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Sea of Thieves hasn't been out for too long now, but it seems like Rare's newest nautical experience is still being plagued by occasional and often game-breaking bugs. Among common issues like the GreyBeard error or being stuck searching the seas, players have recently started stumbling upon the new GulliverBeard error, which, like others, seems to crop up most often when players are attempting to join a new crew. We're going to look into the typical circumstances of pirates who encounter the GulliverBeard error and take a look at some of the common solutions.

How to Fix the GulliverBeard Error in Sea of Thieves

The best way that players can find official advice regarding the game's multiple potential errors is to head over to the Sea of Thieves support page. Unfortunately, the GulliverBeard is not among the error codes specifically listed on that site. However, we've been doing some digging, and it seems like GulliverBeard is yet-another issue that's tied to joining an online game, more specifically an issue that pops up when players try to join a crew.

In assuming that the problem isn't related to server-side issues like FishBeard or client-side issues like BeigeBeard, it seems that the potential fix for GulliverBeard is the same as other online-related errors. When GulliverBeard rears its ugly head, players are advised first simply to close and restart the game. It may be that this is all that's needed to solve the problem. If that doesn't work, a PC or Xbox One restart may be in order.

If the GulliverBeard error still doesn't want to go away, and players haven't been able to join a successful game so far, the user's own network may be the issue. In that case, the solution may be similar to those given for the LavenderBeard error, where users will want to check their router, antivirus, and firewall settings to make sure that everything is playing nicely together.

Of course, if Rare comes back to us with a true definition of what GulliverBeard means, we may be able to provide a more straightforward solution. We know from the above tweet that the team is looking into the problem, so it may be that sailors cursed by the GulliverBeard error will be back cruising the open ocean in no time.

To learn even more about Rare's latest adventure, head over to our constantly expanding Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough, which examines some of the game's more popular mechanics and troubleshoots the title's suite of beard-related errors.

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The Great Indoors Sale continues over at PlayStation, with some of the best games the platforms have to offer being offered at steep discounts. That includes numerous first-party games and several great collections.

Meanwhile, Xbox One has one of the best prices I've seen on the Dragon Age Inquisition Game of the Year Edition, while Nintendo is celebrating the indies by offering discounts across the entire SteamWorld franchise. Check out the full list of deals below.

Here's our selection of this weekend's console deals:

Xbox One

The following games are a part of Xbox One Games with Gold/Deals with Gold. An Xbox Live Gold Subscription is required to receive these discounts.

The following deals are available to all Xbox One users.

  • Tom Clancy's The Division Season Pass - $16.00 (60% off) (Expansions and Currency also on sale)

PlayStation 4

The following deals are available to all users. PlayStation Plus members may be eligible for additional discounts.

The following deals are available only to PlayStation Plus members.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Wii U

Xbox 360

The following games are a part of Xbox 360 Games with Gold/Deals with Gold. An Xbox Live Gold Subscription is required to receive these discounts.

The following deals are available to all Xbox 360 users.

  • Come back next week for more Xbox 360 deals.

PlayStation 3

The following deals are available to all users. PlayStation Plus members may be eligible for additional discounts.

The following deals are available only to PlayStation Plus members.

Nintendo 3DS

PlayStation Vita

The following deals are available to all users. PlayStation Plus members may be eligible for additional discounts.

The following deals are available only to PlayStation Plus members.

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Have you been looking to pick up a Tom Clancy game, something from Far Cry, or one of the Assassin's Creed games? This is the best weekend to pick them up, because Ubisoft games seem to be going on sale all over the place.

One would expect to find the best Ubisoft sales over on Ubisoft's own storefront, but that is not the case. Steam has actually outdone the UPlay Shop, in terms of offering up almost the entirety of the Ubisoft catalog. It's quite remarkable, so be sure to check that out! If you're looking for games that aren't from Ubisoft, take a look at, which is offering up a handful of great adventure games, including The Witcher 3 and some of the best games from Double Fine.

Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:




Use the code SPRING10 for an additional 10% off of your purchase. Restrictions apply.

Pay $4.99 for F.E.A.R. (w/all DLC), F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn DLC, and F.E.A.R. 3. These activate on Steam.

Or pay $13.59 for Batman: Arkham Knight and all of its DLC. These activate on Steam.


Green Man Gaming

If you're a new customer, pick up Far Cry 5 for 20% off with the code NEW20. Again, this is for new customers only.

