Community Announcements - indievoyagerob
Options menu updated
  • Included new performance options
  • Added invert Y-Axis option

    New Blueprint Models Added for Creatures and Equipment
    • Bat_Body
    • Bat_Wing
    • Crossbow
    • Dragon_Body
    • Dragon_Claw
    • Dragon_Wing
    • Gatekeeper
    • Genie
    • Genie_Fist
    • God_Egg
    • God_Egg_Flaming
    • Golem
    • Golem_Ball
    • Hand_Cannon
    • Heavy_Chest
    • Heavy_Helm
    • Infernal_Blade
    • Key
    • Kraken_Bow
    • Large_Bow
    • Large_Sword
    • Lich
    • Lich_Fist
    • Mage_Hat
    • Mage_Robe
    • Mythril_Blade
    • Old_Battle_Arrow
    • Old_Bow
    • Old_Crystal
    • Old_Knight_Chest_Heavy
    • Old_Knight_Full_Heavy
    • Old_Knight_Helmet_Heavy
    • Old_Shield
    • Old_Staff
    • Old_Sword_Knight
    • Old_Torch
    • Owl
    • Radiance_Bow
    • Rune_Blade
    • Skeleton
    • Skeleton_Claw
    • Sword_of_Tombs
    • Templar_Charm
    • Templar_Charm_Flaming
    • Volcano_Heart
    • Water_Snake_Idol
    • Wisp

    Also removed the pardon our dust splash screen and changed the test calibration screen to an in-game sreenshot
Community Announcements - Madguy

Today's update includes a brand new Mutator called "Rogue Vision". When enabled, the camera will only display objects and people that are within your character's field of vision, much like a traditional roguelike. It changes up the gameplay in a pretty significant way -- let me know what you think of it, and how it can be improved

Next update will likely be coming late next week. It will be mostly game balance fixes... I have a ridiculous, giant backlog of those to make.

Alpha 20h

UI / Controls
  • Now possible to click multiplayer browser headings to sort by their value
  • Small fixes to timing when quest completion notification appears
  • Fix for game not being paused while “Mission Complete” notification was on the screen after completing optional missions

  • Fix for characters sometimes appearing with gorilla head after playing Daily Run
  • Chicken nugget appears less potato-like and more chicken nugget-like

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for game freeze that could occur when exiting levels as Investment Banker
  • Fix for Giantizer not allowing players to knock down walls if they used it while standing next to a steel door
  • Fixed syringe giving NPCs 2 status effects when given directly to them

  • Fixed difficulties going through east/west-facing windows

  • “Hidden Bombs” disaster does not occur in Sandbox mode since it is essentially a mission
  • Fix for banana peels appearing as Optional mission rewards

  • Fix for instructions sometimes not appearing directly after killing Shopkeeper

  • Added “Rogue Vision” mutator: You can only see people within your character’s line of sight
  • In “Everyone Hates You”, people who are normally aligned with you remain aligned
  • Killer Robot does not run out of ammo during Rocket Chaos mutator
  • Fixed “New character every level” not giving people access to all characters during Daily Runs

Level Generation
  • Time-based disasters such as Radiation or “Find Bombs” will not spawn when the player has activated a time-based mutator

  • Updated localization files with some new text

  • Twitch integration can be used in multiplayer games
  • Updated NAT Traversal plugin
  • Fix for clients not being able to properly give items to NPCs
  • Fixed NPC text sometimes appearing in the wrong language when playing with someone from a different territory
  • Fix for pick-uppable items not flashing on client
Community Announcements - aqwatron
Trading cards added to the game
Community Announcements - Windy Hill Studio
  • Optimized performance in the Countryside
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to be improperly placed in the opening sequence
  • Added animation and sound effect to Campfire when saving
  • Fixed a few bugs with Dad's toolbox and other items caused by the Highlights effect.
  • Player can no longer move to exit a dialogue box until all text has been displayed
  • Visibiltiy and Noise meters no longer display during the prologue
  • Fixed intial stereo width setting to "Normal"
  • Added option to end the game and return to Windows without having to return to the title screen first
  • Fixed a couple of typos in dialogue
  • Tips now display the correct start button icon per controller
  • Fixed a bug that loaded screenshots from old save data in empty slots
Community Announcements - Rayvolution
Hey everyone! It's time for another screenshot round up! Every few updates I revamp the Steam store page, adding more recent screenshots. One of my favorite things to do is to take screenshots that you guys have made and put them up on the store. I feel they're a more personal, realistic representation of the game, and of course, it's just fun to get the community involved!

