As Commander of a Naval Super-Destroyer, wage war in a military campaign of epic proportions in, under and above the surface!
User reviews: Mixed (155 reviews)
Data lansării: 25 mai, 2011
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Cumpără Naval Warfare


About This Game

In a fantasy world of Victorian architecture, war is raging between the industrial superpowers. As Commander of a Naval Super-Destroyer, it is your duty to destroy the enemy's mighty Boss Units in a military campaign of epic proportions in, under and above the surface. If you are to emerge victorious from a variety of challenging scenarios, you must lead your troops against wave after wave of massive attacks from ships, planes and gigantic Special Forces.

Key features:

  • Destructive: Powerful weapons with many lethal upgrades
  • Comprehensive: Great variety of enemy units with ships, submarines, planes and futuristic vehicles
  • Explosive: Challenge your friends in the immensely variable multi-player mode or play alongside them against the PC in Co-operational Mode
  • Impressive: An exciting story-line plus sensational graphics with incredible effects and stylish cut-scenes guarantee maximum enjoyment.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual-Core Prozessor (1.9 GHz) or better
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB hard drive space
    • Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTS250 / ATI Radeon HD4800 or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Sound: : DirectX 9c compatible
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1 din 1 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
1.3 ore înregistrate
This game is good but not avaible achievement & trading card
Postat: 26 septembrie
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4.0 ore înregistrate
this game has horrible mouse control and voice acting, alot of the options menu wont even work, the progression system makes no sence, the first boss battle is badly made and the rest of the boss battles are just puzzles with a bit of shooting that still makes no sence outside of blind shooting, at times you cant use some support boats because of the reason of no, the one part of the game that i bought it for that i saw in the show case video was short and poorly made, the story was crap, the cut scenes were out of synk cut out and did not fit the art style, some of the boats are made of pure bull ♥♥♥♥ (play and you would know), the ending was pointless and had the worst twist, its never explains the back story of why the word is water, you travle from the polls of the world to the equator in no time flat, the AI is as dumb as bricks, the w a s d keys are some how side ways, and it looks like ♥♥♥♥.
but i did have a fun time with the game and i would recommend this game
Postat: 4 octombrie
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13 din 18 oameni (72%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
0.4 ore înregistrate
The game looks pretty enjoyable in the trailer, and I like what they were trying to go for, but there are some major hang-ups with it, most notably the control scheme. The controls are mostly just infuriating, as you might think they would've elected to go for something closer to Asteroid-type controls, but instead they've gone for something closer to Zelda games. Zelda-type controls probably would've worked OK, except that when you go from left to right, up to down, or vice-versa, instead of just going the other direction, it does this little rotation maneuver that sort of makes it impossible to know where you'll end up. Aside from that, I could barely see the cursor on the screen when using a mouse, all of which makes it seem like it could only be played using a gamepad.

The graphics are adequate for this type of game and the storyline seems moderately interesting, but I personally just couldn't get passed the frustrating control scheme.

I think the game could've easily been salvaged with some other/better control scheme choices, but as it stands there are better places to spend your time.
Postat: 4 mai
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0.7 ore înregistrate
This game was really fun, but I can't recommend it because Yet Another Zombie Defense is a much more fun game that is a similar style. You can click here for a review of YAZD or here for a review of Naval Warfare.
Postat: 4 mai
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0.6 ore înregistrate
I would not recommend this game. It is a decent game, fairly easy, but the graphics glitch like crazy, I can't stand to play it mostly for that. It's a bit buggy, but for less than a dollar, that's okay. What I really, really dislike is that the controls aren't really up and down, it's a slight angle, making you have to adjust every little bit you move, it's a pain. Make the camera actually straight, and I'd have liked this much, much more.

Sorry Dev's, just update it and you'll make a lot more people happy.
Postat: 14 iunie
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0.2 ore înregistrate
It is good that it has controller support
but the controls suck, too slow

graphics 3
sound 4
gameplay 3
user interface 5
replay 2

overall 3.5

I bought it for 49 cents on sale, It isn't worth the drive space if you can afford better titles.
Postat: 29 august
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0.1 ore înregistrate
Well graphics are ok but i dont feel the controlls, has potential, need some more work
Postat: 29 august
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0.3 ore înregistrate
Can't play // could not create window //
Postat: 30 august
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0.4 ore înregistrate
Game seems fine but controls are terrible, i know this is a ship can't turn smoothly ect but that control system is incredible annoying!
Postat: 31 august
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0.2 ore înregistrate
Graphics Clicthes and the controlls are not logical. The controlls are unlogical, instead of foward, left/right turn, you get up,down, right, left and have to zig-zac trought a diagonal canal. Fixing those problems could make the game rather good, but no.. they don't care to fix it :(
Postat: 2 septembrie
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0.9 ore înregistrate
This game doesn't work very well! I get blinking graphics (with my NVidia card).
I haven't been able to resolve it... and this is really a game breaker!!!
Postat: 24 august
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0.1 ore înregistrate
says it has Multi-player it also says it has Local Co-op. So it made me think it ment onlne when it says Multi-player and it does not HAVE ONLINE.
Postat: 25 august
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0.2 ore înregistrate
Postat: 27 august
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2.7 ore înregistrate
Poor controls and combat lacks weight
Postat: 18 august
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0.2 ore înregistrate
Bought this game cheaper than dirt and it still wasn't worth it. Absolutely awful. The in-game performance is fine, even on max settings (and it does look fairly nice), but for some reason there's MASSIVE slowdown on the menus - any menu I tried to access was nearly unusable as the game rendered one frame every few seconds.