  • Green Man Gaming has embraced March Madness. There are new deals every 24 hours and the discounts only show up after you add the products to your basket. What are these mystery deals. Visit Green Man Gaming to find out.
  • NieR: Automata [Steam] - $29.99 (50% off)
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [Steam] - $7.50 (75% off) (Deluxe Edition, DLC, and Season Pass also on sale)
  • Dragon Quest Heroes [Steam] - $29.99 (50% off)
  • Final Fantasy IX [Steam] - $10.50 (50% off)
  • Find more of Square Enix's best games, including more from the Final Fantasy series, in Green Man Gaming's Square Enix Sale

Humble Bundle

Subscribe to Humble Monthly for $12 and receive Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, and Mafia III, with more games added every month. These activate on Steam.

Pay $1 or more for Domina, Kingdom: New Lands, and Rusty Lake: Roots. Pay more than the average $5.08 for Tropico 5 (w/Espionage and Waterborne DLC packs), Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You, N++ Ultimate Edition, and more games to be named later. Pay $15 or more to also receive Obduction. These activate on Steam.

Pay what you want for Crayon Physics Deluxe, Draw a Stickman: EPIC Collector Pack, Draw Your Game, and three episodes of Joy of Painting. Pay more than the average $10.15 for Passpartout: The Starving Artist, Drawful 2, the Joy of Painting E-Book Vol. 3 + 24 + 17, and a coupon for 50% off the Jackbox Party Pack 4. Pay $15 or more to also receive Corel Painter Essentials 6, the Corel Painter Essentials Mystic Mountain Essentials Brush Pack, and Bob Ross: The Happy Painter Documentary. The games activate on Steam.


UPlay Shop


As well as regular discounts, Steam has a couple of additional weekend deals.

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It's been a really busy week here at Shacknews. Not only have we braved the potential for seasickness and shark attacks in Rare's open-world adventure Sea of Thieves, some members of the Shack crew have hit the open road as well the cloudy skies in an effort to bring you, our loyal readers, the freshest of news from this year's Game Developers Conference.

That's not to say that we're completely without portable and mobile gaming news, of course. Through the dense mix of new reveals and fresh technology, we've gotten word of a new Sonic Racing game, extra details regarding PUBG Mobile and Fortnite mobile, and a little something for players fed up with the d-pad layout on the Nintendo Switch's lilliputian Joy-Cons.

Slip into the saddle and grip the reigns as we gallop valiantly toward this week's Modojo Rewind.

The Mobile Battle Royale

There's little doubt that one of the biggest stories to land in the mobile gaming realm this week is the timely arrival of PUBG Mobile for iOS and Android devices. Tencent announced last Monday that PUBG Mobile is now available for download in the U.S., giving players the eagerly-awaited opportunity to see how the PUBG brand translates into the mobile form factor. As for how it actually feels and plays, well, we'll leave such judgments up to you. To learn more about how to nab the latest battle royale experience, check out our guide on how to download PUBG mobile on iOS and Android devices.

Those who eschew PUBG for Fortnite also got some good news this week, as a new video has been released comparing the graphics of Fortnite Mobile on the iPhone X to those of Fortnite on the Xbox One X. The comparison put together by the folk at DigitalFoundry is surprising for a number of reasons, most of which being centered around just how good the game actually looks and runs on Apple devices. It's not so pretty on the iPhone 6s, but it seems that players with Apple's latest hardware at least have a visually viable way of enjoying all that Fortnite has to offer.

Start Your Engines

One of the more out-of-the-blue stories to land this week centers around the latest exploits of Sega's iconic blue speedster. At the tail end of the Sonic the Hedgehog South by Southwest panel, Sega revealed an exceptionally brief teaser video for a new Sonic Racing title. There's really not much known about the game, but dedicated Sega fans can still gleam whatever they can from the teaser by checking out the 22-second video featured below.

Closing out this week's news is a reveal for Ghostbusters World, a new mobile title that blends the Ghostbusters canon and the Google Maps API into a new AR-based mobile experience. Players who aren't terribly fond of the Switch Joy-Con's alternative d-pad layout will also soon have a new alternative, as Hori is making left Joy-Cons with cross-shaped d-pads for players who enjoy a more traditional feel. Saving the best for last, Shacknews' own Brittany Vincent has dipped a toe into MidBoss' latest mobile experience, and players can learn more juicy details about the game over on her review of Read Only Memories: Type-M.

