Community Announcements - Arvind
We've released a new public beta for Good Robot that moves the game over to SDL2 for better controller support and improves performance. It is still a little rough, but you're free to give it a try and send us your feedback!

Here's how to get the beta:

1. Right click "Good Robot" in your Steam library, select properties.

2. Switch to the "Betas" tab in properties. If this does not appear, restart the Steam client and it should appear.

3. Select "publicbeta" in the drop down list of branches available.

This is still work in progress, so any feedback would be incredibly helpful. Happy Roboting! ːrobotsmileː
Community Announcements - Dany
Hi everyone!
Today's path focus on several UI and navigation bugfix. Several areas in the game are being redesigned, and today we release a glimpse of that work.
A much bigger patch will come next week including a full redesign of the melee system, making it much more interesting and fun to play. Here is a video from our devblog for those who missed it. Stay tuned for next week!

-New: Item type "dagger" and dagger weapon
-Fix: Navigation in randomly generated dungeon was sometime problematic due to some ignored click for character deplacement. This issue should be fixed now. Let us know how it goes for you.
-Improve: The "Controls" page now displays how to use potions and "active dodge"
-Fix: Merchant is now displaying item names and details correctly

-Numerous corrections in the Open World
-The zone around Amarth has been modified. This allow not lose the player, to more focus to the quests and make the open world more important, as it is less accessible. It is completely WIP and it will probably be modified a lot in the future.
-6 new rooms for randomly generated dungeons
-Various fixes for the weather sytem
-The water displays now correctly the rain ripples
-Pickable vegetation objects such as mushrooms are not displayed with a Barrel placeholder anymore.

-New: Russian localization thanks to RandomXXXX!
-Chinese update thanks to ngacnlcq!
-German update thanks to CoTTo!

-Improved items and potions icons in the inventory
-Great mushroom item has now an image

Several animation redesign.
Community Announcements - Outsider Games
Wailing Heights is now available on all Steam 64-bit platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux/SteamOS.
Community Announcements - Life is Feudal (Bobik)
Hey everyone,

We’ve released a relatively small patch, which should fix a major amount of client side crashes. Thanks for your patience and believing in us! MMO Beta is actually getting closer and closer, stay tuned for the news next week! :)
Community Announcements - EmpyrionGame
Hi everyone,

We have released Alpha 1.4.4 in which we have (hopefully) fixed the so-called "Faction Bug". Thank you very much for all your bug reports.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: "Faction Bug"
- Fixed: Turret Robot directly vanished after being killed and immediately re-spawned on Spawner Block (now re-spawn delay is set to 2min). Note: we temporarily replaced the Turret Robot spawners with Crogohm spawners (will take effect only in new games) until we have integrated a proper damage model
- Fixed problem with missing explosion on Space Drone and Turret Robot on a Dedicated Server
- Fixed several internal errors on a Dedicated Server
Community Announcements - kupikey
Mouse movement should work properly now.
Fixed random game crash on Linux OS.
Community Announcements - Lizzard

Don't worry, it's just a small update this time…

True/Exclusive Fullscreen
It was tough to implement True Fullscreen in Unity! Basically, if the game was minimized, Unity would stop the whole game and anything that was currently being processed, including networking operations. This led to some rather weird player synchronising problems. However, I found a way to remedy this – I hope my approach is working as intended!

True Fullscreen enables the game to run at its full potential - most importantly, faster input processing and more frames per second!

I'd recommend everyone to look into the Options menu and set the "Display Mode" to "Exclusive Fullscreen" and also to report any unexpected behaviour!

Return of the Ratz Server
The Ratz Server is a separate tool to create your own dedicated "Ratz Master Server" capable of holding up to 100 players on one computer. Perfect for LAN Events! It's
been disabled for a while now, since it didn't work with the current version of Ratz.
But that's resolved now! You will find the Server files in your Ratz installation folder, allowing you to set your own servers up.

Keep fragging!
Community Announcements - Night Node Software

Follow the link abow to see what we are working on right now!
Community Announcements - 凤凰游戏
Both Version
1. Fixed several crash issues occurred during player visiting main city.
2. Fixed an issue where player found themselves stuck during Poisonous Dragon Sect in the route of the Cult of TianLong
3. Fixed the incorrect camera action during Xiaoyao Valley in the route of the Cult of TianLong
4. The game will now detect player’s screen resolution and start the game in full screen mode when the player start the game for the first time.

Eng Version
1. Fixed issues where players found themselves stuck during events of Ren Jiannan and Fang Yunhua in Strategy Mode.
2. Fixed several untranslated texts of user interface.

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