Community Announcements - Steph.(✿◠‿◠)

Good news everyone,

We are very excited to announce that Dungeon of the Endless is coming to iPad this summer! It will include the "Deep Freeze" and "Bookworm" DLCs from the PC version.

We plan to reveal more information at Gamescom next week but here are some screenshots:

From the Dev Blog:

Community Announcements - Steph.(✿◠‿◠)
[1.0.71] Patch Notes
  • Fixed the Heavy level up animation; previously using the Pyro’s animation instead of his!
  • Fixed the elevator background that wasn’t moving since the [1.0.69] version
  • Fixed a bug on the album: it was impossible to unlock the picture related to the TF2 heroes story
  • The Australium update is now considerer as a DLC and can therefore be disabled

Thank you for all your reports.

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Steph.(✿◠‿◠)

Hey everyone,

If you watched the stream this afternoon, you probably know what's coming to Dungeon of the Endless: the Australium update! It is free and will available today on Steam to everyone who owns Dungeon of the Endless.
This Australium update for DotE is one of the rewards that you've unlocked during the recent Steam Free Weekend: it includes 4 new heroes and 5 new items from Team Fortress 2, Valve's famous cooperative game gone free to play.

Note that you can grab Dungeon of the Endless on Steam at 33% off!


"Taking a break after a particularly brutal gravel war, these four mercenaries are prospecting for the rare element Australium in the hopes of using their battle-honed skills to actually make some money. It is rumoured that there are extensive lodes of Australium across Auriga so they are exploring and tunnelling, trying to find this precious resource."

  • Added 4 new heroes

    • Pat Bates (Pyro): nobody knows where this thing came from, what it thinks, or why it does what it does. Eager researchers who interview Bates tend to either quickly change their area of study -- or go mad themselves.
    • Kaspar Herab (Medic): Kaspar did, at some point, receive some form of medical training. The duration, sobriety, and quality of that training -- and whether or not it pertained to human beings -- is highly questionable. Herab's eagerness to demonstrate it, however, is not.
    • Dell Bradford (Engineer): Dell is a misplaced transdimensional copy of a non-existent being from a pseudo-reality. Fortunately, he is also a skilled engineer with at least eleven hard science PhDs so minor questions concerning the nature of reality don't bother him much.
    • Misha Cherny (Heavy): Misha comes from a very cold gulag in a very cold place; much of his reputation stems from the fact that though he and his sisters escaped, none of the guards did. This experience has not affected the warmth of his personality, though it should be noted that the degree of warmth is directly proportional to the number of dead enemies.
  • Added 5 new items with passive skills (Sandvish, Gas Mask, Dove, jPad, Tower of Hats)

    • Tower of Hats: tarnish it notte, presumptuous one.
    • Gas Mask: a highly effective defence against anything from flatulation to the most toxic nerve gas. The only drawback is that the mask’s active ingredient causes idyllic, pastoral hallucinations.
    • Dove: the only flying animal not yet eaten by the dungeon inhabitants, Archimedes stays safely in the pocket of whoever is carrying it.
    • jPad: one letter better than its famous predecessor, this hand-held marvel contains optimised solutions for the materials, project plans, and techniques of module construction.
    • Sandvich: not considered edible by most sentient beings, this snack requires teeth capable of chewing gravel. On the plus side, it tastes like vodka.
  • Improved memory use
  • Fixed an issue where the operator lost his bonus during an attack in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where the floor could not be finished

WARNING: in Singleplayer mode, you might have to restart at the beginning of your floor. In Multiplayer mode, you might have to restart the whole run/pod. If you want to finish your game in MP, we suggest you use a previous version of the game. To access that version, you will have to select in the Steam properties of Dungeon of the Endless, the 'Betas' tab, then select the [1.0.63] version.

Now go and have fun! :)

Jun 5
Community Announcements - Saylawl

Four mysterious new heroes will appear soon in the Dungeon…
Tune in on Monday (June 8th) at 3PM CEST:

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - S.(✿◠‿◠)

Hey everyone,

Dungeon of the Endless is now available in Korean, thanks to our fans from Team.SM. Find more information on this community translation here: link.

