
  • Turtle Mode Engaged
  • Found a Thing!
  • Wacky Ruins
  • Lady Shaft
  • Haphazardly
  • Alien Pollen
  • Elevator Song
  • Game Over
  • The Surface (End Title)

DotE's soundtrack on Bandcamp available here for free or name your price: here

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hey everyone,

In case you missed the our stream yesterday, we would like to announce that Dungeon of the Endless will be complete and leave Early Access on October 27th!

DotE was launched on Steam Early Access on December 11th, 2013 and has been greatly improved thanks to your feedback, suggestions, design discussions, bug reports, but also forum contests, brainstorms, surveys, GAMES2GETHER votes and so on. With your awesome participation, we were able to create unique content for the game such as heroes, spaceships, modules, events or Steam achievements. Thank you all for participating in this Early Access. Here's a trailer we made for you:
Founder and Pixel pack players usernames in the credits have been extracted from the official Amplitude forum users database, with a DotE Steam CD key redeemed


New features in Dungeon of the Endless include:
  • Interweaving Storylines: The dungeons aren’t the only things that are endless in Dungeon of the Endless. It offers overlapping and even intimate relationships between characters that are always fun and often surprising.
  • New Spaceships: The player will be able to unlock new spaceships (aka game modes), such as the Sanitary pod, which offers increased difficulty levels of play.
  • The Jungle levels: The experience is now complete as players will be able to go up to the twelfth and final floor before reaching the surface.
  • A Journal and an Album: Track your scores with the Journal and follow your game progress in the Album, displaying pictures and hints on the secrets around Auriga and its new visitors.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer: For gamers who like to play with others, the two to four player cooperative enables players to strategise best routes, work together to share resources, and team up to kick all sorts of alien ass.

/// Please note that you will be able to test these changes in a test branch we will release sometime this week.


~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Saylawl

Hello everyone,

This time, it's for real! The official public update 0.9 is here. Thanks to our courageous players who tested the branch version to help us to finalise it :) So we added the 2 last heroes, a mob and an event but also the much-awaited tactical map, the backpack and other improvements requested by the community.


  • Added 2 new heroes:

    • Mizi Kurtiz, the G2G hero and her dark companion
    • Kreyang, the EL Founder pack Drakken hero

  • Added 1 new event: the EMP, which temporarily deactivates modules of random rooms [G2G] Thanks Stealth_Hawk
  • Added 1 new mob: the Hurna Debuffer (and its elite form) which reduces the attack power of heroes in the room
  • Added “almost-HD” portraits for the heroes HUD
  • Improved environments by adding props, animations and FXs
  • Added situational dialogues (different for each heroes)
  • Added new tutorial (select in the menu to test it) [WIP]
  • Added 2 special skills for prisoners and crew members


  • Added a tactical map: mouse wheel down to zoom out, then click or mouse wheel up over a room to zoom in. You can move and (un)power rooms in this mode
  • Improved the Crystal phase:

    • The rooms are no longer unpowered
    • The Crystal can’t be put back in the first room
    • All the doors of the floor are opened!
    • You have to decide when you leave the floor: all your crew have to be in the exit, otherwise you lose them!

  • Added a backpack in the Inventory panel: all items in this bag will be kept between floors
  • Added remote powering: auto-power several rooms at the same time by clicking on a remote room as long as you have enough Dust
  • Improved Merchants: each one now has a currency between Food, Industry, Science and Dust for sell and buy
  • Added a “multi-doors” bonus: get a score bonus when you open doors in an “action phase”
  • Added a pause button on the bottom right widget
  • Improved several animations on monsters & heroes
  • Heroes found in the dungeon can now have a higher level (with cost slightly increased)
  • Added hero refund: if you dismiss a hero, you get a certain amount of food based on his level
  • Added a special portrait when a hero dies
  • Improved Heroes HUD: reorganised the buttons to avoid misclicks, improved wounded feedback
  • Improved GUI (log, hero panel, FIDS, dialogue, transition screens…)
  • Unlocked Deena by default
  • Changed low health feedback to be sooner and more visible
  • Improved Auto-Powered FX and environment FXs
  • Added new FXs for each module upgrade


  • Increased the level up cost of first hero levels, slightly reduced the last ones (global cost is increased)
  • Increased number of new heroes in the floor
  • Reduced heal cost in the Infirmary Pod
  • Reduced Shop cost (build & research)
  • Tweaked item costs (for drugs) and effects (for devices)
  • Increased Lure activation delay
  • Reduced the power and the number of the anti-minor modules mobs
  • Increased power of Kamikazes, but they also hurt other creatures
  • Changed Holohero module behaviour: it no longer attracts mobs of other rooms
  • Increased Holohero module defence

Bug fix (since branch 0.9.20)

