For a thousand years, three opposing forces have waged war for what they believe is true. There can be no room for compromise: their way is the only way. Dubbed The Infinite War, this devastating conflict has taken its toll on a once-peaceful galaxy and has only served to deepen the hatred between the factions.
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"The spiritual sequel to the classic Total Annihilation. Chris Taylor again captures that amazing RTS game feel and delivers one of the best RTS games."


For a thousand years, three opposing forces have waged war for what they believe is true. There can be no room for compromise: their way is the only way. Dubbed The Infinite War, this devastating conflict has taken its toll on a once-peaceful galaxy and has only served to deepen the hatred between the factions. After centuries of struggle, the battle for supremacy has at last reached a turning point. Under your strategic command and leadership, will your faction reign supreme? Will you be victorious and elevate your race to domination? Or will you lead them into the hell of defeat and ultimate extinction?


    • OS: Windows® XP Service Pack 2, Windows® Vista
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM or better
    • Hard Disk Space: 8GB available hard drive space
    • Video Card: 256 MB video RAM, with DirectX 9 Vertex Shader / Pixel Shader 2.0 support (Nvidia 6800 or better)
    • OS: Windows® XP Service Pack 2, Windows® Vista
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 8GB available hard drive space
    • Video Card: 128 MB video RAM or greater, with DirectX 9 Vertex Shader / Pixel Shader 2.0 support (ATI 9600+, Nvidia 6200+)
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As I mentioned in my review of the Forged Alliance expansion, Supreme Commander is the spiritual successor to the old Total Annihilation RTS. Both games involve creating large armies of land, air and sea vehicles to defeat your enemies, but Supreme Commander takes it a step further. Not only by having large maps and large varieties of units (even though they're mostly similar between the 3 factions) but also by adding experiemental units such as massive spider walkers or artilleries that have virtually infinite range or battleships that double as naval factories.
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I have always loved and enjoyed playing real-time strategy games, and Supreme Commander satisfied my hunger pretty well.

If you like real-time strategy, alien/futuristic themes, and challenging gameplay, you will enjoy this game.

The aesthetics are very good, with nice special effects for the different weapons and units. There are 3 factions, each with a fairly large pool of different units to choose from (land, air, and water). The music and sound is decent.

The controls are typical of an RTS-game - lots of hotkeying and keystrokes if you are familiar with this type of gameplay. The learning curve is moderate to challenging - especially if you are unfamiliar with the RTS genre. The tutorials are very helpful and recommended if you want to get a quick grasp of the game. There are a number of difficulty settings when playing agains the AI (I always start of with a skirmish against the AI whenever I first try a new RTS).

There are two types of resources, energy and mass, and managing/balancing your upkeep of both is critical to being successful in this game. You can actually hit a standstill if you try to build/produce too many things at once and run out of resources. I still have not been able to find a way to cancel/delete buildings in progress, however, you are able to pass construction to free up resources.

The feedback in the game is very good - health bars over each unit, a +/- number indicating how much of either resource you are gaining/losing per second (you can switch this with an efficiency %). There are tabs for each research level when you are trying to build structures or train units. There isn't much detail on each unit type (I am used to seeing things like attack damage, defense, etc). From what I've seen, you are only provided with the unit/building health, type (ex: attack submarine, spy plane), and amount of time to train/build.

The story is pretty interesting, there is a nice cutscene in the beginning of the game that paints the setting for you.

You have a commander unit who can attack, build, and reclaim resources. This unit must survive, and you lose if he is defeated. To give a quick boost to resources, you can use your commander (or any engineer/construction units) to reclaim/absorb materials from things like buildings, forests, and destroyed structures/units. The commander unit can also upgrade his components (chest piece, left/right arm piece, back). For example, you can either give the commander a resource boosting arm (for when you use him to relaim material) or a weapons boost on his left arm (you can remove pieces if you wish; upgrading your commander is very expensive and usually done later in the game).

Gameplay is similar to many RTS-games I've played like Red Alert and Tiberian Sun series - there is a faction with cloaked units (radar sensor building to counter). A lot of the battles are decided by rock-paper-scissors mechanics (bombers to destroy buildings and/or slow-moving artillery, fighters to destroy bombers, anti-air to destroy both, tanks to destroy gun emplacements, etc). I do like the versatility of your commander - you can upgrade him to be more of a combat specialist or a building expert.

Overall, I think you should give this game a try if you are interested in the theme or RTS-genre in general, however, the sequel is out, and for a cheaper price too. That being said, I would still give this game a playthrough - especially if you are an RTS-buff/junkie.

