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Release Date: Sep 16, 2011
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"It's the most crazy pile of different mechanics thrown into a speed-running first person shooter arcade-style game about insect plants you'll ever see."
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June 26

Xotic is on sale!

If you haven't picked up this great game yet, it's on sale until June 30th for only $2.49 and each DLC pack is only 49 cents!

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Posted: September 17
Created by: WPXGAMES

What is Xotic?
Xotic is a hybrid arcade-style FPS with vividly luminous graphics and addictive game play mechanics. Eliminate the Orb’s life-sucking presence as you blast enemies, and detonate chain-reactions in a race against the clock, all while discovering secrets, collecting power ups and upgrading your skills. Xotic is an indie throwback made for modern gamers in search of originality. Hone your reflexes and develop a combat strategy that will place you at the top of the global leader board. Are you up to the Xotic challenge?

Intro Cinematic to the game Xotic, and first impressions: I really enjoyed the way WXP created the intro to this game, the cinematic. While not a lot of animation, it has a lot of beautiful graphics that help tell the story, along with the narration from the robotic voice. Right off the bat, the sound of the narrator was a bit odd, it felt as if it might not be understandable, but it was very clear in every word spoken.
The voice, rising and lowering in tone, sounding ever so strange to this brand new game, became familiar as the story unfolded about the story of the “Orb” that longed to have a physical body. I question, though, the very creation of the Orb, its origins, and its intelligence. It seems rather odd that the story starts off talking about how there is an Orb that is taking over the universe, planet by planet, but with no explanation as to how the Orb came to be, and why it possesses the capability to think and want.

The default controls start your sensitivity level at 50%, and it took some adjusting to find out, for me personally, that 90% was just right so that turning didn’t feel too slow, or too fast. As one hundred percent felt uncontrollable.

Playing through the first level, the tutorial, I felt the game really explained a lot regarding the point system, and an explanation of each item. I’m referring to the scab plants, the vase, power ups, and aerial collectibles. I, however, did not feel that the game explained well enough how to climb to greater heights to shoot, and collect, other items.

Another thing that the tutorial could have explained are the Champions that you face. I found out, the hard way, that Champions are like mini bosses in the game, that are tougher to kill, and do they more damage than regular enemies.

Playing through my first bonus round, I really got to feel a lot more of the controls and how they functioned, and a bit of the moving around while jumping. Overall, it’s really becoming pretty fun, though jumping and moving mid-air is a small feat in and of itself. It’s beneficial to get a good feel of where you want to jump, and what you wish to collect, so careful planning in some of your
maneuvers is a good idea!

Continuing on through the next levels, the game picks up in difficulty, challenging the player to really use strategic shooting, dodging, and making use of their secondary weapons, if they have one. The Champions become tougher, and throwing in machine gun-like enemies makes it even more crucial to watch where you’re standing, and to take cover in order to regenerate health if needed!

I’ve finally mastered the art of climbing higher into the air using a combination of jumping + Tab, to put the small nearly invisible shields below me, to creating platforms at just the right time for hitting those extra bonus points, and even dodging enemy attack!

The action in Xotic is very fast-paced, the music calming, even in a tough situation when things are difficult. I’m truly having a lot of fun, and enjoying using experience points to unlock new skills, increase my characters attributes, and kicking some serious ♥♥♥!


Sound: 8/10 The music and sound effects are really great in this game, but I don’t care too much for the narrator’s voice.

Controls: 9/10 Playing through the game, everything is relatively easy to control. Aiming is great once you have sensitivity set properly, but when it comes to mid-air control and direction, this is where things just don’t feel as smooth. It’s as if you’re trying to jump while in space, with no gravity or sense of control regarding your direction.

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics in this game are beautiful, and make me feel as if the environments in the game are really alive. But this also creates a sense of confusion among all the objects your shooting. It’s hard to see the small mountains that release the bugs that explode on you, the machine gun enemies sometimes blend in with the surrounding environment, and the look of the enemies and your own character isn’t the best, but there’s nothing to really ruin the experience that I’ve had with the game.

Final Thoughts:
Xotic is a really fun, fast paced, action RPG First Person Shooter, with beautiful graphics, lovely music, and an intuitive design on combat and collecting items while constantly improving score.