  • Kreyang is available for Endless Legend Founder Pack owners
  • Level up stats preview is displayed
  • Green colour is correct in the tactical map (shows rooms with modules inside)
  • Heroes selection marker is correct in the tactical map
  • Several panels are now hidden in the tactical map (dialogs, crystal button...)
  • Mouse wheel can be used in the Inventory
  • System menu is fixed
  • Lighting glitch in the Sewers environment is fixed
  • Hero sprites glitches during attack have been fixed
  • Kamikazes Elite behaviour is fixed

Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Steph'nie

Hey everyone,

We wanted to share with you the latest progress report with the development of Dungeon of the Endless. Indeed, we have been super proud to reach the Beta recently and would like to reassure some of you, longing for the next update!

We have been rather quiet for mainly two simple reasons: some of us have been away or will be soon going on holiday, but also to show and talk about our games at Gamescom (Germany) and Unite (USA). This requires a lot of organisation on our side and we're just working really hard to get a game build ready (it's always nice to show a new version of the game at an event!). Secondly, as you all know, we've recently reached the Beta and have started the implementation of some heavy features:

  • Co-op multiplayer mode: after several gameplay iterations, we're starting to have something that is quite enjoyable! We're currently fixing several bugs before we can release it in a public update. We still have several improvements we'd like to implement as well but yeah, we're getting there
  • Tactical map: AT LAST. And it's working too, but we're still working on the visuals
  • Improved Crystal phase: we're testing several changes with the VIPs
  • A score journal: work in progress
  • Several improvements: we've implemented several small improvements requested by the community (but we'll let you know in due time!)
  • The remaining promised game content: we're not going to shed a tear, but we've added the last heroes and environment for the release
  • Balancing: singleplayer and multiplayer, but also spaceship wise (we should be working on that in the long run, until the release)

Tl;dr: there's still a lot to come but you'll have to wait a little before you can try out the new additions/changes.

Stay tuned however: we might have cool surprises for you. :)

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Steph'nie

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for a new creation competition? In the latest update, we implemented a new game option: spaceships that you can actually unlock! They bring new game modes with special gameplay effects, new starting configuration and visuals for even more diversity and more fun of course.

Today, we want to call on your creativity to create an extraordinary new spaceship for Dungeon of the Endless!

The creation contest will be divided in 2 parts:

  • The gameplay (rules, stats, etc.)
  • The packaging (visual, name, description, etc.)


The Brief

In order to propose an interesting variety of challenge for the player, here is a quick reminder of the spaceship in game and a glimpse of the others which are planned for the release [spoiler alert!]. The aim is to find ideas not too similar to the already existing ones:

  • The Infirmary: no end turn auto heal, more HP, drugs
  • The Armoury: 4 heroes at start, no free hero, no offence module
  • The Drill: no production module at start, endless floors
  • The Library: focus on research / modules, heroes "lethal as canaries"
  • The Refreezerator: 1 hero in the entire game, but undying… or nearly!

The Entries

There are different properties to define in the gameplay aspect of your spaceship:

  • Code name: the final name will be given in Part 2
  • Special gameplay rules: see below
  • Number of heroes at start (1 to 4)

If it's relevant:

  • Global statistics modifiers (attack power, health, defence, etc. of heroes / mobs / modules)
  • Starting modules (and unavailable modules)
  • Starting items (and unavailable modules)
  • Starting FIDS and FIS incomes

The special gameplay rules are obviously the most important part of the entry. The idea is to find a way to use the current features and elements already available in the game and rearranged them to create a new way to play it. Try to keep it simple! A good concept can be summarised in one sentence.

/!\ Entries need to be posted in this thread:

We will select 3 of your proposals then organise a GAMES2GETHER vote! You may submit several entries but are limited to three! Also make sure you keep all your entries in one post!

Please note however that Amplitude reserves the right to modify the 3 proposals and will work with the winner to finalise the design and adapt it to development constraints.


We will be closing the thread on July 15th, at midday (Paris time!).


Winners of Part 1 et Part 2 will:

  • Get their names in the game credits
  • Win a cool Dungeon of the Endless T-shirt and buttons
  • Three Steam copies of the Dungeon of the Endless - Founder Pack: so you can play with your friends once the multiplayer is released!

