Community Announcements - GameUS Inc


Do you feel it is not enough to have a chance to get gems when you play games?

Every mission's Gem reward will be doubled.

You will never feel the same way when you play games during this event period!

PST: Mar 7 01:00 ~ Mar 8 23:00
GMT: Mar 7 09:00 ~ Mar 9 06:00

All mission

Happy flying with Heroes In the Sky
Community Announcements - Pastooo
Hop into the latest Super Chibi Knight update and try out the Jungle level.

What's new:

1. Jungle Castle
- New swimming gameplay mechanic
- Water enemies
- Water puzzles
- Other new enemies
- Panda Boss
- Various bug fixes/tweaks

As usual, to access the new content, start a new save file with the name "MAHOU" - Also, try testing out the rest of the game and other Mahou Island castles to make sure this update hasn't broken anything else.

If you have ideas on changes/tweaks that you'd like to see in the next update, let me know in the comments here or in the forums.

Good luck!
Community Announcements - Köttfärs


Community Announcements - Sycle

This major update adds the last two stages of the game (including the final boss) bonus modes and content and many fixes and improvements. With this update we consider Assault Android Cactus to be at Alpha, an important milestone in development!

  • new Title music
  • new Credits music
  • Zone 4 boss Venom has intro and outro text dialogue. You may want to replay him to follow the story!
  • new level Collider (zone 5 - 4) introducing a mysterious sub-boss!
  • new whitebox Final Boss - Medulla
  • Rebalanced Control (zone 5 - 2) - as a result, its leaderboard have been reset
  • new game mechanic - credits. Earn them by playing to unlock bonus stuff
  • new feature Codex - as you progress through the game, unlock entries on characters, enemies and world that Cactus is set in
  • new feature EX Options - use credits to purchase cool and/or strange extra gameplay modes
  • new feature Jukebox
  • new feature Sound Test
  • audio cues added for full weapon cooldown and when you can't swap to your secondary weapon due to overheat
  • bosses blink their lights when they talk
  • Tutorial refinements

  • fixed an issue that was disabling HDR if you set graphics settings to Custom - has a noticeable impact on bloom
  • improved responsiveness of Daily Drive stage clear leaderboards and trimmed the opening timing
  • fixed interface issues related to Character Select and Unlock screens
  • handled a case where Steam Overlay could cause the game to stay paused
  • Starch's Micromissiles take in account target size
  • Spectres (teleporting enemies) no longer leave thin vertical lines behind if you kill them during a teleport
  • Leaderboard joypad buttons no longer slightly squished (seriously, this was bugging me so much)
  • many smaller tweaks and fixes

Whew! So this is a pretty big update, the two final levels of the game plus a bunch of new ways to explore the entire game.

To see a full breakdown of the EX Options, check our latest Blog Post!

Why has AAC been 'Pre-Alpha' until now?

We were getting this question a lot! - people questioned why we were 'pre-alpha' when large portions of the game seem close to complete. For many 'pre-alpha' seems synonymous with 'prototype' or 'broken'.

The simple answer is "Pre-Alpha" and "Alpha" can describe various stages of development but Alpha is "gameplay complete". For Assault Android Cactus to reach Alpha means all characters, levels, weapons, enemies are present and accounted for.

What's next?

Our next major milestone will be Beta. In the following updates We will be replacing placeholder art, adding missing animations and fleshing out story content and ex modes. Thankyou so much to everyone who as supported us so far and I hope you enjoy the ride as we head for the finish line!
Community Announcements - expectproblems
Hey there!

Mostly gameplay tweaks this time, with a few small fixes.

-- As requested, farmers can now harvest flowers, honey & wax from beehives, and eggs from bird's nests. Please note that laying out your farm is going to be even more important than ever when using beehives or bird's nests, as they are ALWAYS IMPASSABLE OBJECTS.
-- AI UPGRADE - We have tweaked the behaviour of the farmers. They should be a little more efficient farming now, and will also, when waiting for crops to grow, they will use the time to take smaller amounts of crops back, if they have any.
-- We have raised the maximum employee cap to 30.
-- Fixed a problem where a 'still growing' message would sometimes appear when NPCs attempt to harvest a crop which is not ready for growing yet.
-- Fixed a problem where dragging crops off the edge of the map could cause a crash.
-- Fixed a few more crashes on load.