The game is definitely built for the competitive player who thrives to have the highest score.
For 9.99 on Steam, Xotic is worth buying and playing through the entire game!
About WXP GamesWXP Games is a small independent team of dedicated developers located in Seattle, Washington. WXP is committed to creating unique new games outside the traditional developer/publisher model.
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Posted: June 9
quite a different approach to FPS. hunting the highscores is quite fun, not the best game out there but can keep you busy some time
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Posted: August 24
An example of the junk you get from humble bumbling
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Posted: July 11
Really enjoyed this game. It was bright, fun and the controls were all easy. It was quite surreal and got away from many of the pitfalls of first person shooter games. It looks like a FPS, but its way more than simple point and shoot. There is a classic retro 80's gaming feel to the look of the game, with interface sensitivities closer to our time period. I would love to see an xotic 2 one day.
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Posted: September 18
Rating 7.5/10

First Person Arcade Shooter focus on highscore and time

The Good:

+ The graphics are bright and colorful. I always like it when developers are not afraid to use color in their games. The graphics are not going to blow you away but for the type of game this is, I was surprised.

+The game has a variety of different levels broken down into 4 game modes. The first game mode (campaign) is based on achieving a highscore,this is accomplished by killing enemies, collecting essences, destorying orbs, and killing plants and chaining them together. The higher the chain the bigger the points. The other three modes are time based. You either have to collect essences,destory orbs or kill plants within a certain time limit.

+The games main focus is on replayability. If you are the type of person to replay levels to constantly get better and better and get higher and higher on the leaderboards, this is the game for you.

+In addition to all of this, the game provides plenty of powerups, i.e double damage, flight, double points etc. to make things more interesting

+ Different variety of guns to suit your playstyle, although I found only a handful of them useful.

+Achievements are somewhat easy to get.

The Bad:

-The game does not save any of your controller bindings upon startup. You have to adjust it everytime you start the game. The default setting on the controller was good enough for me, however I found this to be pretty sloppy.

-the shooting does not have the same weight and feel as other First person shooters. This is more of a minor gripe as the focus on the game isn't necessarily shooting enemies and is somewhat expected from an indie developer.

- The game can feel repetitve at times, their isn't enough in the core gameplay mechanics that would keep the game very interesting for very long

-if your not interested in getting highscores, or beating times you may find this game somewhat boring.

-A.I is a bit wierd. Sometimes they do what their suppose to do and other times they just stand there.


This is a love/hate type game. I found it somewhat refreshing in the FPS genre focused on something different. I think the game deserves more attention and sales but just make sure you know what your getting yourself into. If your expecting a fast paced game killing lots of enemies like the old days then you will be disappointed. This is more of an arcade based game that requires some thinking in how your approach the level in order to gain the most points possible. Enjoy.
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Posted: February 13
This game "Xotic" (pronounced exotic), although I continually call it zotic for some unknown reason, is a splendid blend of bejeweled meets unreal tournament. The focus here is on scoring and making the most of the multiplyers within each of the many differing score attack levels there are in the game. Usually, there are 3 goals to complete to attain a perfect 5 star rating for your actions during gameplay. Those goals are: gathering all the essence, eliminating all the scabs, and finding all the brains. Essence is a colorful diamond type figure dotted around the levels and can be acquired by running through them. The scabs are red rooted circles in the ground that you must shoot consecutively to form chains which increase your point scoring potential. Finally, the brains are mysterious objects that float and explode once shot and resemble a fireworks effect that is usually fairly awe inspiring. There are also essence, brain, and scab attack modes that challenge the player to complete the level in the quickest time possible. The scoring system for all phases of the game is superb, as well as the leaderboard system. Although this is a challenging game, its a breakthru product as far as first person shooter scoring games go.
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Posted: December 3, 2013
an arcade FPS game with 1 goal : get score as high as possible.
+ nice colorful lightweight 3d engine.
+ upgrade-able skills and weapons.
+ steam achievements.
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Posted: December 24, 2011
A really entertaining shooter with an arcade approach. The game combines aspects of Shooting Galleries, Speed Running and Platforming. The usual issues of platforming in 3D/FPS are handled quite nicely by the "Hard Hologram Technology" that allows you to summon a platform right beneath your feet for a meager energy cost. Collect awesome powerups, fight interesting enemies and upgrade your weapons and abilities over multiple regions full of levels. The graphics and music round this out with a really vibrant and fun presentation, full of color and interesting art design. Also the developer support for the game has to be mentioned. They listen to their audience and are constantly tweaking and improving the game at every level, from options and technical issues to the gameplay and maps.
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Posted: December 29, 2011
I was surprised by this game, it's much better than I thought it would be.

The object is to destroy scab plants and cause a chain-reaction which will multiply your score and these plants are scattered everywhere throughout the level, you also have bonus rounds too.

It's a deeper game than it appears as you have a weapon tree to unlock different types of weapons and increase your skills.

It's a fun game and for that price it's an absolute steal!