The controls are awful. I haven't tried it with a controller, but with a keyboard, WASD was a horrible choice. The maps are placed diagonally, yet you move on standard XY axes. The maps aren't even at a 45 degree angle, so you'll have to juggle between one direction and another to travel down, say, a long canal. Also, most "rooms" are small boxes, so you'll have to awkwardly switch from one misaligned direction to another. The developer should have added an option for this control scheme: W - Forward, S - Backward, A & D - Turn left and right, respectively. If I remember right, that's what Battleship: Surface Thunder did, and that game is a hundred times better than this terrible clone.

The game, for the short time I played it, seemed like it had the potential to be fun, but trying to actually play it was such a terrible chore, I decided it really wasn't worth the time to get used to the bad controls or the small amount of space it took up out of 2.5 TB available on my computer. Waste of even 79 cents. If I could go back and stop myself from buying it, I might decide to buy it later on anyway if it went on sale for, say, a penny. Sitting uninstalled in my library, it isn't worth anything anyway, except as a warning to others.
Postat: 10 septembrie
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102 din 132 oameni (77%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
4.1 ore înregistrate
I picked the game up for a song, and for quite a while it seemed rather enjoyable. Simple, pretty easy, a relatively short but fun experience.

Perhaps I was just lucky. Perhaps there's other ridiculous bugs and glitches throughout the game that through sheer dumb luck I avoided.

Then I got to the final boss. The big climax for the game. And I got stuck. I couldn't figure out why. At a certain point it became invincible and I could do nothing except reset. And then it happened again. Frustrated, I tried to figure out what was going on.

At a certain point in the boss fight, there's four separate towers you have to destroy. The boss fight is designed in such a way that you're meant to only be able to destroy one at a time. But you can destroy more than one. I found it very easy to do so. Apparently the developers never considered this as destroying more than one at a time caused the invincibility bug.

I was not impressed.

It was never an amazing game to begin with, just some simple mindless fun. But when the final boss is so buggy, that's a serious issue. I have no doubt if I looked into it I'd find countless other problems throughout. Releasing a game in such a state is inexcusable. Even when it's on sale at massive discount, I cannot recommend this. It is lazy to release a game with such huge obvious problematic glitches. This is something that even a small amount of playtesting should have caught.
Postat: 13 ianuarie
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78 din 109 oameni (72%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
0.4 ore înregistrate
Needed some tricks to work on a dual screen setup, see the Steam forums for a solution.
The controls (I've tested with both kb+mouse and a joypad) are quite unintuitive no matter how I set them up. Also the voice acting is mostly annoying, but the game looks really good and who wouldn't love the steampunk setting.

Still, unfortunately in terms of playability, there are a lot arcade shooters out there which are better.
Postat: 1 decembrie, 2013
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39 din 52 oameni (75%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
1.5 ore înregistrate
Really wanted to like it. This is an isometric twin-stick shooter set on water with Victorian/Steampunk inspired artwork. It would be entertaining if not for the glaringly obvious and frequently game breaking bugs. There are better games to be had for $1.
Postat: 11 decembrie, 2013
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13 din 17 oameni (76%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
5.8 ore înregistrate
I played this game for a while now and I believe this game isn't bad at all. The graphics are nice and well implemented following a decent steam punk art design, that can be found throughout the whole game. There are many different missions too, each one following a different storyline so there is plenty of room for a multiple playthrough.

Some bugs are in it as well I must say though ...

The first is, that in the settings window for the keyboard bindings there are two of 'em simply swapped. But it's easy to avoid once you know it. The second is that sometimes for no apparent reason the whole game switches to some sort of "ultra slomotion mode". I've had this happen quite some times now and while in the beginning of the story-line the only thing to get it up and running again was to quit the game and start it again (your progress being saved), later in the campaign i experienced some of those "magic slowdowns" that disapeared without restarting the game.

But apart from that I'm having quite a good time with the game. The story is well implemented and I'm still enjoying it. It's even featuring some really good voice-acting.

I mean, c'mon ... it's a shooter ... what type of extraordinary storytelling do you expect from such a game? This game here got more storytelling than most other arcade type shooters I've played in my life. And I've definitely played A LOT of 'em ...

There are even some points in the story that get me laughing each time they occur ...

I recommend this game. It's got a nice pricetag and it's simple and rewarding shooting fun all through the game.

Buy it and enjoy! Even more when it's on discount!
Postat: 10 februarie
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9 din 11 oameni (82%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
1.4 ore înregistrate
It was a interesting game. Not one for hardcore gamers that want a challenge. It was a very short game maybe an hour to beat it all. The graphic are good, but that seems to all this game has going for itself. The sounds in game sound good as you would expect. The cut-scenes are generic and kind of lame because you don't feel the passion that is being portrayed by the characters. The gameplay can be frustrating at times but its still a simple game with simple gameplay. You can use a Xbox 360 controller to play this game. There is a local co-op (multiplayer) and its alot of fun to play with a friend, locally. The story doesn't make sense, and random villeins are mad at you for no reason. The game is a must buy at a reduced cost because if you bought this at full price you wouldn't be getting your monies worth. Its a good game to spend a hour to beat.
Postat: 18 septembrie, 2011
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