Community Announcements - Sir Fairnore
The update to Alpha 8 has been released. The server saves had to be wiped with this update. The community servers should also wipe saves.

This update changes many of the backend systems and offers our first layer of hack prevention, and major server performance updates. Due to this, modding of the game is not permitted at this time, this would include language packs or other localization attempts. Please verify the integrity of your game cache and keep your DLLs and game files unmodified to avoid unwanted banning or being added to a ban list. If you are unsure you can verify your game files through steam by selecting "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..." in your game's properties under "Local Files".

How to verify your game after update (if you feel you have modified your files):

We do not feel that this update will solve all hacking, but it is a step forward, and working on hack prevention remains our top priority for the near future. Our team is also starting the integration of VAC and EasyAntiCheat. We will keep everyone updated when those solutions are ready, as we expect them to unroll in future updates over the next 1-3 weeks.

Due to the entire team mainly working on hack prevention, admin/server commands, performance, and fixes, there was only very small amounts of new content.

New Content:

- Added Djembe Drum, use scroll wheel to change pitch
- Added War Drum, use scroll wheel to change pitch

New Features:

- The All Servers lobby tab has been replaced by Favourite and Visited server tabs.
- Lobby columns can be sorted alphabetically.
- Lobby items can be right-clicked to favourite.
- Players can now search for visited and favourite servers.

- Made it so the Auto-Restart script says Restarting... instead of shutdown.
- Server bans now save even after server restarts. Admins may also ban offline players.
- Added admin command /shownametags
- Added admin commands to tp users to other users and tp users to yourself.
- Added a setting in the config file to disable admin commands on a server (it is on by default)

- Added a /whitelist command to block anonymous player connections while enabled.
/whitelist - Will show all whitelisted players.
/whitelist enable - Will enable the whitelist.
/whitelist disable - Will disable the whitelist.
/whitelist add [id] - Will add a player by Steam ID.
/whitelist addbyname [name] - Will add a player by name (this must resolve an ID).
/whitelist remove [id] - Will remove a player by Steam ID.
/whitelist removebyname [name] - Will remove a player by name (this must resolve an ID).

- To help admins banning players with unusual names we added a small player list button at the bottom left of the screen while typing into the chat console. Clicking on the player list button will show all the players currently online, and clicking on a name will insert that name into your current chat input. With this, admins can ban a player as easy as typing in "/ban " into the console, selecting the player you want to ban from the player list button, and hitting enter to complete the command. Remember that copy, paste, and highlighting the console is all possible too, just like notepad.

- Added a setting in the config file to enable/disable auto-banning of suspected hackers (it is off by default, configure with caution):
To properly ensure that the AutoBan feature is enabled and working properly, you can first set useAuthAutoBan = 'True' in the ServerSettings.cfg. Once this is set, the server will compare its own steam and game DLL files with the clients dll files. If any of these files aren't exactly the same as the client's, the server will ban that client. Because of this you need to make extra sure that your steam dlls are updated to be the same as the clients, and have no extra or modified DLLs in your ROK_data/Managed folder. If your clients get banned from you server with "Detected DLL Mismatch", rechecking the similarity of your client / server dlls should be the first course of action. If you accidentally configured this on your server, as an admin, you can unban someone in-game by typing in "unban player_name_here" (Where player_name_here is the name of the player you want to unban). Alternatively you can remove the entry including their name in the BannedPlayers.cfg configuration file (found under your Configuration folder), which will allow the banned player to rejoin once the server has restarted.


- Change offsets on projectiles to hopefully make less floating action
- Removed a bug where trebuchet stones would be spawned on newly logging clients
- Fixed door desyncing
- Fix a bug in security which could have broke some ownership
- Made it so blocks can be placed behind crests
- Crest lights turn on in conquered zones
- Players who are forcefully removed from the throne while usurping will now properly release it.
- Starvation and dehydration has been re-balanced.
- Double-clicking items into fires should more intelligently choose between the fuel or input container.
- Enabled console backgrounds will no longer show while idle.
- Player voice chat (VOIP) will no longer be set to 0 volume on login.
- Improved animations
- Improved syncing interpolation
- Smoother movement, looking, less likely to push players when things get laggy

Design Changes:

- All block building materials had their required resources to craft increased.
- Increase the cost of Trebuchet, ballista and trebuchet stone’s
- Animals are no longer placeable through blueprints by admins (Temporary)
- Melee weapons no longer damage tier 5/6/7 ramps and stairs
- Stiff Bed is slightly smaller

Optimizations & Performance:

- Major Serverside framerate optimizations
- Block loading is faster
- Block loading has less memory garbage
- Lowered the amount of colliders on the server for various items
- Make progressive loading of pages demand less performance to not clog the server up so much
- Removed flying creatures from spawn as we further diagnose server performance (Temporary)
- Fixed a bug that caused huge clientside frame rate drops when looking at interactables in certain situations
- Minor garbage collection reduction

Thanks for playing, and we hope you enjoy the update,

- The Code}{atch Team
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
As we've had a few reports of a bug within V1.58 that may be worse than the bugs fixed by the patch (it prevents some people loading ground combat), we've now rolled back the default branch to V1.56 while we look into it.

