Recession - superstronggames
  • Fixed bug causing game to hang in post-game lobby
  • Fixed bug causing some wins/loses to not be counted
  • Updated fonts for HUD
  • Fixed flashbangs sometimes falling through the floor
  • Added trails to grenade launcher grenades

Leaderboards coming soon. I have had to fix many bugs in the past month and will continue to do so.
Hacktag - Piece of Cake studios
Hacktag's biggest discount is now!

It's also black Friday in Hacktag's world! For the occasion, the game is available for half the price until November 28th!

We are happy to propose this record-breaking discount. We think it is a good opportunity to purchase two games at once, one for you and one to gift a fellow hacker. But be aware that Piece of Cake studios will deny all responsibility for any squabbles during or after playing the game. ;)

And if you are new to the Hacktag community, don't forget to come and say hi on the official discord server!

Now, the patch!
Wait, that's not all! This cool offer also comes with a small update that brings a few optimizations and fixes, but also new special customization items that are unlockable only during the Autumn sales period (end 28 nov.)

But let's read the full patch note through those fancy dollar glasses:

2017-11-22 Changelist v0.15.1v1 - Early Access

  • Black friday and thanksgiving-themed customization items available until 28th november.
  • Online connectivity between the players have been improved. We detect better the LAN/Nat configuration and have fixed the connection protocols for a better use several network technologies such as uPnP / PMP, NAT Punchthrough and relay servers. We have good hope that will help you to join a game with your friends or an unknown partner.
  • Fix: fixed infinite "connecting" to another player when trying to join the online lobby to play a game.
  • Guards have now specific uniforms depending on the corporation.
  • You can now answer with more dialog choices during the mission briefings.
  • Fix: Fixed sometimes the agent could set the hacker free without having mini-game on IDS.
  • Few fixes in the 3d main menus.
  • Fix: The character menu creation and edition management have been debugged.
  • Fix: Rabbits and Hyenas NPCs now have procedurally-generated names.
  • Fix: After local game where P1 was using gamepad and P2 was using the keyboard at the main menu, the P1 couldn't use the keyboard to navigate anymore.
  • Fix: When playing online, player's conversations bubbles were not correctly placed for the guest (P2).
  • Fix: Jail behavior when using the Jailbreaker skill fixed.
  • Fix : When speaking in the dialog menu, P1 was answering as if he was P2 in local mode.
  • Fix : Lighting changes of the character in the main menu.
  • Fix: Level design fixes on map #6787621 (objective was attainable before the end of the level for Data Scavenge mission).
  • Fix: Collisions fixes on maps 0010F89F, 009164E1, 0076ADF1
  • Fix: Level design fixes #0098867F, agent was escorted to an unreachable jail
  • Fix: Netlink fixes on maps #0093f6C7, #001070CF
  • Fix: Fixed some neighbors NetLinks of the hacker trap rooms were trapped with lasers in map 0012D687

    Laterz Hackerz!
Warframe - [DE]Taylor

Starting November 24 at 11 a.m. ET to November 28 at 11 a.m. ET, Warframe is bringing all the best deals in the Origin System together in one place for a mercantile maelstrom that’d make Darvo drool! With deals like this, you’ll rank up your in-game and IRL Fashion Frame status like never before.


Want to take your Fashion Frame out of the game? You’re in luck! As part of the Great Fashion Frame Sale, Tenno get a 30% discount on all Warframe Merchandise on the Official Warframe Merch Store by using coupon code BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout! Coupon valid 11am ET November 24 to 11am ET November 28 only.


November 24 Doorbuster Special: Save 50% on the Dragon Bundle, Sands of Inaros Bundle, and Huntress Bundle! This sale will be available for one day only so act swiftly, Tenno!

Over the course of the Great Fashion Frame Sale, get 25% off some incredible in-game items including Deluxe Skins, Warframes, Warframe Armor Bundles, Syandanas Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors! Check out everything on sale below, and start to build your perfect Fashion Frame ensemble.


