MageWorks - sp0rx_00


What's New

  • The crafting, combat, bookmarking and travel tutorials are now narrated and simplified
  • Bug Fixes
  • Continuing to integrate more art

On The Horizon

  • More combat data will be integrated as mentioned in the previous update such as enemy health and spell hit damage
  • Breakables will be integrated soon
  • Spell damage increases and perks with crafted staves
QuiVr - Blueteak
As is sometimes the case, it is difficulty to keep up with weekly updates while away from my main development computer.

This week I'm in Seattle, working with Microsoft on some really cool stuff that I'll be able to share more about very soon (part of which is major optimizations to the game systems since they have some experts on hand!), as well as visiting with Valve for a bit which I'm super excited for!

So, while I'm still very hard at work on improving the game, there won't be a patch this week.

However, if you missed it (maybe because you're not part of the Official QuiVr Discord where I post many more updates about the other branches in progress), there is a new branch where you can try out the PvP system I'm working on ;)
Spaera - BlazingTedd
Today we are re-introducing the 8th playable character for the initial version of Spaera, Leon. As many of you might recognize him from our initial Beta, Leon has been placed on the sidelines since the huge system change last year. With the game system finally stabilizing with perhaps a few tweaks left, we'd like to push out the current iteration of Leon for you to try.

Leon retains his counterpunch style of play, but now with a bit more offense. His Level 4, Thrust of 9000+, has been his signature move, and we made it a focus to keep it as faithful as possible.

His level 3, Kogoro Stance, has been replaced with an Offense move, Slash Slash. Slash Slash adds two slashes of bricks to the opponent's board.

Leon's Spells
  • Slothy Guard Stance
    For each of the next 2 pieces, stops up to 5 lines from being added to your board.

  • Swift My Sword
    Removes the top 3 lines of your board.

  • Slash Slash
    Adds two slashes of bricks to the top of the opponent's board.

  • Thrust of 9000+
    For 2 pieces, any clear will trigger all blocks to cascade downwards if there is empty space. When active, this will prevent magic orbs and exploder blocks from dropping.

Balance Changes
  • Rafael's Lingering Intermezzo Duration Reduced from 5 turns to 4
UI Changes
  • Panic Mode text now has transparency for better visibility
Bug Fixes
  • Memory Allocation Performance has been greatly improved
  • Misc Crash fixes
PWND - SDI_Stephers
Don't believe me? YOU GOTTA WATCH TO FIND OUT!
Crush Crush - Sad Panda Studios
Grab your sunscreen and get your thongs on (sandals?) the Sexy Summer Fling is here!

As we warned, this little scavenger hunt is a little different than last time. This time there are multiple tiers of rewards, but you have to log in every day to look for 1 (and only 1!) object at a time.

“But wait!” (I hear you say) “That’s super tricky to do! What the hey?”

“What the hey?” is right. We’re experimenting with events to see what you peeps fancy, so give it a try and let us know what you think. Sometimes the events might be super challenging, and sometimes they might be super chill - like I said, we’re experimenting. (Like in college!)

Oh - and if you do manage to unlock the final pinup, this event has a particularly… lovely version in the NSFW mode. Just sayin’. That’s a thing you can get now. *cough*

Best of luck! Let us know how you do, and thanks for giving us your time while we’re trying out different Live Events.

Love you all so hard!
The Pandas
Clumsy Fred - BeshevGames

Someone will soon receive his driving licence!
Dungeon Fighter Online - DFO
Dear adventurers,

We have identified an issue with Hot Summer Package's "Buy One, Buy More" event where players are unable to redeem Selective Gold Emblem Box. (x5 Package Purchase Reward) A client patch has just been released to resolve the issue. Please restart your client for the changes to take effect.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you.

- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team
Adventure Craft - Edible Entertainment
Hi! This patch is primarily focused on general game balance as well as some character specific balancing. There's also a bit of new content in there as well.

