Community Announcements - Zen_Dragoon
We apologize for the delayed notice but maintenance has concluded and we have applied a small patch that removes the se10 pet tokens and includes a couple of small text fixes. We also hit the second last level of the event statue so a small Hide and Seek event will be held tomorrow at 2:00 PM EDT.

Also, from now on we'll be handing out Event Stamps during our events that players can collect and redeem for prizes at their own convenience with a NPC that we specifically setup. Details to come later.
Community Announcements - -=NE=-
New model has been requested by our user: 'PKM' machine gun.
Please, vote for it in the game if you like it and want to see it soon in the World of Guns

The PKM ("Kalashnikov's Machine-gun Modernized"), was adopted into service in 1969. The PKM is a modernized, product-improved version of the PK. The upgrades, primarily aimed at reducing the weight, simplifying production, and facilitating easier operation.

The receiver cover became more rigid due to lengthwise ribs. The butt was fitted with a hinged butt-rest. The barrel fluting was omitted and the flash hider was changed. Later on the PKM was equipped with a new black glass-filled polyamide buttstock and pistol grip shaped like the previously used laminated wooden stock and grip..
More on Forgotten Weapons>>

Community Announcements - AtomicDay
New features:
  • Added in-game gamepad support
  • Added vignette effect when you have only 1 HP left
  • Added visual feedback to know from where you are being attacked
  • Added "How to play" tutorial when first playing the game. This tutorial can be accessed anytime clicking on Play -> How to play
  • Added new hit sounds to several weapons
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed a bug that allowed more than 4 players to play in a match
  • Fixed melee hit sounds not being properly heard
  • Changed volume of several audio effects
Community Announcements - Sebioff
Art Stream
It’s Art Stream time again! Join us on Garrets Twitch channel on Wednesday at 1pm PST to chat while watching some new Parkitect art being created.

We’re mostly busy with making sure everything still works and runs stable after the engine upgrade. After some days of testing it turned out that the “experimental” improved multithreaded rendering in Unity 5.4 is labeled so for a reason :) We’ll not use it for now which costs a couple FPS compared to last weeks test results, but at least we know that it’s something to look forward to in a future update.

The tracked ride visualizations received an update. So far we’ve only been able to show one value for the entire segment, which was precise enough for most cases but a bit lacking on longer segments like the loops or scaled up curves. Here’s an example showing the velocity:

It shows the train loosing speed as it nears the top of the loop and gaining speed afterwards now, as you’d expect. We also added a second color to distinguish between positive and negative vertical Gs:

(And there’s finally a lateral Gs view too)

And here’s a new 4D Cinema :)

Community Announcements - lindsey
We were so excited to hold our first ever 1v1 Wizard Tournament earlier this month! In case you missed it, here are the results:

1st Place: @HalfBloodPrince
2nd Place: @egpimp
3rd Place: @fdervb

As winner of the tournament, HalfBloodPrince has chosen a spell to be included in the official release of CodeSpells. Keep an eye out for "Elemental Globe by HalfBloodPrince" in the release!

HalfBloodPrince was also awesome enough to share some words with us about his CodeSpells experience so far:

For a while now I could not find any game that would instantly interest me. I am a big fan of games that allow wide range of customisation, either to the character, abilities, play style, etc. Besides I love games where the character has wacky abilities and always wished I could customise them and/or make my own. And that is where CodeSpells comes in - a game that combined my (basic) knowledge of coding and fun aspect seeing your code in action is a pure joy. Playing CodeSpells feels like a simulating strategy game that requires thought and problem solving skills, but is also a fun fast-paced third person action game. I think these two aspects combined make this game so great for me and many others who enjoy being challenged and stimulated by the games. It is an absolute keeper for me.

You can check out all the tournament footage on Youtube here!

And of course, BIG THANKS to the organizers, moderators, and judges for making this tournament happen!

Keep an eye out for future Wizard Tournaments! This definitely will not be the last!
Community Announcements - floor59games
So that was one giant leap of faith.

First off. Thanks to everyone who's showing interest in the game, I've enjoyed reading both the positive and negative reviews, and props to all of you for taking the time to review it, it means a lot to me that people can use them to make up their minds. So kudos!

I'm going to be hitting the code again soon, pad support is high on my list of things to get running perfectly, along with supporting the game with the usual stuff, bug fixes, more Derelicts/levels, and maybe a bit more of a tutorial for the people who feel like the game just dumps you in (it does, hit "E" on aaaaalll the things).

Essentially what I'm saying is, I'm here for the long haul, Derelict is my horrible malformed, erratic spawn, and I'll be supporting it until the end. Thanks again (especially to the people who took a chance and hated it, thank fuck for steam refunds 'ey).

Craig (President, Vice President, Coder, Artist, and most importantly, Chief Tea Maker of Floor 59).
Community Announcements - Immersed Games
Hi friends! As many of you have noticed, 1.9 introduced some really cool stuff, but along with it some really, really uncool stuff. The observations of players shared in the forums were the only reason we could figure out what was going on, so big thanks to you all communicating with us over the last two weeks.

Below are the notes for the hotfix. Happy building!

- Fixed heliconias ability to reproduce (they reproduce now, promise!)
- Fixed Acai Palm's double stasis period bug
- Herbivores no longer prioritize mushrooms when out of sight of the player
- Herbivores are no longer likely starve after eating all the mushrooms when out of sight of the player
- Fixed the issue of jumbled notifications caused by negative time value
Community Announcements - AsteroidBase
Hello space-lovers, we've released an update to Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime!

1.4.3 (2016-07-22)
  • Added debug option to get more information about attached controllers (available by launching with the argument “-debuginput”)
  • Updated input device profiles
Community Announcements - friendlyOctopus
Entejty must have felt he would have the top spot of the Cloudrift Galactic High Score Table for quite a while, having scored 13,708,656! But unfortunately for him, just a few hours later, the previous champion corporatezombie saw the news, strapped on his Rift, and scored 36,697,569!

It's great to see people understanding Cloudrift strategy so well, check out this discussion between these 2 current Champions, and don't miss the linked guide that corporatezombie has written!
Community Announcements - *Okm* Bacq Stellan
[Weeklong Deals] [OtakuMaker Studio] up to 50% & 70% on our games Now!

Dyna Bomb

War Birds: WW2 Air strike 1942

Infinity Wings - Scout & Grunt


The Great Escape


The Renegades of Orion 2.0 - Revenge DLC #1


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