This should not affect save games etc, but if it does or if you are playing V1.58 with no problems at all and want to continue using it, it is available on our Experimental Steam branch (under the Betas tab of the Steam game options). Just switch over to that and you can keep playing.

For everyone else, we're planning on investigating the reported bug in more detail over the next few days and will put out an updated version once we fully understand the situation.
Community Announcements - WTFast
We have written a guide to help explain and show how proxy technology works with actual tests, and how it can dramatically change the way your data traverses across the Internet:

Community Announcements - BlackEagle
Greetings noble Janitors.

It has come to our attention that the update on Friday did not include everything it was meant to.
Most notably, all of the script changes; oops.

So here it is, a tiny update which includes all the files that were left out.

The biggest impact of this is that any report forms you filed will not have been stored by the game for future use.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's all good now. Our overlords have reached their tentacled hands through the void long enough to issue a stern warning, and some time in servitude to their sulfur mine operations as punishment.
Community Announcements - Jenilya
  • Fixed crash caused by using the second primary slot which isn't supported yet.
  • Fixed crash caused by equipping an item contained inside another item
Community Announcements - whalenoughtstudios

Matt had us on his show not too long ago and we got the opportunity to talk about the game, design ideas, rats, and some [INT] requirements demanded by the game. After so many years of games having mass-market accessibility, Serpent may require some brain-rewiring.

This is part 1 of the interview, and we'll be sure to have another update when he posts the rest!

Also, for those in the beta, we are combing over the next district you'll be getting access to and will have that up soon! We'll be updating you all as we usually do. Emerald Metalis houses some special locations and some brutal puzzles, so we'll be interested to hear your feedback especially on those.

You'll know when you're there.

Community Announcements - Propelled Bird Software
Update 1.0.5 is now up and running!

This patch fixes the application crash being experienced in chapter 6.
Community Announcements - panzergamingstudios
Before midnight. Check out the post before this one for more details!
Community Announcements - WTFast
Some users have incorrectly stated that using WTFast will lead to VAC bans. This is not true, and for reference, you can read more about VAC here:

People will often use proxies or VPNs while playing online games, and you will notice that there is nothing mentioning proxies or VPNs in the VAC article. The article very bluntly states at the bottom: "You will not be banned by the VAC system unless you login to a VAC-secure server with a cheat installed on your computer." So - don't cheat, and don't share your Steam account, and you should never have to worry about a VAC ban.

WTFast has been in operation for over 5 years, and we have over 40k daily active users who use WTFast. There has not been a single support ticket sent to us complaining about WTFast causing a VAC ban.
Community Announcements - Thunderflux
More fixes and feedback!

Our dev roadmap for Early Access can be found here.
The roadmap will be current with every major update - hotfix notes can be found here and on our site forums at

Found a bug, have a request or just have a question? We’re always on the forums.
Enjoying the game so far? Consider leaving a review of your experiences!

  • Player and mob health and mob damage values have been rescaled for different game and mission difficulty settings. We look forward to hearing what you think!
  • Character death is now correctly saved with your game.
  • Loading an older saved game may "kill" all your current characters.
  • Medbay is having a sale on player revive prices to celebrate!

  • Fixed an issue where Logic Bomb would calculate damage over time incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Root Hack would not persist for the full duration.
  • Hotlink (Rank 3) no longer causes the team to have extremely low TU costs, but instead increases the current TU of all enemies by 200% of the Hacker’s weapon TU cost.

  • Removed ability Lucrative and added ability Bounty.
  • Coin Toss has been reworked to make it kick more ass. If you’re lucky.
  • Fixed an issue where a dead or stunned Smuggler could still Shoot First. Which is impressive, but should be impossible.
  • Shoot First now correctly shoots using the Smuggler’s equipped weapon and the damage has been reduced to 50% weapon damage.
  • Push Yer Luck ability now correctly shoots using the Smuggler’s equipped weapon.
  • All abilities that use the Smuggler’s weapon correctly factor in Akimbo when using a pistol.
  • Base damage of Roulette increased to 100/150/200% weapon damage.

Force Psyker
  • Fixed an issue where Aegis Strike could miscalculate damage if one of its bounces missed.

  • Fixed an issue where Hand Cannon ability for Bolty could cause combat to stop.
  • Junker (Rank 3) no longer causes Junker to become immune but heals Junker for 30% of its health when Taunting. Junker’s health has increased to 25/35/50% of the Engineer’s.

  • Medbay no longer tries to sell you lowbie character gear in addition to medkits.
  • Fixed a display issue with xp award after battle and during mission debrief. Actual xp awarded remains unchanged. Known issue with display difference on character screen vs. debrief screen.
  • Fixed an issue where aborting a mission would display incorrect xp and credit gains.

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