Community Announcements - Jose Jonez
You can try to hit the bulbs, but they are probably too fast for you! ALSO find out where you rank in the game out of all the PITCH-HIT players worldwide!
Community Announcements - {=Corrosion=}

The community hub for Disgraced is live!

-Corrosion ːCStudiosː
Community Announcements - banov
  • Socialite achievement should be working
  • Dropping fractions of coins less than one (ie .33 coins) works as intended again (ie 33% chance to drop a coin)
  • Secret areas in sky world are accessible again
  • "Passive coin efficacy" no longer boosts damage (unless you have damage-boosting passive coins)
  • A few coin stats were fixed or adjusted
  • Some Warlock crash fixes

    I don't think this fixes *every single bug,* but it addresses the ones which I could handle in a timely manner, and which players seemed most concerned with. Apologies for radio silence since the DLC came out; development got quite stressful towards the end and I needed some space. Plus, I've been busy working very hard on my cool new thing. ;)

    Please don't think I don't care. I do. I cared enough to work mostly solo on this thing for years, supporting it, adding DLC, and filling it with way more content than is necessary or even sensible for a $10 indie game x) (Hence, also, why players still find bugs now and then in strange pockets of this infinitely generated monster of a system, hehe). I still love this game. Once in a while I like to return to it to do a daily challenge, and it really makes me feel glad to see people are still playing every day. Thank you so much, mancers. Ya'll are the coolest. <3

    I'll keep an eye out for a bit to make sure this didn't break everything.
Community Announcements - Dashing Rogue

* CLEANED code
* ADDED back in a line of Riley VO that was not activating
Community Announcements - andyk_
The servers have been beefed-up to quad processor machines and we are now using a much fancier collector. After the login rush settles everything should be much smoother!

Also, there has been a lot of feedback about PvP match making, and now that we have enough players, we've narrowed the matching ranges quite a bit so that you should expect to be matched closer to your skill level. However, you should expect to be challenged quite a bit sometimes as really fast players may be at your current rank.

As always, thanks for playing Ember Strike, and please leave any feedback in the forums.

Community Announcements - Donley Time Foundation

Welcome to the latest Boss 101 Development Log and thank you for stopping by!

The Bosses’ Boss

In the world of Boss 101 there are bosses and there are BOSSES. The big wigs, the real movers and shakers are the Robo-Council. They are the ones effectively calling the shots and making your life harder than it needs to be during the game. Who called for Earth’s moon to be blown in two? These guys. Who is making the warp gate highway to allow unlimited robotic expansion? They guys. When Boss 101 fills out a TPS report it is sent to these guys.

When we sat down to design them we thought about some of our favorite movies and the big villains behind the scenes. People like the Emperor in Star Wars and the Master Control Program (MCP) from the OG Tron movie. Heck even Thanos from the Marvel movies series is shaping up to be a master manipulator.

When designing the council we started with current Boss 101 scenes on his planet. Below (and at the top of the page) is a snippet from a conversations between Boss 101 and a subordinate.

One with Mac and Boss 101

The Council

For the council we looked at making them seems a little shadowy. The thinking here is they are dealing with a lot of stuff in the robo-civilization. Boss 101 would have a special reporting room and it would be a more glitzy than the normal run of the mill holo-screens used.

First pass layout

This is the initial sketch layout for how the area will look and work. The robos images hovering in the background. We also wanted to conserve art and animation so Boss 101 would be used in the foreground and set to interact in his usual manner. Once the base council robos are designed we will add effects and make the scene look like a futuristic transmission.

The Robos art – first pass drawing

Robo Council headshots

Once all this was done we could break down the council and start experimenting with the various ideas for effects. Here’s a black and white pass on the ideas for the council’s transmission to Boss 101

The next steps for us are to color them and lay in the colored effects. All this is handled in Photoshop and you might be surprised to know we generally do not use transparency effects in Boss 101. By this I mean we tend to draw the effect at full Opacity and just design it to play on top of things. Fire, energy effects and even water in boss 101 are mostly just a hand drawn effect played at 100% opacity. That is strictly a design decision to make everything look a little more cohesive and give the game a set look.