  • Added an indicator button to the map to show where player homes are located,
    map blocks with existing houses must be revisited in order for this update to take effect, homes placed after should be indicated

Gameplay and Content
  • Added "Brutal Punks" to The Badlands. They are very strong Punks who roam The Badlands gathering wandering Punks into a mob
  • Updated art of Punk Dog house destruction
  • Added Bread recipe drop to wheat
  • Added nails to stolen bag loot drop
  • Added new loot drop "Grim Biscuit" to Goatmen (cures doomed)
  • Added Human Skull and Grim Biscuit to potion shop
  • Added Recipe Drop "Grim Biscuit" to Goatmen
  • Added effects to hitting Dark Zombie Totems
  • Updated "Stone Sword" description
  • Chickens can now lay nests of eggs rather than a single egg

General Balance
  • Decreased White Knight's HP from 150 to 125
  • Increased Blind Status effect duration from 10 to 15 seconds
  • Increased poison Life % damage from 10% to 15%
  • Poison now reduces move speed by 25%
  • Poison Status effect can now be renewed by poisonous attacks before ending
  • Decreased durability of poison bow from 15 to 10

Character Specific Balancing

Giant Spiders
  • Giant Spiders are now immune to poison.
  • Increased Angry Spider's chase speed from 275 to 300
  • Baby Spider's attack now has 25% chance to poison
  • Increased Baby Spider's attack damage from 5 to 7
  • Increased Giant Spider's attack damage from 8 to 10
  • Increased Giant Spider attack's poison chance from 50% to 75%
  • Increased Giant Spider chase speed from 225 to 300
  • Increased Giant Spider's ability and probability to web a tree
  • Spider food now spawns Angry Spiders on destruction

Giant Boars
  • Giant Boars now have a chance to invoke haste when aggroed
  • Giant Boars now have a chance to invoke Strength
  • Decreased Drop Rate of pork chops from Giant Boar
  • Decreased loot drop probability of Godlike Boar Tusk from death of Giant Boar from .75 to .50
  • Increased Giant Boar Chase Speed from 301 to 310
  • Increased Giant Boar Critical attack chance from 25% to 35%
  • Increased Giant Boar attack damage from 12 to 15

Giant Crab
  • Increased Giant Crab life from 150 to 200
  • Increased Giant Crab deflect projectile chance from 25% to 50%
  • Increased Giant Crab chase speed from 140 to 200
  • Decreased drop rate of crab eggs from giant crab
  • Giant Crab now immune to burn and fear

Mason (Rare Night Mob)
  • Increased Mason's HP from 1000 to 2500
  • Mason now immune to poison, sleep, doomed and bleeding
  • Increased Mason's block chance from 5% to 10%
  • Mason now has 5% chance to deflect a projectile
  • Increased Mason's chase speed from 295 to 305

  • Increased Punk spawns from punk structures
  • Increased Punk Builder's structure building probability.

Bug Fixes
  • Updated indicators on Gnomes to correct positions
  • Fixed bug that allowed a Punk Builder to drop pipe pickaxes instead of the recipe
  • Fixed loot drop probability bug on mobs dropping loot while affected by status effect
M.EXE - pzea
Psyrat is getting a remodel, and probably a new name too. I’ve gotten help from a talented artist who generously decided to create and donate some her art for the game.

Her name is Adri and she’s a pretty cool banana

You can check some of her art out here:

Turns out she’s pretty skilled in 3D modeling as well and, needless to say, I got pretty excited when she showed me this:

Psyrat was probably the monster that was in most need of a remodel and now it’s gonna be pretty dope looking. I’ve been working hard to get this model in-game and so far so good.

I’m still making animations and some small adjustments but the new Psyrat(or whatever its name will be) should be in-game soon with the next update. Maybe one day Adri can make a rat looking monster and a new Psyrat can make its appearance into the arena.

Adri has also sent me more 3D models to put into the game and they look great as well. You can check them out in future posts.
Dota 2 - Ward

Announcing a new exclusive physical reward available to all Battle Pass owners who reach Battle Level 2000, the Collector's Baby Roshan statue! Additionally, as a way to show off your achievement in-game, all Level 2000 players will have a custom version of Roshan replace his default form.

To claim your 8.5cm x 9cm, nickel silver-finished Baby Roshan at Level 2000, please ensure that you have visited the Collector's Aegis registration site to provide your shipping and contact information for the Level 1000 Reward. You will need to use your Steam account credentials in order to access the site, and the same shipping information will be used to send both the Collector's Aegis and Collector's Baby Roshan.

If you have a Level 2000 Battle Pass and previously registered for this year's Level 1000 reward, you're already set.

Deliveries are limited to one statue per registered account and will begin this fall. Registration is required to receive your Baby Roshan, so make sure to sign up before August 25th. Once registration closes, enrolled players will be contacted with more information regarding shipment and customer support.

Please note that all communication regarding your shipment will be sent to the email address you provide during registration, so make sure to provide accurate shipping and contact information.

Like the in-game Aegis effect, the custom in-game Roshan will expire on May 1, 2018.

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