We want to see what crazy combinations and runway-ready looks you come up with, Tenno, so make sure you share your Fashion Frame with us on social media using #fashionframe and #blackfriday!

All items available at a 25% discount in The Great Fashion Frame Sale:

Deluxe Skins
  • Ash Koga Skin
  • Banshee Soprana Skin
  • Frost Harka Skin
  • Loki Knave Skin
  • Oberon Feyarch Skin
  • Saryn Orphid Skin
  • Excalibur Proto-Armor Skin
  • Nova Asuri Skin
  • Nyx Nemesis Skin
  • Rhino Palantine Skin
  • Trinity Strega Skin
  • Valkyr Gersemi Skin
  • All Warframes (except Gara, Harrow, Octavia and Prime Warframes).
Warframe Armor Bundles
  • All Armor Bundles (except for Syrinx Armor).
  • All Syandanas All Syandanas (except Hyalus, Nave, Samia, Vasa and TennoGen).
  • Orokin Catalyst
  • Orokin Reactor
The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone - thermyy
Hey all,

We're currently working toward a big update and some other surprises next month. v1.0.3 went live last night in preperation for those changes.

For all four of you that didn't see that the Steam Autumn Sale started, you can currently get Heart of the Emberstone for 20% off. You can also gift yourself or a friend Call of the Starseed for 75% off, or the price of two donuts and a double double at Tim Hortons.

If you've already played, spread the good word and leave us a review to let us know what you think of the adventure! Bad words are fine too but they just show up as these ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ heart emoji, so there's not much point.

v1.0.3 Changelog

-Deleting game save will now actually delete everything
-Player can no longer obtain key power early
-Fixed bug preventing key power acquisition when handedness switched
-Fixed bug causing accidental blinks after comfort turns in OVR
-Player can now comfort turn during transports
-Key object should now socket properly in the Temple
-Fix for end-game listener
-Began structual work for upcoming achievement update
Ultimate Fishing Simulator - Raintek ✅
Hey Folks!

In the last update I mentioned about the road map of Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Of course, you also ask for it for a long time. With the rest of the Ultimate Games team, we have prepared an approximate schedule for the game updates.

Please note that dates and updates order may change.

Going to details.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator – Planned Road Map:
  1. November
    • Publishing game in Early Access,
  2. December
    • Minor bug fixing after game premiere,
    • Basic level editor,
  3. January
    • Ice fishing,
    • Ice fishing locations,
    • New multiplayer features,
    • In-game radio,
  4. February
    • New map,
    • Next multiplayer features,
    • Advanced level editor,
  5. March
    • New fishing technique,
    • New map,
    • New fish species,
  6. April
    • New fishing technique,
    • New map,
    • New fish species,
  7. May
    • New map,
    • Aquariums in trophy room,
    • Baits crafting,

These are the main tasks we have set for a specific month. Of course, in the meantime we will continue to fix bugs, add new fish species and equipment.

Best Regards,
Rafał Jelonek - Product Manager / Ultimate Games S.A.
Unsettled - FieldOfViewCE
Hello everyone!

We are proud to announce that the first update for Unsettled has just been released!
In this update, we’ve prepared some really epic features. Are you ready to see them?

Well, we’ve… rotated this rock for 180 degrees.

Just kidding.

To be honest, there’s a huge amount of fixes. First, for those players who couldn’t start a new game or had issues with gameplay missions we made a button which clears progress. This also can help if you have any incompatible saves from “Unsettled Preview”.

Second, we have redesigned a tips to make them more visible. That’s simple: read them attentively or you’ll die.

Other fixes:
* Updated behavior of some animals;
* Fixed falling under water in some cases;
* Environmental lighting tweaks;
* More grass and higher visibility range;
* Fixed NPC occasional translation\rotation;
* Tons of optimization tweaks;
* Redistributable packages added;
* Languages and UI fixes;
* UX improvements.