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Great game but its a shame that the company gone bust and joined with R.I.P supreme commander series, you will be missed...
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Most epic RTS I've ever played. Where games like Age of Empires and War Craft 3 added more "Emersion" and games got smaller scale, SupCom blew the boundaries off zooming in/out on large scale warfare. Command up to 1000 land/air/sea units AND buildings in 4 tech tiers. Massive base building (no limit on individual unit types other than 1000 max cap) zoom in to near 1st person and hold space bar for a rotating close up higher detail cam view of battles, or zoom out past the clouds to see the entire MASSIVE map shrunk down to minimap scale and watch a sea of little enemy lights blink out. Even in 2014 it's a beautiful game, does not look out dated. Not quite as pretty as Tiberium Wars maxed out settings, but plenty of eye candy. Very replayable, different strategies, different races. If you've played and liked any of the other games mentioned above and the like, your collection is not complete without SupCom 1 and Forged Alliance, I've dusted off both many times.

Games include the entry: Supreme Commander, a standalone expansion pack: SupCom- Forged Alliance, and Supcom 2 - which is a Square Enix takeover and is a dramatic change to the game. Highly recommend Buying Supcom 1 and Forged Alliance as a package deal.
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if the game dosent work here is how:

go to computer c:/ (or what ever hard drive you have the game instaled to) /steam/steamliberary/steamapp/common/supremecommander/bin. find the .exe file and right click go to propertys/compatability, the first option should be compatability mode, check it off and set the thing to windows xp(sp3)

hit apply and then ok and go to steam and run it. your welcome

the game is good btw 11/10 would bang again
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Outstanding RTS game. If you are a RTS lover, try out the Supreme Commander Franchise! 9.2/10
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I randomly purchased this game on sale, and I am very glad that I did. For noobs to the genre (like myself), having a plethora of tactical RTs games to choose from can be daunting. Despite it's excellent reviews, I had never heard of Supreme Commander before, until I saw it pop-up in the Steam special list.

This game is far more than I ever thought an RTS could be. I fell in love with it while still in the learning curve phase, and it only continued to get better as I played through the campaign. I am baffled that more people do not know about this game.

Love it. 10/10
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This is my first game that i ever played and its still the most enjoyable strategy game for me!

I recomend this game, you wont regret it!
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Beware the flying pancakes
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If you grew up playing Total Annihilation like me, then you will feel comfy here. Supreme Commander is a good game. When it came out it was known for being a resource hog, but computers have caught up to it now. The successor SC 2 actually runs much better than this game. Anyways, it is a fun game that allows you to create hundreds of units for massive battles. My favorite thing is to cover my base in shields and build tons of long range artillery installations, then build a giant mass of aircraft to take out any stragglers. The multiplayer is fun, but it is implemented better in 2. The single player campaign is ok, the story is pretty lame, but oh well.
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One of the best RTS you will ever find.

9/10 for scale
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Love this game. One of the best strategy games around. Huge maps, hundreds of units all different scales on the battlefield at a time, super units, nukes and more, what more could you ask for.
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Certainly reccomend at this sale price.
Very taxing and enjoyable game.
Kept me interested and involved to get back and play again.
Also Longevity.
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I had this game since it first came out. I bought it on steam again for nostalgic reasons. For me one of the best RTS games of all time. Definetly a lot of fun to play PvP. Also: The AI is great aswell.
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Supreme Commander Application has stopped working.

10/10 - IGN
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I absolutely love this RTS.

Unit upgrade system rewards you heavily for spending the time to upgrade/build proper unit requirements. However, it's also completely possible to win any game with the most basic of units. No matter your play style, this game has something for you.

Build line and line of defenses and make a fleet of artillery launchers / nukes to snipe your enemies base or quickly build up a basic army and rush your enemy before he's ready. You will have fun with this one.
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Great game for amassing a huge army and crushing your opponent. Lots of units and cool mechanics. 8/10!
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nuked small civilization 10 times within 30 seconds, just to be sure they were all gone. 420/69 metascore

Serious Part: Used to play on Xbox and haven't touched this game in ages and recently got it (for free) after buying a new Radeon card, and after reading other reviews, I believe they are being harsh.

I have both Supreme Commander AND Forged Alliance, so I am trying not to be biased. Both games have pros and cons, but I honestly prefer the original SC over Forged Alliance, and here's why:

Yeah, FA has all the DLC and everything, but it's not the same. AI seems to be worse, and from my experience I can't stockpile resources nearly as well in FA, as from about 2 minutes into the game, even on easy bots, you begin undertaking a lot of strategic bombings by the bots and if you don't stack AA then you get screwed early game.

The hud, I must admit, is much better in FA however you can get used to the bigger, more blocky HUD in Supreme Commander 1 very easily.

IGN rating: 10/10, Horrible.

-Easier stockpiling
-Campaign Mode
-Seems to run a bit smoother
-Better AI (opinion)
-More 'splosions

-Big hud that takes up some portion of the screen
-Graphics fall behind the polished FA edition
-Doesn't have all DLC

I say try out Supreme Commander, if you like it, then buy Forged Alliance.

That is all :D
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It is a really complex and hard Strategy Game for newcomers.
Still, it is very awesome and if you got it, it makes fun.
There are still People playing, if you are worried about that.
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Supreme Commander is like Empire Earth meets Sins of a Solar Empire. Tons of fun and hours of replay value. A game any RTS fan should have in their library.