Community Announcements - Sycle

Changes and Improvements
  • Daily Drive highscores have been migrated to Steam from the third party service we were using in the past. This is a backend change meant to work the same way as before but a side effect is an increase in responsiveness and being less prone to failing to save scores.
  • Daily Drive now includes a Time Bonus like the Campaign levels to make the leaderboards more competitive.
  • The Daily Drive now shows the date of the Drive you are about to play on the menu
  • Final Boss Medulla has had hitpoint tuning intended to make specific phases slightly faster / easier. If you have struggled with Medulla's fight in the past, please try again now!
  • With Pro Mode enabled (S+ Indicator or Auto-Restart) the Stage Clear screen will now display seconds with two decimal places of precision
  • When Auto Restart is enabled, the in-game S+ Indicator turns purple
  • Some older scores on Vespula, Venom and Medulla have been removed for no longer being possible to obtain with current scoring rules

  • Fixed shadow projection issues on Zone 4 Boss Venom stage
  • Improved/consistant lighting on the background Genki Star in all Zone 4 levels
  • Fixed the transition effect at the end of the Final Boss Medulla fight to slide under particles/effects as intended
  • Fixed mouse controls not correctly driving volume sliders on Main Menu
  • Main Menu Leaderboards now have navigation sound effects
  • Esc key now backs out of Leaderboards in Main Menu (consistent with other menus)
Community Announcements - Beskr1l
Cheers mates! We managed to reduce the requirements of the game twice, or even three times. The Increase of FPS in single player and multiplayer is guaranteed.
If you have previously experienced discomfort when playing together - it's time to once again go in search of adventure :)
Have a good game!
Community Announcements - PhleBuster[Fruitbat Factory]

Due to popular demand, the 100% Orange Juice avatar gallery has been expanded to cover all new characters and card arts!

Enjoy decorating your profile with your favorite oranges!
Community Announcements - Tanais
Hello everyone,

we are very excited to finally give you guys access to our newest update! We have a lot of new features for you which we are eager to talk to you about. So let's dive into it!

Villagers vs animals
Villagers and hostile animals will now fight eachother, so if you're getting chased down by a bear you can try to take shelter in a village (the villagers aren't too good at fighting animals though, so you might lose a few or even all of them).

Party system*
We already touched on this earlier, but here's the full deal: You can hire NPCs to help you in battles.

Hiring NPCs*
To hire NPCs you need to be the leader of your village, you can put up an ad on the noticeboard for up to 10 soldiers at the same time. Right now hiring NPCs is free, but later on we will introduce a cost.

Managing party members*
We have a party management window through which you can manage all aspects of your party, you can access this through your diary (hit Tab to bring it up). From here you can give out orders and manage the equipment of your party members, you can even send them back to the village they came from.

Wars and NPC combat
Some NPC leaders will decide that ruling their own village isn't enough, so they will try to take over other villages by attacking them with their own party. If they manage to kill the leader of the village that is under attack they will become the new leader of that village as well, growing their "country".

Patrols and village safety
You can tell NPCs to patrol around a village through the noticeboard, this will make an NPC walk around the village, warning the villagers if hostiles are inbound. Whenever a hostile is spotted the entire village will go into combat mode, with the armed NPCs attacking the hostile and the unarmed NPCs running for cover.

Managing your settlement
Settlement management has been improved, you can now choose your banner and see a list of all NPCs in your village on the noticeboard.

Equipment and clothing
You can customize your character with new clothing and craftable armor, allowing you to protect yourself from some of the incoming damage of those pesky bears! You will have 4 armor slots, for the head, body, legs and feet.

New character models (m/f)
You can now see both the new male and female character models, as well as their new faces! Both male and female characters have a variety of clothing they can pick from.

Optimization and bug fixes
We've done some more optimization and bug fixing, but since this will be a new update there will be plenty of new bugs (also called "undocumented features") to find, so keep up the awesome bug reporting!

* features with this star will be released in a few days, we encountered a bug with them :(

Also, for the people who have not yet bought Kingdoms who want to get the game now this update is out; Be patient, we'll go on sale in about a week!

Have a great week!
The Oreol team.
Community Announcements - Uncle Alex
- Lighthouses are now required to fill the dark energy to display them on the map
- Lighthouse spends a day in 1000 DP
- Signs can now be demolished crystal hammer on neutral territory
- Fixed an error binding to a restore point
Community Announcements - Sokolada
  • The game was freezing at some decisions in the English version. This bug has been fixed.
Community Announcements - Tarboosh Games

Sorry for taking so long since the last update but we are working on a new patch that fixes many of the issues brought to our attention (thanks everyone for the feedback), especially those involving controller input and UI when not using M&K, or in VR Mode. In addition we tweaked the gameplay, improved the tutorial mode, added a new run handicap, and a lot of small changes and improvement.

This new patch will be coming in a few weeks at most, and we wanted to give everyone the heads up.

Thank you for your patience!
Community Announcements - Kew
Working as fast as I can on the networking UI. Managed to get game creation in the networking UI and started work on the network protocol for creating and joining games. Next step is getting players to join games.

My school has decided that the week I have PAX, 5 assignments are due. :( This means I don't think I will be able to get everything i wanted to get done in networking, but I am going to try my best, even if it is just a semi-working demo.

Here are some screenshots of my new developments.

Community Announcements - Totemic

It has been a while since we last posted anything. We've been busy with developing new features and creating new characters.

One of these upcoming feathery fellows can be seen in the following video:

Artwork for this one is almost complete but we've yet to add functionality.