Currently on a deal on Steam today too :D
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Posted: February 19, 2012
An interesting twist on the FPS genre, Xotic introduces some new mechanics that reward observation and timing over run and gun tactics. For those who enjoy a solid FPS challenge, with an emphasis on tactics and creativity, Xotic is a rewardlng gameplay experience. 4.0/5 Stars.
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Posted: July 13, 2012
The best timed combo fps :D

Xotic is the best "time mode" fps i ever played. Most people who gave this game a bad review don`t understand it`s not about killing the enemy it`s about collecting as many points you can in the shortest amount of time. I like the different game modes especially the Essece Attack. I don`t like when it gets stuck in a few places and sometimes the AI don`t agro the player and also i wish the AI to be much aggressive in the hard level. I wish developers will introduce coop modes to the game and also a TD mode :D
In my opinion the game is brilliant: easy to learn but difficult to master :D (there are some hardcore players in the lederboards :P )
Ps. To bad wxp games can`t finish the last dlc here is a mini review on my site explaining game mechanics and why xotic collective dlc was canceled http://selo.ro/selo/xotic-no-collective-dlc/ (use google translate)
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Posted: November 25, 2013
I did not enjoy this game at all. It's fairly solid mechanically speaking, but it just didn't bring the fun. It's hard to stand out in the FPS crowd, and adding a "collect-a-thon" spin on the levels did not do it any favors. Definitely watch some gameplay footage before taking the plunge on this one.
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Posted: September 7, 2012
This game reminds me a lot of Sanctum for some reason; not cutting edge, but superbly finished, and extremely playable. There isn't much you can say about it, other than buy it! It's not going to change your world, but it certainly is a game you can visit again and again when you have a moment to spare.
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Posted: December 30, 2011
Pretty game with nice locations, weapons & upgrades.
Game made to challenge you @ ALL levels.
Cool that you can use a controller but i find it tad unresposive, too slow for aiming & BEST played with a KB/M.
Initially i was gonna get it @ full price but was short on cash.
Game is worth full price but if in need of a drop you definitely can NOT complain @ 5$ or less.
Support this dev team cause i bet you they'll be making more cool stuff.
I give the game about a 75-80/100 mainly cause it is original & a steal deal if you want something new.I would rate it higher but ther are a few flaws & seriously, this game is worth every penny ifn ur a penny pincher like me.
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Posted: December 29, 2012
*Gnome Seal of Approval*
An unusual 1st person score attack game where each level is covered with three different kinds of objects you need to collect. Some by shooting them, others by moving over them. Finish the level quickly for more points. Long chains also boosts your score. The entire thing is spiced up with an unusual alien world setting and some very light combat.

Again, this is not a game for everyone being a straight up score attack game. I had a few hours of fun with it trying to complete each level with a 5 star rating. You need to find the most effective route and find all the hidden objects to get a perfect score.

It's not an advanced or especially challenging game. I'm guessing alot of people find it boring even. Which is probably why the metascore is below average.
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Posted: December 30, 2011
Never heard the slightest buzz about this, but it's really a great little game if you're a first-person fan like me. It's weird and quirky, but lots of depth and the leaderboards with Steam friends make things very satisfyingly more-ish.
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Posted: May 11
Xotic is a score based First person shooter. The point of the game is to get the highest score possible by doing a few things, creating long chains which net you more points, finishing the level quickly, and completing the 3 goals that each level has in order to get a 5 star rating, which also nets you more points. All of these elements combined give you aspects of speed running, score attack, and even some platforming with the "Hologram's" that you can deploy mid air and land on.

*The game has a very vibrant and neon color pallet, and while the texture quality isn't fantastic, it does still look fairly nice and should run on most systems.
*It feature one weapon with multiple different modes that all fire different projectiles (All firing modes besides the default require energy to use, this regerates on its own)
*Xotic has upgrades for each different weapon firing mode as well as upgrades for the character.
*The game is single player, but a lot of fun of the game comes from trying to beat those on the leader boards, after each level it will show your place on the leader board for the level you just completed.
*Xotic has quite a few levels that are interestingly designed and do vary a bit, the game can become repetitive, but i think thats mostly a genre related problem and not Xotic's fault. But the game is very fun in burst playing sessions (At least for me).

The game works great using a mouse and keyboard (As a FPS should), I did find that using a controller seems to have weird sensitvity issues, the Y axis is much more sensitive than the X axis, and they can not be adjusted individually, but this is not a problem for most as the keyboard and mouse work just fine.

If you're into score attack games, this is one to look at. It has an interesting setting and a very nice color pallet with good score attack mechanics.
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Posted: December 27, 2011
Fun? Check. Colorful? Check. MP/co-op? No - but there are leaderboards if you need them. :)
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Posted: July 26, 2012
Pretty nice arcade-style colorful FPS.
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Posted: September 21, 2011
If you're into arcade scoring and refreshing gameplay, I recommend trying this. More on: http://deltagamer.com/16419/review-xotic
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