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Community Announcements - [GM]Muziq
Hey Mercs,

So a few of you guys know that we have been working on setting up an EU Server, well we have some good news for you.

The Dizzel Servers will be coming down for scheduled maintenance at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET on September 17, 2014. We will be adding a unique server for our EU users, more weapons + skins, new login event and fixes to reported bugs. Please continue to check back on our website or follow our status updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Here's a cool video that [GM]Furiouz made that you can enjoy during our maintenance.


***Hover over text below to view today's patch notes:


Patch note (v1012)


- Added a EU Server
- Consolidated US Servers into one


- Vedette


- HK416
- AN-94 DG-WD
- M4S90 TG-URB
- AN-94 Skulls
- MP5 YLW Tiger
- M4S90 BL-Decay


- HIGHRISE: Fixed an issue where some users would get stuck in some areas of the map


- Introduced a new Supply Crate which will be distributed to all users who login between 09/17~10/01
- Supply Crate includes: Grenade Package (15D) & Combat Axe MK.II (Perm)


- Various localization fixes
- Revised some of the room names randomly generated
- Fixed a crash issue occurred when adding an offline player
- Fixed price point for M99 Grenade 15D vs 30D


[GM]Muziq & The Dizzel Team
Community Announcements - RossAtBigAnt
DBC14 PC Version 1.14 Change Notes:

Bowling Line adjusted for AI Bowlers
Pause will now show in ground Scoreboards
Look around added to LT for bowlers prior to Bowling
Moved Over/Around wicket to LB
Allow looking around as non-striker and fielder
Fix big screen not showing all innings correctly
Make sure spin bowlers can't bowl slower balls
Stopped overly slow spin bowling
Fix for Stumps flying from fielder throws and stumpings
Career #2 Batsman will now see first ball of innings
Random umpires selected for matches
Mandatory update check at the game's boot (once at the menu the internet can be disabled/disconnected).
Community Announcements - Zoom
Server is back up after the successful deployment of the Gamma islands revamp patch.
Check out the (rather long) patch notes here:

See what comes next for Perpetuum in our September status report blog:
Community Announcements - [Uber] Garat

It's alive! It's alive! Listen closely and you can hear the mad cackling of our AI programmer, Sorian. He takes great joy in making Planetary Annihilation's robot intelligences even more lifelike -- and this week he's sharing his work. Prepare for the pain.

Starting now, expect to see more dynamic AI in certain previously troublesome scenarios. For instance, the Planetary Annihilation's AI can now target your Commanders specifically with nukes. Previously, the AI did a quick calculation about the structures around enemy Commanders before blasting a Commander into oblivion. Now, the AI will just let 'em rip, regardless of the metal value of the structures in the surrounding area.

Today's update also includes a host of fixes across multiple parts of the game (including those pesky econ alerts).

Check out the patch notes for all of the major fixes:

[AI] The AI will react better when the only intel it has is radar blips.
[AI] AI commanders will return to the safety of their base when they have nothing better to do.
[AI] The AI will act to remove all land and air threats once there are no more econ threats.
[AI] AI land platoons are now less likely to run away once they have made it into an enemy base.
[AI] The AI commander can now help out planet wide if the AI controls the whole planet.
[AI] AI will now target commanders with nukes, regardless of the metal value of the structures around him.

[Galactic War] The default gw game name is no longer 'New Game'. The format is now 'War - ' + dd//mm/yyyy.

[Gameplay] Fix for radars continuing to work when set to conserve energy.
[Gameplay] Oribtal transports now ignore goal collisions when loading and unloading.
[Gameplay] The goal radius for load and unload has been shrunk.

[Graphics] Reduce memory overhead of impostors by ~10MB for large systems by using shared depth buffers.

[Localization] Huge loc additions. Added: Korean, Arabic

[Notifications] Added combat tracking (currently based on units destroyed). the 'acknowedge alert' action will now zoom to the latest combat if there are no other alerts. Also added a specific 'zoom to combat' command.
[Notifications] Fix for the repeating low cmdr health warning. this just prevents it from firing if your cmdr (the one you spawned with) dies.
[Notifications] Audio tweaks to reduce the frequecy of economy overflow warnings.

[UI] Quick fix for the invisible console bug. this removes the default binding for toggle console. This fixes the UI lockup issue some people would encounter when hitting the ~ by mistake.
[UI] Changed the unit celestial path shader to be solid instead of faded.
[UI] The ui will now remember your display name after you leave the main menu.
Community Announcements - Rail_Slave †††
Sunday school has spoken and we have listened.

Giraffes are back!! In a BIG way.
After all, what kind of an Unlicensed Bible is this without them ?

- The length has been increased
- A cutting edge Jarboe licensed track added
- the prayer scene has been uncensored.
- as well as a new "NES fair" climax that will shock you to the very core of your being.

"we missed you" :D
Community Announcements - fledermaus_games
I've just made available an update: build 385428 contains a different way to render fullscreen that positively fixes the "forced screen resolution change" issue (switching the screen to 1024*768 at game start forcedly)
As long as it was present only on limited machines, please let me know if there is any other similar issue.

I will soon introduce another update to switch forth and back the old and new system to maximise flexibility.

thanks for your patience and enjoy!
Community Announcements - yazarmediagroup
Play against your Steam friend's ghosts in Groove City!

