Community Announcements - Robert
After a few weeks of hard slog we can now unveil our brand spanking new user interface! We've aimed for a crisper and more elegant look, plus it also removes a screen from the flow into the game.

As well as that we also have new in-game icons, and have tweaked the interchange upgrade - it now has a capacity of 18 instead of unlimited.
Community Announcements - Digi_Ent
We finished one more patch late yesterday, and the 2nd version of the manual is almost complete. Tutorial video is going to be made and linked here as well. We don't want anyone confused by the unique play-style of our game, so we're doing everything possible to clarify how to play. Note: There are tooltips in-game but there's no tutorial READ THE MANUAL! In fact, I encourage you to read the manual BEFORE you purchase the game. This is not a MOO clone, and there's nothing else on the market like it - so take a look at the video and the manual so you know what to expect.
Community Announcements - Space Budgie
Available here

This week is just going to be a very quick progress update from us as we've got a busy few weeks ahead in getting this update finished.

So in terms of where 2.0 is at, as of April 30th, it's playable from start to end. In retrospect it's been insane the amount of production work that has been necessary in getting the first 20-30 minutes of the game flowing in the right direction. Guess that's what you get for choosing to rebuild your entire game whilst delivering an appropriately sized update in such a relatively short space of time. So that's the good news from us!

The bad news is all of the play testing and polishing still do in just a few short weeks... (It always feels like the last 10% of development for these updates is the hardest!). Here's a list of what is still needing to be integrated:

1) Play testing; aiming for this Friday.
2) Iterate based on results.
3) Integrate the 2.0 soundscape.
4) Lighting Pass.
5) Aesthetic Pass; basically assets that make the world feel more alive and less barren.
6) Deploy builds and test them across all three platforms - PC/Mac/Linux.
7) Finalize new branding/promotional materials & trailer.
8) Release.

Our biggest concern is actually not getting the first 6 finished, but probably the lack of PR lead-time that we're going to be leaving ourselves. We also had another deadline this week that we've been working towards, which has made everything pretty tricky to balance. You'll all hear about that in a new post very soon :3.

We're getting there though and the end for this rebuild is in sight!

Community Announcements - SlithFox
If you’re a fan of lore and world building, then this week’s blogpost is for you! Lead Designer Anthony Sweet takes a look at crafting the world of Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy.

When we first started designing Star Hammer, there was very little in the way of a plot. Missions were likely going to be systemically generated, with procedural characters and ship names and a string of dissociated objectives to tackle through. The team quickly realised however that although this sounded fun, it didn’t help to convey much of the experience we want people to feel while playing through a Star Hammer game.

Much of Star Hammer is about balance and the choices made during conflict. Beyond these goals, we also wanted to tackle themes of environmental degradation and colonisation, among many other things. For these themes to resonate, we required consequences that mattered to the world where the player spends their time, even if the consequences don’t have an immediate gameplay impact.

Read the full article here
Community Announcements - Raptormeat
Thanks to all your help, Rodina is faster and more stable than ever! This update finally allows you to control your ship in first person from the pilots chair!

(Press F (or whatever your "Activate" key is) while piloting the ship in order to bring up the piloting menu, which will allow you to toggle first person mode.)

It also comes with some significant optimizations, including some new options: Retro Mode, and Lighting Quality, which can drastically improve performance!

Here are the full patch notes:

**** RODINA 1.1.7 ****

* New Feature: Retro Mode!
* New Feature: Lighting Quality option
* New Feature: EnableGodMode() script function
* New Feature: FXAA Antialiasing (sorry- had to remove MSAA for now)
* New Feature: Freelook button (ALT) for looking around while piloting the ship
* Optimization: Added frustum culling
* Optimization: Added planet horizon culling
* Optimization: Move processing from pixel shader to vertex shader
* Improvement: Switched back to 1 3D ship model (+1 optional physics model). No more flying vs parked versions.
* Improvement: Flashlight tutorial stage
* Improvement: Activate jetpack when pressing the "down" (CTRL) button while in mid-air
* Improvement: Make fires slightly easier
* Bugfix: Turn off portals when the ship door is open
* Bugfix: Fix problem with swapping mouse buttons
* Bugfix: Fix doors which can lead to the void between interior and ship
* Bugfix: Fix tutorial messages fighting with the notification system
* Bugfix: Fix angles wall physics
* Bugfix: Fix discrepency with the entity scheduling
* Bugfix: Fix broken arrow/page keys for scrolling in menus

**** RODINA 1.1.6 ****

* New Feature: Cockpit Mode
* New Feature: Holoscreen windows + tileset
* New Feature: Sitting in chairs
* New Feature: EGHealPlayer() script function
* Improvement: Keep shader cache files loaded so we don't need to access HDD to recompile shaders
* Improvement: Poll planet height render textures form the render thread rather than generation thread
* Bugfix: Fixed clicking outside of the bounds of a scrolling window
Community Announcements - HyperDrive Games
Hey guys!