By the way, if you have any issues with this version, please go to beta-versions tab and sign up to “_prerelease” version.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be adding more content such as new high-quality models and achievements.

Have fun and see you in the mountains!
--FVCE Team
RUINER - Ozzie
Dear Puppies,

Our update just got even MORE SAVAGE with several bug fixes that will warm your heart.

Already in:
  • Fixed crash on entering Speedrun mode through Ritvik
  • Speedrun pop-up message no longer appears when interacting with the bike
  • Resetting Speedrun also resets weapons to basic ones
  • Weapon that couldn’t be picked up on one of the Farm levels - fixed - now can be picked up
  • Trafficking Cyborg won’t fall OOW now - blocker fix
  • Negative times on Speedrun fixed

    More on Monday:

  • NG+ will be properly unlocked without playing the Epilogue cutscene again after exiting the game.
Fariwalk: The Prelude - MakenCat
Sorry for the trouble, we finally managed to fix some problems.

- localization fix
- achievements fix
- some actions fixed
Faeria - Atmaz
Have a look at another piece of artwork from Faeria's next expansion, currently in development. Monthly Cup qualifiers start tomorrow!

(For the original post, including all images, please visit our blog here:

Monthly Cup XVII Qualifier

The first of two Monthly Cup qualifiers kicks off tomorrow!
Monthly Cup XVII takes place Saturday, December 9th at 16:00 CET.

Streaming the qualifiers

Looking to stream the qualifiers? Commentary and spectating are always welcome, whether you're a player or observer. Contact Atmaz#8603 in our Discord server and we can help arrange matches for you to spectate!

Vote for your favorite

Don't forget, you can cast your vote for the player you'd most like to see compete in the Faeria Monthly Cup, any time you want.
Regarding gathering votes for the Monthly Cup:

While we will always encourage players to spread the word about Faeria, we do not encourage practices which may violate the terms of service of the platform in which you solicit these votes.

We think it's great when players ask others to vote for them to compete in our esports competition, as it often draws outside eyes to our community and perhaps piques the interest of those who discover Faeria for the first time this way. But please be careful to not "spam" users or deliver your solicitations in a way which may be considered unwelcome or intrusive. This is not something we encourage.

Thank you!

If Yaks Could Talk

Caption Contest #2 Results

The yaks have spoken. Click below to see the results of the ogre-filled caption contest.

Caption Contest #3: Enter the Rakoa

For the next caption contest we have yet another piece of art from Faeria's next upcoming expansion. You may have noticed it in today's blog post banner art!

Submissions close next Friday.

Flame Spitter and other card text

Current known issues with card text:
  • Flame Spitter incorrectly has the same card text as Seifer's Fodder.
    • The card still properly functions as: Gift - Deal 1 damage to an enemy.
    • Whoops.
  • Localized text from the last patch for Volcanic Colossus has not been properly implemented at this time.
    • Short-term corrective action for this will be to list it in English until this is possible to do, along with other cards changed in the last patch.
Helpful Guides

Decks of the Week
Community events
Metashaker deckbuilding contest
  • Enter here
  • Rules: Use Triton Banquet or Triton Chef
  • Submissions end on Sunday, November 26th.
Custom Card Creator Contest #2
  • Enter here
  • Rules: Land manipulation
  • Submissions due no later than 11:59 November 26, CEST
Deals of the Week
You'll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:
  • Seifer's Orb
  • Fugoro's Well
  • Verduran Force Avatar
  • Magda's Card Back
Cosmetic Bundles available:
  • Sharra
  • Khalim
  • Hoaka
Hello crew,

We got few feedback about facing focus problem at the end of the game. Some of you guys facing that issue while trying to enter terminal or exiting from terminal. When problem occurs you can't able to press for "retry or quit" buttons. Actually can get any input after that point. We think we fixed that issue an update will be available in 15 minutes. Please update your game if you faced that issue before. Update the game for any case :)

Thank you for this living community.ːHomeMetalHomeː



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