PS! Beware, the Shaman foreshadowed a spooky event coming really soon.
Community Announcements - Bass_Control

Patch Notes 23.10.2016 (

We’re glad to announce that four more localisations of the game are now available to everyone! Now our Spanish, Turkish, Italian and Portuguese friends can enjoy thrilling campaigns and grand battles of Cossacks 3 in their native language!

1. End game statistics screen will now appear after every session.
2. Optimized general unit behavior, from now on they will be significantly more responsive in huge battles.
3. Fixed a weird collision issue, that caused performance to drop on majority of systems.
4. Fixed a bug when some mines refused to be captured.
5. Fixed a rare bug when some players were able to produce units and ships without meeting resource requirements. Some players encountered this problem when they were playing online and had been labeled as cheaters/hackers, while in reality they did nothing wrong.
6. Units will now properly load on ferries on any shore.
7. Ships will now place themselves properly when player commands them to form a line.
8. Fixed a bug when some units got “stuck” in one place after their origin building got destroyed.
9. Now there's an option to replay a random match on the same (previously generated) map.
10. Fixed an issue that caused crashes on some lower-end computers when they used the “All nations” option.
11. Fixed an attack value of roundshier mercenaries, now it’s displayed correctly (14).

1. Added an option to surrender any time and go into the spectator mode, without exiting to the main menu.
2. Fixed a bug, when a newly built ship was automatically selected.
3. Nicknames of players above the minimap, that already left the session, will now be colored in grey.

1. Optimized some in-game effects, now the game will be much smoother in grand battles.
2. Fixed a performance issue that was caused by player selecting a large formation.

Dear friends! We eagerly await for emails and messages with your artwork and screenshots at, we’ll gladly publish with along with our future updates and patch notes in social media. We thank Mr. Veselyi Kazachok for this awesome screenshot.

Have a nice day!


Патч 23.10.2016 (

1) Добавлена статистика после боя.
2) Оптимизирована механика поиска врага и прогресса юнитов, что дало возможность убрать дефекты при массовых и интенсивных сражениях.
3) Оптимизирован проход юнитов через пробитую стену.
4) Исправлена ошибка, приводящая к бесконечному созданию юнитов и кораблей без потери ресурсов.
5) Захват шахт теперь работает всегда верно. Раньше предыдущий владелец шахты мог столкнуться с проблемой захвата обратно.
6) Исправлена погрузка в транспортный корабль. Раньше на некоторых берегах игрок мог столкнуться с проблемой загрузки юнитов в транспортник.
7) Исправлено выравнивание кораблей по линии при первом приказе.
8) Исправлен "зависший" юнит. Ошибка могла возникать, если в момент выхода юнита, здание было разрушено.
9) Добавлена возможность переиграть игру на случайной карте с повторной генерацией идентичной карты.
10) Решена ситуация, которая могла приводит к вылету на слабых компьютерах при игре с стартовой опцией "все нации"
11) Исправлена сила атаки наёмного рундашира, теперь она, как и должно быть, равна 14
12) Добавлены локализации испанского, итальянского, португальского и турецкого языков

Сетевой режим:
1) Добавлена возможность сдаться и перейти в режим наблюдателя, без выхода в главное меню в сетевой игре.
2) Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой у игрока автоматически выбирались корабли сразу после постройки.
3) Ники вышедших игроков в сетевой игре теперь будут отображаться серым цветом над мини-картой

1) Оптимизирован процесс создания визуальных эффектов в бою, что повысило производительность в массовых плотных боях.
2) Оптимизирован процесс выбора больших отрядов. Теперь потери производительности при выборе больших отрядов почти нет.

Друзья, мы просим присылать нам ваши скриншоты и арты на, лучшие из них будут опубликованы в будущих новостях.
А за этот скриншот мы благодарим господина Веселого Казачка.

Хорошего вам дня!

Патч 23.10.2016 (

1) Додана статистика після бою.
2) Оптимізована механіка пошуку ворога і прогресу юнітів, що дало можливість усунути дефекти при масових і інтенсивних боях.
3) Оптимізовано прохід юнітів через пробиту стіну.
4) Виправлена помилка, яка приводила до нескінченного створення юнітів і кораблів без втрати ресурсів.
5) Захоплення шахт тепер працює завжди вірно. Раніше попередній власник шахти міг зіткнутися з проблемою захоплення назад.
6) Покращена погрузка в транспортний корабель. Раніше на деяких берегах гравець міг зіткнутися з проблемою завантаження юнітів в транспортник.
7) Виправлено вирівнювання кораблів по лінії при першому наказі.
8) Виправлений "зависший" юніт. Помилка могла виникати, якщо в момент виходу юніта, будівлю було зруйновано.
9) Додана можливість переграти гру на випадковій карті з повторною генерацією ідентичної карти.
10) Вирішена ситуація, яка могла призводити до вильоту на слабких комп'ютерах при грі зi стартовою опцією "все нації"
11) Виправлена сила атаки найманого рундашіра, тепер вона, як і має бути, дорівнює 14
12) Додані локалізації іспанської, італійської, португальської та турецької мов

Мережева гра:
1) Додана можливість здатися і перейти в режим спостерiгача, без виходу в головне меню.
2) Виправлена помилка, через яку гравець автоматично обирав щойно збудованi кораблi.
3) Нiкнейми гравцiв, що вийшли, тепер будуть вiдображатись ciрим кольором над мiнi-картою.

1) Оптимізовано процес створення візуальних ефектів в бою, що підвищило продуктивність в масових щільних боях.
2) Оптимізовано процес вибору загонів в 400 чоловік. Тепер втрати продуктивності при виборі великих загонів майже немає.

Друзі, ми просимо надсилати нам ваші скріншоти і арти на, кращі з них будуть опубліковані в майбутніх новинах.
А за цей скріншот ми дякуємо пану Веселому Козачку.

Гарного вам дня!

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