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It's often said that there's no honor among thieves, but the same isn't (or shouldn't) be true for pirates diving into Rare's nautical adventure Sea of Thieves. Real-world pirates are known to have lived and died by the pirate code, and though players hopefully won't ever have to consider such drastic measures, the team at Rare did come up with a distinct pirate code specifically to outline behavior expected of Sea of Thieves players.

Sea of Thieves - The Pirate Code

According to the official Sea of Thieves website, the Pirate Code dictates that "even the scurviest of pirates have rules." In particular, the crew at Rare tapped on player feedback to come up with seven distinct articles dictating how Sea of Thieves players should behave on their voyages. They are written verbatim as follows:

Article 1: The Sea Calls To Us All - Everyone is welcome in Sea of Thieves regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality or creed.• Article 2: The Sea Unites Us as One Community - Outside the heat of battle or piracy on the high seas, all crews shall bond together as a community of like-minded souls.• Article 3: Disputes Are Settled upon the Waves - None shall quarrel or overly dissent against another crew, but let every engagement be settled by sword, pistol and good seamanship. • Article 4: All Crewmates Are Equal - Let each crewmate be respected as equal and free to follow their own bearing, speak openly and vote in affairs of the voyage.• Article 5: The Crew Bond Is Sacred - Those who betray their crew and ship through griefing or trolling shall be sent to the brig.• Article 6: Respect New Pirates and Their Voyage Ahead - May the old legends help forge new ones: treat new pirates with respect and share your knowledge.• Article 7: Those Who Cheat Shall Be Punished - Pirates who show bad form and cheat their crew or others shall surely face bitter hardships and punishments.

While it's unlikely that a whirlpool will engulf players who break any article of the Sea of Thieves pirate code, sailors who want to make the most out of their adventure would do well to stick to these guidelines. Players who want to know more about the origins of the Sea of Thieves pirate code can do so by checking out the community pirate code post over on the official Sea of Thieves forum; alternatively, they can watch the above video to see Joe Neate, executive producer of Sea of Thieves, outline the pirate code at New York Comic Con in 2017.

Now that the code is ingrained in your brain, learn even more about Rare's fantastic voyage by checking out our extensive Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough.

Shacknews - Chris Jarrard

PUBG made its big 1.0 launch on the PC back in December, and with it came an all-new desert map known as Miramar. A few months removed from the big launch, the dev team is preparing the next PUBG map for release. Battle Royale creator Brendan Greene (aka PlayerUnknown) took to Twitter this afternoon to give the game’s enormous playerbase the first glimpse at the new map.

The new map is smaller than the previously available PUBG battlezones, coming in at 4x4km. The original PUBG map, Erangel, measures in at 6x6km. The smaller size of the map is designed to make drops into it more frantic and fast paced. It sports an equatorial island theme, though the greenery seen in the teaser looks less dense than you might see on a real equatorial island or in Arma 3’s similarly-themed Tanoa map.

In the Tweet, Greene states that the map will be available on the game’s test servers soon. Based on Bluehole’s previous history of game feature and content additions, players should expect to see the map very soon. Once the new map goes live on the test servers, it will be accessible to all owners of PUBG on Steam. You can refer to our guide on accessing the test server client here.

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Rare's latest open-water adventure Sea of Thieves is yet another in a line of modern games that doesn't go out of its way to explain itself to the player. The idea is likely that not knowing exactly how everything works will give the game's players a sense of wonder, excitement, or perhaps even fear. In the case of sunken ships and shipwrecks, all three responses are appropriate, as diving into the watery ruins of what was once a sailing vessel comes with its own unique risks and rewards. Read on to learn everything we know about sunken ships and shipwrecks in Sea of Thieves.

How To Spot Shipwrecks and Sunken Ships in Sea of Thieves

Like many other aspects of Sea of Thieves, the specific locations of shipwrecks are ill-defined. From what can be told, their locations are completely randomized, meaning players won't be able to rely on finding them given a set of coordinates. Some speculate that the locations of shipwrecks may correspond to locations where other players' ships have sunk, but we can't verify whether this is true or not. However, there are a few easy ways of spotting shipwrecks, even across a great distance, and it involves looking out for a flock of seagulls.

