Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons: Episode 1: Marooned on Mars (Dec. 14th 1990) Episode 2: The Earth Explodes (1991) Episode 3: Keen Must Die! (1991) Commander Keen's very first adventure, and the debut of id's groundbreaking side-scrolling technology.
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發售日: 1990 年 12 月 14 日


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Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons:

  • Episode 1: Marooned on Mars (Dec. 14th 1990)
  • Episode 2: The Earth Explodes (1991)
  • Episode 3: Keen Must Die! (1991)

Commander Keen's very first adventure, and the debut of id's groundbreaking side-scrolling technology. In the game you play the role of Commander Keen: the alter-ego of an eight year-old genius by the name of Billy Blaze. When Billy learns that the Earth is in danger, he dons his brother's football helmet and his homemade interstellar spaceship to become Commander Keen -- Defender of the Earth!

Commander Keen in Goodbye Galaxy!:

  • Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle (1991)
  • Episode 5: The Armageddon Machine (1991)

You are eight-year-old Billy Blaze, boy genius to your neighborhood. Commander Keen to the rest of the universe. It's time to grab your trusty pogo stick and neural stunner, climb into the cockpit of your homemade Megarocket and blast off for the Shadowlands. To prevent the obliteration of life as we know it, you'll have to battle your way past deadly hazards and devious creatures, or end up as space toast.


    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system

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真是太令人感動啦!! XD
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張貼於:2015 年 11 月 28 日

Commander Keen saved Earth a generation before Commander Shepard ever heard of the Reapers. Little dude built his own space ship out of soup cans. Shepard struggled building a fish tank. This 8 year-old kid was clearing out the Vorticon home planet while Shepard was telling everyone what his favorite shop on the Citadel was.

Shepard is a joke. Commander Keen is the real Spectre.
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張貼於:2015 年 09 月 20 日
Ahhh nostalgia
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張貼於:01 月 21 日
10/10 - idSoftware got me through the 90's!


I haven't played all of these games; I'm sad to say it took me 20 years to track down all of these titles. Finally!! These games are amazing though! You play as Keen, equipped with a gun and a pogo stick. You collect candy and keys to advance the levels. Map is opened up similar to that of Mario World, which is a time tested winner.

These games aren't just good for the 90's; they are still really fun! This is an amazing deal to get 5 games for $5! You should buy this for sure.

Worth the $20... but it's only $5

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Before I start this review, it should be noted that in recent years Steam did something that made dosbox crash upon clicking the play button. Here is the simple solution I came up with to run the game, that has worked for a number of people. Sadly, you will need to do this for each keen game. But they follow the same path. Enjoy!

Solution to get the game running:
Look for the [keen(#).conf] file in C:Program Files>Steam>SteamApps>common>Commander Keen>base(#)>

Open it up with notepad or notepad+ and change the output=overlay (This works on most computers, but there is an occasional card/driver combo that won't. If it doesn't then try opengl or openglnb.) Now just hit file>save and you're done. The game should run now.

Solution to getting the game running at the optimium screen resolution:
If your game is having issues with the screen being stretched or really small, you want want to edit some other values in the keen.conf file. This would be changing fullscreen=true, fulldouble=true, and fullresolution=[your screen's resolution]
Eg. fullresolution=1366x768 (When I first got the game it was running super wide and some of the game was cut off)

I have tried to make this as clear as possible, but if you still have questions, feel free to ask!

I have loved this game from the time I was a little lad. It is a really fun platformer with a pretty silly story! The pack includes the first five games of the series, but not the 6th or keen dreams. The 4th game "Secret of the Oracle" is my absolute favorite. Great story, mechanics, and art. I mean, come on! With a blaster and pogo stick, what more could a kid want (No aliens were harmed in the making of this game...ok maybe a few). The game shows a little age (especially the first few). Definitely a must have if you played the games before, but even if you haven't I think the game is worth it, although I'm a little bias.

"The dopefish lives"

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