3030 Deathwar Redux - CrunchyLeafGames
Hey guys,

we just wanted to let you about the game's test branch here on Steam. It's a way to get your hands on the newest game version early and help us find any bugs that might have slipped in, before the update is released on the general Steam branch.

Here's how you get it:
- Go to your Steam library
- Right click "3030 Deathwar Redux" and select "Properties"
- Select the tab "BETAS" on the top right
- Now use the dropdown menu above to select the "test_dev" branch
- Back in your library, a [test_dev] should appear behind the game's title
- Launch the game

Case in point, we just updated that branch to version 1.07 RC, which includes a possible fix for the random music crash some people were experiencing. You can find more information on it here:


Let us know what you think, and stay safe out there! :)
Tale of Toast - speedis
This weekend, the biggest change is that we have reimplemented the Dungeon System, with new features.

Unique Dungeons
Dungeons have their layout and features generated in a unique way each time you run the dungeon, so no run will be the same. Enemy levels in the dungeon are adjusted to match the group, and the dungeons are safe zones to encourage cooperation. Bosses/Chests/Elites drop recipes and crafting materials for high end items.

Different types of Dungeons
Raids - all players on the server will enter the same dungeon where they work together throughout levels to finish off the bosses)
Instances - each Group gets its own unique instance assigned to them.
Cave of Shrooms (Instanced) over by Old Mill is the first one a group of players will run into, and it requires you to be at least level 10 to enter.

See the full list of new features, adjustments and bug fixes below.