In April we had several updates, patches and tewaks. A lot of them have been behind the scenes for the engine and the AI, but we also have some significant game changes that affect you directly

Unit Upgrades
Some units now can be upgraded for a MK2, MK3 or even a MK4 tier. There are different way to do so. Some just need new weapons or technology researched thers need to be build several time to trigger an improvement or you find some strange tech by accident - or you have to advance the overall tech tier.

We decided to use the common colours for the quality of the units you might know from many MMOs.

White -> Green -> Blue -> Purple
--> -->

Tell us what you think about it!
You now can build a research lab and gain new technologies... Some of them improofe your units, other give you acces to new units or ways to make money.

Try some slavery, or get your CutThroat a better punch with some additional missles

Construction Sites
You now have to conquer specific places to be able to "do something" there. At the patrol bases you can get their old shipyards running angain, and produce better units - and of planets you now can build the Space Elevator, opening new options on what you can do on the plants
Multiple Maps for one place
We know what people hate most is playing the same maps again and again and again... We now can give locations multiple maps so whenever you jump to it, you never know what you will get. New space maps will come on a patch in the futre.



The Carrier now is a T1 unit and only carries fighters into battle. You now can launch the fighters by hand, deciding when you wish to bring them into battle. A higher tier version is equibbed with Anti Fighter turrets and can additionally launch Bombers

The CutThroat now also is a T1 unit and can be upgraded several time to become a real mean badass
Basic Production Station

This new structure enable you to produce new structures depening on the location

The Spitfire delivers the necessary punch to deal with capital units and stations


So much for the Changes of April - but there still are some things that want to be discovered ingame, happy hunting ;)
Community Announcements - spraycanmansam | Beam Team Games
As mentioned in our last update post, we're going to be running a new 'experimental' build alongside the stable version of Stranded Deep very soon. We'll keep you posted when the first experimental build goes live (hopefully next week sometime) and we'll post some instructions on how to opt in. But for now, we thought we'd update you with some details of the immediate plans.


The first thing on the experimental agenda is moving over to Unity 5.

One of the biggest sales pitches of Unity 5 is the new fully deferred renderer and physically based shading. The switch to a proper deferred renderer will be great, but unfortunately not as easy as pressing the "upgrade" button. There's a lot of custom stuff going on in Stranded Deep which was necessary to get the most out of the engine we've been working with. If you've been following our blog posts for a while, you'll know that we are already doing physically based shading along with various other effects like faking skybox global illumination and a lot of different depth techniques for our effects. So in visual terms, the engine upgrade won't really do that much for now. But hopefully later on we can integrate even more graphical features like dynamic global illumination, screen space reflections and such.

There's a few new features that should improve performance though. The physics engine has been upgraded both in speed and the quantity of objects it can handle. Stranded Deep uses a lot of physics so this should be a great improvement. There's also the new UI system that we'll be transitioning over to. We haven't had much of a chance to look at it, but hopefully there's some performance to be gained. The current system we're using has some annoying workarounds and a fairly significant performance overhead. Every bit counts :)

After we've ported over, we'll get back into the guts of the game. The construction system was in the middle of a rework before the last hotfix so that'll be high on the list. We've got a lot of great ideas for new systems and they all centre around the theme of scavenging. We really want to incorporate more scavenging for more unique structures and tools. We'll fill you in with more details when we get to these, but here's a few teasers of some concepts ---

There's a heap of other systems that will be getting re-worked as well and we'll keep you informed as it happens. Starting from this post, we're going back to fortnightly blog updates on our website as mentioned in the last update. If you're not keen on trying out the experimental build first hand, this will be a good way to keep up with the progress of the game and see what we're working on.

That's it from us for now. We'll have a hotfix coming out soon for the stable build and then stay posted for further info on the new experimental builds.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team
Community Announcements - Undergroundies
Trigger Saint Patch Notes 5/5/2015

A somewhat small patch, fixing some serious problems/bugs.
Also a few changes and some level tweaking.

After some testing and talking with players I have found a serious issue regarding the player taking damage and enemy contact.

Players making contact with enemies would get stuck, draining their health completely and killing them. A very unfair way to die indeed.

This has been fixed, I have reworked the way the player takes damage.You will now be able to continue moving/shooting while being attacked and when you take damage your player will indicate he is hurt by flashing along with an audio cue.

I know this must have been frustrating and I hope this fix makes for a better Saint experience .

  • Fixed problems with room fade transition memory leaks/lag.

  • Poison smoke has been removed for the time being.

  • Smoker enemies have been re-designed and are now called "Forged Faces"
    These shield like enemies act as front line tanks soaking up most projectiles and protecting those behind.

  • Obstacle orbs will now explode when you make contact. Player will no longer get stuck on these and die.

  • Made some small changes to level 2-1.

  • Added two new journals.

  • Added new achievements,
    "In my sights" Kill the Green Zone boss.
    "A Skilled Hunter" Kill the Red Zone boss.
    "Master Of Transmutation" Transmute 500 items
Community Announcements - Salut_Michel
Community Announcements - Salut_Michel

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