We've added Steam ghosts, so if you play Groove City & your friends do to, you can see them playing through the level.

Awesome for racing & learning the tricks of a level.

- Michael

(Add me as a Steam friend! I'm thegamedesigner)
Community Announcements - petey123567

With just two days left before our final launch on September 19th, we've added native Linux support! We want to show our support for the Linux community and want to be part of the movement to bring more games to this beloved platform.

Let us know in the forums if you run into any issues!
Community Announcements - Tyveris
Time to break out your favorite brawling Legend and buff up your skills!

Our new Alpha v 0.5.0 patch has some nice goodies for you including an early look at the Training room. Hop in, play with the options, test your skills and learn!

We've also done a bunch of refinement on the Spear to make it smoother and more balanced, given Cassidy a brand new look, updated the scoring system, added a new work in progress map, and much more.

Go start a dustup!
Community Announcements - Tyveris
Community Requests

  • Can now try an early look at Training Mode! (Work in Progress)
  • Chatting has been added to end of matchmaking and custom online games.
  • Cassidy has had an art rework to better match the other characters and tone of the game.
  • Moves now have priority. In the result of a tie, priority goes to the character with higher dexterity, then the character that's taken less damage.


  • Tie breakers are now available for Lives matches.
  • KOs and Falls in Tie Breakers don't count towards score at end of game.
  • Moved the camera line out on Twilight Grove.
  • A pass on stun times that should make the Dexterity stat feel like an appropriate advantage/penalty.
  • KOs are now worth +2 and Falls are -1.
  • Self KOs net -3 and team KOs give -1 to the player that Fell and -2 to the player who KOed their teammate.
  • Team KOs and Self KOs still both show up as "Accidents" in the end game screen.
  • Players who hit other players into armed mines can now receive KO credit if the mine belonged to the victim or one of his/her teammates.
  • Added new pickup priority for catching armed objects.
  • Increased pickup priority for weapons.
  • New level "Fjord" has been added to the level select screen. (Work in Progress)
  • VALKRI summoner horns no longer appear during tie breakers.
  • Reworked air time velocity bonus formula. Doesn't penalize bouncing as much. Lowers the force of point blank throws.
  • Slightly lowered the velocity at which you leave stun.
  • Your character will actually change direction while charging a throw. For realsies this time.
  • You cannot hold a throw charge longer than 2 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not catch thrown mines.


  • Ground Pounds: Reduced minimum travel times. No longer increase in force the longer they travel.
  • Unarmed Air Side Quick: Reduced AoE size.
  • Unarmed Air Neutral Quick: Reduced recover time.
  • Unarmed Air Heavy: Reduced damage and force.
  • Blasters Air Heavy: Reduced AoE size. Reduced damage. Reduced force. Fixed behavior when used repeatedly in midair.
  • Blasters Air Side Quick: Reduced AoE size. Reduced damage. Increased force. Can not control movement while firing. Fixed a bug where it could hit the same target multiple times per use.
  • Blaster Down Heavy: Slowed time to hit as well as recovery time.
  • Hammer: Ready/idle animation changed slightly to be less awkward.
  • Hammer Side Heavy: Increased the power of the sweet spot.
  • Hammer Side Heavy: Added a small hitbox at the top of the attack that has a smaller impact that hits more diagonally for added effectiveness against airborne opponents.
  • Hammer Air Side Quick: Reduced recover time.
  • Lance Air Heavy: Reduced damage. Reduced force.
  • Lance Air Side Quick: Extended cast time.
  • Lance Air Down Quick: Extended cast time. Made hit box more accurate.
  • Sword Air Up Quick: Made hit box more accurate.
  • Sword Air Heavy: Reduced AoE size. Reduced force.
  • Sword Air Down Quick: Increased recover time. Extended cast time.
  • Sword Side Quick: Increased charge speed and distance. Increased damage, decreased force. Deals damage as a multi-hit rather than single hit. Can move during recover.
  • Sword Down Heavy: Fixed cases where targets could be knocked out harmlessly before the final hit.
  • Spear: Ready/idle animation finished.
  • Spear Air Down Quick: Cleaned up animation.
  • Spear Side Quick: Has been replaced with a new move to better complement the other Spear moves.
  • Spear Side Heavy: Improved animation.
  • Spear Down Quick: Improved range on attack. Increased force on attack. Smoothed animation.
  • Spear Down Heavy: Improved animation.
  • Spear Throw: Travels slightly faster than other weapons.
  • Mines: Will now go off automatically 8 seconds after sticking to a surface if they haven't been triggered by a player yet.

  • The "Leave" button in the end match screen now correct displays the appropriate hotkey for the given input device.

  • Improved client performance.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where items would drop with an incredibly high velocity after rolling along the ground and falling off a platform.
  • Fixed a bug where inputs would not do anything in Arcade mode.
  • Fixed a bug where scores would show up as "--".
  • Fixed cases where Spear Air Neutral would lose its target before the final hit.
  • Fixed a bug where starting a throw in the air and landing before letting go would cause the throw animation to start over.
  • Fixed an online bug where kills could show up in the broadcast erroneously and/or multiple times.

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