Seagulls floating in the sky in Sea of Thieves generally only mean two things: floating barrels or a shipwreck. Smaller flocks of seagulls will circle around barrels in the water, the likes of which may or may not contain supplies, but bigger flocks almost always denote a shipwreck. Once spotted, players should approach the wreckage cautiously, as it's possible that other nearby sailors have seen the flock and are heading the same direction.

Items, Treasures, and Enemies in Sea of Thieves Shipwrecks

Diving down and exploring shipwrecks in Sea of Thieves carries with it a degree of danger. Players who stay underwater too long can most certainly drown, but many players avoid shipwrecks entirely due to the presence of sharks, which tend to hang out around sunken ships in groups up to four strong. These massive beats can kill players in just two bites, so though it probably goes without saying, avoid these guys at all costs.

Discretion is the better part of valor, of course, and players diving into a shipwreck stand a good chance of swimming out with some good supplies. In particular, shipwrecks are known to often contain items such as wooden planks, bananas, cannonballs, and even the Shipwrecked variety of Treasure Chests. Though these supplies will most certainly come in handy, most of the time they aren't worth risking life and limb, so smart players would do well to have their crewmates watching their backs before diving down to collect the loot.

Looking to learn more about Rare's popular seafaring adventure? Head on over to our Sea of Thieves walkthrough and guide, where we examine everything from the litany of beard-related errors to where to find chickens and more.

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It's pretty safe to say that video game fans are enamored with Nintendo's hybrid Switch hardware — multiple stories of soaring sales numbers and broken records paint a pretty clear picture, after all. With that said, many players, including some of us here at Shacknews, aren't exactly thrilled with the miniscule Joy-Con controllers and their awkward, non-traditional directional pads. Fortunately, Japanese accessory manufacturer Hori has listened to fan feedback, and is gearing up to release special new left-side Joy-Cons featuring a proper cross-shaped d-pad.

A lot of information about Hori's upcoming Joy-Cons has been revealed over on Famitsu, and the folks at Nintendo Life have provided a translation of the page that reveals some of the crucial details players might be interested to learn. In particular, the new Hori Joy-Con should be almost exactly identical to Nintendo's own offering, right down to the dimensions and mass. However, it won't come packed in with motion-sensing hardware — the acceleration sensor and gyro sensor have both been removed, presumably to cut down on costs.

With that said, all the other bells and whistles should be present, including LED player indication lights and support for HD Rumble. It's also worth repeating that the company will only be producing these as left-hand controllers — players who want a similar d-pad on the right-hand Joy-Con will still have to stick with the default Nintendo option for now.

The anticipated cost for Hori's updated Joy-Con will be 2,480 yen, which comes to around $24 in U.S. currency, and Hori is hoping to get the new Joy-Con out to players later this year around July. As for where and how players outside of Japan can get their hands on the updated Joy-Con design, we'll have to wait and see.

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Fighting games can often be intimidating affairs. A lot of times, they require learning precise complicated button sequences, complex combos, and whatever systems the developer tosses in. Many times, there's a high barrier of entry for the best fighting games in the world, which keeps would-be amateurs on the outside looking in.

But then there's Fantasy Strike, from developer Sirlin Games. Sirlin Games is headed up by designer David Sirlin, who headed up Super Street Fighter II HD Remix and Puzzle Fighter HD Remix. With a comprehensive fighting game pedigree, Sirlin has put Fantasy Strike together with the goal of putting together a fighting game for fighting game fans of all experience levels. Shacknews recently had a chance to check out the Nintendo Switch version of the fighter at this year's Game Developers Conference.

Fantasy Strike is pure simplicity at its best. There are no light, medium, or heavy attacks. Basic attacks are mapped to a single button. Special moves are attached to a single button. For Nintendo users, this approach may feel familiar. Similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, special attacks vary depending on whether the player is holding down a directional button. Supers and throws are likewise mapped to just one button. There's even a jump button, though it can also be mapped to the Up button for traditional fighting game players. The learning curve for picking up and playing is virtually zero.

Having said that, Fantasy Strike isn't a mindless fighter by any means. There are numerous characters designed with different fighting styles in mind. For example, Grave is a zoning archer, while Rook is an up-close grappler. Geiger the time master is a charge character, albeit in a roundabout way, where he can only execute specials whenever he's not moving forward. Fighting game veterans can jump in and get into mixups, frame traps, zoning, and everything else that makes fighting games great.