We expect another update with a few more issues that people have reported to be out very early next week.

Thanks again,

Rohan Harris
Flat Earth Games
Community Announcements - Bex_GGG
We enjoyed the enthusiasm from our community over our recent art competition and so we’d like to plan for more competitions in future! In the meantime, this week’s Community Showcase includes a hideout creation time lapse, fan art, cosplay, and a gameplay video of the Headhunter belt in use.

If you have any feedback for future community competitions, prizes you’d like to see and how you’d like them to be organised, please let us know! We hope that they can be fun and inviting to many players.

Ultimate Haku Hideout + Timelapse by Spartalicious
We really enjoy seeing players’ creativity in developing their hideouts. Spartalicious has created this interesting video which highlights their coastal hideout. It also contains a timelapse of the entire process. It’s interesting to see a full breakdown of steps you can take to create unique effects with hideout decorations.

Dominus by Torvald2000
This fan art piece is another entry into our recent Fan Art Competition. It’s an artistic rendition of Dominus during his blood rain mode.

Fan Art and Cosplay by Farandine
Farandine has posted a series of her fan art based on her own and other players’ characters. Her post also includes her cool witch cosplay! We really enjoy when players take to cosplaying characters from the game! We’d love to see more of this.

When my Koala pet went beserk by lolozori
This is another entry from our fan art competition. Lolozori has created this oddly cute yet terrifying rendition of the in-game Koala pets.

4000 Belts Later the Headhunting Begins by Ghudda
Ghudda is a streamer who looks to create new gameplay experiences by using game mechanics in an interesting way. After a lot of time and currency he managed to chance the Headhunter’s Leather Belt. Check out his use of this belt in a map with 32% more Rare Monsters where Rare Monsters each have a nemesis mod. I tried to find another word to describe this video, but it is simply epic.

If you would like to submit your work to share with others and be considered for future Community Showcase posts, please post your work here.
Community Announcements - Daniel

Hello guys,

The Burning Weekend Event is back!

Accelerating to level up your toons extremely!

Period this weekend tomorrow, item drop rate and dungeon clear EXP will be boosted by 100%!

1. Increases Dungeon Clear EXP reward from quests by 100%
2. Increases item drop rate from monsters by 100%

Please remind of this event will end on Sunday midnight, March 8.


DBO Support Team.
Community Announcements - Elideb
Today, a little earlier than usual, we are releasing a new build of the game. It includes several new body parts, most of them belonging to full sets, a long needed change to make scrapping more attractive, plus several fixes.

As always, some things might not work as expected. If you come across a bug or an issue, let us know in the game's discussion section.

New equipment
We have included, among others, full sets which can be unlocked by defeating B-0SS KNIGHT and FRANKY. The mix also includes the full police and scavenger sets. All of them have some very cool abilities, which we're sure you'll enjoy.

With this update, we reach 90 equipment parts/weapons in the game. We are getting close to the point where we have every single piece of equipment we want!

Improvements to scrapping
The number of hearts recovered when scrapping equipment was a little underwhelming, so most people simply didn't use it. Now, most equipment should recover at least 1 full heart, or more, if the part is not upgraded. We have also added a new upgrade for Heart, which makes it recover 50% more hearts per part scrapped, apart from giving it one extra heart. Consuming your equipment is now a much more rewarding action.

The other problem with scrapping was that some people wouldn't even notice the option. To fix this, we have made the button larger. It also displays exactly how many hearts will be recovered by scrapping the weapon or part.

As a reminder, you can scrap any piece of equipment from its upgrade menu. Use the red button at the bottom and live to fight another round!

We hope these changes make the inevitable cycle of "acquire, upgrade, replace" more enticing.