If you want to submit your screenshot to the event, the higher quality the better! I'm looking for screenshots that really show off all the features of the game. These screenshots can be of anything you want, any mode, anywhere.

I will also be tweeting (and retweeting) screenshots as they come in on my Twitter feed. So if you want a retweet, follow and mention me (@RaymondDoerr) in a tweet with your screenshots!

For the Steam Store page
  • Must be version InDev 25 or higher!
  • 1920x1080 resolution is best, but I can accept some shots that are higher or lower.
  • Take them in full screen mode if you can (F10 to toggle in-game).
  • You can take screenshots either with the built in in-game hotkey (F2), or with Steam's overlay hotkey (F12). If you plan on uploading them to the Steam Community Hub, F12 is probably easier.
  • If you want, you can also disable the GUI by hitting F4.
  • Upload them to the Steam Community Hub, or upload them to a image sharing service of your choosing (imgur, for example). Make sure the images are as least compressed as possible! I can't use over-compressed images.
  • Please post a link to your image in the comments below so I can find them easier!

  • Must be version InDev 25 or higher!
  • 1920x1080 resolution is ideal, but any resolution will do! Videos/GIFs are also accepted. (Let's Plays and Review videos are also fine!) but only the screenshots can make it to the store page. Although if you're after some free exposure, feel free to share anything you like!
  • You can take screenshots either with the built in in-game hotkey (F2), or with Steam's overlay hotkey (F12). If you plan on uploading them to the Steam Community Hub, F12 is probably easier.
  • If you want, you can also disable the GUI by hitting F4.
  • Submit them to @RaymondDoerr on Twitter by just following and then mentioning me in a Tweet with your screenshots!

The images selected for the store will be put up on the store page, with your username on it. If you don't want your username posted, please inform me in the comments below when submitting.

You can submit as many or as few as you like to both the Community Hub and Twitter, and you can have multiplies selected. The higher quality the better!

Have fun! Looking forward to your submissions. :)
Community Announcements - pyroklasticgames
Hello there guys! Just wanted to pop in and say I'm working on a fun little update that should be ready by tomorrow , please stop by and check it out!

Thanks for reading these things.
Community Announcements - El Oshcuro

BEHOLD DuskDudes and Dudettes!

We're back with another LIVE gameplay demo from the PAX East 2017 Twitch stage: During this demo both myself and the DuskDude himself David Szymanski show off some endless mode, campaign and a whole lot of the silly new options we've got available for you.

For any and all questions we HAVEN'T yet answered - be sure to ask us here on the Steam forums or at where we're always... LURKING

The current plan for DUSK development is to finish up a solid version of Single Player Episode 1 (we're about 90% done with it) and then send that build + 2 endless levels out for previews + testing by YOU! (Steam builds will automatically update)

While THAT is happening we've already begun work on MULTIPLAYER which we're looking to have in a playable state before we move on to Episode 2 development!

As always - we'll post all major updates here and in ːLoreleiː

Until next time - stay filthy... INTRUDERS.

Mar 24
Community Announcements - Tungsten Game
Hi, everybody!
Thank you very much for supporting 2017 VR, and leaving us a lot of very cool suggestions.

Followings are the main features of this update:
1. When you teleport, you can take the initiative to set your own orientation. So that after the success, face the direction you want.
2. Add sawed-off double tube shotgun to the supply boxes.
3. Lost focus does not affect the playback of the game sound..

Bug Fixes & Optimization (Thanks to those who reported and provided help to us.)
  • Fixed the door to the wrong value of health.
  • Fixed M4 guns cannot check the amount of ammunition.
  • Fixed the problem that something blocking the bullets when the factory door opens.
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to program error.
  • Optimize the zombies that spawn in all levels.
  • Optimize the experience gained when clearing.
  • Optimize the power of the Magnum pistol.

Coming soon

About 2017VR, please let us know what you think.
Community Announcements - SnailiensRay
Hey, we heard people like VR bows and arrows. Well we have good news! Snailiens' first two handed weapon is a sweet techo bow. We'll be rolling out an update releasing this new weapon, the Deadshot, in the next day or so. Have fun and stay slimy!

As always, if you have any feedback at all or just want to get in touch, send us a message at

You can find all our news over at
Mar 24
Community Announcements - VT Publishing

Dungeon Creepster is now available with a 25% launch discount.

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