The most interesting of Fantasy Strike's mechanics is the Yomi Counter. This is where throws can be countered by simply releasing all buttons. If that sounds like a gamble, that's because it is. If the opponent is not going for a throw, you're going to get punished hard. However, if the Yomi Counter takes, it can turn the entire game around. It's an interesting cerebral chess game that helps Fantasy Strike stand apart from its contemporaries.

The other thing to note about Fantasy Strike is that there aren't life meters, so much as there are life chunks. Each character has roughly five to eight life chunks, each of which erodes away after a successful hit. That means games fly by quickly, but also means that players need to be methodical about how they approach their opponent.

Fantasy Strike is aiming high, with Sirlin Games building it with GGPO (Good Game, Peace Out) for optimal online play. The game has already made appearances at events like Evo, with top players like Darryl "Snake Eyez" Lewis becoming early fans.

Fantasy Strike is preparing to hit Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in the future. However, PC players can check the game out right now. It's currently available on Steam Early Access.

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Welcome to This Weekend in Esports, a brief overview of what to watch in the world of competitive gaming for the coming weekend.

For this weekend, the Overwatch League is wrapping up another stage of the regular season, League of Legends begins its spring playoff season, and the Esports Arena Las Vegas opens up in style.

Overwatch League - Stage 2 Playoffs

Game: OverwatchWhen: March 25Where to watch:

The second stage of the Overwatch League regular season is wrapping up this weekend. While the standings will carry over through the next stage of competition, it's time for another three teams to advance to the Stage Playoffs, where they will compete for a bonus prize pool.

The New York Excelsior and London Spitfire being in the mix is to be expected. The Excelsior, in fact, will likely walk in as the favorites again. But it's a race to the third spot, with the Philadelphia Fusion leapfrogging the Los Angeles Gladiators earlier this week. Entering Friday, the Fusion and Gladiators hold identical 6-3 records with Philly holding the tiebreaker advantage by a single map.

Right behind them is the Seoul Dynasty, also sitting at 6-3. The Dynasty are arguably in the best position right now, as they next face an underperforming Florida Mayhem squad. That's followed up by the Fusion, who face a tough task against the Los Angeles Valiant, who aren't in contention for the Stage Playoffs, but are looking to climb the overall League standings. The playoff picture won't clear up until the very last game on Saturday, when the Gladiators face a squarely middle-of-the-road Boston Uprising team, who continues to push themselves to the next level.

League of Legends - Spring Playoffs

Game: League of LegendsWhen: March 24-25Where to watch:

The Spring Split is in the books and now it's time for the playoffs. No team is more shocked with how the playoff picture unfolded than Cloud9, who fell right out of a first place tie and now find themselves with the 5 seed facing off against Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng and Team Liquid. This is great news for Liquid, who stunned Cloud9 with a comeback win last weekend. As goes Doublelift, so too does Team Liquid, so all eyes will be on him to see if he can propel his team to victory.

Meanwhile, despite its massive roster upheaval, Team SoloMid seems primed to cruise to the finals again. At least at first glance they do. But it's easy to forget that Clutch Gaming handed TSM a 2-1 loss earlier in the regular season. Clutch enters the playoffs as a heavy underdog, but with a win over TSM already under their belts, they're going in ready to shock the League esports world.

Smash Masters League - Battle for Vegas

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii UWhen: March 24-25Where to watch:

The Esports Arena Las Vegas is officially open for business. And if Thursday's Grand Opening party wasn't enough excitement, it's time to Smash!

The Battle for Vegas kicks off the Smash Masters League, a year-long circuit set to unfold over the course of 2018. If playing to return for December's championship isn't enough incentive, there's also $25,000 on the line. But the Smash 4 world may look a little different than it has in recent months.

For those who haven't followed what's been going on since December's 2GGC Championship, Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios is momentarily retired. That means the Smash 4 scene is the wild west at the moment, with everybody else jockeying to grab the title of best player in the world. That includes 2GGC Champion Leonardo "MkLeo" Perez, Evo champion Saleem "Salem" Young, Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada, and a streaking Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey.

The winner of this tournament will go a long way towards taking that crown as the new best Smash 4 player in the world. But let's look at this another way. If the excitement for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch suddenly gets ZeRo's competitive juices flowing again, he can still come back at any time. And if that's the case, it's best to get a headstart now and try to get as far ahead of him as possible.

So what will you be watching this weekend? Join the conversation and let us know in the comments.


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