There is always talk about when designing a character or machinery if we are making it ‘in the style’ we want. That style is mainly a colorful animated world with a lot of visual consistency and congruency.

Ok enough blabbing! Check back next week for more progress on the council and other news!

In the meantime remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Community Announcements - Michaela Laws
Hey guys! Michaela here!

I took a little vacation from work and went back to the grind last night! I SHOULD have an update/patch available tonight if not tomorrow BUT here is what I fixed:

-A handful of Audio problems
-K's Ending Prompts (Meaning you can poison Diana now and K actually talks about it... though I don't know why you'd poison her...)
-Some grammar/typos

There are a LOT of bloopers, so prepare yourselves!
Community Announcements - Ryan Bousfield
Open Beta testing live now! - Dev update 28th May 2016

Major update coming, Greenwater needs your feedback:
New teleportation system (Any room scale accommodated including ‘Standing’)
Re-worked hand interactions

This is open to anyone who owns the game and is limited to approx. two days from now, after this I’ll will take all of the feedback into consideration for the upcoming 1.1 update

You will need to opt-in to the Beta Program, instructions as follows:
To test game content from branches other than Default, right-click on the game in the Steam client and select Properties. From the Properties window, click the Beta tab.

New controls: (Instructions will be in the config room when the update goes live)
Locomotion can be accessed by gripping the controller and pointing at the floor. Pressing the thumb pad will teleport you to the chosen position.

You may lose your save progress
You will probably encounter bugs - let me know!
Probably best not to beta test if you haven’t played it before
Still have a couple of days polish to do, so it is rough around the edges

To keep it all manageable, there is a feedback form:

If you spot anything game breaking please let me know via the support email:

Just to let you know, Wolf & Wood is about as indie as it gets, it’s really just me at present, so it goes without saying that anyone who takes the time out to help me make this game better is a proper legend!

Thanks for all the great feedback, support and reviews.

Community Announcements - andyk_
One more performance push today, as well as tighter PvP matching. Servers are expected to be down for 15 to 20 minutes, but if an issue arises, we will update here with new time estimates.
Community Announcements - Dzetro
Hey guys,

We have just told ourselves that we would like to communicate and interact with you more than before using the Steam announcements, so you know what’s going on right now, what we are working on and how are we (developers) doing overall…
Sometimes we would like to share what problems we are facing, what we are thinking about and to share some newbie developers experience with you, right?
We will try hard to make these announcments a weekly routine (new post every friday - sunday). In this first one, we would like to tell you more about the upcoming goals we want to finish ASAP before the release of update number 0.6 (it’s coming in June!)

Okay so, maybe you noticed that we haven’t posted any news for a while. Don't worry, we are still wokring as hard as we can (we still have our daily jobs). Right now we are adding some new features and we are balancing the gameplay. Also we are reworking the power-ups. Some of them had already been changed and they are now divided by color to categories to make this more intuitive for you.

blue - active ability
purple - passive ability
orange - rare/special ability
red - negative ability (magnet)
green - Heal
grey - others (experience points)

We already made some little changes, for example the Fast Run power-up is now a passive ability and Detonation radius is twice more bigger than before.

Except power-ups we have reworked the magazine system of grenade launchers. We have to balance this a little bit to make the game playable even with 8 players online. Madness is real! Yeah we know... the game is called grenade madness but sometimes it’s a little bit too much mad and you know what we are talking about if you tried it.

Grenades are now renewed after they explode - in other words, a fired grenade is back in the magazine just after it explodes so you can just fire all grenades almost at once. However we will nerf the time before explosion because this change is great catalyst of crazy gameplay. We love all the booms and beams but still we have to keep the game playable and fun at the same time :)

We also updated the collision system of explosions. Now it won’t happen again that you will get hit through a crate or a wall.

As for the graphics, we have some plans but it’s not the priority right now since the game doesn't look ugly anymore. We will give you more details in the next post.
Well that's all for now. I will be more specific the next time (I will try), but you can comment your own suggestions and questions below and I will try to answer them in the next post. Thank you for reading this to the end.. Wish you a good luck when playing the game!

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