  • Dungeon System reimplemented. Each dungeon run gets a unique layout generated, so no run will be the same. Enemy levels in the dungeon are adjusted to match the group, and the dungeons are safe zones. Bosses/Chests/Elites drop recipes and crafting materials for items. Two types of Dungeons exist; Raids (all players on the server will enter the same dungeon where they work together throughout levels to finish off the bosses) and Instances (each Group gets its own unique instance). Cave of Shrooms (Instanced) by Old Mill is the first one to try out, and it requires you to be at least level 10 to enter.
  • Bows can now use any type of arrow, and different arrows give different damage. The different arrows are made through carpentry.
  • When crafted, items to be consumed are only used on first durability loss, rather than when opening the window.
  • Crafting Changes: Increasing quality will decrease current progress by 50% instead of decreasing durability. Added a finalize button for items that are allowed to have quality. For each 10% progress consumed by quality, you gain 1 quality point. If your trade skill level is greater than or equal to the recipe level, your progress rate will be affected by your bonus gained from the tool. Reduced Progress chance to a max of 90% success. Reduce Quality chance to a max of 75% success. Reduced Batch craft chance to a max of 90% success.
  • You will now get a warning message if you try to exit the game while in combat (previously this was only given when you tried to logout).
  • Removed a campfire from Brightwyn Forest that was not a trade skill station.
  • Changed vanity tails to use the Trinket slot instead of the Back slot.
  • Added timestamps to Guild Activity.
  • Changed color of text for skill names in tooltips.
  • Removed XP gain bonus you previously gained while in groups.
  • Value of player crafted items is now scale according to how well it was crafted. A +5 item is now worth more than +2.
  • Trade tools now require the player to be the correct level in the trade skill to use it (iron pickaxe -> level 8 mining, etc).
  • You can now see the teleport cooldown when hovering over it.
  • Bosses are now immune to DoTs.
  • Added Batch Crafting for consumables.
  • It is now shown in chat what loot your group members pick up.
  • Ranged and Line of Sight is now also checked just before completing the spell cast.
  • If you follow somebody and cast a spell/melee attack something, you will now stop following and cast the spell/melee attack.
  • There is now a Sell Junk button at vendors that auto sells all grey items that aren't crafting materials.
  • Guild leaders now only see the "Buy Guild Bank" button when speaking to a guild bank vendor, while non-guild leaders only see the text that the guild leader must purchase it.
  • Increased enemy chase distance and timeout by 1.5.
  • Added enemy camps at each rare/boss enemy.
  • Fixed some Palm Trees which had red line in the leaves.
  • Added a cat pet.
  • Added a dog pet.
  • You can now see stats and level and item will have when looking at the recipe.
  • You can now see the level of your friends in your friends list.
  • You can now swap weapons in combat, but all melee buffs on your are removed when doing so.
  • There is now an animation when you are looting a chest.
  • Added more enemy camps (and Rares) to Amir Desert and Burnt Plateau.
  • Updated Terms of Use to mention Crumbs instead of Diamonds.
  • Added chickens and roosters throughout the world.
  • Added countdown timer to the casting bar.
  • Players will no longer get attacked by mobs when respawning in a graveyard.
  • Added some more fish to Florin Lake and One Fish Lake.
  • The graveyard by the arena no longer have guards, in case someone with a skull is forcefully disconnected by the arena (as they would then spawn by the graveyard and get killed by the guards).
  • Spell icons have a different color when you don't have enough mana to cast the spell
  • Added different color font for damage done to the player, damage done to their target, and damage done by other players.
  • Added new swords, bows, staves and maces.
  • Added new Epic Leather Armor set.
  • Added new Smile mask.
  • Added effects for some status effects (such as Adrenaline Rush).
  • Added new spell: Frost Nova
  • instant AoE at player position that debuffs everything around them with Frozen effect.
  • Groups are now stored and kept between play sessions.
  • Added voice over for NPCs (Vendors, Bankers, Flight Masters, etc).
  • Fireweave sheep are now red, and Suncloth sheep are now yellow.
  • The immediate area around the arena is now a safe zone, to prevent people killing others before the arena starts.
  • You will now get a guild announcement when somebody in your guild dies to a player, or if they kill another player.
  • Cooked food now provide Health and Mana, but will no longer give buffs.
  • Cooldown time was doubled for consumable food.
  • If you sit down to eat, cooldown time is cut in half for consumable food.
  • Potions can give be used in combat, and give buffs.
  • Added Rested Mind buff: Regenerates 5% of your max mana every 10 seconds for a 5 minute duration.
  • Added crit info to combat log (added during last alpha test).
  • Increased Holy Barrier cooldown to 30 seconds (added during last alpha test).
  • Increased Crafting Material stacks to 50 (added during last alpha test).
  • Added weapon damage values to spells (added during last alpha test).
  • Reverted SP per Magic point back up to 1.65 (added during last alpha test).
  • Reduced Armor per Defense point to 6 (down from 16) (added during last alpha test).
  • Reduced Magic Reist per Magic point to 6 (down from 8) (added during last alpha test).
  • Added Guild Banker to Albahr (added during last alpha test).
  • All consumables now stack to 25 (added during last alpha test).
  • Removed weapon damage bonus for AoE spells (added during last alpha test).
  • Reduced normal enemy health (added during last alpha test).
  • Increased Rare / Elite / Boss health (added during last alpha test).
  • Snarltooth is no longer part of the Rare queue (added during last alpha test).
  • Snarltooth is now just a Boss (added during last alpha test).
  • Slightly adjusted weather effects (added during last alpha test).
  • Characters now move their eyes around randomly (added during last alpha test).
  • Darkened the roads in Amir Desert (added during last alpha test).
  • Increased height of NPC colliders to make it easier to target them while other players are standing near / on top of them (added during last alpha test).
  • Updated some terrain textures (added during last alpha test).
  • Reduced the cost of Empty Bottle, Butter and Seasoning to 3G (down from 20G) (added during last alpha test).
  • Removed Strength from possible leather equipment stats (added during last alpha test).
  • Lowered prices for the trade skill items and the recipes for the first two tiers.