Bug fixes
One very relevant bug fix this week: Heart&Slash was not too friendly to vidcasts or video capture programs like FRAPS. It should behave properly now.
The other important fix is that enemies should get stuck in corridors a lot less than they used to. A small, hard to notice error in their configuration made them a little too picky regarding where to step.

[Megermum Lergens] Battle music continues into next playthrough most of the time.
Adjust mouse sensitivity for new version of InControl
[SikeNaw] Odd issues when recording
When Fraps is recording, going from game to menu crashes the game.
Biggrunt bodyslam particle does not play until on camera

Coming next
In the next build we expect to have a new enemy for the Space Lift level, plus a lot of bug fixing and improvements in it. If things go well, we could get a first working version of the final boss encounter. Because of its complexity, it will take several iterations to get it fully implemented, but we have to start somewhere.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Omega Event will wrap up tonight at Midnight PST, and Midtown Madness will begin!

Bosses in Midtown Manhattan will drop a Midtown Madness box which contains all kinds of loot, including a chance at Midtown specific Uniques, artifacts and rings!

Midtown Fortune cards also drop from bosses during Midtown Madness. These can drop Cosmic Rings, Epic Team-Up Gear, Epic Insignias, Random Cosmic Medallions, special Midtown Uniques, and have a very rare chance to drop a Random Costume or Ultimate Upgrade Token!

The iceman cometh! Bobby Drake has arrived! One of the original X-Men, Iceman finally ice slides his way into the Marvel Heroes 2015 roster. Use his thermokinesis to blast enemies with ice beams, shatter them with melee, or summon Ice Golems to do your bidding!

Frank Castle is back! Our last starter hero to receive a 52 Review, Punisher has a brand new Primary Resource: Ammo! Spend your Ammo with a huge assortment of weapons and then use your Rapid Reload power to replenish it all instantly! In addition, Punisher has received the long awaited Battle Van as his new Ultimate! You really have to see this one.

The first three bosses in Marvel Heroes 2015 have received a revamp of their own!

Black Cat, Living Laser and Green Goblin will now feature improved AI and new powers to improve the opening of the game (as well as their appearances in various gameplay modes). It’s about time the bad guys get a review!

Our engineers have located an issue that has been present for quite some time regarding the game not properly deleting data that it had cached. This should result in improved performance over long gameplay sessions. Please let us know if your performance has improved on the forums!

Having trouble seeing bosses in multiplayer content? There is now a Boss Indicator! Head to Gameplay options to turn on this new option that places an indicator above each bosses’ head.

A new tab has been added to the Chapter Waypoint menu: hubs! A player can now easily travel to their hub of choice without finding them in their respective chapters.

The overhead health bars have been redesigned to accommodate the upcoming Title system.

Mister Hyde's Ooze Machine should now correctly shut down after you interact with the console in the Zoo One-Shot.

An issue with Nova’s Cosmic Combo that would cause the camera to detach has been fixed. Fixing this issue has the side effect of the camera no longer "locking in place" when attempted to use Blast Off

Winter Soldier's Double Time will no longer break destructible objects while stealthed or invisible

S.H.I.E.L.D. Delivery Manifests will no longer prompt for confirmation when donated to crafters.

Fixed an issue that caused Human Torch's Fiery Rejuvenation not to remove the burning status from affected targets.

The Option to display current Spirit in the overhead health bar is not currently present.

Frost Nova’s damage vs chilled targets is currently not working

Frozen Blades is a basic power that does not currently allow spirit regeneration

Construct Focus’ active effect shows the incorrect amount of DoT damage on tooltip

Glacial Wall tooltip damage is incorrectly listing higher values than actual damage

Work of Art does not apply 5 stacks of Chill as stated in the tooltip

Inspecting another player will show them as having 9,999 Achievement Points in the UI panel
Community Announcements - George.Mamakos
Laser antennas have been added. It is a new block that will work as normal antennas do but with a few differences. . We also added API support for modding voxels and turrets. Scripts now can be used for modifying asteroids (color them, save them etc.). Also turret range and angles are now moddable as well.

Full list of new features and fixes:

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