Product Update - Valve
- Gold tooltip now shows Death Time below the Death Cost.
- Fixed compatibility with the latest Windows 10 Insider Builds.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a bug where Moon Shard could be consumed by illusions.
- Fixed control-clicking or double-clicking on Meepo to select all onscreen Meepos.
- Improved rendering performance.
- When spectating or watching a replay of a league match, selecting the broadcaster now switches to the broadcasters camera instead of remaining on the default directed camera.
- Fixed an issue where player motion would stutter when moving along the time line in a replay.
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed a bug related to changing teams that caused various issues related to weapon projectiles, Engineer buildings and game modes
  • Fixed using the wrong thumbnail images for pass_district, pass_timbertown, and pl_swiftwater
  • Fixed the developer commentary audio files not being played properly
  • Fixed not being able to taunt with the Cleaner's Carbine
  • Added the LBTF2 6v6 Season 14 tournament medals
  • Added an option to hide the 'View Promotional Codes' button in the main menu
    • Can be toggled in the Adv. Options menu under the Miscellaneous Options section
  • Updated the models/materials for the Special Snowflake 2016 and the Gift of Giving 2016 community medals
  • Updated Mann vs. Machine mode
    • Fixed a case where late-joining a Mann Up match during the final wave could result in erroneously receiving a ten minute cooldown
    • Fixed a bug causing Invader's buildings to blow up if another Invader building of the same type is destroyed after the Engineer has died

Note missed from the Smissmas update:
  • Fixed security issue reported by Amat Cama via GeekPwn
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Death Pulse heal values being a little higher than intended
Product Update - Valve
- Matchmaking now considers geographical distance when finding players for your team.
- Fixed a bug where Radiance from a hero would not take priority over the Radiance aura from an illusion.
- Fixed Undying's Decay gaining and losing slightly too little HP.
- Fixed instances of particle effects visually lasting too long when they completed outside of the player's view.
- Fixed a bug which prevented Spiderlings and Spiderites from saving into selection groups correctly.
- macOS: Fixed a problem handling the full range of Unicode characters in Steam names. Fixes display of names with emoji or Chinese characters in chat, for example.
Product Update - Valve
- Updated the Moon Shard change to be a visual buff to not reveal illusions, rather than carrying over the actual bonus to illusions.
- Fixed a bug when moving aura granting items from the backpack to the ground.
- Fixed a bug which allowed Techies' Mines to be auto attacked without being clicked upon.
- Fixed a the shop search hotkey to now automatically select the search text.
- Chat no longer loses focus when clicking in the world.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a bug which prevented illusions from copying a consumed moon shard.
- Fixed a bug where denying Arc Warden's Tempest Double was giving bounty gold.
- Fixed the HUD cursor switching back to the dashboard cursor when the mouse was over certain HUD elements.
- Shrines will now show their heal radius when Alt is held down until the healing ability completes.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed CTRL Clicking on certain units not selecting them all.
- Added “Quick Move” option to settings.
- Fix a bug where Monkey King soldiers and Arc Warden Tempest Doubles were not being created if the player was disconnected.
- Fixed bug in unit-specific keybinds. When you bound an action to a key, previous actions bound to that key would not be unbound.
- Smart double tap in Legacy Key mode now works for the correct keys for Invoker’s invoked spells (such as alacrity's "Z") instead of "D" or "F" depending on the slot.
- Fixed the ping and fps display in 4x3 aspect ratios.
- Fixed Shop overlapping Stash bug.
- Fixed KDA overlapping Meepo, Lone Druid and Arc Warden multiunit portraits.
- Fixed item purchasing blocking mouse clicks.
- Fixed several tooltip issues.
- Fixed spectator dropdowns grabbing input focus while closed.
- Players no longer display "has connected to to the game" in chat at the start of hero selection.
- Rich presense is now correctly cleared or restored when changing the Offline setting in Steam friends.
- Fixed some chat notifications not appearing for spectators (such as rune pickups)
- Fixed ARDM to display respawns remaining instead of kill count on the top bar.
- Ability Draft: Heroes' picked abilities now show up in a tooltip when hovering over their top bar hero icon.
- Fixed Dota icon in Linux desktop notifications.
- Added Mac and Linux notifications for pause/unpause, party and lobby invitations.
- Normalized volume for voice chat.
– SFM: Fixed game recording.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a bug with the interaction between Helm of the Dominator and Tusk's Snowball.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a problem with ranked matchmaking that was causing longer than normal wait times for some very high skill players.
- Increased the timeout for players connecting to a game - from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
- Fixed a bug which prevented Alt+clicking items on enemy couriers.
- Added tooltip text for Necrophos's Ghost Shroud effect.
- Fixed an audio volume issue with Sniper's Assassinate and Aghanim's Scepter.
- Fixed a display issue with in-world item tooltips.
- Fixed the position of the Dire Secret Shop on the minimap in the Learn Items tab.

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