Best of luck to all of you!
~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
[0.8.7] Patch Notes

Bug fix
  • Random hero selection is now properly displayed
  • Notifications are no longer displayed on top of transition screens
  • Players can now unequip an item without this one disappearing
  • The instant power given by the “Emergency Generator” module is now ignored if the room is already powered by the Auto Power event
  • Stele is now immune to zone damage
  • “Fast but Weak mobs” stele event no longer stops mobs when they stack
  • Saves, merchants, dust (initial / loot) and items are now functional in the endless mode with the Drill pod
  • Armoury floors no longer spawn free heroes
  • Fixed some sprites glitches

  • Reduced basic FIS incomes
  • Increased cost of Emergency Generator (now incremental)
  • Increased cost of FIS modules
  • Reduced Wit of Mechanical Pal
  • Tweaked cost and spawn value of items
  • Reduced Pilfer effect
  • Reduced power of flying Necro mob
  • Increased classic item spawn in the Infirmary Pod
  • Increased difficulty in Easy and Too Easy mode (power of mobs)

Please keep in mind that your previous game save will not be compatible with this new version.

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Steph'nie

Hofix [0.8.5]

  • Fixed the 100% loading issue that occurred when a player was stuck during loading due to a save and load problem.
  • Monsters now disappear properly when they die
  • Spaceships are now properly loaded on saved games
  • Hero health is now saved with the Infirmary Pod
  • Fixed conditions to unlock the Drill Pod
  • Optimised profile saving frequency
  • Fixed a bug that made duplicate item disappear when buying and equipping it from the merchant
  • Auto power room FX was changed so that it never exceeds the room’s size
  • Fixed Opbot right and left idle animations

Have a nice weekend!
~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Steph'nie

Hello everyone,

We are very glad to make this announcement today: we have reached the Beta of Dungeon of the Endless! What does this mean? It means that we are pretty much “feature complete” for the final release of DotE, for the Single Player mode. Indeed, the current game experience should be similar to the one you will receive in the final version, but obviously more balanced and improved!

Please note that we intend to have a 4 player co-op Beta very soon. In the meantime, our VIP players already started testing it but it’s only a first version for now, so we would like to make sure we can improve it a little bit before making it available to all of you.

To celebrate the Beta of DotE, you will finally be able to purchase the Founder Pack Upgrade, that includes the unique Library ship and Josh 'Ntello hero, Endless Space coupons, and the Founder Pack badge for our forum. You will only be able to pick up the Founder Pack Upgrade during the Beta: once we announce and reach the final release, it will be too late! Also, the game (both editions: Pixel and Founder pack) will keep the 25% Alpha discount until the end of the Steam Summer Sales before changing into the usual 10% Beta discount.

Anyway, we’re really excited (and quite stressed out – if only you could see the shadows under our eyes) for this release: we are bringing some really cool additions and hope you will enjoy them. Besides other additions, improvements, some balancing and bug fixing, this new version includes the implementation of new game modes thanks to the spaceships you will be able to unlock through special achievements.

From Alpha to Beta: what have we achieved?

  • MORE OF EVERYTHING: more doors, floors, monsters, heroes, items, modules and surprises
  • HEROES: the ability to choose your starting heroes and use powerful skills to survive this hell
  • SCIENCE: use Science to build and level-up modules and make those monsters cry
  • NEW GAME MODES: you can now unlock new starting spaceships to discover completely new game modes
  • IMPROVED CONTROLS: we worked on a refined game system and controls requested by the community
  • NEW TRACKS: we have added two brand new awesome FlybyNo music tracks

The Spaceships

We implemented a new game option: the ability to choose the crashed spaceship you will start the game with. You can unlock a new spaceship by earning special achievements (two different possibilities for each spaceship – Steam achievements will be available later) and will be able to select it in the configuration panel at the start of a new game.

A Spaceship is not only a visual skin of the first room: indeed, it comes with special gameplay effects, a starting package (a defined number of heroes, resources, items, modules etc.), a new design of Crystal, and a new order of floor environments. Each spaceship is like a mode and should bring some diversity to your game experience!

/!\ Warnings:
  • The new spaceship balancing is still WIP
  • For technical and optimisations reasons, we have entirely recoded the sprites manager of the game (animation system): it was a very big task with a lot of repercussions. We think that we have fixed most of them, but there could still be some graphical issues, so please accept our apologies in advance.

Release Notes [0.8.4]

Available here.

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
[0.7.10] Release Notes

  • Swapping two different items will now give the correct amount for each statistics
  • Heroes will keep abilities given by the level, even if the player equips and unequips an item with the same abilities
  • Merchants no longer disappear
  • Fixed the buy/sale system
  • Fixed the Pepper Spray tooltip

  • Reduced the game difficulty:
    • Slightly reduced number of mobs in waves
    • Increased Food, Industry and Science basic incomes to 3 (used to be 2)
    • Reduced attack power of Hurna Hunter
    • Slightly increased the Wit of heroes
    • Increased HP and defence of Elise
    • “Too Easy” difficulty: reduced HP and attack power of mobs (remark: since the first easy mode appearance, the quantity of mobs is the same in the 2 modes, but weaker)

  • Removed the artefact in the first room of the floor

Please note that the balancing is still WIP, thanks for your feedback!

~Amplitude Studios.

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