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Etheon
Hotfix [1.0.63]

  • Fixed an issue with the pathfinding. Heroes and monsters should no longer get stuck in rooms
  • Fixed an issue with the dungeon generation. The game should no longer crash and remove the save during the creation of a new floor

Thanks for your patience. We’ll keep an eye on forums to see if that fixes the issues encountered by many of you.
Community Announcements - Saylawl
Hello everyone! What a weekend! :)

We really want to thank all the players for participating, telling their friends and spreading the word! At the very last moment we reached 365 436 players and you unlocked the final mega super duper stretch goal! We'll start working on this cool content and keep you posted on the different releases.

Here's a quick reminder of the content you unlocked:
  • Item Packs for Endless Legend & Dungeon of the Endless
  • Special Event for DotE
  • Custom Traits Pack for EL
  • Team Fortress 2 Hero Pack for DotE
  • The Guardian Unit Killer for Endless Legend Guardians
  • The Free Digital Artbook for EL & DotE

I hope you guys enjoyed the whole thing, the whole team was super excited to see the progress!

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - S.(✿◠‿◠)
Hotfix [1.0.60]
  • Fixed an issue with several rooms where the player could not move

Community Announcements - S.(✿◠‿◠)
Hotfix [1.0.59]
  • Implemented a VSync in the option menu
  • Re-uploaded the soundtrack in the game folder (Steam > Steamapps > Common > Dungeon of the Endless > Soundtrack)
  • Fixed an issue with a specific room in the Jungle environment where the player could not move
  • Fixed issues with player usernames containing "{" or "}" characters, which resulted in a crash

Warning about the "DEEP FREEZE" DLC

Due to an issue with the Steam store, if you happen to own the Emperor (or Founder, as it was called during its Early Access phase) pack of Endless Legend, make sure you don't already have the DLC before making a purchase.

The Deep Freeze DLC is represented by a little shiny ice cream cone at the bottom left corner of the screen, in the main menu. it won't be as sparkly if you don't own the DLC (yes, we'll work on improving that feedback!).

Thank you,
~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - S.(✿◠‿◠)

Hey everyone,

We have some really good news for you today. Indeed, the Endless games are back for a FREE WEEKEND on Steam, with a very exciting community challenge. It starts now and ends on April 20th at 7pm (CET). But that's not it, we have other cool announcements for this weekend.

Here’s what's in the program:
  • Discounts
  • Unlocks
  • Closed Beta for Endless Legend
  • MP Update Dungeon of the Endless
  • DLC for Dungeon of the Endless



The more players join and play, the more unlockable characters, items and other content pieces are unlocked in Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless. Stretch goals and event page available here: Amplitude Studios’ Free Weekend. The unlocks include Team Fortress 2 characters for DotE and a digital artbook for EL and DotE. Spread the word!


Release Notes [1.0.58]
  • Added a save and load system in multiplayer and auto save at the beginning of each floor. It also allows the host to reload a game with disconnected players. See Multiplayer Save part below for more details.
  • Added a share items feature in multiplayer. Items in the inventory are now shared between players. The backpack is still for personal items. Be careful when you go to another level and check your inventory before leaving!
  • Researches are now shared between players on multiplayer
  • Added a new menu (top left corner or “P” shortcut) in multiplayer with the following features:
    • Players can give heroes to the other players
    • Players can check the network ping state of each player
    • Players can still exchange resources
    • The host can kick players
  • Added an option on multiplayer which allows the host to choose between private (only by invitation – default), friends only, and public game
  • Added DLCs listing in the main menu
  • Added more variety in the weapon impact VFXs
  • Improved the main menu light and VFX
  • Fixed the negative restore Science cost bug
  • Reduced the Tear Gas module damage over time
  • Improved the loading time when generating a new floor

Multiplayer Save

The host can save and quit the game in the same conditions as the solo mode (only during the strategic phase). Every player will be disconnected and receive the save. One of the players (and only one) must go in “Multiplayer / Load” and select the game (he/she then becomes the host). The other players can then see the loaded game in the session list (only available for players of the previously saved game).

This feature allows a disconnected player to get back into the game. If a network issue occurs, the host can save and quit, then reload the game with everybody. We’re working on small improvements to make this process simpler.

The auto saves are also available on multiplayer mode. If the host crashes or is disconnected, he/she will be able to load the game at the beginning of the current floor with the other players.


You have requested it! The Refreezerator pod and Kreyang hero, until now only available in Dungeon of the Endless if you own the Endless Legend Emperor Pack, are purchasable separately if you are looking for a cool challenge (ha ha)!

Have an awesome weekend!
Check the progress of the Free Weekend Challenge here,

~Amplitude Studios

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