  • You should no longer be able to shoot multiple arrows at the same time in certain conditions.
  • Soldiers at Soldier Outpost are now at a proper level.
  • Fixed collider of the skull in Amir Desert so you don't appear to float when standing on top of it.
  • Creepy Arms are no longer stuck in shadehallow cemetery.
  • Fixed so Mana Potion now makes the proper drink sound.
  • Fixed some hollow trees in Westmallow.
  • Weaponsmith in Wyntervale is no longer standing inside a table.
  • Two guards in Albahr no longer spawn inside each other.
  • Crumbs now have a proper icon in the Crumbs Shop.
  • Rare mobs should no longer spawn inside the Crystal in Mineral Ruins.
  • Fixed issue where you could not heal a person who was in melee lock and clicking away to try and flee from the fight before it was possible to flee.
  • Fixed issue where if you melee attacked a mob, then another player does the same but runs after thee turns, then the mob will break combat with the first player and run after the second player.
  • You can no longer start mounting while looting something.
  • Combat text width will now increase to fit the text correctly.
  • In some conditions you could end up with the wrong item when buying from a vendor, this should now be fixed.
  • Grass should no longer grow in the snow.
  • Mahogany logs should no longer spawn inside each other in Florin Forest.
  • Player will now get attack priority when engaging and enemy that then spotted the player and started chasing it as the player ran towards the enemy.
  • Fixed issue where Adamantite Plate had the wrong quality.
  • Fixed issue where If you disconnect from the lobby (timeout while loading) and return to your character list (logout), it would be blank.
  • Fixed issue where some mobs and craft nodes spawned in the new lakes.
  • Opening the map while in a group should not make your group disappear for a second.
  • Cooked Lizardfish and Tarpon should now have proper icons.
  • You can no longer use spells and town portals when you are starting to stand up from sitting down.
  • Armor and Magic Resist does not gain item stat bonuses (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Fixed craft stations that had the wrong sound on them (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Fixed so its possible to right click craft stations and doors again (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Fixed some fish spawning on land by the frosty lake (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Guild bankers are now in Florin City and Wyntervale (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Fixed resolution settings (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Fixed Turtle mount idle animation (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Item linking can no longer be spoofed (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Fixed disappearing fence issue near Florin Watchtower (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Fixed issue with mailboxes not lighting up when they contain unread mail (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Fixed scrollbar issues in social menu (fixed during last alpha test).
  • Should no longer be able to roll negative numbers with /dice command (fixed during last alpha test).
Dragon Saga - cmdragonlark

Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.3, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2017-09-20, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.


- added missing Soulcraft NPCs to all cities which had none
- relocated Cori the Gorilla in Village of Slumber F5 to prevent players getting hit the swinging ape traps

BSQ Change
On community wish we have the started the testing phase of removing the so called "death buffs". Please give us feedback if you want to keep them removed or not.
Witch It - BarrelRollGames
-Added experimental VULKAN support. (It has some bugs, but it is a first step towards a linux version)

-Fixed a bug, which caused wrongful afk kick for active Hunters in Hunt a Hag.
-Fixed: Hunter will not slide into the wall in Hunt a Hag anymore.
-Fixed: Props with effects are movable again.
-Fixed a certain bug, which caused some props to be out of sync.
-Fixed a localization bug in the map Serverbrowser. Maps will now have the correct name.
ChefU - Lockem Reality
  • Ghost image when using teleport
  • Fixes to various ingredients
  • Fixes to make joints more stable
  • Other various minor tweaks and updates

Best Regards,
Lockem Reality Team
Molecats - bog.imp
  • Added Russian and Ukrainian localizations
  • Changed main ingame font
  • Fixed various small issues

ps. Next languages: French, German and more.
Infernales - VGstudio
Information on found bugs, if you want, you can leave here.
Resurgence - Pixel by Pixel
Hey everyone, just popping in to announce that we were just approved to live on the 29th of Sept. Get ready for some awesome Arena Action. We are working hard to get more into the game for you by then. Moving past the launch date we plan to bring regular content for you to enjoy and give us feedback on to make this game amazing! See you soon.
Infernales - VGstudio
Your thoughts, wishes, recommendations, remarks.
Nano Shift - doebs
Hey guys, update time! We’ve fixed some bugs and added a few small feature updates, with the backpack getting the most attention this time around. A lot more items around the house can be put into the backpack, and the backpack also has more space now too. And probably most importantly, contents are now saved when you reach a checkpoint so each checkpoint acquired basically has a backpack-cache linked to it. That includes those pesky HoloDiscs! Woot!

I so can’t wait to show some shots of Chapter 2! ...soon! :)

Cheers! ^.^

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